Big Brother 11: Week 1 PoV Competition – Spoilers

Update: The hamsters are up and about in the house. Jump on the live feeds and see what’s going on in the house right now post-PoV. May the backstabbing continue!

The first Big Brother 11 Power of Veto competition is over and the results could change the current nominations by Jessie. Click “continue reading” to find out who won and what may happen…

Power of Veto

The players in last night’s PoV competition were Jessie as HoH, Chima and Lydia as the nominees, along with Russell, Jeff, and Natalie.

The winner of the first BB11 competition was… Russell.

It doesn’t seem likely that he’ll use the PoV so early in the game, nearly no one does that for someone else. This could spell doom for Lydia which could spell more evil-eye looks from me at Jessie.

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama as Chima and Lydia battle for survival. Laura is already trying to ditch her clique and form a new clan. Oh the humanity. Watch it all right now live and uncensored.

You can read more about what’s going on post-PoV in the Diary Room with Janet’s take on the early emergence of the “Good vs. Evil” battle taking form.

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  1. Natalie has been working on Russell and it looks like he’ll probably use it. A lot can happen between now and then though…

  2. Hi Big Brother, can we see a Spring Break Competition later on…

  3. i hope lydia stays. I think the PoV has something to do with Michael Jackson or is Michael Jackson themed/”decorations”. Thriller was played right before the veto too. Allsion Grodner twittered, “this veto will change the ‘complextion’ of the game”. I think it will be a backyard graveyard with vetoes hidden around.

  4. I think russell will use it on chima if anything. that WAS the plan. it could’ve changed though. i hope he puts up someone lydia will stay against. If lydia goes home i will probably stop watching ’til jessie goes home.

  5. hopefully russel uses pov on chima and jessie puts jordan up then lydia is finally gone

  6. Is anyone posting what times interesting things happen? (So that people can use the flashback feature to go back and watch?)
    Like this supposed nudity of Jordan or Russell?

    I figured there would be a forum somewhere where this would happen.

  7. Big Brother I think that you’re making a big mistake getting rid of Lydia this early in the season. The house needs some dynamic people instead of the same old folks and story line. I say let Lydia stay and get rid of Chima. She’s just not that interesting.

  8. Uh oh, it looks like Braden may get backdoored this week! Lydia would be safe and taken down by Russell’s use of the PoV if all goes as currently planned…

  9. the veto competition has something to do with spelling words with laser letters. there was a big brother dictionary in the living room. i think maybe it was like a laser show since thriller was played maybe?

  10. I think your’e right,Matt. The plan seems to be to take Lydia off, and backdoor Braden, with Lydia being so grateful that she does whatever Russell says.. After Jeff and Jordan have campained for her all this time. The really shady character, at this time to me, is Ronnie. His little legs must be exhausted from running back and forth between the two groups ratting out first one, then the other. Where does this guy stand???

  11. Oh and ronnie told JEff,Jordan and Braden the backdoor plan, so at least they know, but THEN he went right back to Russell and said that Jordan told him that he (Russ) told her (Jordan) that the gorilla gang wanted Ronnie out! Whew!!

  12. @Matt: Um, I wasn’t trying to suggest it wasn’t real. Sheesh. They were just examples of things that I figured people would be interested in knowing what time they happened, so they could go back and look with the flashback feature. That’s all. Thank you for the info.

  13. @HMMM: No problem at all. The questioning pseudoname of “Hmmm” combined with the use of “supposed” implied to me a lot of doubt there.

    I didn’t want anyone to think I was being deceitful about what’s going on in the house and on the live feeds.

  14. Wow! This cast came out playing HARD almost from the beginning, it seems. No time to get to know each other and possible weaknesses. Either they will burn each other out or make themselves crazy before their time is up in the House. This is only the first eviction, too. Maybe they will relax a little, remember how loooong they will be in the house, and have a little fun among the fighting.

    What do you think, Matt? Hasn’t it seemed tense from the beginning?

  15. @BBHappy64: There have definitely been a lot of tense moments so far. More than I would have expected from the house at this stage. Maybe they got some very high-strung folks this time around and it’s showing already.

    Usually I feel like the first week everyone sits around the camp fire and sings songs while holding hands. This year? Not so much.

  16. I hope that Jesse stays until the very end. He may be stupid and that’s ok by me. The eye candy is sssssssoooooooooooooo very pretty.

  17. Jessie is eye candy? Either put your glasses on or take them off, but either way he’s only eye candy to himself.

  18. I hope Chima goes home.. she is a drama queen and needs to go home!!! DIVA .. geez!!! get over yourself!!!

  19. I can’t stand Jesse any better this go round than the last. He’s probably been on steroids to bulk up so much in a short time.

  20. I hate that Casey went home he would have been the one to Jessie out and Russell he is just a big pus. Ronnie is running the show and everyone knows it but want to anything about it. What is wrong with these people. I dont even want to watch anymore. Jeff is the man, he is nice and quiet and will win this game and should.

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