Big Brother 11 Punditry: Evel Dick Returns With Janelle

Big Brother fans have something new and awesome to look forward to this summer with Big Brother 11. BBDish has just shared the news that BB8 champion Evel Dick and BB6 & BB7 dominator Janelle will be joining forces for a weekly look at what’s going on in the BB house:

I [Evel Dick] will also be doing a weekly webcast with Janelle to fill the void left by the Cancellation of Housecalls.

It will be a call in show that will talk about the feeds and anything and everything else going on in the house and being talked about on the internet.

I will be in studio while Janelle will be in NYC, but will be as good as sitting next to me co-hosting the show (well, as good as for you people, but I am getting jipped.)

We will also be doing a “He said, She said” type blog or column.

If I had to pick 2 of the top players from Big Brother history to become BB11 pundits then it’d be Evel DIck and Janelle. This should be a real treat and hopefully something that CBS will endorse so it can have a bigger platform.

Speaking of “Real,” the fun with Evel doesn’t stop there. ED has informed us that he’ll be back on the RealPlayer Superpass live feeds so subscribers can catch his weekly webcast just like last year. As if you needed anymore encouragement to sign up for the live feeds and get the entire Big Brother 11 experience.

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  1. Boo…

    Bring back Gretchen and House Calls. I loved that show and watched it every time it was on. I don’t like ED and I will not watch or participate in anything that he is involved in.

  2. phew, for a sec there, i thought they were gonna appear on the show based on the title.

  3. @ChickenGeorge: Yes, that’d be entertaining if it were “Big Brother 11 Poultry” rather than “Punditry.” Alas…

  4. Hate Dick, he’s the biggest azzhole walkin, and Janelle is just so dam vain, she’s makes me sick
    I won’t be watchin .

  5. Wha?? I think that’s just part of ED’s character and Janelle wasn’t vain on the show, but she is mighty good looking.

  6. I love E. Dick and Janelle, i think that this duo will be worth watching and listening to. Even though people don’t one or the other, get over it. You all watched the show long enough to know who you like and don’t like.,
    can’t wait. Tattoo’s, vulgar language and a hot chick with brains is ok in my book.

  7. Please, no E. Dick. He is just too hard on the eyes and ears. He a 40 something, trying to act like a teenager. UGH!

  8. this is the problem with the newer big brother seasons they think evil dick was a good house guest to exploit . he sucked .

  9. You are so right Brandon….Evel Dick was NOT what made Big Brother great, but for some reason they seem to think that kind of crap is what we want to see. ED just brought the show down.

  10. Janelle’s voice is soooo annoying, but some what like Dick…he can be annoying at times though!

  11. I think E. Dick wil be great, but should have gotten someone else beside his annoying daughter janelle

  12. @Kevin: That’s close, but ED’s daughter was Danielle from BB8. Janelle was a previous contestant from seasons 6 & 7. They are both nice looking blondes though, so I could see the comparison.

  13. I can’t wait for BB11, each season I don’t think it will be as good as the last, but it always is. We have been watching faithfully since Season 1, I have Showtime so we can watch BB afterdark, we LOVE IT !!!

  14. BB is the best thing on tv all summer. BB8 will always be my fav. I don’t think any season will top that, but the casting directors are doing a good job of bringing a good mix of personalities to the house. But PLEASE give them something to do! Beer pong was great!

  15. I want Gretchen back! I loved watching HouseCalls at my desk at work during lunch. It made the workday much easier to deal with!
    I also think we should not encourage ED anymore. I think he needs to go on to something different now and give all of us a break from him.
    I love Janelle and Kaysar though!

  16. Evil Dick rocks! All you haters are just that! Janelle really played the game well too. I’m excited! Finally a reality show worth watching! I only wish they were going to be on the show!! Kaysar and the Doc are great too. I say they do another Fan Favorite show next time. That would be the best! Counting down til showtime!

  17. Entertainment Weekly says there will be a surprise on opening night (Thursday, July 9)”when host Julie Chen will introduce a 13th houseguest who we’ll apparently recognize.” It wouldn’t be worded that what unless it was someone well known in BB history. So who? Dr. Will? ED? Janelle? You know it’s not Danielle or Jen as the stress for them was enough thei season. any guesses?

  18. There is always going to be negativity and people that don’t even give others a chance..personally from someone that watches every season online those are two of my favorite players…Very Real People that don’t care what some of negative people think…I am stoked to have something different than Housecalls, Evolution is real and Important. If it doesn’t work believe me there’s always something different in door #2.

  19. I PRAY the surprise houseguest ISN’T Evil Dick!! I couldn’t stand that moron!

  20. I would absolutely “LOVE IT” if it was Evil Dick, he would shake up that BB house and the HG’s
    My fingers are crossed for Evil Dick!!!

  21. i’m thinking it is someone out of the box…someone we haven’t thought of…i’m going with a ‘geek to chic’ player…outkast in school…popular outside…
    just can’t see it being someone obvious…b/c obvious isn’t random and not being random is lame

  22. I want to see Renny come back as a surprise guest. Love her. I was really surprised she lasted as long as she did!! But she kept plugging away week after week.

  23. Please…NO MORE Evel Dick. !!!!! I might cancel my subscription and not watch this season if it is him, but I don’t thing Big Brother would be stupid enough to bring him back this season as a player.

  24. What abotu Jenn and her flaming red unitard~!!!!
    LMAO Gawd only knows but I bet it’ll add some jucie ~ BB is graet for that~

  25. NOOOOOOOOOOO, not Dick again! He is disgusting to look at, and revolting to listen to. Will NOT be watching this junk, BRING BACK GRETCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I love Dick and Janelle!!! I wish they would bring them back on the show this year. They could really stir things up. That would be a great twist.

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