Big Brother 11 HouseGuest Count Revealed

CBS has revealed to us that Big Brother 11 will feature 12 houseguests! There had been a lot of speculation after Julie Chen informally announced there would be 10 houseguests. Thankfully that turned out to not be true or we’d lose a few precious weeks of BB11 fun.

Tipster Heather also learned that Big Brother will announce the 12 houseguests in the first week of July, much as we’d expect but always good to have it confirmed by CBS. Less than 4 weeks until we know!

Let’s hear your thoughts on the upcoming season of BB11!

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Big thanks again to Heather for the tips!


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  1. What would make watch big brother since we’re going through tough times seeing the houseguests in an almost empty house. No furniture, cold showers only, basic food rations, can only drink water, no air conditioning. I hate how these houseguests will be spoiled when the rest of us having to make cut backs because of the ecomony.

  2. Thats a good idea Mike! Its true, its one of the easiest reality shows in my opinion. They do seem to have it good in there most of the time.
    I also wish they would bring back PB&J cause that slop stuff is boring and most dont even eat it or even make them go on KD and nothing else.

  3. Yikes, tough crowd! I don’t know how much I’d enjoy watching the HGs suffer. Parts of Big Brother like the luxury challenges are fun to watch them win cool stuff.

    Maybe if they were over the top pampered in the house they’d fight even harder to stay in the good life. Instead of living the BB house to go to a tropical paradise it should get reversed.

    That’s just me though. I’d prefer the mental escape of watching a nice life enjoyed than seeing someone punished by their surroundings for our enjoyment.

  4. I really hope it’s a good Big Brother this year. They haven’t had a super good one since season 7…although the best was season 6 !

  5. Finally BB is back, this was a long break. I am looking forward to this season, and hopefully some new surprises

  6. Can’t wait to see what the house looks like I think they should make a bed out of the half van from bb 10 That Would Be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am very excited to watch #11. I’ve been a fan since #9. #10 was okay but hopefully #11 will be as interesting as was #9. Maybe this time the women will prevail better than in the past two. It”s time for the gals to overcome the male domination and get a fair shot. Looking forward to this season. BIG TIME!!!!

  8. I’ve been a fan of Big Brother since the 4th season!! Although the seasons stopped getting interesting after season 7… I really hope this season will be a great one, filled with a very DIVERSE group, rather than all the same people in their twenties…

  9. I hope they have some colorful, controversial characters, unlike the boredom of season 10.

  10. Love BB, it is one of the best reality shows of all time. So fun to watch all the “drama” within the “drama”. Last season was a tad boring so hope this one has more interesting people but still by far the greatest.

  11. I’ve been a huge fan since BB#1 !!I have family watching in other states too. I record it so I can re-watch and look for clues. We need two seasons of BB. You have no idea how big it really is!! Most popular of all reality shows!!

  12. I have been a fan since the very first BB and I can’t wait to see what they come up with this yr. I hope it’s a good season and i feel they should have 2 BB a yr one in the summer and one in the winter.


  14. been a huge fan of bb since bb1 and luv the show!!! we need some great cast mean and angry ppl this year to make it interestin!! goo bb!!

  15. I have been a fan of BB since the beginning …
    I have gotten my friends hooked. I think that they need to have a good mix of people all ages. BB is one of my favorite reality shows the other is Survivor. BB rocks!!!

  16. I can hardly wait for BB11 to start – just hope the afterdark is more interesting than last year – as good as the cast was they just didn’t know what to do to keep themselves busy.
    Boring watching people sleep. Maybe some challenges need to be the late hours so ppl watching the afterdark dont get bored.

  17. I’m so glad to hear BB is going with the 12 contestants – as long as 2 of them aren’t Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt! Oh gawd, can you see them sequestered in there for the summer????

  18. I love big brother i cant wait to see who im gonna hate and who will be my fav..i love trying to pick certain players that i thimk will win..i was right about Drew and i was right about Boogie…i cant wait for the drama to start and hope showtime will have bb after dark

  19. i think that from the commercial…the happy together.. i think, i wonder, if that is a clue to something, like maybe, its exes there, or long lost families or friends, or something, just an idea

  20. or maybe its like perfect matches for each player are there…and they start as a team, or something…just another idea

  21. I would like to see the public vote out the people like they do on the UK BB. I agree that I would like to see different age groups, when you have a bunch of twenty-somethings you get the same old. The muscle bound jock, the flaky blond, the overly religious female who cries alot, the ever popular showmance, the sneaky guy/guys who smile at everyone and plot behind everyones back, etc. Something a little smoother would be nice.

  22. I have watched all Big Brothers and even signed up about 5 years ago. I did not like last year the most of all it was kinda boring. I hope they really go all out this year. Another Brittany or something. Can’t wait for it to come back on. It would be nice to see the not so cute not so strong out of the norm people on here once. I mean alot of the older crowd and a couple young ones. What do you think?

  23. I want to have 2 BBs a year…Winter and Summer! Can we do that?? Can we have guests that have more personality? I love the show and I am hooked so lets at least have an animal this year…like a dog or cat!

  24. please cbs…2 big brother shows a year…millions will watch…millions will subscribe to live feeds…millions will watch after dark….listen to the fans…bb is the number 1 reality show in the world!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. they need a pet….cat dog bird pig iguana…anything…make it someones chore for the week….switch up slop, all losers maybe 1 gets on slop, maybe one pbj maybe one rice and beans…it can be monitored with live feeds…..

  26. more challenging comps…not same ones year after year, i love to watch them….but houseguests plan on comps like in the past, switch it up take note of the ones on celebrity get me out of here

  27. There will never be and “Evil Dick” he was gross but he was the only honest one in that whole bunch. What has he and his daughter up to…..

  28. We like Dick. Hope we have a good show this summer. I am so addicted to BB. Be watching since BB4. Would like to see 2 and maybe ya need to get a BB House up north in the Winter so that there is some really great HOT TUBS shows!!!!

  29. I’m a huge BB fan but the last few have come short of what I would say exciting.Everyone is all for Dick and I must say that describes him well.That guy was straight spun and incredibly vendictive.I love Janelle and to me she is BB.No one has even come close to being the player she is.She has kind of made BB.Julie Chen is a robot get Janelle to host the show.

  30. I love,luv loooove ” BIG BROTHER ” Any season…
    My only disappointment is that Janelle didn’t win, because both times she deserved to win in season 6 and 7 “ALL STARS”…She is the best player ever …I hope some day she comes back and wins the biggest prize ever given on Big Brother…
    I also agree it’s to much time in between games and they should start a winter show i go out of my mind waiting for it to start every year so it would be nice …wink ,wink !!!

    I wish most of the players good luck this year, not all. You can’t root for every one you have to hate somebody it makes the show better,right…May the person who most deserves it win , which is usally my favorite player…
    I am sure glad your back….;)

    Later Love,

  31. HEY there jeff-
    watch what you are saying about my MISS JULIE…
    Julie Chen your the best ,Jeff up there dont no what he is talking about,there would be no big brother with out miss julie so be nice to her k or you’ll be the next one to have a tooth evicted …
    Later Love,

  32. By the way I take back what i said about Julie Chen I respect her as part of BB and withdraw my statement.I just enjoy seeing Janelle on BB.Yes Julie does an excellent job.I would never put down any part of BB in any way and as I read that statement I find it to be untrue my apologise.

  33. I think the show has gotten slightly boring since Season 1. Really hope that is is a better season with some different twists, not the same old slop diet, and boring challenges. Please make it more interesting to watch this season….hated last seasons, boring!!!!

  34. Well Heather if you think the last seasons were boring don’t flippin watch it!!! It’s gotten better since season 1. You’re not a true fan obviously!

  35. I have been following this show since it started with season 1. This show rocks….You miss it when it goes off the air and can’t wait for the next show to air & bb after dark you can learn so much more!!!!!!…… Can’t wait to see this year’s and yes would be nice if they did 2 shows a year……Chill Heather the show will be great it always is……..

  36. YEA heather it’s not like theirs a gun to ur head to watch it..anyways i freaking love the show..i just wish i could get it in stores on dvd

  37. My all time fav is Janelle and dr Will
    no way should mike boogie or erica have gottn in on allstars…wtf was up with that?…

  38. @Scott: Actually you can get Big Brother on DVD. Try searching Amazon and you’ll find past seasons on there.

  39. Well i got season 3 but okay thanks i will look into fav season by far is season 5
    the 4 horsemen ..Drew won it that year
    ok thanks Matt

  40. I love Big Brother and have never missed a show, but I wish we could go back to a little more of the first show’s fomat. I know most if not all of the houseguests are actors or models etc., but my friends and I would really love to see REAL people with REAL situations that are not scripted or suggested by ya’ll. It would make for a much more enjoyable few months. There are times when I’ve seen and heard things that I’m sure the public was not supposed to know about. Please keep it real…like in reality TV. Also, it seems that the houseguests are getting nastier and sluttier every year…give us a break with the F bombs and cussing. That is old and tired.

  41. Vicki – I sure hope that you’re wrong about all the houseguests in the BB house being all actors & models. I don’t believe that!!! I would like to think anyone can go on BB as long as they apply and get picked. I would like to see 2 shows a year summer and winter/spring. The Valentine show was really good. I think that they should do another Valentine segment of BB. BB is one of my favorite shows . . . I am addicted – cannot get enough of it. Luv BB

  42. One of the things that made BB less interesting for me, besides the stinginess of the producers re:Prizes, is that it becomes difficult to tell them apart. 20’s wannabe actors, blond or near so, bodies ‘built up’ one way or another,with agents,and a token person of a different shade, totally assimilated and culturally no different. Then again, Canada is much more Multi-cultural; we enjoy the cultures here, with cultural festivals right through the year.

  43. @Mrs: Not to detract from Canada’s multi-culturalism, but I’d wager the U.S. is pretty darn competitive in the field of being multi-cultural.

    But yes, I agree, the prizes could go up a notch in recent seasons. Maybe with just one season this year (last year had 2) we’ll see a bigger budget.

  44. Hey BB Fans, I am sooo happy that the Season is about to start. I’ve been a fan since Season 2. Can’t wait until they do another All-Star Season because it’s great to see the vixens get together. BB where are the Season’s DVD’s I would love to go back and watch them.

  45. was looking over some of the comments and tho i have watched it since day 1 only missing a total of 5 shows due to hurricanes and power outage and dvr breaking down. i have gotten about 5 others to start watching it the past few years. I do not agree with the comment about 2 times a year. unfortunately the ratings for the winter were actually pretty low and as you recall it was only because of the strike the strike we even had a winter version. but, have to agree it was really boring, i got the super pass 2 years ago and vowed not to again cause every time something good would come on,they would black it out. i will get showtime after dark like i do every year tho. i like the live version, even tho i forwarded most of last year. as far as the 20 something characters, would you truly watch a 80 year old man/woman do some of the contests these people are doing, i mean be honest here, the only reason any of you would say that is you must be up there in age. now, if you have ever watched to show you would see that the overnight version they are not allowed much alcohol, they should be allowed a little more so the truth can come out with some of these people and really make it and interesting game. i think that the public should be able to veto a nominee with say a million votes by calling in, then this way some of these people have to stick it out with a player they think is going up, but do it like the day of so they do not have a chance to change everyones minds. of course HOH picks alternate nominee. now there is a twist for ya, you have several people gunning for you when you put that 3rd up after you strategically put 2 up already or tried to backdoor someone. we lost a lot of good players cause they got backdoored.

  46. Hi mike how are you doing today and I am doing fine today and how long are you talking online for and I be talking online for an hour now and ILL went to be on the big brother next season if they send me infornia for it

  47. Ok…I’m late on comments, but i’ve been addicted to bb since the beginning. so bad that during season 2 i was in labor and seriously told the doctor since i’d been suffereing as long as i had they’d have to wait until bb went off…NOOO joke…so i totally missed the last few shows last year dew to HURRICANE IKE..we were w/out power for 3 weeks… there wasn’t anyone i could even bribe into recording for me…huge punishment. i was so mad i didn’t even care who won…didn’t even try to find out until a month later…life on hold until bb season is over…can we start already?

  48. On the cbs site it said something about cancelling big brother after this last show. Any one else see that?

  49. @Joyce: Could you provide a link to where you saw this on I would be highly skeptical about that happening.

  50. I’ve been a fan since season #1……It is my guilty pleasure…….I can’t wait for another all-star show……those are the best!

  51. I’ve been watching BB since the first season! I absoloutely LOVE the show and havent missed a SINGLE episode! I am sooo unbelieveably addicted! as soon as june hits, I start looking around and hoping BB will start again soon. I totally agree that we should have 2 shows a year, I loved the winter season, but they should move it somewhere that they will actually experience lots of snow, and are required to do competitions in the snow. now THAT would be interesting. I think we need a more diverse group of people, keep it young, but with more people from different cultures, and without all the pretty/good looking people. We all know that the world really isnt full of people like that. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and BB should reflect that.


  53. I went back to re-look and this was a couple of months ago. It had a place to vote if you wanted to cancel (yes or no). It isn’t there now but I was mistaken on the it was Sorry bout that but they wouldn’t cancel BB

    I do agree with the one that said they will never beat big brother allstars, Dick was good but the all stars was the best.

  54. I think it’s hilarious that BB is having a fantasy game this year.

    We started our own Big Brother Fantasy League last year at work. It is crazy fun!

  55. I think the “Freaks aka beautiful people” vs. the “Geaks aka nerds” could make for a great season of fighting. Hope that rumor is true. Also, I wish they would have another “allstars” Dick, Chicken Geoge, Dr. Will and Boogie would be awesome!!

  56. I hope they have more than 2 people over 30 this season. It’ not fair.. There are plenty of us over 40 who could kick those kids’ butt! Especially in the mind games!!!

  57. I would hope the HG’s would be mindful of the language they use. I hate hearing the F word in EVERY Sentence. It’s gotten to where people can’t put a thought together with out using 4 letter words. I have been a faithful BB fan since the beginning. I am really looking forward to all the alliances, back stabbing, lying, and clear paranoia that each member will no doubt become a part of!

  58. I agree with the language thing. It makes us young people look like we’re not very literate or cultured. It’s a shame how some people cant put together a proper conversation without using profanities in every other word.

  59. OK I realize I am late on posting…but I wanted to join in! I have been a fan of BB since season #1! The wait for season 11 has been excruciating! I hope to see some interesting house guests this year. HG that can speak without dropping the F Bomb I agree would be nice. Also, a few HG over 30 would be nice I agree. I would also like more than just the hunky guys and ditzy girls. (don’t get me wrong…the hunky guys are great, and my husband usually enjoys watching the air-headed beauties as they lay by the pool) but I want to see the house guests that are conniving, and evil! Those who are there to play the game…not to make friends or have a showmance! I want an edge of my seat season…where I hurry through fixing dinner, helping my daughter finish her homework, get all my chores done, and I am in my spot in the living room…waiting when it comes on!

  60. My Wishes: Two BBs per year, with people you love to hate and people you just love! Egotists, connivers, skanks, and down-right delusional people. Less than two weeks to go now! Does anyone know if Showtime plans to carry “BB After Dark” again?

  61. I love BB after dark! I hope they have it again.I also wish they would let us vote, or at least vote to veto something.We did loose good players last year that should have had a chance to stay. Hey, what is bib brother fantacy?

  62. I think the voting should be done like on Big Brother Australia. The houseguests get to nominate two people. The top 3 people with the most votes get put up for elimination. Then the viewers get to vote who get eliminated.

  63. That is what I would like for us to vote.
    At the beginning bb1 wasn’t that the way it was that we got to vote who was elimanated, I don’t remember it has been to long?

  64. Season 1 of Big Brother involved America’s vote deciding who was evicted. There was lots of drama when it George’s family was accused of targeting Britney (I believe that was her name) for elimination.

    It’s changed so much then and I like how we don’t get to vote anymore. Part of the BB game is hiding your actions/intent from the other HGs. But as the viewers we see everything and have too much knowledge to have that same sort of challenge of trying to decide how to vote.

  65. Love BB!! Been a HUGE fan since season 1… Here’s hoping season 11 will be the best ever!

  66. Ok agree not vote for eviction but how about more to vote on for viewers. Another one like where they voted evicted players back in or I like the (player) things like that.

  67. I’d be up for that. I love it when we get to vote someone back in because it’s usually a really popular player getting a second chance at the game.

  68. I think the voting should also be open to people in Canada. I hate that I cant vote for those things!

  69. It would be great if fans could make players do something each week! Like give a hug or do something crazy.

  70. Oh I hope they throw in some great twists this year.How about the day before a comp. every

  71. Sorry keyboard locked. 30 min. or so bells, alarms etc.. goes off then they have to compete. Also tell them that the comp. will be at a certain time then switch it.

  72. i’m all for a little sh*t disturbing…i like the random bells and alarms!! middle of the night comp fer sure!!
    midnight madness!! let’s make them COMPETE!!! anyone can choke back grasshopper milkshakes…but can they at 3am!?!

  73. Heres to a Great New Season, may it be the best ever, im hoping for a few new twists, like all that get evicted go in to the jury house, that would make the show, one by one , they all reunite in another im going to be watching all the time, im so BB , not sure about the new theme in the house, i think they should have went with something more green, less appliances..the house guests should write compliants/suggestions, and they get read each week too..gossip time..

  74. Can’t wait for the season to start. even my 7 year old is excited. But please no winter show, you’ll turn BB into Survivor which is way too over played.

  75. Remember, it was the last winter show (BB9) that was soooo good, while summer (BB10) was a wash out.

  76. @Lynn: Are you being serious right now?! Most people thought BB9 was the horrible one, while BB10 was awesome. Personally i think they were both awesome, cuz no matter what it was still Big Brother!!

  77. I agree with Marsha – I’d like to see older players in the house. yes the twenty somethings are fun but I think some real interesting converstions and challenges can be watched as well.

  78. I’m with Hunter on this one. BB9’s HGs were a little bit under the bar. BB10 was quite a rebirth after the winter series that year.

    Too bad BB9’s group wasn’t better or we might have seen better ratings leading to a repeat of the winter season. Ah well.

  79. @Matt I totally agree, i think that is one of the reasons we didnt get another Winter season. I mean BB9 wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t anywhere near as good as BB10.

    You have to admit, it was fun to watch Natalie obsess over Mattie, and Sheila complain all the time.

  80. I agree BB10 was awsome with one exception…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE NO MORE Michelle…I dont think I can handle any more plants, bugs, imposters and so on….

  81. I thought BB10 couldn’t be more Boring, while BB9, with Matt and that ding-a-ling, coffee bean-brain Natalie chasing him around, was a riot. But that’s IMHO! To each his/her own.

  82. I have to agree with Lynn, BB10 was horribly boring. I didn’t like it at all but I’m an addict so I watched. BB9 was MUCH better. Maybe it was because I could “relate” to the cast more. They seemed more real. Adam could have been my neighbor. Ryan was just your typical teddy bear guy. Natalie (who yes I liked) IS like a lot of girls I know. James reminds me of some of my guy friends I go and see live punk shows with, Sheila, well who doesn’t know, love and tolerate a “Sheila?”… All said, I really hope I enjoy this season more than last. If not this may be the last time I get the feeds.

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