Big Brother 10 Week 5 PoV Comp Spoilers

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto competition results are in and of course, Big Brother 10 wouldn’t go through it without drama. Competing to stay alive were this week’s nominees, Libra and Keesha, who were put on the chopping block by Michelle, the current HoH.

Competing along with Michelle, Libra, and Keesha are Jerry, April, and Memphis.

Winner of Week 5’s PoV is: Jerry

Jerry is talking to Michelle about getting Dan on the block now. Uh oh! Jump on the feeds and watch Jerry dig into Michelle over this.

The Power of Veto ceremony will take place in the next few days so watch it all live and uncensored ($2 off & Free Trial) as the HGs struggle to dodge eviction.

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  1. Hahahahahahah.
    Since Michelle hates Libra for stealing her Hawaiian vacation (that seems to be the ONLY plausible reason because Michelle is seemingly materialistic), it seems that she’ll put Dan on the block only if he doesn’t take Libra off.

    And then, the final vote would be something like this:

    Libra- April, Memphis, Ollie, Renny, Keesha
    Dan- Jerry (?)

    I guess it just depends if Renny & Keesha would keep Libra in, which I don’t think they would do. And if so, that would require a tiebreaker from Michelle, who would definitely vote out Libra. Libra said “I have to win” but she didn’t. So I personally think she’s toast.

    Perhaps I’m one of the few who liked the Keesha-Libra-Renny-Dan thing going on last week and it sucks to see Libra go. She’s a game player, that’s for sure, and she’s definitely had it all figured out from the beginning.

    Just imagine, if she had won HoH, this week could have been another breeze and Michelle might be packing her bags.

  2. Jerry was talking to Michelle about putting Dan up just to teach him a lesson, which leads me to believe he was pursuing a replacement of Keesha, not Libra. Otherwise I don’t think Michelle would go for the idea. Then again, 24 hours can completely change the face of the game in Big Brother 10.

  3. hehehe….BB After Dark is awesome right now. O.M.Freaking.G!!!!! I’m just hoping all of fighting will finally expose the bitch April. This is so freaking funny as hell.

  4. Is anyone watching BB after dark?! It’s awesome! Michelle is so fucking stupid. Drunk broad!

  5. B, yeah it is great.

    I just wish they would concentrate more on April because that bitch and her Small-Penis-Can’t-Last-Long-Boyfriend need to put up next week. I can’t even stress how much I hate APRIL and I can’t just freaking wait till she goes home to her family and is totally shunned by everybody for being the bitch that she is. Go to hell APRIL, go to HELL!!!!

  6. That house has gone insane. All the shit that everyone in that house is pointing at Libra for doing, Keesha and April are doing the same. Dan is the only one that has Libra’s back, everyone in that house are fools that’s why I hope that Memphis wins it all. For Michelle to honestly believe Libra got everyone to vote out the other guest..LMAO!!!!!! Like she said she must be the master mind behind it all.

    It’s alright Libra, you’re liked over here!

  7. I have a new second/third favorite: Memphis.

    Besides Dan and Renny I want Memphis to make it the farthest. He was a prick to Jerry yelling at the old man over a stupid comment, but today on the show his diary room response to the fight was genuine and awesome. He was completely upset about how people used Religion to go after Dan and his reaction that people would get punched in the mouth for that was awesome. You are ok in my book, Memphis (for a couple of weeks at least).

  8. What are they thinking, Jerry’s mouth is really irking me for lack of a better term, Ex Marine or not they don’t teach you to attack someone like that or their religion. Otherwise I agree with Shane on the 4 group I think they made a wise game move. Everyone forgets, yes it gets personal but every friendship in that house will turn as things progress, they need to think about what’s best for their game and keeping Jessie in would have been suicide for them.

  9. If Libra wasn’t leaving this week, and everyone in the house besides Dan didn’t lie and hate on her, a good alliance would be Libra, Dan, and Memphis. The smartest players in the house.

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