Big Brother 10 Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Spoilers

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Power of Veto

This week’s Power of Veto ceremony has concluded and it’s one of the first for Big Brother 10 that was a little uncertain with some serious implications. Jerry had to make the big decision this afternoon as he was the winner of the Power of Veto.

True to his deal with April, which allegedly entailed Jerry taking away $4,000, Jerry did not use the Power of Veto. This leaves the HoH nominations as originally announced: Jessie and Memphis.

Best of all, the house is finally starting to shake and split with old alliances faltering and new ones coming together. This will likely be the closest eviction vote we’ve had all BB10 season, so get ready for some excitement on Thursday! It’ll be close, but it looks as though Jessie will be the one to leave.

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  1. Excellent! Everything seems to be going accordingly to the plan. With the new alliance of Libra, Keesha, Renny, Memphis, and Dan..they can get Jessie out of there! Thenn one of them MUST win HOH next to put up Ollie and April or Michelle…

  2. ahh the beauty of this game, unfortunatley Jessie will go home. I say unfortunatley because dan would most further this game now having buddy-buddied with the mate. And Jessie, although arrogant and selfish, would most likely be the more fun to watch than low-key Memphis.

  3. Jessie stopped being “fun to watch” about 45 seconds into the season. He’s just big and stupid. Michelle’s emotional instability makes her useless in this game. April is just plain skanky. Ollie still hasn’t played the game. Keesha & Libra are just drama queens reeling in their own paranoia, most of the time. Dan is just plain goofy. Jerry is a tired old gas bag. Memphis & Renny are both actually playing great games, though I am rooting for Renny (she rocks!).

    Just my 2 cents.

  4. Cah!
    For my last post above Jessie might be in good shape. And I hate myself for actually wanting him to stay. Its up to “america” to see which they want to go because the house is split right now.
    I don’t like Jessie. but I want Dan to be furthured in this game. alot. is it smart for dan to be buddied up with jessie? NO>>>>> but people don’t know about it. Great.
    He’s quite the player.
    Its nice to know that Eric SUCKED AT IT> and now we have a PLAYER.
    Unfortunatley his girlfriend MOnica does not approve /its not her game. nor is danny boy going to hear what she says/ i would like to see this Monica because I kinda feel for Dan.

    Not jealous or anthing though;)

    But okay.
    I wanted Jessie to go last week because of the Heatherette koala bear shirt. Angie is a doll and shouldn’t have gone home. But now that “america” decides to make dan like jessie than lol;) go for it.

  5. I have watched all seasons and look forward to each one. But as cincydewdd wrote (so perfectly) each time the cast just does NOT live up to what is expected. I’m so tired of seeing people obviously saying whatever they need to say to get on the show, then not following through. I have watched seasons of BBUK on YouTube (this is NOT a BBUK is better) and they give them weekly tasks (tasks that last days) in order to get a full food budget. If not, they get a small budget – they have to order their own food. They split the house – heaven/hell. They give secret tasks, etc. I like that better. The editing is manufactured (as those who watch the live feeds KNOW CBS does). Anyway … I’ll always watch BB, but it is a letdown the way the cast always disappoints.

  6. Obviously there are problems with the cast and Dan and Renny are my picks. Jennifer got it right… as cincydewdd too. Renny plays the game and Dan is fun to watch and America’s Player. I think CBS will continue with AMerica’s Player because it’s getting Dan all this. But Libra is easily catching on. If Dan could do it a tad bit better.

  7. These houseguests are about the worst in bb history and i have watched all ten shows..Keesha is so full of herself saying she got rid of Angie cause of steven she just wanted to get close to Memphis..and by the way when Keesha eats a apple she chomps like a horse i now call her will be glad When Jesse leaves he is nothing but a big cry baby worse tha WWWaaaMBER LAST YEAR..all in all I think Renny is playing a good game hope she takes the cash, April is so fake and her eyes they remind me of a lost fart i

  8. argh! GET RID OF MEMPHIS! this is ur chance! this guy is a sleeping giant. he’ll go far in this game unless they get him out now. Jessie has too many enemies, even if he gets to the final 2, which i doubt, he won’t have the votes from the jury.

  9. I would only want Jesse to stay cause I hate Libra and Keesha/ I do like Memphis/ Renny is a looney/ Jerry needs to go/ Love Dan/ my favorites are Memphis and Dan/ on the fence re Michelle

  10. FYI, it is not so certain that Jessie will go…it all depends on America and we are a bunch of idiots…much like the house guests are a bunch of idiots. I hope America doesn’t flip just to cause havoc and then tells Dan to vote out Memphis…Jesse needs to go and April and Ollie need to follow soon after. And then Libra, the counting retard and Mitchell in his red leotard (yes, Mitchell because I refuse to believe Michelle is a woman).

  11. April is a racist bitch, Ollie is a pussy, and Jesse needs to go, and if America doesn’t see that..I give up on Big Brother. Why would you want Memphis gone and not Jesse?

  12. Uhhh…don’t want to be explicit…but isn’t April showing us all (on a nightly basis, over and over lol) that she’s NOT racist? I can’t think of a more graphic way to say “I’m not racist” then to … uh, (oh boy there’s so many double meanings I could use right now…). I just don’t think she’d be hooking up with Ollie if she was a racist.

  13. Heh. I was thinking the same thing about that comment regarding April. Kinda seems like she doesn’t have a problem with other races, at least not Ollie’s!

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