America’s Choice To Be Swing Vote On Big Brother 10 Eviction

America has voted. The polls are closed. The crazy thing is we just decided who was going home on Thursday!

We’ve had America’s Choice votes before, but I can’t remember one ever having this much control and that’s pretty exciting. As far as I can tell whatever we told Dan to do last night will be the swing vote for Thursday’s eviction on Big Brother 10. I’m just hoping we didn’t put the screws to our new 17-second hug champion.

Here’s how the votes are breaking down. The house has become visibly aligned into two new factions which will face off in Thursday’s 7 person vote. I haven’t heard any good alliance names yet, so we’ll just go with “Team A” and “Team B” for now. Team A is voting to keep Memphis: Keesha, Renny, and Libra. Team B is voting to keep Jessie: Michelle, Ollie, and Jerry. That puts us at 3-3 with Dan’s/America’s vote deciding the eviction of one HG.

Dan has been hanging out with Team A and has expressed to the cameras that we vote out Jessie. So if we did the right thing Dan should be sitting pretty with 5 people on Team A against just 4 on Team B, only 3 of which can compete in the next HoH. The odds are definitely in Team A’s favor there.

Won’t Jessie be excited to learn America couldn’t stand him despite how he was “sticking up for the little guy”. Seriously? Where does he come up with these ideas? Just be sure to Tivo Thursday’s episode of Big Brother 10 so you can go back and watch the Dustin-esque eviction moment over and over. I’m so excited.

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  1. WEll I hope Jessie doesn’t go home. That would SUCK! Wouldn’t it be so much better if Memphis goes?? I mean Memphis will bring the WIN if he doesn’t go NOW. Thats terrible. He doesn’t deserve to win and although I don’t like Jerry, Memph IS a womanizer. And Keesha is a pig for talking to him. GOD>if he stays with Dan and Ollie. Go Dan.

  2. >this is kindof bull. Because now, fans, Memphis just might stay…. drat. I dont like it! And hopefully America gets it right. I DONT LIKE JESSIE but, Memphis is a target.

    -DAN’s FANS.

  3. jessie needs to go…his arrogance is irritating…he thinks he’s so smart but the idiot keeps doing things to proof he hasn’t got the sense he was born with…and i can’t wait for him to find out america hates him…too funny

  4. can’t stand jessie, it will be hilarious to see his face when:

    a) Libra blows him a kiss goodbye
    b) He realizes more people hate him in the house than Memphis
    c) He realizes that America hates him
    d) He realizes we’ve taken up a donation for him to go on Growth Hormone for him to be 6 inches TALLER so he can stop working out so much to make up for it hehehehehe

  5. Hey Dan: as you can see America voted 86% to get Jessie out. Dan get him out.
    I also find it hard the way they treat a 75 year old, it is very dis respecful and you are all to be ashamed, this man is someone great grampa,grampa, and father. You think that if i was in the house that I would not tell you all off, you are all wrong. You may not like him but at least show a little respect. As far as him not washing his hands, well you dont see Keesha,Michelle, or Libra doing the same when they play with their hair,even April does the same and Ollie rubs his bald head.So if you find that Jerry doesnt wash his hand(bet if you were home you wouldnt wash yours) Tell either Remmy or Dan and take him to the side and tell him. He a big man and would appreciated more for saying something then nothing at all.
    So be kind. I realize that makes for good Tv, but remenber this could be your Grampa.

  6. Celena15812:
    I agree with you and mostly everything. Me being and having tons of expierience with love in the BB house, its BS the way you think that Jerry should be treated like your actual Granmpa.
    Would your grampa point in your face, tell you shut up, etc.
    At first I was a fan of Jerry but he treats women like E.D> thats bs.

    And from my last posts it might seem like I want Jessie to stay but really I truly don’t give at all.
    Both of them ARE>targetss needless to say, they are strong but in my case who cares who goes home right now, all I care about is the fact that the house wont vote 7-0 this time! My God!
    Its always numbers! Come on guys, I love Dan because he KNEW HIS ALLIANCE AND VOTED FOR BRIAN TO STAY THROUGH THICK AND THIN (IN THIS CASE THICK.)

    So whoever goes home I’d like to talk to them on Housecalls and whoever stays, great, they’ve gained America’s respect. BS.


  8. Ollie needs to go next! He is such an asshole. Why would you envision hitting a woman over the head with a bat? He’s such a pussy. Preacher’s son my ass!!!

  9. Libra need to learn to eat like a human being and stop smacking her big mouth and close it to chew…geez, you ugly witch (with a B)

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