America’s Vote: Who Should Win Big Brother Over The Top? [POLL]

Voting is now open to decide who will win Big Brother Over The Top as the Final 3 was decided last night when Justin was evicted and Morgan joined Jason and Kryssie for the finale.

BBOTT America's Winner

Now it is time for viewers to decide which of those last three Houseguests will be the one to hold the crown and walk away with $250,000 during Thursday night’s season finale. Who will you pick to win the season? Details below on how to vote for the winner of BBOTT.

Voting is open at from now (11AM ET) until Thursday 4PM ET (1PM PT) which crosses two calendar days so you should have 20 votes today (Wednesday) and another 20 votes tomorrow (Thursday), if things go as normal, so don’t wait until tomorrow to start voting.

Tonight at 7PM ET / 4PM PT (Note: these times are different from CBS’s initial announcement of 8PM ET) the F3 HGs will be making their Final Pleas live on the Feeds so you’ll want to tune in there and see what they have to say in case you’re still undecided. If you already know how you want to vote then there’s no reason to wait.

Go here to vote in the America’s Winner Vote and use up your 20 votes both today and tomorrow. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and join in on the decision.

After you’ve made your pick there be sure to vote in our unofficial poll for who you want to win. Share your reasons below and see who takes the lead.


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  1. Left the feeds for a week, but came back to vote for Morgan. Love to see it be Morgan, Kryssie, Jason but my gut says it will be Jason, Morgan Kryssie.

  2. Jason has played the game better than Morgan and Krissie!! He has won comps when he needed to, he has avoided being evicted numerous times, and he has strategically played a much better game. He deserves to win it!!

    • Morgan deserves to win 1st place because she’s actually won some hard comps the only one that fought to get to the final three. One balls masher against 3 LNJ’s. She’s never been on the show and conquered it all by her self. To where Jason already competed twice before on BB, which wasn’t fair to the other players. And when he competed on the last comp for HOH and won. He bragged about him already having America’s votes to win, since America voted for him to be there. So, far on the voting we see Morgan as the winner, but we’ll see what BBOTT’s results are. Hopefully they’re not setting it up for Jason, like they did some of comps. At least that’s what Jason said when he spoke to the camera ?, when he would lose.

      • you are joking right? the comps she won played towards her strengths more so than others. Ppl voting for morgan is just bitter at Jason the way he spoke about the others, Lets be honest she didnt even win a comp until the end. Now if Shelby was there then it would be different but morgan, pssst

      • You are joking, right? The comps Jason won played towards his strengths. That is how it normally works on BB……… smh….

      • speaking of not winning many comps, in ALL the comps ALL season, Morgan made it into Top 3-4 is most of the comps, where Jason if he didn’t or couldn’t win, didn’t even try as most likely the #1-3 HG eliminated. which just goes to show. Morgan tried to win in every single comp, Jason when met with the first aspect if diversity, gave up.

    • I laugh at Jason avoiding nomination. You know that’s because of his advantage with America & people being scared to go against st him? Monte putting Jason up Week 1 & then being put up Week 2 saved Jason about 5 weeks

      And what strategic game? His strategy sucked. The fake Final 5 got Danielle evicted & him nominated. He targeted Scott during Dani’s 1st HOH when Scott was willing to work with him. He went after Alex @ 8 instead of Morgan when she could still get a CP. He made a lot of mistakes & got a lot of help to get to Final 3

    • strategically he did nothing.. he was on 1 side of a two sided house.. failed to strategize with the other side. Yes he won comps.. and thats all he did. Morgan should win and will get all my votes.

    • yes, Jason may have played a better physical game, but Morgan had played a BETTER social game, and almost all elections in history are decided on the social game.

    • The polls will be close, but the winner will be whomever was put in this game to win. I think Jason.

    • Agree.. if Jason doesn’t win then whoever is voting for Morgan doesn’t know the big brother game

    • Jason’s game sucked though. Weak social game. Would’ve been out within the first 3 weeks if America didn’t have control. Voting Alex out over Morgan was dumb & the Fake Final 5 was dumb. Wasn’t good at social or strategy. Morgan was good at comps too so his edge in comps isn’t enough to override his weaknesses

      • Jason was definitely not one of the best players, but out of the three left, his game was better.

      • Why do you think Jason picked Kryssie?? So he could have a better chance of winning, that’s the only reason!! He was so scare of Alex and Shelby they would of beat him. And carried Justin until the end because he knew he wasn’t good on comps! Yet afraid America’s vote might have been for Justin of top 3. So, he turns his back on Justin talking crap about him! So you say Jason played a better game, by taking lower players to the end!??

      • Uh Justin turned his back first so maybe you should get your facts straight before posting something.

      • Justin was mad that his game blew up so close to his goal. His game was to apparently do nothing and be carried to Finale and win (his game was not playing against other house guests, he played vs America (since they are the ones who choose F3 winner, what do you think all those videos were for, that were put up on youtube by his friends)) ((Brilliant Game, premise was sound)), then his double backstab of the Girls and Jason started to late to recover, and pissing of his one true comrade through all of this (Kryssie) sealed his fate.

      • Jason didn’t take anyone. He got lucky at the end and knew picking Kryssie was a wiser choice. I am a fan of his, but I think you give his game play more credit than it deserves. He would have beaten Alex as well since she was not that good either and he has more fans. He was definitely a better player than Kryssie and Morgan, but that’s not saying a lot about their game play or his. Shelby could have beaten him. maybe.

      • What social game didn’t anybody but Justin and Whitney have in this game? NONE! The sides were so divided that BOTH sides talked about how much they hated the ontger side and refused to actually work with one another. Hell if you had to make a comparison in social game it would had to be how well they did in there own group which Jason did way better. His whole alliance was basically built to protect him while Morgan was just a number to keep Alex safe in her alliance. Jason won 4 comps to Morgan’s 2 so I don’t see how two off sets four but I guess anything can make sense when you dislike someone. And how was he not good at strategy? The ONLY reason why the DE went bad was because production saved Shelby with that rigged cp. And Morgan had no strategy in this game she lied and broke promises left and right and the only reason she made it this far is because Alex and Shelby were bigger fish to fry then her.

  3. If I read the article correctly you think it’s ok to be a bad sport to harass others so they would lose an event or lie to some then laugh in their face. Sorry I could never vote for Jason.

    • that is how this game is played, lie, cheat, back stab, and manipulate the other people in the game.

      • Exactly. And here I thought with America voting the best player would win.. not the jury who had their feelings hurt.. it’s a game!! The way you act in the house isn’t necessarily the way you are outside.. and the bs talked bad about everyone . Just not to their face.. Jason should win

      • are you kidding? Jason didn’t play the game at all. HE was really just who he is outside. Proven by his DRs where he never admits to being nasty for strategy . He never lied for strategy or cheated for strategy or back stab for stragey or manipulate anyone for strategy . Sorry. He was a complete ASS in the house. And CLUELESS about strategy in the game where he had everything handed to him. Morgan is the only possible winner here.

      • I totally agree. But I also know Morgan is a winner in life no matter the outcome. Go Morgan!

      • Totally agree. Yes the game can be dirty, but dirty for the sake of the game. Not nasty just to be nasty. The things Jason said and did did not advance his game. They were just evidence of his low class character. The only strategy in his actions was to secure loyalty from other nasty, bitter people like Kryssie and Danielle. All three of them love to play the blame game for their positions in life.

      • It all boils down to a single concept Jason (Negativity) Morgan (Positivity) I would rather vote for a Happy Peppy person than a doom & gloom sort of person.

    • Sadly, a lot of HGs have done that. There aren’t many truly honest players in this game. That’s a huge part of the reason why Jeff and Jordan are so beloved, I feel.

      That being said, I’m not voting for Jason, either.

      • I was hoping the players would treat this like a game and not a street fight. Lying cussing and laughing in someone’s face for lying to them. Jason deserves to have nothing ?

    • Lmfao everybody in that house lied hell of the final three Morgan has lied the most. And when did Jason harass someone to lose a comp? If he played in HoH or veto he was silent and focused and even congratulated people if it was timed based or if was number based. If he didn’t play in a veto he cheered his alliance members on. I swear to god you people will make up anything to justify not voting for someone out of jealousy and spite.

      • I have no anamosity toward Jason I just feel he was very loud and obnoxious. He would try to upset people before a comp so they would lose. He said as much on the live feeds. Don’t gets your panties in a bunch it’s only my opinion. I don’t like Justin either he was lazy and rude at times. I think he has ADHD.

      • live or die by the sword comp, he was the first or second to drop, and before he sat down, started to lay into the criticism of fellow HG’s

  4. It’s going to be tight between Morgan and Jason. Both played much better games over Kryssie, which is something I think we’re all agreed on (well, maybe not BBN, but whatever – it is what it is). Regardless of how it plays out, I doubt we’re gonna get another season featuring vets because this is the second season in a row they’ve made it to the end of the game. Last time that happened was Rachel (first place) in BB13 and Dan (second place) in BB14. We should be getting a completely new cast next year, if we go based on that alone.

    Now for my reasoning for voting Morgan. I’ve been a BS supporter from the start. While Alex was my favorite, I have also enjoyed watching Morgan on the feeds. And for her, this is the underdog story. Her entire side of the house walked out the door. Monte, Scott, Alex, Shelby, and even Nit-Whit (who earned that nickname from me by not being as game-smart as she claimed to be, as her changing alliances did not change her position as the expendable HG). Monte and Scott were both targeted by America, Shelby was targeted by LNJ, and Alex was targeted by BOTH America and the Misfits.

    Morgan walked into the house intending to play low-key and keep her head down, and in that, she succeeded. She would’ve been classified as a coaster, but she won a couple challenging comps when she needed to to keep herself safe. Shelby going home on her HOH was unfortunate, but she was not the only HOH that happened to this season due to America’s influence, so she can’t be faulted for being the victim of the twist. And in the end, she won her way into the F3, a move that one other HG can claim this season.

    Jason played a strong game, too, but he made several unnecessary moves along the way. He came into the house with a strategy of not making any friends, trusting no one, and fighting his way to the end. While the fighting part of his strategy continued through the game, the rest of his strategy went right out the windows once he hooked up with the Misfits. He seemed to have a working relationship with Alex and Scott, but he only stayed true to that when it was one of them in power and not when it was his side in power. Unnecessary. And then, with himself in power by the Co-HOH, Alex on the block by America, and Jason in sole control of the Veto and tiebreaker vote, he makes a fake alliance with the three BS girls to trick them into thinking they had a shot. Again, unnecessary.

    So, yes, Morgan is getting all my votes. And I hope she wins.

    • Kryssie will go down in BB history as the ONLY HG to quit a comp in the middle of it, and throw a temper tantrum to get attention (like a newborn)

  5. Voting for morgan. Jason has shown to be a nasty person and has shown to be unable to use strategy in a game where everyone wanted to strategize with him. Oof cour kryssie did nothing at all and just ate and complained in the house.

  6. Jason should win. And I believe Jason will win. Jason deserves to win on the fact that he is a return player, and had the biggest target on his back the entire game.

    But looking at it objectively, the fact that it’s a 3 person finale, and not 2, will hurt Jason more than than it will hurt Morgan. Jason played the better game. No one can deny that. But that doesn’t matter when it comes to voting. People vote for the person they liked the best. Even in presidential elections. One of them will probably lose by a very small percentage. The best chance Morgan or Jason had of dominating the vote was with both Justin and Kryssie in the final 3. Now it’s going to be more challenging for both of them.

    Since Jason and Morgan are essentially tied in the polls (if you count for the margin of error), Kryssie is now the potential spoiler, and might will split the vote between her and Jason, causing a Morgan victory. I don’t think Kryssie will get as many votes as Jason or Morgan. But even if Kryssie gets 1% of the vote, that slight difference could be just enough to put Morgan over the top (no pun intended), and actually win. So with Morgan in the top 3, I wouldn’t surprised if we saw a surprise upset, and Morgan ends up winning. It would certainly be the biggest upset in BB history, that’s for sure.

    But this can also be detrimental to Morgan as well, with having Jason in the final 3. Morgan’s best bet was to win part 1, pick Kryssie, and then have Justin and Jason face-off, and hope Justin won against Jason. That would’ve made a Morgan victory all that much easier. But she will have an uphill battle to climb. The fans don’t like her as much as they do Jason. But she has looks on her side, and fans of her sister will most likely vote for Morgan.

    But Morgan doesn’t have the fanbase as Jason, and Jason is a superfan, and superfans have won BB for the past 3 seasons. And the majority of people voting are superfans. And superfans tend to vote for superfans. Jason also has a lot of support from his fellow BB17 houseguests.

    • Even some of the so called BB17 HG don’t thing he played a good strategy game! Hopefully this will be the first year that his so called super fans will actually vote for the stronger player. That actually conquered her game by herself!! MORGAN TO WIN 1st PLACE?????

      • I can almost assure you that had Morgan’s sister not played with her, she would not have made it as far as she did. Her sister helped her get there in more ways than one. So, no, Morgan did not conquer her “whole” game by herself, just the last week of it. She had a lot of help along the way. Jason, however basically played alone and others made their own choice to side with him and help him when they could, which was more often than not, but they also were there to play the game just as much as Jason was. Morgan didn’t have to fight as hard nor did she have the kind of target on her back like he did throughout the whole game. If Morgan wins, it’ll be because Jason fans didn’t vote, with the thinking he already has this, so I don’t think my vote is required. Sort of like the way the nation’s election went! :-)

    • Disagree that it would be the biggest upset in BB. MORI think Morgan played a fair game. I do not think Jason a good either.

      • This game isn’t “who needs the money the most”. I think Jason played the best game.’.. however, him dragging kryssie around hurts him, and Morgan will win. Not at all upset at that. At least she played. Kryssie not only was possibly the worst player in BB history… Probably one of the most negative people ever! Talk about entitled???.. the fact that kryssie not only feels she is some mastermind?.. lol!!!.. she feels deserving because she’s broke????… enjoy third kryssie!! Be grateful you got that! You didn’t deserve that, YOU.. got lucky!!!!

    • I don’t think anyone of the 3 needs it more than the rest. None of them are living well (like Paul was last year) . Morgan just graduated from college, has student debt and is looking for a job. Jason has no debt and lives at home for free and says he will go back to the grocery store job so he is not making big bucks(I would have loved to hear him say he wanted to go to college or put a down payment on a small condo). Kryssie has a job and no debt but seems to live close to check to check. Morgan would probably be the most responsible with it and then Kryssie (she said she would blow some but had sensible plans for savings & stuff like getting dental work done) and Jason has already said he has plans to blow it.

      • Who played the best game, but don’t need the money, or who played a game but need the money?..or Who played the best game but disgusting..or Who played the best game ..period…lol

      • I guess it should be me since I pretty much predicted how things would go down if I got my way. Debating it would have been wasted energy. I came to play this season and by golly I did exactly what I set out to do. The only part of my strategy as one of the American players in this was counting on Kryssie making it as far as she did. America wasn’t listening enough to my pleas and now look. Shelby or Alex should be sitting in that seat Kryssie is occupying. They weren’t quitters at all like Kryssie was, nor did they complain about their cuts and bruises like Kryssie would forever go on about. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Do not vote for Kryssie to win. She did not work as hard as the aforementioned and does not deserve 1/4 of a million dollars. I wouldn’t mind some of that pay out…it would make a very nice retirement nest egg for me. This is my plea…please….vote for me today if you haven’t already! :-)

      • Kryssie is irrelevant in the finals. She was kept by the voters (mainly misfit fans) to protect Jason and his army. Jason fans don’t care about Kryssie, but she’s the firewall. Voters were not surprised she’s there in F3. If Jason is there, Kryssie is there..she’s not gonna win s**t anyway.

    • Who cares? This isn’t “Charity Big Brother.” Or, “Who Deserves The Money The Most, Big Brother.” It’s a Reality Game Show, for crying out loud!

    • if that is your criteria, then why even start to play the season, just have every house guest on day 1, give a speech on why they need the money the most, and award it from there.

  7. What is amusing to me is how kryssie thinks she even has a chance. Tomorrow night she will go home with nothing hahaha

    • I sure hope they somehow disclose the vote totals. I would pay money to see Kryssies face when she heard how few votes she gets. She has been so delusional from the beginning thinking America gets her.

  8. This is the first time since feeds have begun that I had to stop watching. Jason and Kryssie’s jealousy, vulgarity, and vile behavior literally made me sick to the stomach. The hate they spewed was intolerable. Yes the ‘Ballsmashers’ have done some distasteful things throughout the season, but nothing compared to the LNJ crew inside and outside (Twitter accounts) of the house. Very disappointed to find out that former BB players are supporting Jason’s hateful behavior. If only he kept his mouth shut he would have won my vote on his game play. Sorry but I will not condone that kind of behavior, Morgan will get my votes.

  9. Honestly, I won’t be upset either way with Morgan or Jason winning. Morgan is the most likeable HG for sure. She is also cute. And since this really is a popularity vote, these factors can be considered. Jason needs the money and IMO played the stronger game staying safe when everyone knew he has an established fan base. Yes, America helped, but he won when he had to and used his alliance to shield him. I will actually split my votes – more to Jason but some to Morgan also.

  10. Jason clearly played the best game and America put him in the house and should vote for him to win!!

    • Remember who Jason was up against for which vet America wanted to return to the game. That’s the only reason Jason won by an overwhelming majority. No one wanted to see Jozea. If he’d been up against anyone else, it would’ve been different.

    • ??unfortunately America Had to choose between him or Jozea. No vote here for either one. So, my vote is for MORGAN!!??

  11. Have to vote for the best game played despite Jason not always being the best person… he has played one heck of a game and I can’t deny that. Jason gets my vote.

    • Voted Jason and will give him my 20 tomorrow even if it doesn’t count. I did think twice about it though.

      • But by golly she at least said something about a whole lot of nothing that only served her and no one else. That’s why I laugh every time she enters that DR. “America must really love me! Thank you America for keeping me here!” I spit Pepsi out my nose every time I heard that come from her mouth, because I had to laugh at that time too. I should know better than to drink anything during her DR sessions! LOLOL

      • lol. She will know the truth this week, but I don’t think she’ll care since her band will gain more fans from this experience. I am sure there are some Kryssie fans out there who don’t admit it.

    • Justin’s was the funniest one of all! Oh wait…he didn’t speak at all. He went home. Before he did, though, he snored quite a bit before heading out the door! hahahaha

  12. I just watched their speeches, and Jason explained it well why he deserved the win. Not only he articulated every game move he made, but minimizing his opponents game in his speech was very smart. I will be shock if Morgan beats him, but I do want her to take the 2nd, whatever prize there is….No to Kryssie. lol

  13. I believe the Social game is big. Certain people have the ability to win physical comps. Some mental. But when you have adults, picking their nose and putting it on other people’s things. Wiping your arm pits with pillows and personal items of others there is something wrong mentally with that person. Yes give him the money so he can get help.

    • That’s the difference between the original “Jury vote VS America votes. You can weigh those against a player and not vote for him, You’re in control.

      • It was starting to bore me the last few seasons when players were in control but chose to make dumb, predictable moves. I like it a lot more when that control is taken from them more than I ever thought I would! hahaha

      • My only point is, a good gamer may not win, based on being a douche b all season..I don’t blame them, voters prerogative…

  14. Yet, even without America’s help, he won the necessary comps he needed to escape from danger. The one thing I never understood was why in the world has this turned into a popularity contest? Why is everyone saying that Morgan played the best game? Her own game was played by her sister, and for some reason, she was the golden child ever since Alex was evicted. I respect that she managed to get to the F3, but the real reason why was because Jason wanted to backstab Justin. I never understood why y’all want someone, who’s extremely cocky when her side has power, but a whiny-ass bitch when she’s put in danger, to win the game, while on the other hand, you’re letting someone’s hard work strategizing, winning comps when necessary, and in general, doing better than last year, go to waste.

  15. Jason should definitely be the winner!! Krissie and Morgan were just floaters! Yes, Morgan is beautiful, but that’s not what this game is about. She rode on Alex’s and Shelby’s back until the end!

    • They weren’t floaters by definition. They were coasters…big difference. Floaters are those that side with whoever is in power each week if they’re not. The house was divided. The only floater I saw this season was Justin. He played both sides of the house. Kryssie nor Morgan did that…they rode the coat tails of those in their alliances.

      • It depends. Are you talking about a ‘floater’ as playing both sides/hard to execute floater strategy? Pro-active in the game, Andy comes to mind. Or, a ‘floater’ that’s just ‘clueless. Victoria

  16. Who had a target on their back all summer long and still made it to the end. That’d be Jason. Say what you want but he played a phenomenal game and “oh I just don’t like him” isn’t enough reason to give the win to someone else.

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