America’s Eviction Vote: BBOTT Week 4 Voting Now Open [POLL]

America’s Vote is open again with the conclusion of today’s Big Brother Over The Top Veto Ceremony. Now one of the three nominees will be the next eviction of BBOTT and you can influence the outcome.

America's Eviction Vote on BBOTT

Just like we got to vote for the third nominee there is a new vote now but this one is to decide which of the three final nominees of the week will earn one extra eviction vote against him or her. We don’t get to pick the entire eviction result, but we do get to be involved as one of this week’s votes. Here’s what you need to know.

Voting is open at from now (2PM PT) until Wednesday 1PM PT (4PM ET) so there’s only 23 hours of voting but with the two calendar days there you’ll get 20 votes today (Tuesday) and another 20 votes tomorrow (Wednesday) so don’t wait until tomorrow to start voting.

After the PoV was played Kryssie named Whitney to be the renom so now she’s there with Neeley and Scott. The house is divided over who they’ll end up voting as PBS has been working on Justin but discovering today that he won’t be voting out Neeley like they hoped. Morgan says she won’t based on hopes for America’s Vote, but if her allies sway her back then that ties up the house and the decision tie-breaker goes to America’s Vote here.

Go here to vote in the America’s Eviction Vote and use up your 20 votes both today and tomorrow. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer.

Once again we’re running our projection poll for you to report how you’d vote in the official CBS voting. Which of the three nominees this week do you think should earn America’s collective vote this week? Vote in our unofficial poll below:


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  1. Scott said he is ONLY there to get Alex to win!!! WHAT kind of superfan gives his game to someone else. VOTED SCOTT!!

    • He’s going to still try and get to the end. He’s just assuming at this point America isn’t going to vote for him to win which is probably a good assumption so he will at least try and push his allies to the top with him.

    • Scott is pretty sure it’s impossible for him to do better than 2nd place, but he still wants to play, and enjoy himself, and for his actions to have meaning, so he’s decided he’s structuring his play around helping someone else who has a shot. That’s one interpretation, and I see nothing wrong with that, from a super-fan, game-lover’s perspective. Also strategically it works in his favor since Alex is a fan favorite. (I don’t think he deserves any strategic credit, or that that is part of his strategy, but it’s an added bonus that will help him advance in the game)

      Another interpretation, of course, is that he’s smitten.

    • Agree. Justin seems to want to vote Neeley out but keeps backing down. I wonder if he is just covering his behind and will really do it and deny it, at this point it would be hard for anyone to know for sure. He can’t be as blank as he plays it. Like last night at the veto comp, on Monte’s nomination date he kept putting up numbers well past when he was evicted. Good thing the others didn’t see him on that wall though. They already think he’s a threat and he made that look SO easy.

  2. Seems like Neeley’s chance of survival is not as bad as I initially assumed. There’s a chance that America’s vote can go her way, and there’s also been voices of Plastics wanting to vote out Scott…

    • No..there is false update accounts posting things that the girls have not said!! They want Neeley out!

    • That’s just Morgan because A. She’s scared Alex will keep Scott offer her. B. Scott called Morgan a basic blonde and she’s upset about it and C. Morgan thinks Scott will come after her before he does any of the other plastics

    • Those Plastic heads girl are just pure sheer lairs no one should believe those lying tongues ever.. They are wolves in little girl clothing using america for all its worth but care nothing for america. they wanna beg their way to the finals. and they spit on the minority. They are even lying to scotts face and using him. and can care less if all of america wanted him gone, so spiteful. arghh. Done with the media. blood on america hands. just hand game to alex n shelby so we can move on.

  3. Neeley is boring. She adds nothing to the show. At least Scott is somewhat interesting.

    • And I can’t stand hearing her use the word ignant anymore, makes her look ig-nor-ant!

    • All lies being told on neely imo, and shelby whitney alex all boring and does nothing but beg and beg and arrrgh i just cant even watch them they appear so fake., neely and the minority are being picked off only because they want alex out as any player would. America just selecting them cause they all blonde wanna be princesses pretending to be what their not just give em a check already and Shut this game down, it’s out of control no more america social reading for me.. i see evil fans unfair, unjust bull crap. Pew it stinks.. help…ty amer. “You lie on the misfits make false rumers and act like they playing most perfect one wins. all they poo stinks. but its not elementary school.

  4. Voted Neely. Then we can watch Krissie have another melt down. Then I’m voting Shelby for care package and watch Krissie self evict.

    • I hope we get a three-for-one deal.
      1. Neeley voted out
      2. Kryssie self evicts
      3. Jason breaks down and turns violent and then gets expelled back to his basement

      • I’m not the biggest Jason fan, but I’m not ready for him to leave either. I would like to see him sweat a bit though…the HN life was good for him this week.

      • Did she also mention that the shrink told her she whines a lot too? She probably forgot to mention that.

      • LoL nope didn’t hear that part… I don’t remember hearing that she was overly dramatic either but hey if the shoe fits… ?

      • She made a production out of those hands that had two tiny cuts on them from the rock climbing. Shelby’s was worse than hers and you didn’t hear her whining nearly as much or for as long as Kryssie did.

      • I get it. It’s just too bad the HG’s can’t see the percentage of votes in these things. Come to think about it, I’d like to see that too. I’d like to see just how accurate the informal polls on the web are.

      • Whatever works for you. ;-). I’m not a fan of Scotts either but I want the girls to have the numbers and then Scott can go. He doesn’t bother me.

  5. I think most people will vote for Scott, but I don’t like Neely’s attitude. She seems so fake, even the way she speaks sounds fake. Her accent changes constantly and lies about her age.

  6. I’ve thought about it and I’ve got to send my votes to Neely to weaken Krissy more. She annoyed me to no end during the veto comp, acting like the biggest baby about her hands bleeding and has been in a battle with production since. She’s rude and mean and Neely is just like her now. Had Neely teamed up with the 4 girls, I don’t think we’d see this mean and nasty Neely we have now. I think Krissy brings out Neelys bad side.

    I want to leave Scott in to annoy Krissy but also to benefit Alex who I feel is the biggest target in the house for the misfits. He can be a shield for her for another week anyway.

    • I didn’t vote for Scott because he’ll keep Alex, Jason and Justin safe. Even if they are F4, I want him to be the first one out.

  7. Scott gets all my votes for eviction. I simply can’t forget or forgive the smarmy way he went about getting Shane out of the house. (Shane, who was one of my personal favorites !) Scott thoroughly annoys me and comes off like a little affected biyotch twit.
    Neeley may not be the most “entertaining”, but at least she doesn’t make me want to reach through the tv screen to punch her in the face, like Scott does.
    Morgan appears to be contemplating voting Scott out, which would earn her big support from me. I already like her 100 times more than her sister, Alex.

  8. So glad they showed Jason’s reaction to America’s nomination. It’s always good to see that BB doesn’t show favoritism, considering they’re always accused of it.

    • The thing is, not everything is as it seems like Jason tends to believe most of the time. Shelby is nothing like the character she is playing to us viewers or in the house. She should get an academy for her performance as being a dumb and sleezy waitress instead of a very smart law school graduate! :-)

  9. I honestly don’t understand why anyone wants to vote out Neely? Scott officially received my 40 votes because of that petty and uncalled for fight he TRIED to pick with Danielle.

  10. Scott got my 40 votes! Neely doesn’t deserve to go home. Scott is making a fool out of himself the way he talks about Alex!!

  11. Almighty CBS surely has the resources to stop the cheating on voting and if u don’t for the sake of the show pls stop voting . I rather not vote at all than see the game rigged like it is. Scott 20 votes.

    • Seriously, I think these charges of voter cheating are WAY overblown. Voting is open to All Access subscribers only. Anyone willing to risk having their credit cards dinged for a few extra votes is ridiculously rich, ridiculously foolish with their credit, or just plain ridiculous!

      • When I called CBS they said their aware of the prob and working on fixing it. So ppl are dumb enough to use credit cards. If u doubt me call CBS urself. :^)

  12. I probably won’t cry big salty tears if Scott goes this week, the guy has really done himself no favors in the past few days. My votes still went to Neely though. I’m so disappointed in her game play. She’s proven that she’s not a comp beast so she really should have been much more focused on her relationships with in the house.She’s had several opportunity to build bridges and side alliances with the other side and other than small amounts of communication with Morgan, she’s squandered them all. She gets nominated and her campaigning consists of smack talking about the other side. That’s hardly a way to get votes.

  13. No wait i feel empathy for any one not a Pbs because no matter how hard they play fight to win and play big brother, a game of all’s fair in metal warfare/and physical stamina , your allowed to lie cheat and steal to get to the end. America still will select a floater that hasn’t done anything so far. and determine who they want to win after 3 weeks regardless without knowing their end game. We are not playing or carrying a player u say. but you went to hand shelby a care package to destroy a girls hoh after she won fair and square. u hate beggin you say yet you still willing to support those girls as they plead to you through the cams. america plz plz evict him/her give me this game for a easy win. plz n thank you bye. vomit vomit.. keep those blinders on.

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