America’s Care Package Vote: BBOTT Week 4 – Update: Results

America’s Care Package is back up for grabs as the latest twist power is set to make one Houseguest completely safe for the week but it comes with a catch. Who wants to be the Big Brother Butler? Time to find out.

Update: Results revealed Alex won this week’s ACP.

America's Care Package vote

We’re down two Care Packages so far and that takes Kryssie and Scott out of the running for this week’s perk. So who will end up as the “Safety Servant” with no chance of eviction but plenty of time to focus on this week’s Head of Household’s needs.

So yeah, the winner of this week’s ACP will have to serve Kryssie, the new HoH, with a smile which makes them the “The Safety Servant.” That’ll be interesting to watch. What’s also interesting is this caveat: “They must follow every command from Big Brother if they want to remain safe this week.”

So wait, they have to follow BB’s commands or the HoH’s commands? And if they don’t do what they’re told then their safety will be voided? We’ll have to get some more details on that soon.

Check out the full list of ACP powers this season so you can start to plan ahead and make sure you don’t use up someone’s chance at something better later.

Go here to vote in the America’s Care Package Vote and use up your 20 votes each day. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer. Then be sure to vote in our poll below for you want to receive the advantage. Reminder: This poll below does not count toward the official tally. This one is just for fun.


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  1. Do not vote for Shelby! She is safe! Alex needs this safety. Kryssie wants to backdoor Alex! We have to unite to make sure Alex gets it!

    • Plus Alex being at Kryssie’s beck and call for a week will still make for some fun feeds, not as good as Shelby being a servant, but it will still be entertaining.

      • According to what happened last night, Kryssie’s going after Scott. Shelby’s the one that actually deserves it. It’ll be interesting seeing her, in her snooty-as-hell attitude, as the Safety Servant, a Have-Not, and a nominee. Time to are someone really crack under pressure.

      • No. she said going after Scott is too predictable and they want to weaken the girl alliance. If they go after and get Alex out then the other 3 girls will lose the person they see as the ring leader and won’t know what to do so they want Alex out over Scott.

      • Exactly! That is why we have to stop this. Jason wanted a sign from us. Well we give Alex CP and he has his sign. Plus put Jason, Neeley and Justin as HN’s! Then Neeley as 3rd Nom this week.

      • I totally agree with everything you said! Giving Alex the CP will not only keep her safe but it will also be a sign to Jason (who is basing a lot of his game play off of what America thinks) that Alex is good to align with and hopefully he will share that with Justin.

        I used to like Neely but lately she’s become very unlikable. At first I thought it was the block getting to her (even though she wasn’t even close to being in danger of going home) and hoped she’d go back to her preblock self once she got off the block… but now that K won HOH and Neely is safe (except from us lol) she is still being ugly… so I’m all for sending her to the block this week!!

      • I agree as well. Alex gets the care package, Neely, Justin, & Jason get slop, and Neely gets our nomination and eviction vote!

    • If Kryssie plans to put her on the block, she’s going to be soooo mad when she has to pick someone else. LOLOL I’m laughing so very hard right now! This gets more fun every week watching the tension rise. LOL

      • Just Voted for alex to get the acp. Cant wait to see the look on krysie’s face if alex get the package. It will be priceless lol

    • Disappointed she can’t get one of the good ones coming up but she has to be there to use it and she is in danger this week. What do you bet Kryssie interprets it as America loves her so much we sent her a servant?

      • Not if you send her bff to slop diet, and omg the 3rd nom. Ha!..If anything, we’re telling all the HG’s..’nobody is safe, to America. lol

      • …and that servant is safe. A servant she doesn’t like and didn’t ask for…idk what she would think..To me it’s a bad message..loud and clear. lol

      • You need to get on Twitter and monitor the situation there, Cyril. Sounds like LNJ fans are gonna try to complicate things this week.

      • I am also a LNJ fan. I would love to see Scott be put up as America’s Nom!! I like Alex too, but I would LOVE to see Shelby be Krissie’s servant!!

      • Who wouldn’t love to see Shelby be her sergeant?! LOL

        However, being the servant comes with safety and Shelby is safe this week which is why I had to vote for Alex who is the LNC’s target.

      • Alex has been gaining fans. Fans are divided, and there are a lot of Jason/Justin fans too, but they’re content because those two are safe. They seemed to support their new alliance of four. While Kryssie has been America’s Most Wanted for weeks. She’s lucky she’s HoH….she’s in for a rude awakening.

      • If they support their New alliance than they need to jump in the save Alex bandwagon with us Cyril!

      • Alex is up in HoH rm talking to Kryssie. Of course that’s what she has to do. Make deals. .If people are watching right now, they’ll be pissed with Kryssie’s
        attitude. She’s like lecturing her. She has no idea, how America feels about her… hopefully America gives Alex the package.

      • Kryssie is one of the most unlikable HG’s I can remember in quite awhile. She thinks the world owes her something. The way she treated Scott after Shane left was pathetic..Scott asked for a hug and she refused..she was so upset at Scott leaving..she told Scott you know that America wanted Danielle out, but you send home Shane..what did he ever do to send him out on totally personal reasons and he wasn’t even given a chance to save himself, and that wasn’t fair..Hey Kryssie..welcome to Big Brother! I am not doing anymore of LNJ’s dirty work..they are on their own..Neeley is becoming one nasty person too.

      • I caught the end of the convo then got to see Krissy re-tell it. Ughhh her, Neely and Dani have already let the power go to their heads… they are making my jaw drop!

      • Yes, so damn lucky…I had to call off my “Nominate Kryssie” banner plane and skywriter. They’ll be back on schedule, and in the sky next week though??✌️

      • And would force Alex to be around her which would mean the other 3 girls would prolly follow to spend time with Alex and K would hate that hehe

  2. That Justin is one weird dude, he’s always creeping around the girls, and just climbs into bed with them when ever he wants?

    • Saw some conversation with Morgan and the girls where she thought he was joking and they thought he was serious about a connection. So she might have led him on a bit by accident. But when he climbed in her bed she didn’t know what to do and did nothing. She’s not interested in him but they don’t want to alienate him right now either. They do like him, just not romantically.

      • Her flirting with him and leading him on was on purpose. I saw a convo she had with Alex where she said she was going to flirt with him more. But now that Justin is flirting back and wanting to cuddle she doesn’t really know what to do. They do legit like him but Morgan has a BF she’s loyal to and plus he’s just not her type but he’s a good ally so she flirted on purpose to get on his good side.

  3. 3 different polls show Alex over 50% with Shelby in the 20-27% range. I’d say things are looking really good so far.

    • Voting Scott would troll Krissy the most LOL (I know he can’t be voted again plus we want Alex safe… I’m just saying lol)

  4. I’d like to see Shelby as a servant to K but I’ve got to give this to my girl Alex because she’s in serious trouble this week and I also want to send a message that America is liking her to Alex since she’s unsure of what we think of her.

  5. Unfortunately on twitter there is a big push for Jamboree fans to vote Neely for acp to circumvent Neely being the the America nom. Also on twitter bsmasher fans are pushing for SHelby. Alex REALLY needs this! Alex for acp, justin Jason and Neely for slop and Neely for America nom and eviction vote. Justin and JASon for slop because I’m not convinced they’re going to try to protect Alex and Scott and I’d like them to Be weak if they are playing for veto.

    • Um… as a Plastics fan do we not want the Misfits fans to split their votes? If they split their votes between Shelby and Neeley and all the Plastics fans vote for Alex to receive ACP then Alex will be safe this week

      • No, the Misfit fans are united to protect Neeley. It’s the Ball Smashers who are looking to split between Alex and Shelby. THAT’S where our problem lies.

      • I’ve been off twitter for way too long then… :(
        I’ve seen some people who are clearly Misfits fans campaign for Shelby to receive the ACP too, and I haven’t even seen as many Neeley campaigns on twitter. I think Alex will be alright, but after the rotten luck I had with a Kryssie HOH last night I’ll stay cautiously optimistic

    • Do they not watch the feeds?? Why would they vote Shelby when they have legit said Shelby is the most safe out of the 4 girls bc they view her as “worthless” and they won’t even bother using her as a pawn. Yes it would be funny to make her a servant but the safety is the most important part of the cp! And Alex needs it!

      • Most of the polls I’ve seen on twitter has Shelby with a commanding win over Alex for acp. 50% Shelby, 25% Alex. Some are voting for the comedic factor of Shelby being a servant. Others because Shelby is their fave and want her safe. Strategically it needs to be Alex, but they aren’t thinking that way. Fingers crossed Alex gets it. Hope somehow a misfit goes home. I don’t really care if Morgan or Whitney went home except that the plastics don’t need to lose another number .

      • The thing is, the hate for Kryssie is huge. She might be able to get one out from the Plastics, but I think Alex will get the ACP. Last week, there was a big push on twitter for Morgan as 3rd nom..Unsuccessful!..because of Danielle, she’s so disliked…she’s still is. lol

      • I really hope you’re right. I’m just seeing a lot of love for Shelby right now. I really like Shelby too, I just don’t think she’s in danger.

      • I don’t think she is either…I am voting for Alex..she needs it way more than Shelby does. I gave Alex my 20 today and giving her 20 more tomorrow. I think I read somewhere that Kryssie is putting up Whitney and Morgan with Alex as a BD.

      • Then they don’t know squat and need to watch their feeds more because ALL the LNCs agree Shelby is save so there’s no sense in giving her safety!!

  6. The look on Kryssie’s face when Alex is declared safe for the entire week…


    • Even if Shelby gets it I think she would be pissed…
      (sobbing hardcore) WHY AMERICA? HOW DARE YOU? How can you do this to YOUR GURL…

      Either that or she’s already too far down the rabbit hole and will still delude herself into thinking she’s still America’s girl

    • Danielle “how does America not saw how these girls are? Why would they nom ME and not them? I’m fighting for my son!”

      Oh, I thought you were fighting for more booty time with Shane


        That’s the main thing I don’t like about the Misfits side of the house in general. They act holier-than-thou and take America’s support for granted and when things don’t go their way with America’s vote they just lose their mind and put the blame back on America.
        I will admit that the Ballsmasher girls initially didn’t treat Danielle like one of them though (don’t think they were really bullying her or anything though…) but if Danielle spent more time and the Ballsmasher girls and the girls were genuinely passive aggressive with her we would’ve saw that and say the Ballsmasher girls were in the wrong. The thing is Danielle doesn’t spend time with those girls at all and is just assuming they are the worst human beings on Earth

      • Oh yeah and the advise board literally said “fxck showmances”
        If you choose to not listen to Paul don’t blame it on America for you having a hard time in this house

  7. I don’t know where jason stands. One minute it sounds like he’s trying to protect Alex, the next he’s saying a alex is the glue and without her the other side will be in shambles. SMH

    • He’s trying to help Alex but he can’t expose their alliance… he talked to danielle, trying to sway her towards targeting Alex and that’s the big point Danielle brought up so he’s repeating her point because he knows Danielle will make that known anyway. He can’t set off alarms with his group either.

  8. So watching the recap tonight, an interesting thought occurred to me, and to be honest, I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it last night. But Danielle and Neeley’s reaction to Kryssie’s HOH win? That’s the exact same reaction that the girls gave Scott last week. You know, the one the Misfits scoffed at them for and used as evidence for why they’re so “mean.”

    Sorry, but I find that extremely hilarious. What a bunch of hypocrites!

  9. ..Neely keeps bringing up the fact that Alex put up kryssie and broke her word but keeps forgetting she had a meeting with them and said she knew about the plan to backdoor Monte if they put Scott Up…Also Kryssie Knew ,She’s Just A Egotistic Liar(I believe she forgets whats she says due to her running her mouth all the time and checking rulebooks Lmao)Alex needs to stand up for herself instead of going along with kryssie bullshit, contemplating on how to throw scott under the bus with the other useless Ballsmashers(Now She literally have to be there servant due to the ACP)….Scott told “taught” Kryssie and Shane a thing or two last night tho lol(She said he couldnt beat shane so he backdoored him..(1)well he beat him in the hoh comp (2)also beat him by voting his butt out….Point is Neely,Kryssie,Danielle are contradictive hyprocrites and are not there to play the Game…Just there to find fame not the prize…Last but not least Jason is just a snake and he needed to be voted out…cut the head of the snake everything else crumbles…

  10. Jason/Justin convo in the backyard right now is interesting. Justin just told Jason, he doesn’t trust Neeley and Danielle at all. He wants them out soon….Well, they might just revisit this idea when America decides to put Neeley OTB. Ha!

  11. Well, Jason’s been “discovered” so to speak. Dani, Neely and Krissy were just talking about how Jason keeps bringing up wanting to keep Alex and they (it was Dani who brought this all
    Up) think he wants to get rid of Scott so he can basically take his place with the girls since Alex is a strong competitor. Also, Morgan leaked info to Neely so know the LNC girls know that either Jason or Justin leaked this weeks plan downstairs. Jason was in the HOH with them when neely said this and he blamed it on Justin.

      • It was his downfall in 17 and it’ll probably be his downfall in OTT, as well. Hence why he and Da’Vonne were a match made in heaven.

      • I knew it would catch up with him. He’s forgetting the golden BB game rule “Take in more info then you give out”

    • Doubts is gonna start creeping up at this stage, as they’re all trying to save their own a*s. There are players that has better social game than others, and they’re always suspect. Danielle is on life support, and she’ll do whatever it takes to stay. Neeley doesn’t trust Justin, and it’s mutual. Let’s see who’s better in this game. I don’t think this is a big deal..yet. It’s explainable. The target is still on the other side, However, if Neeley is the 3rd nom and Alex get’s ACP…that could be a game changer.

  12. 2 weeks ago, Alex said she didn’t need America’s help! Now she is begging for help on he knees! If she is so much of a comp beast let us see her game w/out a care package and see how she really plays the game!

  13. Neeley is a trouble maker. I can’t wait to send her a*s otb, and slop before that…she’ll start wearing those sunglasses again. lol

  14. Okay, have been away from my computer all day, so all I have to say is… THANK GOD!!! So, so glad Alex got it. And the screen cap in BB Junkie’s twitter announcement… Kryssie’s face… LMAO!

  15. I am so late here, but I am glad since I voted for her. Too bad for Kryssie’s vote. I need to catch up since I haven’t watched the comps or anything else in the last couple of days.

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