Big Brother Over The Top: Final America’s Care Package Challenge – Update: Results Are In

The final America’s Care Package landed in the backyard of the Big Brother house and revealed a special Final Four Challenge award for the last recipient, Justin Duncan. But this one isn’t a gimme, he’s gotta earn it.

Justin prepares for the F4 Challenge on BBOTT

Justin read the Care Package card to discover his prize included an obstacle that he’d face later, but if successfully completed would fastpass him on to the F4. Justin would become safe from nominations and eviction this week. Powerful stuff. Soon after the challenge was revealed and now we’re waiting on the big event.

Houseguests were called to the backyard where Justin’s challenge was revealed as a slackline walk similar to the practice item that’s been in the backyard all season including BB18. It’s set up to run between two large mats and Justin will have to traverse the gap without falling. He only has to cross once but he only gets one try.

To get ready for the challenge Justin was given a two hour window to rehearse and then it’d be time for the big show. You can rewind to 2:45 PM BBT this afternoon to watch. After 15-20 mins Justin was feeling good and took a break to go eat. His practice runs were very good with most of them finishing successfully but there’s no room for error.

We’re expecting Justin’s practice time to end around 4:45 PM BBT then there could be a wait before the official run, maybe around 5PM BBT or maybe much later. Big Brother hasn’t specified so we’ll keep watching and waiting and you can too if you turn your Live Feeds and watch him practicing right now.

Results will be posted here on this article when the event finally happens so check back in later and find out if Justin wins his safety and path to the F4. There’s lots of pressure on him too because this could carve a wider path for the LNJ to reach F4 with him. Should Justin get this power then any of the 3 LNJ wins Veto they’d be able to force a renom of Shelby and could vote her out. High stakes for sure.

Update: Justin made his attempt at 4:45 PM BBT and… he did it! Justin started off really slow, something he said he did not want to do to make sure he was successful. Then he sped up and made it to the other side to ring the bell. Justin has made it to the Final Four! Congrats to Justin.


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  1. Jason is having a meltdown. He keeps going on about how the girls have had it so Easy! Does he not recall they just had them outnumbered 5 to 2?? How he got to ruin Shelby first HOH? Really hoping Justin falls, or forgets to ring the bell and jumps down.

    • I agree. Too bad he won. Jason is such a sore loser and poor sport. Telling Shelby and Morgan today if they don’t bring him to next week he will drag their names all over Twitter. Saying what big vaginas they have and trashing them. He’s such a cry baby. I pray Morgan or Shelby win POV and send Jason packing. And that comp Justin had to do. What a joke. He had to walk maybe 5 ft.

      • I never like Jason and so sick to even look at him, he is a mean and hateful person, hope he goes home this week.

      • I hope Jason wins this veto forces Shelby’s into the block… send’s her home… then next week take out Justin “ya dig” and Jason is looking at 80-90% chance of winning against kryssie and Morgan. Kryssie cause everyone hates her and Morgan the only HOH she has could be a flop making her look a fool having her only teammate go home on her, ruining her chance to win the popular vote

      • Jason will be gone Wednesday. And if by some chance he’s not and makes it to F3 that disgusting filthy mouth cry baby will never get my vote. And I think a lot of people feel the same.

      • You know I typically like Jason and I know he’s twisted and his sense of humor is also but there was no excuse for him saying that. I hope he does mess with Shelby in real life so she can sue his skinny jeans right off him.

    • It was the girls who have had it hard… let’s be honest, not only did they face off against the misfits but they also often had to face off with America! It’s no secret that I’ve had 3 (now 4) fav’s this season so I wasn’t actually committed to just 1 side of the house but I know a sore loser when I see one and even tho I like Jason, he needs to realize it’s his side that basically got handed all the good CP’s and had American play their game for them while the other side fought for everything they had!

    • Inside me I was hoping he would not do it because that would had protected Shelby. But good for him.

      • I think it actually helps her cause he’s really not going to want to fight for the veto since he’s safe – he says he wants to save Jason but I don’t believe it. He talks a lot about letting things play out however they play out so I think now he’s safe, Shelby has 1 less person gunning for that veto.

  2. Wow (sarcastic smirk here) he did it! And after *only* two hours of practice too! Whoo-hoo! SMH…Jeez. Most HOH comps don’t get that much practice time.

    I would have respected this more had they just given it to him outright.

  3. Morgan, HOH, is safe. Justin, ACP, advances to final four when he completed the challenge from BB. This leaves three HG eligible to be OTB. When Kryssie and Jason are put OTB, everyone will get to play in the Veto comp. If Shelby wins the veto and decides to use it on either Kryssie or Jason there will only be one person eligible to evict. This only happens if Shelby wins. Will BB tell HG before the comp that if Shelby wins POV she will not be able to use it during the veto ceremony and noms will have to stay the same? Maybe I’m missing something with the CP?

    • Yet another good question in this season of firsts. It’s never been like this before.

      My guess is Shelby wins Veto and will not be able to use it. It’ll just guarantee her safety.

  4. Is it me or has Jason let the fame get into his head? He wasn’t as bad in 17 probably because he had Da’vonne, Meg, James and Jackie with him. Now he’s acting as bad if not worse than Frankie (someone he ironically despises)

  5. Really didn’t see the point in this… seemed pointless to me…. could have given him something different, longer lasting for entwinment value on the dead feeds that he had to complete for the week (like Paul’s security gig he did last season) that would have been way better but this? Waste of time and boring

  6. This ‘challenge’ was so easy it is ridiculous. How can something so easy be the path to someone making it to final 4??? How does this compare to kicking thousands of goals with a soccer ball?

  7. The comp was way too easy. They could have asked him who won the previous care packages and what the care packages contain. Something to prove that he knows something in the game and deserves a free pass.
    Kind of upset once Justin won , it went to his head like he is a comp king and he flipped against Shelby and Morgan. I know he changes his mind often. Just maddening that all this talk Jason keeps saying about Shelby and Morgan being trust fund babies with fancy cars and no jobs is swaying Justin.

  8. Danielle cried and said she was fighting for her son and such when she was still in BB house but after she got evicted, she said Jason staying in the game meant more to her…whatever, Danielle!

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