Amber Borzotra – Big Brother 16 Eviction Interview

Amber Borzotra on Big Brother 16
Amber Borzotra on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The Big Brother 16 HGs spoke and Amber Borzotra was evicted from the house this week by yet another landslide vote after Caleb Reynolds got her mixed up in a disastrous plan. Now that she’s on the outside of those Big Brother walls she’s ready to get back to life while learning about everything that went on in there around her that she didn’t get to see.

Matthew Boyer – Big Brother Network (BBN): Are you sorry that you missed the Jury cut or are you relieved?

Amber Borzotra: I’m relieved now that I won’t have to spend anymore time with Caleb.

BBN: When did you fully realize you weren’t safe this week like you were being told?

Amber: I did a lot of observing and I felt like a lot of people were up in the HoH room. People were talking to people they usually don’t talk to. Zach going on walks with Donny. Zach never walks.

I think maybe I might have been paranoid, but I even questioned them, “are you guys just saying I have your vote and I don’t?” It was weird. Cody and I were super close then we were distant this week. I noticed a lot of things that aren’t normal that made me not feel safe this week.

BBN: You mentioned Donny & Zach as possibly being in control. Are you surprised now to learn who was really calling the shots?

Amber: Yes, I’m very surprised. In a way I shouldn’t be surprised. Derrick is that kind of person. He is definitely calling the shots and I like how he is playing his game. I’m definitely rooting for him.

BBN: What are your thoughts on Team America and having been targeted repeatedly as part of their missions?

Amber: I can not believe it. I was so shocked. Why am I the target? So confused.

BBN: Did you suspect anything like that going on between those three?

Amber: I don’t know. Of course. But in a way they were people I said I’d be loyal to so I thought it was normal that they were talking. I kinda didn’t suspect much between those three. Now that I see it it makes sense.

BBN: In Team America’s mission where we saw Zach lay in to you, were you offended? Were you hurt? Or did you just look at this as Zach being Zach?

Amber: If it had bothered me I would have accounted it to being emotional. I just smiled. He wanted a reaction out of me and I didn’t give to him because it’s Zach. So I just let him have his moment that he’s always got to have. I was like “whatever.” It was Zach and he’s going to do whatever he wants to do. He’s playing the villain of the house this year.

BBN: Were you ever concerned by Caleb’s actions? Throwing things at you, starring at you from afar, and behavior like that?

Amber: I felt uncomfortable. I felt very uncomfortable around him. I haven’t seen the things he has done, so I’m very nervous about watching. With me and how I am as a person, I didn’t know how to react because I’ve never had someone act like that before. It’s hard for me to get mad or upset easily or get harsh on anybody. I tried handling it as well as I could and being as nice as I could by telling him I was not interested. Even tried distancing myself, but the kid wasn’t having it.

I’m sad to be gone because of everyone else, but I definitely feel more comfortable outside of the house away from Caleb.

BBN: While in the house, did you realize how negatively Caleb was impacting your game?

Amber: I kinda did just because of his behavior but it was different. This week it was very different towards me. I don’t know. I’m very confused right now and I’m very shocked. I have no idea what to think when it comes to that.

BBN: If you had survived the eviction and won HoH, who would you have nominated?

Amber: Caleb definitely. He would have been my next target. He was hurting my game and I definitely needed to win HoH to get him out of the house. Then I could worry about Zach or anyone else. The only reason Zach would have been my target was because he sat there, at least Caleb told me, that Zach said that I was his target.

The guys didn’t know what an alliance was, but I’m sorry, we lost our alliance a long time ago. I was kinda just working on my own but I wanted to stay close to everybody that I made a promise to. I tried still playing a loyal game with them until we got as far as we needed to get.

BBN: What was your best move & what was your worst?

Amber: Best move was definitely working to get Devin out of the house. My worst was trusting a lot of people at once. I think I talked a lot over the past two weeks and I should have been more quiet. I think I would have had another chance in the house this week.

BBN: What’s going to be your favorite memory of your time on Big Brother?

Amber: I would have to say my time with Frankie. My favorite memory most of all? The Rock room. The Rock room for sure. This past week was really, really fun in there with my two boys, Cody and Hayden. I’m going to miss them. They gave me many memories in the house.

I’m not going to miss the cleaning and cooking and doing the laundry.

BBN: Well they’re going to miss it.

Amber: I know. I don’t know how they’re going to keep up with everything now.

BBN: Name your early prediction for who is most likely to win.

Amber: This is hard now knowing Derrick is controlling the house. If I had to choose a girl, definitely Christine. Guy, I’d definitely have to say Derrick. He’s playing any awesome game. They both are. The way they’re playing the game it looks like they might get very far.

BBN: What’s next for Amber Borzotra?

Amber: Who knows! I plan on seeing my sister this afternoon. She’s here in California. Then I want to go back to Tennessee for a couple of weeks and come back to my new home in L.A. since I moved here in March.

I have no idea what’s next. I usually live life with no plans. Hopefully something exciting.

BBN: Best of luck and thank you for keeping us entertained!


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  1. Very classy and you deserved a better outcome. Nothing but the best of wishes for you Amber.

  2. She sounds like a very nice person. That was evident from her gracious exit with Julie. She has every right to not want to see the Caleb person again. He ruined her time in the house. There is something wrong with him.

    • You mean being obsessive/possessive of her isn’t normal?? lol

      Agreed about him ruining her game. It’s just too bad she couldn’t have found a way to take advantage of him and then dispose of him when the time was right…

  3. I wonder if she will be so fond of Frankie once she sees the flashbacks of him calling her “fake.”

    • not to mention him telling Cody that if Caleb put him up on the block he should F— Amber as revenge.

  4. Amber if you do go to the finale party please please please bring at least 1 strong kicka$$ guy–2 would be better. Once you see the feeds you’ll understand. And he’s still talking about showing up at your door. Girl when he gets out never be anywhere alone with him!

    • He might be on the jury side and she will be acroos the room with the early exit. And she will have Devin next to her, by now, he has seen the same thing that we did.

      • And I don’t really think Devin is as bad as everyone thought he was after seeing everything from Caleb!

  5. She kept it classy! Nice exit and what a shame Caleb ruined her game. He should feel humiliated when he gets out of the house for his disgusting, obsessive, controlling behavior in the house. What’s weird is how his family blames Amber for all of this. I don’t understand it.

    • I agree! Apples don’t fall far from the tree, his family is probably just as crazy as he is….

  6. Did she move to California in March because of BB? It seems like a lot of reality players (not stars) move to California. Amber is a Very Pretty girl and I wish her the best of luck in a modeling career, if that is what she wants to pursue.

  7. She better get a restraining order against Caleb. He ruined her BB experience. Disappointed the BB Production let things go so far. They should have disciplined him or sent him home.

    • I still don’t think Caleb “gets it” that Amber is just not into him.
      By all means get a restraining order Amber or he’ll probably move next door to you next. Caleb is the creepiest guy ever on BB.

    • Agreed, I am with you, Caleb should have been disqualified, what he did is considered as sexual harassment, he literally messed up Amber’s game

  8. I’m usually not a big fan of BB All Star repeat appearances, but I’m kind of hoping Amber gets another chance to come into the house and play the game without being sabotaged by Caleb.

  9. I don’t get how she claims to be loyal. The whole reason her fate was sealed because she went to Christine to form a new Alliance and Christine ratted her out. That being said. I did wish she got further in the game. At least further than Caleb, Jocosta, or Victoria.

  10. Amber is too nice for big brother. I had hopes that you would be one of the great females of BB but then i saw your game…

  11. Amber is classy and I think she got a raw deal. I know she is still confused and sorting out what happened and needs to watch it all, but this interview shows she’s still clueless about what when on. She was right about staying quiet. It may have helped her since she talked to Christine and that did not help her. But her major issue and the other girls in the house as well is that they never figured out there was an alliance and who was in it and they don’t play in any sort of strategic manner..

  12. Yes, Amber played a classy game, especially in light of what she faces with Caleb! I will miss seeing her beautiful smile in the house!

  13. No pity for Caleb, he should have left Amber alone focus on his game and let her focus on her game too as soon as he knows that she was not responding to his advances, instead he let his ego and macho-ism spoil the girls game, what Caleb did in the house is what is considered as sexual harassment outside the house. He was wrong for helping to push to evict Amber because she turned him down, what a pri.k!, he Caleb is a self centered, bloviating moron who have achieved nothing but a noise maker, he should be ashamed of himself and I hope he is sent packing very soon.

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