Alex Willett – Big Brother Over The Top Eviction Interview

Alex Willett came in to the Big Brother Over The Top season with a huge advantage and possible anchor with the secret sisters twist, but it worked out for this Houseguest after never being discovered. Now on the outside of the house we had the chance to talk with Alex about her experience on the first ever BBOTT season.

Alex Willett on BBOTT

Alex’s game with fans took an interesting arc as she rode high as a fan favorite in our own popularity polls and won the Safety Servant ACP when she was in huge danger. Then only two weeks later fans turned on her sending her to the Block and helping vote her out the door. So what happened there? And what about not splitting up with her sister to work both sides of the house? We discussed all this and more.

Big Brother Network (BBN): You ended up earning not only America’s Nom, but America’s VTE just 2 weeks after they voted to give you the Safety ACP that likely kept you in the game that week. What do you think happened to change your position with the fans so quickly?

Alex Willett: I’ve got through this in my head a lot. Part of me thinks that America just ended up hating me. Part of me thinks working with Scott, who they clearly didn’t like, maybe did it. Part of me thinks I was trying to protect my sister by having to throw Whitney under the bus and maybe Whitney was a huge fan favorite and they didn’t like that I had to do that. I’m not quite sure, but I’m very anxious to find out when I get out of here.

BBN: What happened with that secret 4-person alliance idea between you, Scott, Jason, and Justin? It never took off after looking like something with potential.

Alex: Working with Jason is like making a deal with the devil, you never quite know if it’s going to fall through or if it’s going to happen. Justin was kind of a sketchy player as he’s not really invested in the game. Then anytime you’re trying to work with both Jason and Scott, it’s just kind of a mess. In hindsight, I should have just stuck with the Ball Smashers all the way and really try to reel Whitney back in so she didn’t flip.

BBN: You and Morgan ended up working the same side of the house. What happened to splitting up and working both sides instead?

Alex: Yes! That was the original goal coming in to the house. I was going to work one side and she was going to go to the other side. At the end of the day, the personalities that live in that house were just so, I can’t even put in to words how those personalities were. It just was not possible for one of us to work with the other side of the house. It was not going to happen. So yeah, we ended up on the same side and working together. I must say, we got pretty far together. I’m proud.

BBN: In the case that both Shelby and Morgan are evicted and not make the F3, which Houseguest from the other side do you most want to see win BBOTT?

Alex: I don’t think Justin or Kryssie even know much about the game. I do not like Danielle at all. So Jason. I think Jason is kind of the main person who took me out & I’d like to see him win this game.

BBN: Thank you Alex.

I was sorry to see Alex evicted as I enjoyed the strategy of her game and she often did it well, but as she admitted later in our conference call, she played hard early on and that helped paint a target of strength and leadership in the group. But if there’s ever a chance to come back for AS2, Alex says for Big Brother to call her!



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  1. Alex, I hope you get the chance to see this. You were an amazing player and very deserving of winning it all, had you gotten to the end of this game. And, yes, you were a fan favorite. Many of us fought to keep you on the block, but others wanted to keep you safe from a Backdoor and give you a shot in the Veto competition. It was a gamble that didn’t work, and unfortunately, it sent you out the door. If you ever get the opportunity to return to the game in a future season, I hope you accept. I will be just of many who will be rooting for you again. Good luck, Alex.

  2. You know it’s so weird b/cI really thought Alex WAS a fan favorite, but obviously she wasn’t the *huge* fan fave I believed since she not only got America’s nomination, (which I thought was given to keep her from being backdoored) but she received America’s vote for eviction as well.

    Those two do go hand in hand, but only when America does NOT like you so much. So,despite what polls here have said, I no longer think Alex was a huge fan fave…even if she was one of mine and I did not want to see her go. I still don’t know why America voted for her to be evicted, but I guess Jason has a far larger fan base that I realized and they wanted her gone.

    • The other sites had her as a favorite as well. Like you said at first I think America thought they were helping her by nominating her. And as far as the eviction vote America’s vote didn’t matter so I think a lot of people didn’t vote.

      • Do you think that was what happened? It still boggles my mind b/c I really think Alex played a great game. Can’t see why America wouldn’t love her… but when she was America’s vote to evict as well… that had me rethinking her popularity.

    • If there’s one thing we’ve all learned this week. It’s to never trust polls. Because they can be very wrong.

    • She was a fan favorite, but a very polarizing one because so many people disliked the sister twist. As a result she probably had more people love her than most houseguests, but also had more haters. Jason is in a similar spot; he will probably win the game if he is at the end, but I guarantee he also has more haters than anyone else left in the house.

  3. She wasn’t as great as her fans think she is, and that’s why she got voted out. If she wanted to win the money then other people’s personalities shouldn’t have stopped her. I think her mistake was isolating herself with the girls and not trying harder to make alliances with at least a couple from the other side. Once Monte left, this should have been her goal.

    • Yeah, she should have been more social with the other side–even if she didn’t like them. BB is not a game to make friends…it is to make alliances that will get you further in the game.

      She also let Scott do a lot of her talking for her and that was a mistake imo b/c Scott showed such a rabid loyalty to her that the LNJ wanted him out when they could not get Alex, i.e., next best thing to getting your original target…get her lackey!

      • Keep in mind that she made deals with Jason but he would not follow through. She noted that everytime she would talk with one of them that it was taken back to the group as a whole. You can’t make deals with people that do that. I cn see why she stopped trying

  4. Alex, you were nominated so you could play in the veto. You would have been backdoored and twitter got together and decided to nom you to give you a fighting chance. The only thing that would have saved you would be to win the veto, which unfortunately you didn’t. Don’t worry, you were America’s favorite along with Jason and Shelby!

  5. If I may add some clarity on Alex’s popularity…this might help.

    Who is the most liked active NFL player? Tom Brady of the Patriots
    Who is the most disliked active NFL player? Tom Brady of the Patriots

    Same was true for Alex. Alex was rewarded with the care packages because of the massive number of people who liked her, but was also “rewarded” with the nomination and eviction because of the number of people who disliked her.

    Seems people had a strong reaction to her either way.

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