Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 12

This week brought the famous Fast Forward to Big Brother 18 – where the house goes from Final 5 to Final 3 in less than a week. Tonight we will find out who will not be playing in the final HoH competitions and who’s dream for $500K goes up in smoke!

Adam Poch during Big Brother 13

For the people left, the reality that they may win is sinking in – and one wrong move, will cost them the game (you know – like throwing goggles out of the pool or sumthin).

For the CBS only viewers, this week is great because there are 4 episodes. For the live feeders, we were screwed by not being able to see a lot of the action these last couple of days, but in 2 weeks from now, we will rejoice as we are promised to see everything go down on the new edition of Big Brother Over The Top. BUT FIRST… lets hand out some Bacon & Tofu.

Paul Abrahamian – 5 strips of Bacon – After surviving the block… AGAIN… Paul went out and won HoH and the final Veto. He nominated the last duo of Corey & Nicole and all but guaranteed to these nominations by winning veto and making James be the deciding vote.

This kid has bobbed & weaved his way through the entire season, and I cannot think of anyone more deserving of the $500K this season. He was playing everyone everyday. But the others know this as well, and no one wants to take him to final 2. If he is sitting in those chairs on finale night, it’s because he got himself there – and bitter jury or not, it should be a landslide win for him.

Nicole Franzel – 3 strips of Bacon – Nicole has definitely changed her game the 2nd half of the season – and being less threatening than her boy-toy Corey will get her into the final 3. She made some good moves including winning the 2nd to last Veto – and keeping the nominations the same during Corey’s HoH to guarantee her safety and send Victor home once & for all! She is a dark horse going into the final 3 – but has shown her ability to win comps when she needed to – and could squeak her way into the final 2.

Victor Arroyo – 1 strip of Bacon – Classy… that’s the way his tenure in the Big Brother house can be summarized. Sure – he may have said & done some stupid stuff all season, but he still was the best behaved when on the block and humble when he came back in every time. He did stink in his last Veto competition, and knew that he would be sent out the door… again.

Corey Brooks – 1 strip of Tofu – He won the slip & slide HoH and turned on his Final 4 alliance members before they had the chance to turn on him. Well, they did have the chance, but he knew by giving Victor the 5K Bribe a couple of weeks ago would buy him some safety. The only problem with that was he was then vulnerable by not being able to play in the next HoH and did not win the Veto to save himself in the 2nd half of the week.

There was some talk of him getting a little upset at how the Veto comp went down, and hopefully we find out what that’s all about. Then again, perhaps there was some shady-ness in his Veto win last week, so… it all balances out. Overall, he did not play a horrible game, but proved to be a threat in mental & physical comps. Yes, I said he was a threat in mental comps.

James Huling – 5 strips of Tofu – it would be too easy to give him the Tofurkey award again this week – so I will give him a pass on that. He will find himself in the final 3 totally by accident, and it looks like he is the obvious choice to sit next to in the final 2. The only good part of that would be he will not be able to win America’s Favorite Player again, despite the CBS edit these last couple of weeks. Making him look like a saint/victim in the #Jatalie showmance.

Maybe it’s personal and I am jealous that he will make it to the final 2 when I came up just short, but the fact that he is still “doing what the house wants” and not making up his own mind in this huge final decision of his (who to take to final 3) could be used against him in the final 2 speeches. He still has the chance to prove me and everyone else wrong by winning the final HoH and taking Nicole to Final 2. He is a much better speaker than her, and will say this was his strategy all summer. A bitter jury would probably award him the money – but I may be giving James a little too much credit.

OK – there ya have it – next week I will be back on finale day with my season recap. My question of the week is “Who is your pick for America’s Favorite Player?” Please respond in the comments section below with your choice & why.

From outside the Big Brother house, I am Adam Poch, have a great day!

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  1. I am loving how this season is turning. It slowed down there for a few weeks and almost lost my interest. But I want Paul to win he is really the only one in my opinion who is left in the house that has actually played the game. I am sitting here trying to figure it out myself, if Paul is in the final 2 do you think it will be a no brainer for the evicted house guests to award him, or will there be a battle?

  2. My choice for AFP is Victor #1, Paul #2, then Corey #3
    Ready for last HOH – go Paul and play with a Killer Mentality. This will be a great final. Love the Sitting Ducks game play.

    • I agree with your AFP choices. Victor and Paul played best game. Victor has an edge because of all the times he had to fight to get back in, and try to stay in. He was a good player

  3. Would anyone who’s still working hard to believe the competitions are pure and free from unseemly “interference” like to justify how the same Big Dummy walked directly from the MacGyver door to manhole-unlocking pipe without so much as glancing at the manhole cover, strolled right past the obvious ladder that was extended farthest into the field of play?

    • This again? Do you know how many of the players looked at the manhole before going to grab items in the room? Zero. 4 of them went to that same wall with the pole first. Natalie took a few secs longer to do it than Corey did. Victor checked the drawer first. James went to the far wall to grab a pipe. Clearly they were all told the same tip to go in and grab items to use. Production has openly stated they all received the same tips in each room.

      • Even assuming all of this were true, it does not address the discrepancy between literally going straight to the solution and wandering past what was perhaps the most obvious and necessary element to reach the zip line. Avoids the question.

      • I’m almost unwilling to believe you really aren’t following the bread crumbs, but to be painfully pedantic, yes Matthew, I am contrasting two radically different performances.

      • Oh please tell me more about the vast conspiracy to save Corey, the least popular remaining HG over the two much more popular HGs of James and Natalie. Corey would have gone up if either of them won the Veto. Production is apparently so in the bag for Corey to win that he’s going to be evicted tonight, huh? Share your insight.

        Don’t spread ridiculous rumors that make absolutely no sense and have no evidence.

      • The evidence is on the screen and speaks for itself. I’m happy to see the fact that I raised the question struck a nerve; clearly as a friend of the show you have strong opinions. Unfortunately it seems that your rebuttals are founded in obfuscation, which appears deliberate. Putting aside your straw man suggesting ridiculous motives, it sure was exciting that Nicorey was able to flip on the F4, wasn’t it?

      • Obfuscation? Watch the competition. It can’t be any less obfuscated than telling you to open your eyes and pay attention which you’re not doing.

        You didn’t even know that NONE of them looked at the manhole and were using that as some sort of argument. You’re ignorant on the situation and making arguments about it. What an idiotic waste of everyone’s time.

        If Corey went up then he would NOT have gone home. Giving him the Veto did NOTHING. Nicorey would have still made the F4 together. Your arguments are filled with ignorance.

      • Again, this completely misses the point of the post: let me help out. I’m comparing Corey’s two performances, or Corey v Corey. I am not comparing him to the other players and made no such assertion. That one’s on you and you alone.

      • Which HG won every single competition and competed at the same level every single time? None of them? Oh.

        And please address your response suggesting that Corey would have been gone if he didn’t get the Veto that week? It’s false. Corey would not have been voted out. He would still be in the F4 so that’s an invalid justification.

      • I agree Corey wouldn’t have gone. I don’t care about the veto, because I think it wouldn’t make any difference in outcome

      • You are very correct and the whole point I was making was that there is a possibility that Production manipulates things, but that was never addressed by Matt.

      • No one’s ideas are ridiculous. This forum is for people to share their ideas with each other, and not to get called names because they choose to do so. We are watching a TV show and one that is, to some extent, manipulated for some people to get ahead of others. Knowing this, we can hardly get annoyed at our fellow bloggers for stating their view point. This is not a war of words. We can ALL enjoy the back and forth banter, but let’s keep it friendly. We are just observers and our opinion carries no weight in the outcome of the game. So have fun and keep it friendly. There’s too much sadness in the world to bring it in here.

      • Each Hg took a long time to complete.Total time if we saw it all would have been over 58 minutes, not including fake bombs, instructions and entering HoH room. Do you think he may be possible we didn’t see everything Corey looked at during the 15 to 20 min. package of this comp.

    • There you go. “Production has openly stated they all received the same tips in each room.” What else do you need to convince you? Production would not deceive the viewers.

      • So you don’t think production would intentionally deceive the viewers? Being informed is good. We all choose what to believe from information relayed. And you are great at relaying it!!

      • Matthew, really? You know as well as I do that, yes, production could have been giving them all tips, and that might be a true statement, but was it the same exact tips, because that could make a huge difference. Suspicious, oh yes, very. Are you telling me that you know for a fact I am wrong or would you admit that I could be right? So, so many possibilities for production to manipulate the game. I don’t see why being skeptical is such a bad thing.

      • I agree! Production can do whatever it wants, and we wouldn’t know it. They can parse what they do or don’t do. I don’t really care at this point, but Corey is not that bright – seemingly.

        On another note, I can’t wait for Corey to tell Nicole to visualize the win

      • I’m past caring, too, BHFan, and that’s why I’m not carrying on with the pretense that I believe it is a fair game. I’m not accusing, because I can’t prove a thing. But I do have many suspicions and remain very skeptical.
        Lol to Doofus telling Dingus to visualize the win. :D

      • Hey KSJB – I am become very skeptical when it comes to BB. I’ve watched since Season 1. It seems production is more and more heavy handed in how the game is played, who wins comps, and who wins AFP via editing. This season just seemed more obvious

      • Yes, and the fact that people pretend not to see it is insulting, but also entertaining in a way, at the same time. But entertainment means different things to different people.

      • Where is Mickey when we need him? He posts all the evidences here..wickialike/Drekwall/reddit/3peat….yup…oops!

      • At least wait until he gets through reading his books, “English for Dummies”, “Grammar for Dummies”, and Spelling for Dummies”. Then he needs to learn some computer etiquette. Mama Axel don’t release no fools. He’s in great hands. Look at how Cy turned out. :D

      • LOL!! No, I ‘m going back to the ‘your Mama’ reference meaning “C.”
        (You know who I’m talking about, right?) Could you imagine THAT hell?!

        But yes, our Cy turned out GREAT and we adore him. :D

      • We could rent the Below Deck boat, but I want the one with Capt. Lee if that’s ok. Now what do we do for money?

      • Um…I am going to have to do a Go Fund me page for my surgery…I could pad the amount by a few thou… :D How’s that sound?

      • That’s a thought. But we need a huge tip, too , like around 15K. We’re both too old for Dingus shenanigans. Can you still sing? I can play the tambourine.

      • Not as well as I used to…but I can still make men hit high notes. ;) Does that count?
        I can play the accordion.

      • Because it’s a ridiculous thing to waste your time on. Answer me this: Why? Why would production risk all their credibility to rig a competition so Corey could win and do nothing? Why would they protect him and endanger their in-house former AFP? There’s no even close to reasonable answers for these questions. It’s ridiculous.

        Conversations edited to create fake drama in the moment versus rigging competitions to get a supposedly desired outcome that provides no useful result. Yeah right.

      • I don’t get the “ridiculous thing to waste my time on” comment. Matthew, you have to be an intelligent man. You definitely did not answer my questions. All you did was pose more questions.

      • So, Matthew, you are saying that you don’t believe Production would do anything to deceive the viewers, which includes manipulating the game?

      • Am I taking crazy pills?? I said they edit conversations. We’ve discussed that at length on the site. Edited conversations give them drama.

        No, they do not rig competitions. We hear the same baseless thing single year and still not a shred of evidence to support comp manipulation.

      • You have NEVER seen me use the word rigged. As a matter of fact I have purposefully avoided the word because I am not sure just how far Production goes. But it is NOT ridiculous, as you are accusing me of being, for stating that each HG could have been given different instructions/tips. It is ridiculous and naive to think it not a possibility and for you to infer otherwise is an insult to my intelligence. And I still think you are great at your job, so there. :P

      • The whole thing was to protect Nicole from going up on the block. Corey’s time on the show was to make sure Nicole goes to the end.

      • Why are certain comments deleted? At times it’s hard to follow a discussion based on what one person writes.

      • being skeptical isn’t a bad thing my momma told me not to believe everything i see on tv…she also said whats an internet…i figured that out on my own. I don’t believe either one of them for the most part but i do enjoy BB and the internet…google knows all….well probably

      • Why? What would that accomplish? Corey is leaving. And I’ll bet they were feeding Paul the answers in the HOH comp too.

      • NO! Absolutely NOT!!!
        Julie is a big fan of James and he was getting unfair tips more than anyone else – even though he didn’t seem to be able to capitalize on them at the time and decided to throw yet another comp :D j/k of course.

      • I agree. If production was giving them all the same tips, how come they couldn’t just let the viewers hear the tips too?
        And if anyone says it’s because it would have been annoying and repetitive, would it have been any more annoying and repetitive as OTEV repeating almost the same words after every round? Lol

      • Good points Kesha, but I’m having trouble understanding how the 3rd and final portion of that comp could have been rigged in any way since they were jumping on that seesaw trying to flip that thingsamabob over the fence into the vat?
        I can see your arguments up into that point, but how could they have helped anyone or given any helpful info as to much hard or soft they needed to stomp on the seesaw?

      • I see what you’re saying. However if the HG was able to blow through the first part of the comp, that part wouldn’t be such a problem to take an extra few shots to see just how hard or soft you had to stomp. Not to mention Corey’s advantage of aim being a baseball player. And we don’t know that he may have been receiving tips as he was trying, saying a little softer or just a little bit harder and you should have it. We don’t know because production wouldn’t reveal any of that to us.

      • You’re right about that, I don’t know if they were coaching Corey or any of them on the seesaw portion of the comp. But I don’t think it would’ve been much help to tell them to stomp harder or softer since the HG would probably be able to figure that out for themselves. A lot of that task depended on pure good luck I thought.
        I do understand your suspicions about the first part though.
        After thinking about it I concluded that the footage of most of them stumbling around in that first task like an idiot wouldn’t be exciting TV for the viewers to watch although it might be a little bit humorous. So they were giving them hints to make for a more exciting comp to watch.
        Plus, production didn’t want to sit around for any longer than they had to and had to poke and prod come of them so they would get to stepping.
        That’s my opinion on this particular comp and I have enjoyed discussing this with you :D

      • I meant to add that over the years I have noticed that the DR seems to be a little bit ‘too involved’ in the game if you know what I mean. Rigging comps would be much more difficult to get away with though imho.

      • Since the HG’s were able to watch this comp in progress in the HOH room I think the HG’s would’ve noticed if something really suspicious happened and would’ve complained to each other or to production.

      • Even the ones always crying conspiracy theory know there is truth, to a point, in it all. They simply do not wish to admit it for some reason. Heck, Kesha, if people still enjoy BB knowing there is a huge possibility that the integrity of the game is flawed through manipulation, it’s no skin off my teeth. But don’t tell me that I am ridiculous for being skeptical and having reasonable suspicions.

      • I agree. I don’t know what they’re doing, but it’s happening.
        There is a reason why they don’t want to show the comps on the feeds. Not even a little bit of it. We find out who wins anyway. It supposed to be 24/7 feeds. They also pick and choose which comps to show.

      • They didn’t get all the same tips, but James was a lost cause. He was probably thinking about Natalie the whole time and not listening to one word. Most didn’t even finish the game before time ran out.

      • If, as production noted, they were all told that the key floated at the same time, how was James (as we watched) clearly completely oblivious as he emptied the water tank and ran out of time?

      • Well James doesn’t try to win, if he doesn’t need to. Having said that, he’s oblivious about a lot of things

      • I agree he doesn’t do too much throughout the game. This year he’s just been under Natalie’s spell. To say I hate him would be so wrong because I don’t know him. Hate is a very strong word. Or, saying I can’t stand him. I’ve said that about Corey and then felt bad because I don’t know him either. I’m SURE I wouldn’t like him if I met him either, but for now I’m going to reserve my comments. I’ve just been feeling bad about saying awful things about these people. Just trying to bring positivity into my life instead of nasty feelings because I found they were following me outside the house lol.

      • I don’t have nasty feelings – I just don’t like him and can’t believe they brought him, Nicole and Day back

      • Easy – I like Frank. I was sad to see him go. I think his leaving so early can be directly linked to Day. She was spreading a lot of bull right out of the gate. I didn’t like Day when she played the first time. I think it’s unfortunate she didn’t lay low for a bit, because she may have stayed in longer. Frank would have benefited from that as well. It could have changed the game. Victor is still my guy for AFP

      • wow….so because u like a former HG he/she is more entitled for a 2nd chance than others…??? Davonne did Frank in and then did herself in…The 4 vets knew they were targets from the beginning and made a pact to stick together…But Davonne and Frank each in their own way ruined the plan…Hence leaving James and Nicole who both lucked out to final 4/3 possible 2…Maybe I don’t like either one of em but u gotta take the good with the bad…and as long as Frankie Grande was not an option to return I could live with the 4 that did..

      • Amen littlefly, and that’s the way I see it too. Frank’s big mouth did Frank in and Day’s big mouth and backstabbing her water tight alliance in the first few weeks ruined her game. Meanwhile she blamed all her troubles on Nicole.
        James and Nicole were better off without them.

      • Don’t feel bad for James. He doesn’t deserve it. He has played a terrible game. I am tired of everyone blaming Nat for all of his problems..believe me..he got a good edit with her last week. He called her an “asshole” on national TV. They both used each other. It makes me angry that a non-player like James is going to end up in the F2.

      • Can’t blame James bad game play on Natalie. She never told him to throw comps or play so badly. He did that to himself.

      • Yes, but you’re saying he purposely pretended that production didn’t tell him about the key? I see no indication in the film of that at all.

      • Seriously? How about anything like “use the water to get the key” as a tip. Did you watch the comp? James was trying to get in to the jug of water when he was trying to open the top cover. Maybe mastermind James misunderstood and thought the key was in the water tank.

      • Fair point, but I don’t understand your hostile tone. It was something that bothered me when I heard productions reasoning, and I thought it worth discussing.

      • I think because he and most everyone else is tired of hearing all these ridiculous accusations about production. Do they edit? Yes they want viewers. Do they have comps that favor one person over another? Yes. But they don’t control who can win that comp. And when they show a taped comp you have to remember they have 4-5hrs of tape to edit down to 10 minutes. SMH

      • Apparently everyone LMAO. You know how I roll with my opinions on the situation at the time. I think Paul is in a good spot so far this week and James really is in a bad spot. Depends on who Paul really wants out and tonight we will find that out.

        With that said, I was referring to you and Matthew Boyer agreeing to disagree hehe.

      • I thought it was a good discussion. I wasn’t upset in the least. Did you think I was? lol
        Gosh, WW, I think James might just be in a good spot, because he would be happy to settle for $50K, I think, but he could come away with more. He’s definitely done better than last time…unless…he gets evicted F3 and doesn’t get AFP. But I would still think he probably made more money this time than last season.

      • Yes he did make more money and stole America’s heart once again LOL, I even said that last part with a straight face.

      • Apparently I missed what looks like quite a heated debate. When and where did ‘Production’ say this? What got this conversation started. All I see is a ‘deleted comment’ and then lots of back and forth.

      • It started with a poster bringing up Corey going straight for the pipe when entering the room during the McGuyver veto comp. Then Matthew posted that statement, which I’m sure is accurate on Matt’s part, although he did not reveal his source for the statement. I don’t see a deleted comment, but I haven’t refreshed. If you tell me the location of it, I can tell you what it says, if you want to know.

      • Ahhh. I don’t see the comment you are referring to, so I guess that’s the one that was deleted. Probably better that I missed it and just finished reading all the comments.

      • Ok, I now see the deleted comment and there is nothing bad in it so I will tell you what it said. From poster gregv2k
        “Would anyone who’s still working hard to believe the competitions are pure and free from unseemly “interference” like to justify how the same Big Dummy walked directly from the MacGyver door to manhole-unlocking pipe without so much as glancing at the manhole cover, strolled right past the obvious ladder that was extended farthest into the field of play?”

      • Well, he was essentially arguing with a site admin, which is usually a big no-no on blog sites like these. Admins on Wikias have been known to block people for causing trouble, so I’d imagine Matt has the same authority for this site.

      • Hmmm. This is not Wikia. I am almost positive that Matt would not block someone for arguing an opinion unless he felt that person went too far and of course that would be at his discretion.

      • I’m certain he wouldn’t, I’m just stating what I’ve seen happen on blog sites in the past. Besides, I think the commenter was a guest, right? Not sure if anything could be done about guest accounts, anyway (though I’m probably wrong about that).

      • No he was not causing trouble. The Poster deleted it himself. He must have decided to leave the site. That’s his choice. It was a healthy discussion.

      • Thanks for clearing that up, Cyril. I wasn’t privy to the conversation while it was happening, I just read about it after the fact, so I had no way of knowing if the original poster deleted it or if Matt had done it himself.

      • It aggravates me when a posters comments are deleted but you can still see the responses. It makes it difficult to follow the conversation.

      • Heath Luman, an exec producer, stated on Twitter explaining how all HGs received the same tips & the same time point in the rooms. His message was posted here on the site and is still available on Twitter.

        Heath does a good job of engaging fans and answering questions about the comps and the show.

    • tbh i can’t imagine how corey missed the ladder but i know i lol’d alot because of it…maybe his tip was how to drop off the zipline rather than how to get up to it lol

  4. Adam, I only read the 5 strips of bacon and tofu you awarded to, and it was the perfect final analysis of the game. well…it’s not final, but Paul deserves to win this game 100%

  5. Victor, hands down! Integrity, Class, Loyalty, Humbleness, Forgiving, Team Player, and just a Straight Up Good Person with all Right Attributes to Excel in Life!!!

      • So your philosophy is good guys always finish last and get screwed. If everyone thought that way we would all be screwed. I believe he will excel in any thing he sets out do. But, each to their own opinion.

      • Hey, I hope he succeeds in everything he does, I seriously like the guy and his values, reminds me of myself, and how my family raised me.

        But I’m actively trying to change my outlook to be ruthless and uncaring, being a good person has achieved nothing good in my life. I’m often used and discarded when the job is done, or ‘become too expensive’. I’ve watched my father get screwed out of bonuses that the man worked his ass off for, a few times now.

        I’m definitely buying into the ‘me me me’ way of life, even though I don’t like it, but I’m a fkn nobody, so I’m in no position to make any sort of change.

      • Oh wow, that is sad. All of us have had disappointments in life and have either been shafted or seen it happen to someone close to us. However, I have found in my extended lifespan that those who behave decently and treat others with respect are happier. Victor may have been evicted but I do believe out of all these HG’s, he will have more success. Self Respect is important, don’t lose it. That’s my sermon for today, folks. Sorry for preaching

      • I completely understand everything you said and agree with it. But I’m tired of being bent over. I’m currently re-educating myself in university at 34 years old, and when Im ready to make another attempt at living a comfortable life, I’m going to lie/cheat/steal and screw over the person beside me to better my future. I don’t care anymore. I really don’t. And my self respect is what is motivating this shift in mentality, I’m not going to get fked anymore, I’m going to be the one fking.

      • I’m out of gas, tr8ppng. This thread took a lot out of me. All I can do is stand in the middle of the road laughing. I hope ole’ Dave is kidding. I know Cy isn’t. lol

      • lmbo because I hope you are joking. If not, I can’t help it, I’m still lmbo in a freaked out kind of way. :D

      • Hey I’ve been bit so many times but Im still trying. I see ur point and can relate be i, myself, just can’t do it. I wish you well in ur endeavors though!

    • He does have all those attributes – they just don’t play well in BB. It’s too bad, because I really wanted Victor to win

  6. Sorry Adam..I didn’t read all your player rankings.The thread here is a better read. My favorite guest is in the house. Matt…ha!

  7. I wish Paul would use the veto on either nominee thus sending James home, the voting member of Nicorey would save the other. But of course not, I understand James is easier to beat at comps and in the finale but the idea of him winning $50,000 is nauseating.

    • He told Nicole (not quoting) that one of them had to go because of their betraying him and Victor.. and it was no use in trying to change his mind..so unless things changed in the last few hours Corey will be leaving…Paul offered Nicole a final 2 deal which I never heard her “commit” to.. Later she told Corey she was taking James to final 2 if she made it that far.. So paul and Nicole are playing their own game while James is playing a game of convenience..

      • Just catching up here; but the last thing I saw last night on BBAD was Corey playing cards with James and Paul in the HOH room and he seemed to have accepted his fate.
        I was afraid he would throw Nicole UTB so he could make it to F3. Good to know that hasn’t happened.

  8. Good assessment of Corey, Adam. I’ve been saying for a while that he’s been playing a very low key game all season. Shame it’s coming to an end tonight, but that’s just the way it is. At least he doesn’t have to deal with the stress of the game anymore.

    • I was pleased by Adam’s fair assessment of Corey too. He does have his good qualities that seemed to be overlooked quite a bit. In the end he got himself to the final 4 and was loyal to his alliance with Nicole. I’m sure all Nicole fans can appreciate his game.

      • Sure. I’ve always said that Paul has been playing a very good social game. If he’s in the F2, then it’s because he worked his way there.

        That being said, I don’t want to see the prize money given to a racist, sexist pig.

      • Sexist pig and potty mouth, yes, but I have yet to hear him say or do anything racist. He seemed to get along the same with everyone and it was a very diverse group this season.

      • It happened during Week 1. He kept referring to James as the “little Korean man” while Bronte wanted to send him back to Hong Kong. I still think the only reason it didn’t continue beyond that is because the internet instantly blew up, started comparing it to BB15, and production was forced to intervene.

  9. Corey and Nicole all of a sudden starting to win comps almost back to back is a lot suspicious. I cannot agree that James being in the final 3 is by accident because he has been saving Nicole and she has done the same for him all season.
    Every time somebody mentioned Nicole as a threat or maybe putting her up James always comes up with some excuse or story on why she is not a threat. Nicole will also say James is not a threat because he won’t come after whomever is trying to put him up or just mentioning the idea will get her to defend him. Paul saved himself for an extra week, but if he doesn’t win the next HOH is goodbye for him.

  10. Great ranking, Adam – Always enjoy your take!
    Rn, I want Vic to get AFP. I think if Paul goes to F2, he wins.

    But if Paul was evicted instead of Victor, I would vote for Paul for AFP.
    Those 2 are more of a package deal but they were definitely entertaining.
    Vic is the angel on your shoulder (some compared his looks to the One Jozea claimed to be) & Paul is the devil (no explanation needed) .
    Yin and yang. Like Jerry & Dorothy, they complete each other.

    Vic for AFP not only because of his Baldwin puppetry, his nature documentaries, his dating show, his db show, and his comeback kid wins, but also because he played with heart and was humble but enthusiastic even when knocked out, and he never succumbed to pettiness, even when freshly wounded. He had to process but then went back out there and dealt with it – adulting and all. Ha! Well, “adulting” and game, I reckon! :) [Speaking of “adulting”, Vic was the chief cook & bottle washer, too. Gotta love that in a person.]

    His crush on Nic gave me the feels, too. And his loyalty to a fault… Thank goodness he had Paul as his Ratso Rizzo to his Joe Buck, his Charlie Babbit to his Rainman, his Sh*tting Bull to his Sitting Duck! The Dynamic Duo! Can’t wait to see the pics from the epic Halloween party that is a’comin’!

  11. Are people confused about what “humble” means? I liked Victor but he was not humble! I don’t like the way he talks about women, either. Maybe guys talk badly about women as a way to bond and act like they’re tough (like a defense mechanism)?? Guys, do men tend to do that?

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