‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Final 2 Deals Are Being Made, But Which Of Them Are True?

Overnight on the Big Brother 18 Feeds we discovered spoilers leading us to who we believe will make up the season’s Final Three Houseguests. It didn’t take long for talks of F2 deals to start appearing and there were some interesting talks to go with it.

Paul offers a F2 deal on BB18

Paul Abrahamian is in the most secure spot to start making final deals since everyone in there knows he’ll be around to at least the F3, but the other two expected F3 HGs aren’t wasting any time getting ready either. The trouble for them is not all of these deals are going to be honored. Welcome to Big Brother!

I’m fully expecting Corey to be on out the door and so does everyone else left in the game. No one is even bothering to start talking F2 deals with him and we won’t waste the time on that either.

When Feeds returned last night the HGs wasted little time in discussing deals to make it on to the end. First up we saw James talking with Paul in the HoH room. Flashback to 9:50 PM BBT. Their talk sounds like these guys are going to work together as Paul tells James they’ll get out Corey now and then work together to beat Nicole in the F3 HoH comps.

A few minutes later James goes downstairs for a little camtalking. At 10:05 PM BBT James says it looks like he’ll be making the F3 cut (as long as Paul doesn’t use the Veto) then they’ll have to just beat one more person and then one of them gets $500K and the other get $50K. James is definitely talking like he’s making plans for him and Paul at the end. Gotta say I’m surprised, but maybe now James is thinking he can’t beat Nicole.

Meanwhile at the very same time Nicole is upstairs talking with Paul. We learned from this talk that Paul is supposedly faking his talks with James and actually has a F2 with Nicole, something that sounds like they agreed on during the blackout. Now Paul can only be telling the truth to one of them, so who is it?

We’ve heard for weeks now that Paul greatly dislikes James’s game style and has no respect for him. Even after James was isolated Victor said they couldn’t blame James for trying to work with Nicorey to split up the Sitting Ducks, but Paul wasn’t hearing it. He does not like James and does not want to see James in the F2 and as he tells Nicole, he won’t let that happen.

Nicole and Paul shook on their F2 and she agreed to go for it with him. So is that deal legit?

Jump forward to 10:50 PM BBT 9/13 as Nicole sits in her usual corner bed spot talking with Corey. They both know he’s going so he’s helping her prepare for what’s ahead. Nicole asks him if it’s smart to take Paul to the F2. Corey is shocked that she’s even considering the idea. Corey tells her she has to take James, not Paul to F2. “That’s so obvious, Nicole.”

Ten minutes later they’re talking about the F2 choice again. Nicole says Paul has been playing such a good game that she can’t take him to the F2. She suggests Paul is expecting her to do that but she doesn’t know why. So right there she’s holding back on Corey instead of telling him she made a F2 or even a fake-F2 with Paul, but that could just be because she doesn’t want Corey to know she’s making deals that send him out the door.

Nicole tells Corey she’ll tell Paul, “I started Day 1 playing strategic and I’m going to end playing strategic.” Sounds like at the moment she’s back to planning to take James to F2.

So we’ve got James talking like he’d go to F2 with Paul. Paul saying he’d go to F2 with Nicole. Then Nicole is saying she’ll go to F2 with James. How’s that for a deal-triangle?

Do you think any of these Final 2 deals are real or is everyone just angling to get to the end in case they aren’t the ones calling the shots at the end of the three round, final HoH? What deal would you try to make for your ideal F2-mate?


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  1. This is the typical BB ending. The floaters that made it to the end without playing, without being on the block, without winning HOH and making any moves (no blood on their hands). Anybody that did play gets no credit from the people on this forum. Everybodys aggrevated by who is left to play. Anyone on the forum who roots for who’s left will be under attack if they say anything good about who they think should or might win. Yes, another BB season has come to an end.

    • At his point in this seasons game (as compared to the last two), all four of the HG’s that are left have been on the block and have won at least one HOH comp. First time in at least three years that really no floater’s have made it to final 4 and beyond.

      • And we all have our own opinions. That fact he won a HOH to me doesn’t make him a floater but it underscores his ability to be there in the house.

      • Sure, he won ONE Head of Household competition. Then what did he do? Nominated WHO THE HOUSE WANTED HIM TO NOMINATE. That’s the ultimate floater move.

      • His game play this season has sucked and trust me those are kind words. Now let’s go back to the beginning of the season and then think about how YOU would have played this season. Those that played hard and didn’t end up getting evicted were playing a good social game ie: Paul. How many time was he on the block this year? How many time did they have a chance to get him out? Had they gotten him out earlier, would Corey still be in there? Think about this, Paul should have been evicted week three. he wasn’t because his social game was that good. Some say Nicole slept her way through the Summer just as James did and look at where those two are today. To me they played a good social game this season over their other season they was in. You rarely make it to the end by being a comp beast or being a Dictator. Funny thing is, Paulie was more of a Dictator this season than Frank but Frank got the Dictator name instead. Frank played a far better game than either Nicole or James and he got evicted. Sometimes you have to do what is best for your game and by nominating who the house wants falls into that category. Until you are in that house playing that game, don”t judge how people play until you have done it.

      • You’re spot on about James i just cant follow you on Frank. His game play was disastrous to me. He was like a train with no breaks, playing WAAAY too hard too early. Coming from a vet, that was shameful. Frank totally blew it. He was loved by everyone in that house. He didn’t have to do anything that early but have fun, and observe. He had no business going after anyone as aggressively as he did during that part of the game. His game was just bad! Thats why he’s at home. Everyone put their individual endeavors aside for a moment to unite together and evict him. Thats not a good way to get evicted because that means you are hated by more than half the cast, which means you are doing something VERY wrong. The entire house shouldn’t want you out at the same time. Lol

      • His HARD play was in response to what DAY was saying or have you forgotten that part. I don’t blame him for the way he played because she was playing him.

      • In my opinion a good player, especially a vet should have had the skill to deflect attention away for him or herself. I mean, he’s VET that was LIKED instantly by the entire house including Day! That’s a good hand to start with, better than most, but he mismanaged it and as sent home by the ENTIRE house minus 1 (Bridgett) perjury, thats pathetic! Have “YOU FORGOTTEN” this is Big Brother?? YOU NEED SKILLS to get yourself out out of sticky situations, i.e Paul for example and Niclole. Nicole deflected attention away from herself when Frank outed her to Day in front of the entire house! Instead, she redirected her allies attention to Target Day! Now that’s game! I don’t even like Nicole, but she is still there and FRANK is watching from the comfort of his home while DAY, in her own words “About to give that girl this money!” from the jury house ( reference check last weeks episode)…

      • xI seen and heard what DAY said last week. One problem with what you said there. When DAY started lying to him and the rest of the HG’s guest right off the bat about Frank, I doubt she had his back from day 1. DAY was there for SAY and no one else, just as it should be. She lied to Frank that Tiffany was targeting him, she lied to Tiffany about Frank targeting her BEFORE he started to target her. Like I said more than a week ago, DAY has been very vocal about having a female win this year. Nicole would probably win regardless of who she is beside with the exception of Victor.

      • I don’t fully understand what you’ve written…so, I’ll only comment on what I think I can understand. As far as I’m concerned, each of the players are there for themselves and no one else. The objective of Big Brother isn’t to award 16 individual contestants with a half million dollar check. It’s AWARDED to the winner, ONE WINNER! All other 15 contestants, I’m sure have a laundry list excuses and, “wouldda, couldda, and shouldda’s” of why they didn’t win the grand prize. “Cry me a river!” Do you think it matters to Big Brother who lied to whom, or who lied on whomever to get them evicted? It’s BIG BROTHER, for crying out loud! Lol This isn’t an After School Special, about solving problems with ethics and logic, its about not getting voted out no matter what! You need higher level of sophisticated intelligence to accomplish that, which Frank didn’t possess, PERIOD! My profession warrants me to have to deal with liars all day everyday, it hasnt got me fired yet…I’ve had the same job 14 years, two promotions and one on the way this February. Your argument about who did what to whom doesn’t matter in his case because he can’t even hash it out in jury, Day can.

      • Since your a professional and can’t understand both English and logic, please let me simplify it for you.

        DAY targeted Frank from day 1. She lied to the whole house from day 1. She told Frank that Tiffany was targeting him when she wasn’t. She told Tiffany that Frank was targeting her when he wasn’t. That later became a issue because both Tiffany and Frank compared notes and thus was the downfall of DAY. DAY then targeted to get Frank out before jury which worked but to say they can’t or won’t hash/work it out is baffling since most likely both will be there for the after party (time will tell on this one).

        Like I said before and more than once, that house has 16 people and 15 want you out. Just as you want the other 15 people to lose too. It is a game of wits, comps both physical and mental and social game play. You don’t need a higher level of sophisticated intelligence to accomplish what people fears are in this world or the BIG BROTHER world. Their paranoia will get them each and every time.

        Your job or its description doesn’t mean a hill of beans as a viewer that see’s all and knows all of the goings on in that house. You want to impress me more with your education, audition and get on Big Brother and strut your stuff.

      • I agree, I dont think James is a floater. He made good of his care package, he totally flipped the house with it, he also took huge swing and missed at the biggest beast in the house. Those were his two biggest moves. There wasn’t much he could do this season but lay low because the house thought he was waay smarter than he actually is. If he had played aggressively, he’d be gone. It showed when he openly, admitted Natalie wanted to keep Victor. Who throws themselves under the bus???,…follwed by giving Nicole his HOH! That was BEYOND dumb! He’s not a floater, but for those reasons he doesnt deserve to be this far in the game. If he wins, I’m done.

    • I want Paul to win, and ppl in hell wants ice water. He wont. He will have to win everything from here on out. It frustrates me to see him think Nicole will team with him. Screw the the deals, just play the game, at his point! He’s still at the mercy of the fakest players in the game, and production. He has two ways he can win: will the comps, and hope big brother wants him to win, which i seriously doubt. If he doesn’t I’m done with the show. I stopped watching 8 years ago, gave it another shot at 2014. Im done again.

      • You are so right that Paul will have to win his way to the end and if he does he deserves to win.
        But, Paul has a tendency, in his arrogance to think he’s the smartest guy in the room and might be underestimating Nicole. Time will tell.

      • That’s it! Thank you! I couldn’t put my finger on it. That’s how Zach was! That’s it, you’ve hit it on the head!

    • Unfortnately most people didn’t play this year. Some people cause drama like Day but I wouldn’t say see played. Only a few played like Paul, Victor, Paulie (who I hate, but do admit he played), Frank (a bit). This season was really bad most people floated and “went with the house”. Plus these last few weeks it has been so obvious that production has been interferring with the challenges. Corey and Nicole finished those last POVs so fast. Corey instantly knew what to do in theMcgriver challenge and didn’t even search the room. Plus Nicole took 13 min to do the comics and everyone else took 20 minutes. There is no way that was her real time unless she already knew the order.

      • In defense of production [time out for face slap], they said everyone in the MacGyver challenge received the exact same instructions, even though editing made it look like Corey had been given some extra help. Believe it or not – that’s what they said. Blame editing, I guess.

      • Really? I didn’t catch the bad editing… It just looked suspicious how fast he moved. I wish I had caught it. But I did hear that production helped everyone equally.

      • I agree Corey walked right into the challenge and immediately looked at the pipes. He never once looked at anything else. I thought for sure that was shady. I wish BB would go back to its roots, let the players battle it out instead of having productions help. Bring on Survivor

      • Part of it for Nicole was sheer luck in happening to pick the right comics without noticing every detail. Also, being a former player she had the advantage of knowing what to expect in the challenges. This gave returning players a bit of an unfair advantage over newbies.

      • She didn’t have an advantage. They all knew what that comp was about. Actually Paul and Victor had a better chance since it’s hard to swing on that zip line and they are much stronger then Nicole.

      • Im curious. What is it you like about Nicole’s game? I can never seem to gather from her fans why they support her. Most times you guys are attacked. Lol sorry about that. I never get details from her followers. We all have our favorits, I’m not judging. I can read from your posts that you’re intelligent and sane enough to ask, without feeling attacked.

      • I like that she’s played the game from day one. Even the first HOH if you remember her saying she wanted the HOH but didn’t want her group to think she wanted it. She made them think it was their idea to give it to her. She was in a strong alliance. She was instrumental in getting people evicted that were coming after her. She didn’t let anyone tell her what to do when she was HOH. Jozea was after her and she got rid of him. Michelle was after her for weeks and she got rid of her. She won critical POVs when she needed to. She convinced Natalie to target Paul and Victor which was brilliant then flipped and teamed up with them and got Natalie evicted. She was a target from day one and stayed off the block until F4. People judge her because of her being in a showmance and not on gameplay. I could care less if she’s in a showmance. She’s young and not married. People need to get over it. I just think she’s played an almost perfect game. Even one of the great winners Derrick said she’s playing a great game.

      • You sure told me! Lol. Wow, that is an impressive bb resume! She needs you in that jury house! Ya know we get so distracted following our favs, that we become blind and bias to the other players. I’ll tell ya, that first reason you listed blew my mind, about her first HOH, I never thought about that. It was brilliant. You had me right there! Lol  I asked because I want Paul to win and I cant stand Nicole ( no offense), so, I was wondering if I were in the jury, would it be possible for me to be swayed in her favor. Thats why I emphasized, my dislike for her in this post. There’s a lot of people that think Nicole cant beat Paul and this is why i argued she can. All it takes is an intelligent and valid conversation based on facts and not opinions, and she wins. Thankyou! P.s Damn are you a lawyer?? Lol

      • Haha no. Yep everyone has their favorites and their opinions. That’s what makes things interesting. I think a Paul/Nicole F2 will be close. I think Nicole will have Corey, Paulie and Z’s vote. Also from what Day said I think she’d have hers. James probably votes for Nicole too. But anything can happen. First they need to make it to the F2. I don’t think James deserves to be in F2. He has had everyone carry him to the end and has contributed nothing. Hey they’re playing the first part of the HOH now I think because feeds have been down for an hour now.

      • O my goodness yes. We’re on the same page and paragraph about James. I think Natalie deserves it more than he does. I cant wait for the results! For you, good luck for your fave! GO NICOLE! :-)

      • Yes I agree great recap, I’ve had some reservations about Nicole’s game. Agreed great gameplay that we see as viewers but we don’t get to vote. The jury may not see it as u described only how She got them out. Unlike Derrick, Nicole didn’t hide who she targeted well. I didn’t like how Nicole targeted the Vets, and all that flip-flopping only added more bitter jurors. So even if Nicole can get to F2, does Corey deserves to be there as well? Nicole winning is sooo iffy, women can be real bitter jurors. And Nicole has i
        In Yur Face evicted female jurors. I liked to see a battle not a easy Win on finale night. Can’t wait!!??

      • I agree here as well…..I don’t LIKE Nicole’s game, but I can respect it. I cringe saying that, but its fair. Her game strategy appreciated as a form of art is in the eye of the beholder.

      • I know your question wasn’t directed to me but let me tell you the major reason I DON’T like Nicole. This is her second time in the house. All she’s doing is the exact opposite of what she did last time. She’s lucky she even got the chance to come back again. Most people don’t. Her numerous references to how Derrick played clearly shows me she’s playing a different game this time but she wouldn’t be if she hadn’t already played it once before. I feel it’s a big advantage for all returnees vs. newbies, like Paul who pretty much had to learn the game as he went along. Nothing wrong with James and Nicole as people but neither of them deserve to be in F3 right now since both had a chance to learn skills they didn’t have the first time around.

    • Wish they would kept Natalie and sent james home. James didn’t use to be a snake but now he is. They were waay too hard on Natalie. She hated Nicory, why would Pictor insist on voting her out. They blew it right there. She would been a good insurance policy. Nat, Paul, and James could have smashed Nicory! Nat was turning into a beast! It would have at least put Nicory in panic mode. Thats an effective strategy weapon. Nicole wld have wanted her out so bad that vic could slipped through his vulnerable period which was last week. Dont know how that passed Paul logic. Dumb!

      • Pictor had no control over the Natalie eviction since Nicorey had the majority of the votes cast.

      • I know. I just wish he had fought more. Nicole said, they would have voted James out if Victor had been dead solid. She said she wouldn’t push because it would make to avoid looking sketch. She wanted pictor comfortable. The girl is smart, i have to give her a little credit. She is playing those boys like a boardgame! Thats why whomever take her to f2, they will be getting the 50grand.

      • I think Nicole did like Victor a lot and hated to see him go but her first loyalty was always to Corey.
        I’m glad to see you recognize Nicole is playing the game, in her own way.

      • You are a good sport India. Nicole might even win this thing.
        I might need a drink to get through the end if Paul leaves after Corey tho. Lol

      • Of course Pictor had control ! It was Victor, after all, that foolishly put Natalie and James on the block instead of the obviously bigger threat of Nicorey !

      • That was after Victor made a final 4 alliance with Nicorey . Who else was left for him to put OTB?

      • Victor entered into a final 4 alliance after Nicorey had campaigned to James to have him use his influence to pressure Natalie and Michelle to put Victor and Paul on the block instead of them. Michelle was anxious to put Nicole on the block but thanks to James assuring Natalie and Michelle that Nicorey would not go after them they reluctantly took his advice and got stabbed in the back for it. Subsequently, Nicole turned on Michelle (who had reluctantly kept Nicole safe when she had the opportunity to get her out). Of course, since Natalie and Michelle put Vic and Paul on the block it was quite easy for Nicorey to convince Pictor to have a final 4 when Victor ended up back in the house and had won HOH and, of course, Nicorey never revealed the role they played in manipulating and causing Pictor to go up on the block in the first place. Nicorey betrayed their long held F4 alliance with James and Natalie and then betrayed their F4 with Victor and Paul. I’m happy to see Corey voted out for his betrayal and, hopefully, Nicole will go next leaving Paul and James in the F2….so, to answer your question…if Victor had put Nicorey OTB instead of James and Nat then the most deserving player, Victor, would probably have made it to F2 and the win. My hope was a F2 with Victor and Natalie. :-(

      • When Victor returned to the house after being evicted this more or less shattered Jatalie and Nicorey’s plans and game play.
        The unexpected happened and Nicorey were left scrambling since they were the bigger target than Jatalie. Instead of going to the final 4 with Jatalie as they had wanted this alliance was no longer viable and they had to make new plans.
        Nicole won HOH and decided to make a last ditch effort to save herself and Corey by making a final 4 alliance with Pictor who were more than grateful to be saved from the block. They sealed the deal with the $5,000 cash to Victor and everybody was happy.
        One big problem with the Jatalie and Nicorey alliance was that after Pictor were gone Nicorey would be outnumbered 3 to 2.
        Since Nicole had promised to keep Jatalie safe during the HOH comp she kept her word and went for Michelle instead. Now only duos were left and James lost him numbers advantage.
        In no way did Nicole break her word to James because Michelle was not included in the conversation during the HOH. James was focused on saving Natalie and himself and he was right to do so.
        Another reason Nicole decided to go with Pictor is because she had 2 enemies in the house, Natalie and Michelle who disliked her, called her a snake, and threatened to get her out when they had the chance – Michelle even said all of this to Nicole’s face.
        Nicole and the audience had no doubt that Michelle meant every word she said.
        So is Nicole supposed to sit back and wait on those 2 putting her OTB? Nat and Michelle were good buddies and Nicole was the odd person out.
        If Nicole wanted to advance in the game she had to take out Nat and Michelle. Paul and Victor weren’t coming after her but they were more threatened by Corey.
        So with the new Final 4 alliance with Pictor Nicole could start taking out her 2 enemies, with Corey protecting her the whole time.
        Nicole was able to win vital comps to save herself while Nat and Michelle didn’t.
        It’s not Nicole’s fault that Jatalie laid in bed and quit playing the game and didn’t see their impending doom – or even see the need to reevaluate their game.
        Victor’s wins HOH next and targets Jatalie and Nat ends up going home. Now Nicole had managed to get rid of her only 2 enemies in the house thanks to Pictor.
        So, as you know, Corey won the next HOH and it was down to 5.
        Victor assumed the alliance was intact and just wanted to relax a week before the end game began.
        If Corey had gotten James out instead of Victor, Nicorey’s chances weren’t too good in the F4 and they knew it.
        The Pictor alliance was no longer useful to Nicorey and as much as they liked Victor, they had to know none of them could have won against him.
        Nicorey made the right decision to remove the biggest threat in the house.
        Poor gameplay on Victor’s part to stop playing the game and decide to relax and enjoy the summer when it was down to final 5.
        Poor gameplay in Jatalie’s part to not reevaluate and readjust their game plays upon Victor’s return.
        The only 2 in the house who were actively making plans and readjustments were Nicorey, and that’s why they were the last couple standing.
        In the end Nicorey had broken up 2 duos and would’ve had smooth sailing except for Corey losing the HOH comp.
        Paul was right to get rid of Corey, the biggest physical threat left in the game.
        Nicole or Paul deserve to win this season of BB.

      • Yeah my pick is Paul, but I don’t know how James was kept over Nat. She was not big threat, but James should have been voted out over her

      • Totally! Im just so confused as to why Paul missed that. It’s sketch. I think production may have played a apart. Its just weird and made no since. James wasnt the least bit worried about leaving. He was just just concerned with Natalie leaving angry with him.

      • Either of them are going to put Paul out of his misery the first chance they get! Lol sometimes I wonder if Paul has a twin and being switched out because i dont get him sometimes. Lol i know that sounds ridiculous but sometimes he is so smart, focused, and strategic and others, like Zach from 16. Lol smh I sure hope he has master that we aren’t smart enough to see! Lol

      • I think she was more of a threat in comps than James. Of course I don’t know how she well she could have done in the wall comp, but she did fairly well in the two endurances comps before that (BB rave and the spinning one).

      • Actually are you serious? Natalie was a way better competitor than dumb James and he is my favorite player. I have lost all respect the past 3 weeks for James with his bad gameplay. Natalie was a much better competitor mentally physically strategically and knowing what was going on in the house even though she played dumb on purpose! Not even close! James sucks except at practical jokes and being likeable. He is only good at wall comps and after he threw it to NICOLE I lost all respect for him as he made 2 bad moves that day. A few hours before the wall comp he blurted out in the kitchen in front of everyone that Natalie wanted him to vote Corey out and not Vic!,That started the betrayal of Nicorey! James literally put a target on Jatalie’s backs right there! He has a big mouth at times and that was the second time he made huge mental mistake! His 3rd strike was not winning HOH and it got Jatalie’s only real ally in Meech evicted. He is the main reason M and Natalie got evicted! The girls did not like each other but James was the glue until he blabbed in front of everyone to Paul about sending Vic home when he should have kept his mouth shut! Now I am rooting for Nicole to win as Paul has said bad things about most HG’s privately in the after dark feeds to the safari camera mostly. He has played a good game but that has me rooting for a snake now.

    • You can attack all you want it doesn’t matter if they did nothing n hell they did something they got there didn’t they and for he record I hope Paul wins bug I have said many times big brother is a psychological game in the end and that’s what wins bb

      • It is. People rarely take that into consideration that it is mind game…. I see your point. Its hardly ever discussed. We just get frustrated seeing the player we want to win work so hard and lose. It’s draining to the fans. Lol Others just float through and win. My parents did teach me to work smart and not always hard. ;-) Good point.

  2. Who is in the cat bird seat this week? Well Paul would be that person, well at least until the first round of the Final HOH starts. I agree that Corey is/should be the one who will be evicted but Paul has the final word on who sits on the block this week. He won’t risk taking a showmance to F3 if he can avoid it otherwise he would have made the biggest mistake of the season. Just my opinion here folks so don’t kill me.

    • Our wish for a Corey eviction is coming true Willie. The final days will be a lot more exciting to watch as the final 3 scramble to the end.

      • I hope James doesn’t really mean to take Paul to the end if he has any say in the matter, which I doubt. He’ll keep throwing those comps.

  3. I don’t know who I would rather see sit beside Paul in the F2… Nicole or James. Neither one of them deserve it… I didn’t enjoy their “gameplay” (or lack there of) whatsoever this year.

  4. i admittedly didn’t like the outcome for final 6 being 2 showmances and a bromance but i think any deals made now are not written in stone, if one hg or another feels something weird from another that can change it all just like that i think the 500k decision is being made on this eviction there are 2 vets in final 3 if corey was the one saved there would be 2 rookies being on either side of that would give you an argument for the money it’s just gonna be interesting to see how it all plays out i think the one who can sway at the end will be 500k richer no matter who it is

    • I’m going to agree; right now I don’t see any of those three looking for an F2 deal – they are all looking for the best deal for them, and I hope the bus they’re all going to throw each other under is big enough to hold them all. The only hint of loyalty left in the game is between Nicole and Corey, and that’s about to end. The final three are in it to win it all for themselves.

      • Nicole does not deserve it, neither does James, I feel Paul should be the grand prize winner, he deserves it. As for the vets, they were there before and knew what to expect. And production wants both of them to win. James did absolutely nothing and Nicole laid in bed the whole time with Corey, I hated her whiney voice and Corey with his voice too. Whoever voted Nicole first and James second for America’s favorite that’s bull crap, dingus and James, why??? The newbies like Victor & Paul should of been the Final 2 they were loyal to each other til the end.

  5. Paul’s a rat bastard. I don’t believe anything out of his mouth. If his lips are moving he’s either lying or snitching. Snitches get stitches.

  6. If i were Paul…James is the person I’d take….Nicole has played a better game I think…and the jury could be swayed during the round table…James instead had no major impact on his own…maybe a bit during his HOH…but otherwise…nada.

    • We can see that Paul has played a better game, but the jurors won’t know that. They probably think he was just floating along trying to keep himself safe each week.
      Many of them know that Nicole and Corey started winning comps and voting them out. If Nicole and James have a secret F2 alliance without anyone’s help, then that was a great move. Many have tried before to have a secret F2, but always failed.

      • Someone said that there are cameras in the jury house and the HGs are not allowed to talk about the game.
        I’m not sure if it’s true.

      • to my understanding the only thing they can discuss game wise is the video. they can discuss game/HG choices at the round table discussion but are then separated in a hotel till finale time..

  7. The only real F2 deal is Nicole and James. there is a 99% chance that will happen, but if the producers of the show allow the HGs to play a fair game, at least one of them will make it to the end.

    • Clearly the producers aren’t allowing a fair game, Nicole is productions puppet, Paul has fought an uphill battle and James either sucks or throws every comp. Nicole will be in final 2 and probably win because the producers need a female to win BB. It has been way to long without a female winner and production would love nothing more than to have the first female winner wins sitting next to a man. It wouldn’t surprise me if production is pay the jury to get them to vote for nicole to win.

  8. Take James to the F2 Paul. Production is wanting a female to win it this year. James has given away to many comps and doesn’t stand a chance against a strong competitor .

  9. I hope James is in the F2, and before everyone starts puffing up let me tell you why… If James is in the F2 then his votes for AFP aren’t counted and Victor and should easily win that prize. He definitely deserves it!!

    • Lol. Maybe thats the silver lining. We all are trying to find one in this mess of a season. It was extiting, but still annoying.

    • lol. I puffed, then read the rest. I get your point, but James will get $50,000 which I don’t think he deserves. He will also spend the rest of his life saying that he didn’t win AFP because he was disqualified by being in F2. I would love for him to see that America doesn’t love him as much as he thinks and Victor gets it anyway.

      • That’s the thing, I think it’s very possible James would still win it. Because there are many more tv only watchers than feed watchers. James has always gotten a lot of air time and a great edit. The tv watchers don’t really get to see the stand up guy Victor has been. I just want Victor to get something! Lol

      • I think if you go by the latest polls he won’t get it, they have Nicole first and Victor 2nd. After last night Victor probably has more now. James has slipped a little. Also if he is in the final 2 he can’t get it, he is disqualified.

      • What polls are you looking at? I never know where to go except for here or jokers. But as far as James being disqualified that was the point of the conversation thread. It was the reason I wanted James to be an F2 to ensure that Victor wins AFP ?

      • I don’t know where you got that info, but you can go to wikia and look at the rules for AFP which clearly state that the finalists are eligible for AFP.

      • It was discussed here for the eligibility that someone brought the rules that the final 2 are do not qualify for the AFP prize. It was also on the live feeds when James brought out the book of rules and read it to Paul. I am going by the polls on this site.

      • You obviously did not go to the correct place. I have it bookmarked. Cy posted the exact words the other day. It does say that all HGs are eligible since Season 11. Ian Terry was runner-up for AFP and he won Season 14 and he is the only finalist ever to win or be runner-up. Just telling you what the rules say.

      • Ok I see what you said but now I am going to be difficult and with my pouting lip out say “that isn’t a clearly stated rule” I watched when James brought the book out and read it to Paul.

      • But White flag maybe i am wrong….Ok that didn’t taste good those words coming out, but I hope I am not wrong.

      • Hey, that’s the only rules I could find the other day when I was hunting online. There might be a different set of rules somewhere else. That’s all I have to go by. If you find something else, let us know. The site had up-to-date info, too. :)

      • According to wikia, rules for AFP say that the finalists are eligible for AFP. Cyril posted the write up about it on a thread a couple of days ago.

      • Do you remember the look on Frankie’s face when he found out he wasn’t AFP, not even runner-up? It was priceless. I hope we see something similar with James.

      • So you make sure to watch closely and let me know. I’m not watching in protest for the Hgs who went to play and, imo, never had a fair chance to win. But I’ll be reading. :)

      • Eh I think James is less fame hungry than Frankie. Frankie just used his sister’s fame to get where he was. James earned the money last time. But knowing James he wouldn’t be that bitter.

      • I don’t think anything could trump that face, and, imo, CBS was using Frankie to bring attention to his sister’s new album that was about to drop.

      • Sounds good. No AFP for James and a complete waste of a season for Nic and Corey. Wishful thinking sometimes helps the mind.

      • I think James may be a lonely man since it is hard to find a girl. He loved his fans attention when he got out last season and just wants America’s approval so they could keep worshiping him. He needs the attention to fulfill his life, especially when Natalie re- breaks his heart one last time.

  10. I am so dizzy I just want Nicole in the final two. So i am going to say Nicole and James, then Victor for AFP

      • Fingers crossed, I wonder what the big explosion in the Jury house is all about. Looks like Paulie and Day?

      • I was thinking about the forthcoming blow up too. The first thing that popped into my mind was that Natalie flirted with Paulie in the jury house and Zak went ballistic on her.
        Or, Day and Paulie or Day or Zak blew up. I think Day is probably the prime suspect right now lol :D
        Oh, I forgot Michelle, hmmm…

      • There was a preview and it is Paulie and Day. I think it was shortly after Michelle arrived in the house but I am not totally sure. Can’t wait to watch. With live feeds getting so boring I want to see the Jury lol.

      • I bet those gals in the jury are getting more and more frustrated when Nicole doesn’t enter the house.
        They were probably counting on Natalie to do the deed and be the last woman standing and give her the win.
        Now they won’t get to gloat and squeal with pleasure when Nicole enters the house. Hopefully they won’t be bitter Betties and will give Nic the win.

  11. I do not think Paul is that naive to think bringing Nicole to the final 2 is a good idea…pretty sure he will re neg on that hand shake (as will she)…of course, all of this is a mute point if James has been throwing comps and ends up winning all comps from here on in.!!!

    • There’s the problem, I don’t think they know that there’s an eviction tonight. I think that they think they have more time and they don’t.

    • He really is that naive, I watched him on live feeds last night and he is most certainly convinced that Nic is his best bet. I don’t get it, Paul is a smart guy, he should be able to figure out that Nic isn’t his best F2 pick.

  12. I hate to say it because I literally can’t stand James’ game and I don’t even want to see him winning second place but Paul’s best chance to win is to take James with him.

      • Paulie and Corey would go Nicole.

        Natalie and Michelle would go James.

        That leaves Victor, Paul, Day, Z, Bridgette. I’d give the boys to Nicole (really not fans of James), and Bridgette to James (following Natalie). So it comes down to Day and Z.

        Day was pretty salty on Nicole when she left, but somewhat anti-James by the battle back comp. But she also favours gameplay, and if she makes f2 Nicole’s moves will look better and James will just look like the weak guy who wasn’t worth evicting.

        Could go either way, but for James to win he needs to carry Day and Z.

      • I see what your saying I don’t know if Day was planting seeds to make it look like she wanted James out or if she really meant it. But I think if Z and Paulie are hooking up she might follow his vote and vote for Nicole, however most of the girls this season were very Caddie so Nicole might not get any female votes at all. I think it would be a crap shoot to be honest.

      • I think Z would be the tiebreaker and since day and Paulie are both influential over her no telling which way she would go.

      • No. Nicole has too many fooled. Heck, she even has Paul fooled right now, from the looks of things.

    • I didn’t like him the first time he played, and he learned nothing. Came back, attached himself to a girl again – playing telephone

    • Honestly James is a nice guy but he’s good awful at this game. He was never really meant for Big Brother. I know people say the same for Donny but atleast Donny knows the game.

      I still think Johnny Mac should’ve taken his place. Atleast John knew what the heck he was supposed to do for the game (minus the Meg thing)

    • Once again, we saw on the feeds last night, James not wanting to make any decisions and puts it all on Paul. I hope they never bring this guy back, he is a horrible HG!

      • I honestly don’t remember, but his reasoning for all of his nominations was “the house wanted it”, that is what I call passing the buck.

      • i don’t believe u remember it right..james nomin. who he wants, geez..
        all u have forgotten the first of the show!!
        yes, he did get victor out .
        btw. james puts it all on paul,cause paul did win the comp. ,ok

      • Sorry, but that was the excuse James used, “I’m just doing what the house wants”, those were the exact words out of his mouth.

      • EXACTLY! Take responsibility so you can own the move! James is like watching paint dry. I wouldn’t vote for him if he was next that inflatable duck duck Paul used to wear.

      • I think that’s his idea of jury management. Besides, him and Corey are friends and I don’t think he wanted to take the blame for doing what was best for his game.

  13. If Paul truly wants to win this game he had better wake up to the fact that he needs to get that snake out of the house now. He absolutely positively needs to get Nicole out now now now. In the final two he could take James or Corey, it doesn’t matter– Paul would win.

    • Paul needs to realize that he has a better chance against James and Corey and not Nicole.

      He should have learned by now that Nicole can’t be trusted.

      • Nicole is a snake in the only way to deal with snakes is to cut their head off. If he didn’t take the multiple warnings into consideration that many many houseguests have given about Nicole then that’s his own fault when he loses Big Brother.

      • Sadly what you write is so true. Not sure what he’s thinking but Nicole won’t take him to the F2. Smh

      • I’m not sure Paul actually really trusts her, but is trying to get in her head a bit. He is probably thinking that Corey and James would only take each other, and that Corey is more of a physical threat than Nicole in most comps.

      • I’m not sure Nicole will be weakened by losing Corey. He’s just such a wet sponge most of the time. The bigger question for me is who in the Jury house would vote for Nicole. I don’t see her having many votes at all.

      • And if she’s against Paul, then just Corey and Paulie … oh, and James. In either case, not enough to win

      • Maybe not but against Paul I think she’d get Paulie, Corey, Natalie James, & possibly Michelle. She has a chance.

      • I don’t know he was the most understanding between him and victor when Cori put them both on the block he understands gameplay. Besides he does not think James deserves it at all and I think he could respect Nicole’s gameplay enough to put that aside

      • Don’t forget when the juror’s have their time at the round table…they are persuaded to vote on game play not emotions..so the borderline votes tend to go to the game player.

      • Right.They’re always bitter in the beginning but they always do the right thing and vote for the best player.

      • Yeah like the round table…but the question and answer part for 2 finalist is better…Love to watch em squirm when they confronted about issues..

      • I like that segment, although some parts I could tell is scripted or heavily edited to confuse us where the votes are going, but yeah, it’s fun to watch.

      • Lol. They’re always too Pattycake to me…I wish they ask more controversial questions. I think CBS wants to keep it lighthearted. Thats no fun…lol

      • Paul is talking waay too much! TMI for Nicole. He’s acting like Zach now. He had better win the comp. Its his only way to the f2.

      • It’s his own fault though. That’s like being mad at fire cuz its hot. If I were playing, Nicole would have went out right after Paulie or before, or I’d die trying. Idk why they trust her so much. Smh like Derrick said, she didn’t fool them. This cast wasn’t too bright. I worked with a girl like Nicole. She doesn’t fool me for a second. Will burn down a 10 story building to the ground, stand next to it with gasoline in one hand and a burned match in the other and say, in that annoying voice, “I dont know this happened!” Lol

    • I’m telling you! Wake up Paul! She needs to go! And she will be pissed! The jury will love it and a Paul DEF win. He can beat Cory! It will be endurance next.

  14. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I predict that if the jury is bitter I don’t think Paul will win against J or N.

    Between Nicole and James. He’ll probably get Brigitte, Michelle, Natalie and Da’vonne’s vote. Paulie, Z, Corey and Victor will pick Nicole and Paul will go for James if she betrays him again. It will be a tie and Paul will have to break it.

    • I think Paul would definitely vote for Nicole. I think Z would be the tiebreaker. And depending what that blowup is tonight between Paul and day that could be what influences Z’s decision the most

    • That can happen. That is one passionate jury! I cant wait to hear their out look. They should shoot a whole reunion show right before voting so we can get more than that lil ten min segment. Lol

    • Sometimes I can’t tell. The jury on Survivor is often bitter but will vote for who plays the best. I think sometimes it comes down to who makes the best speech at the end and often times they blow it.

  15. Ugh, my head hurts! The Season of Showmances may be coming to a close, but the Season of Alliances continues to go around in circles!

    At this point, the only way to guarantee a slot in the F2 is for these HGs to fight and win their way there because there’s just too much dealmaking going on to trust any of these.

    • Agree! I made a similar statement earlier. Just play! Lol why would Paul try and make deals with Nicol and James?? It’s just redundantly stupid and pointless. Smh

    • I think they are covering their bases, which I get. But what’s funny to me is how often people this season did it and no one talked to each other to compare notes. Sure some of them got blown up but not all. Or on the flip side they had an alliance, everyone knew and did nothing. Now that’s dumb.

  16. Here’s what annoys me. Nicole said during the Paul-Victor nomination episode “Let’s play Big Brother” which basically acknowledges that she hasn’t been playing at all and didn’t want to make any big moves, like almost everyone the past 4 seasons.

      • The game has become too soft. Nobody wants to make big moves because they’re afraid. And when someone does, the nominees cry and get pissed at them. Guess what, that’s the game!

      • She was waiting like Derrick said, although, I dont know why they didn’t see it. After zingbot roast of her, it made the other players hold off on her, then her horns grew! There are so many other ways production gets in their heads;-)….they should listen and watch more than i speak…

      • They were all gung ho at first to get out past players and yet both made it this far. Nothing wrong with waiting. I don’t know why all season no one saw it either.

    • So when she was Head of Household twice, and won two vetos she wasn’t playing? When she helped get Day, Frank and Victor (the 2nd time) evicted she wasn’t playing?

    • Like Derrick said in his interview, laying low does work. Nicole did not get nominated all season. Won some stuff when she needed to. There is something to be said for that. In my mind it is a better strategy than being out there and a huge threat. Surprise wins at the end are fun. Last week Day said Nicole is running that house like she was surprised. That’s a good thing. A behind the scenes deal making string puller.

  17. I’ve been hearing that Paulie’s sister and Tiffany’s sister are going to be on the new BB19. I will be so disappointed if that is the case. CBS doesn’t care one whit about what the fans say or want, I find that off putting to say the least!

    • I think most of the fans love that. There is just a select few that don’t care for it.
      I don’t want any more family members or vets.

      • No they don’t, not on the CBS site and most certainly not o the feeds. People complained about it all season long.

      • Probably the same people who are voting for James and Nicole in the polls. These sites are full of hatred for them, but each week they are #1 and #2.

      • I think they complained this year because of Vanessa’s sister. There were very few complaints about Cody’s brother until people saw what kind of person he was. And then we found out Michelle is Christine’s cousin.

        But I don’t remember anyone complaining about Rachel’s sister being on in BB15 (unless they couldn’t stand Rachel). In fact, she became a huge hit after the racist remarks started. Granted, Judd was the standout favorite for that season.

      • I couldn’t stand Judd or Elissa. I know Judd was popular but I never read very many positive things about Elissa. Season 15 was the absolute bottom for BB imo.

    • Whoa….not sure about the Tiffany’s sister rumor but could be a hoax about Paulie & Codys sister Cody said (interview with Jeff) he would never agree or want his sister to be on Big Brother…..

  18. I just watched the promo. I love Da’vonne. This is why she was my favorite this season, even though she was horrible at comps. Poor Brigitte.
    It looked like it may be a joke though. Ir could be just her and Paulie kidding around for “footage”.
    I hope is not.

    • I liked Da too, couldn’t stand her in her first season, but I was willing to give her a chance this year, and I liked her, surprised me and I took a lot of heat for it. The hate for Da seems a little wonky to me.

      • Yeah, I can see how she can rub people the wrong way, but I have always liked her. She doesn’t take crap from anyone and unfortunately that isn’t the best way to play BB, because it ends putting a target on your back.

      • I like her a lot, but she is poison in that bb house. It’s not suited for her. They should cast her in a sitcom or panelists for a talkshow. I loved Jason on her season, i wanted him to go far and I think he would have if he wasn’t so close to Da, I hate to say. Day was awful in that house and she has the worst case of “resting bitch face” ever! They were scared of her. Shelly, Liz, and Audry, thought they would get their asses whipped if she had stayed any longer! Lol

      • I loved her “resting B face” lol.
        Her first season she did get on my nerves cause she was constantly in an argument, but these season she tried as best as she could to hold it in.

      • Agreed Sinse nicole is worst. The difference between nicole and Day, day denied ti people’s face, nicole lied to their face and behind their nacks. A lot of the hgs are clueless to her involvement in their ouster

    • LOVE Day! ” Somebody need to give him some peppa to go with all that salt!” Lol I wonder if Michelle told Z all the things Paulie said after Z was gone! Uh oh! He told EVERYTHING! Knowing “Big Meech” I’m sure did! Lol

    • Lmbo because I read “I just watched the porno.” Then the Da’vonne thing made me re-read it. Hey, it gave me a laugh.

      • lol..I need to go to 3.00 strength reading glasses. I’ve been using 2.50 for a while. Never owned a pair of RX glasses. Maybe it’s time.

  19. Sorry but I can’t think about it anymore. Whatever will happen will happen and I can’t change it. I need a chart to follow who is aligned with whom and at what point.

    At this point I just want Nicole to win so however that happens is all I want.

  20. I just hope Nicole is sent packing next round – within 1 spot of F2, so close she can smell that $500K and make definite plans for the blow-out wedding and new life with Corey!! haha.
    Paul for the WIN!!!!

  21. Has anyone considered that the girls won’t vote for Paul because of how he talked to Michelle? I don’t think you can call a woman foul names and get the other women to give you $500 k. I will be shocked if Paul could beat either of them!!!

      • Michelle certainly won’t. Or even Nat-Nat, since I think it’s safe to say she’s going to vote for James and she told James that if it’s Nicole and Paul, her vote goes to Paul.

    • A good player can explain everything. They can even apologize. The question is who can sell their game play to the Jury? Why they deserve 500K? They all have good story to tell, but Paul can talk. lol and Nic can’t (that’s what Adam said) lol

  22. Oh dear heavens, did you all read Nicole’s practice eviction speech over at Jokers … Gag me, please …

    Nicole in BA practicing her Eviction Ceremony speech to herself.This could be her Veto speech or her Eviction speech – not sure, but she later made a reference to a short Veto ceremony speech, so it is more likely that this is her Eviction ceremony speech.
    Nicole goes thru several versions of her speech. (Some inaudible) Following are some of her statements:
    Corey, the best decision I made in this house was asking you to be my ride or die day one.
    You are just so frickin’ cool.
    You are the most intelligent, caring, passionate, loving, selfless, genuine, cutest, guy ever.
    I honestly didn’t even know guys like you existed.
    You are obviously super easy on the eyes, but even more beautiful on the inside.
    That’s what I love about you.
    It was an absolute privilege to play this game with you.
    I love you so much.
    I can’t wait to see you soon.
    I’m going to miss you for the next seven days.
    James and Paul, congratulations on making it to final three.
    James, all I can ask is that you (inaudible) fair game.
    (More inaudible – possibly directed at Paul) -Scott3325

    • I think I may just have most of that tatted on my body…most on my ribs, since I understand that’s one of the most painful spots. Amazing sentiments.
      Poor Nicole. Someone tell her how he REALLY feels before he leaves the house!!! Please!!!

      • I keep going back and forth on that. I see some signs that he actually does care for her. Maybe his I don’t want to be with her talk was his attempt to stay on good terms with the guys. One of the things I noticed is how he really doesn’t like the way Vic flirted with her. Last night when playing cards with Paul he told Paul they should get Nicole to join them. He had the perfect opportunity to throw her utb while they were alone, but didn’t.

      • I don’t like her game play, but I don’t dislike HER. But she is going to be humiliated beyond repair if he cuts things off after the show like he said he was going to. She did things with him on camera that she NEVER did with Hayden. She’s going to be humiliated. I can’t bear for her to be hurt like that. I’d rather she know now…I don’t know how that would make things easier, but I’d just rather she know now.

      • What did of think of Corey’s talk with Julie in regards to Nic. Sounds like he views her as a buddy. Her feellings seem alot stronger.

      • Lisa, where have you been? I was just getting ready to shut down and saw your comment!
        I think he wants to be BUDDIES. She wants husband. I’m going to post more to you tomorrow. I wondered where you were! :)

      • I was in Wildwood NJ for a week in August, then I was there again last weekend for motorcycle weekend…no I don’t ride. Then I got lazy getting on the computer. When I am on this site I can be on for hours reading everything.

      • I wish I could get away. I need a vaycay in the worst way. I know what you mean about being on here for hours. I actually have to force myself to at least read the comments, otherwise I’d be concentrating on negative things…so it’s therapeutic for me. I do other things too—but I feel like a lot of people here are family, so…it makes me feel better. Glad you’re back!

      • Then she would be a good candidate for the Bachelorette. Can’t you just see her swooning over every guy!

      • I did notice on BBAD last night they seemed a little closer than they have been in the past week or so. I think being on the block together brought that on. I was hoping maybe Corey was starting to have a change of heart and actually wants to stick with Nic outside the house. I’m routing for her to NOT have her heart stomped on.

    • I was watching the live feeds with the chat room comments on the side. Hilarity, mixed with digital vomit.

  23. Paul has to know that he is on his own and cannot trust Nicole to take him to F2 should she win final HOH. I would be very concerned about James and the 1st endurance comp. If he has the chance..he should take James..although James doesn’t really deserve it…he would be better able to beat James..IMO. Paul is a smart guy so I hope he picks up on this.

  24. The final 3 is best. There’s no excuse to losing. You are given 2 chances to make to part 3. And part 3 is the easiest HOH challenge there is. There’s really no excuse for losing part 3 of the last HOH.

  25. I’m just now watching bbafterdark, WHY WON’T PAUL SHUT UP!!! He’s making himself look like FOOL! Just play! If there was a chance in hell Nicole or James would ditch the other for him ,he’s blowing it!

  26. At 2h23min on bbafter dark something creepy happened. I wouldn’t stay in that house and play that game for one million dollars. This is one wierd show! Paulie and Amanda Zukerman seem like they got possessed. Lol they’re faces even changed. Especially Paulie’s. He came in looking like the boy on a cookie package to satan’s son. Lol do the befor and after. I read some creepy testimonials about that house and i believe it.

      • That was creepy but i still didn’t hear what Paul and Cory heard. I rewound it over. It had to be something super abnormal because they were really spooked. Cory turned white as a ghost!

  27. I really apologize if this offends any women who reads this comment. I feel like I can say this because i was raised by a single mother, i am the second male of four sisters and I one brother. My mother is a STRONG WOMAN, and raised four strong women and two sons. We are all successful , healthy and happy. Z is the dumbest women i have ever seen. It is so hard to watch! I know Michelle told her everything Paulie said after she left the house. He was so degrading to her and yet she still acts like she’s his trained pathetic puppy. Its awful. How can she feel so low of herself as beautiful as she is inside and out. Wow smh

    • I totally agree with you. She seemed so much stronger when she entered the Jury House…then Paulie walked in and she went back to being his doormat.

      • Yea I mean…. Damn, that’s f’d up! Whew! And one NATIONAL TV! I truly will pray for her because when she gets out, she is going to be tore to shreds in the media. Plus, she will see the footage for herself what happened in that house. I think she was in an abusive relationship that she didn’t end…meaning she would still be in it if he didn’t break it off. I’d bet a million. She never healed.

      • What I meant by ” beautiful inside” was that I do think she is a good person and has a good heart. It’s just a shame she has low self-esteem coupled with her good heart. Its a recipe for a disastrous, miserable life.

  28. I do not understand WHY IN THE WORLD Paul wants to take Nicole over James. Somebody please help figure this one out asap! It makes no since to me. James is a loser! Paul and Nick are winners! I thought you’d want to take the loser to f2

  29. I believe that James or Nicole, deep down, know that they will lose to Paul if either one takes him. Paul has had to fight to stay the entire time. Anybody remember week 1? He’s been the ‘pawn’ more times than I can count and has always given his all. At first, I didn’t like him much, aligning himself with Jozea (ugh!) and his brash style was a bit much at first. But, he’s kept it real this entire time. Sure, he’s told lies and backstabbed, who doesn’t in the game of BB? He has the best shot and most deserving out of the last 3.
    As far as Nicole and James, I like both personally. Nicole is funny and seems truly nice in real life, but she hasn’t really played the game I know she could have. James, look, he’s a Southern, down-to-earth guy and I’m a Southern (East Texas), down-to-earth gal, so I really like him on a personal level. But, he has floated in some ways to the final 3. He’s gotten comfortable with people, and maybe that has benefited him and his game play. That’s definitely something he could use in his favor at finale night. However, he’s not more deserving than Paul at this point.

    • Agreed. I tend to favor players that get far being themselves especially when they have a larger than life, no nonsense personality like myself. Outspoken people go through hell, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We can handle it. I couldn’t be fake if my life depends on it, I’d be six feet deep. I cant stand cowardly, duplicitous players that get far like Nicole, so I tend to villify them. It’s easy to be a snake in my book. Some people admire that in a player, I don’t. My preference in a player is “Im here, I’m me, if you dont like it vote me out, but if you take a shot, you better not miss! Good luck roomies! Lol”… Like Paul, when ppl like that make it far, I clap! Thats just my preference for a the winner.

  30. Last night’s episode after the veto when Cory teased Nicole was SOO FUNNY! At the same time, you hear Paul off screen in the background saying, “Nicole is so pissed”, (Paul is so hilarious). That was priceless! Lol I think Corey is a such a square so this was the funniest thing he did all summer. Lol i l rewound it like 10x. Nicole was LIVID! I’ve never seen her more angrey. Lol too funny

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