Adam Poch’s Big Brother 20 Player Rankings – Preseason

Adam Poch on Big Brother

Ok – the Big Brother premiere is tomorrow night – we have been hearing spoilers & speculations about what’s going on inside the house, we’ve been scouring the internet trying to get to know these house guests better outside the house, we’ve done our drafts with our friends, we have created fake HG Twitter accounts, but now it’s finally here… the new season of my Bacon/Tofu rankings!

Hello, I’m Adam Poch and welcome to Big Brother 20’s weekly HG rankings. For those of you that have not read my column before – I evaluate each HGs game week to week and give them up to 5 strips Bacon if they are good, up to 5 strips of Tofu if they are bad – and to the worst player, the illustrious Tofurkey of the Week. MOST of the time – the players’ evaluations are unbiased – as I try to separate game from personal rooting interest. I am not afraid to give my favs tofu if they deserve it.

So now that we got all that out of the way – let’s dive right in!

Winston Hines / Brett Robinson – 4 strips of Bacon… ok, normally I only do group rankings for showmances, and it’s usually during the season. But when it comes to these 2 guys – I am convinced one of them will get to Final 4 if they do not team up and get to Final 3 together. They are both very similar and could be a dynamic duo like we have seen before. I won’t go so far to say they are in the Renegades, Hitmen, Chilltown realm – BUT if it does, you heard it here first. They will be able to team up with the guys and will be able to work the girls, unless… the girls work them. If they don’t work together – then one of them is gonna be an early evictee for being too obnoxious.

Angela Rummans – 3 strips of Bacon – the guys in the house will be fawning over her and that could be dangerous as the other girls may hate this (we’ve seen that several times over the years). But I think Angela could use that against them and actually use it to get in with the girls. She could be the leader of (dare I say) a successful all-girls alliance. If her flirty nature doesn’t get her in trouble – look for her to get to F6.

Tyler Crispen – 3 strips of Bacon – here we have a unique species… a surfer superfan! For those who dont know – this kid LOVES his Big Brother. I think he is just “dumb enough” to be able to get by early and make lots of great connections but will shock people that he may actually have some strategy later in the game. The longer he is there, the more steam he gets. I am thinking F6 – with a good chance of F4.

Chris Williams – 2 strips of Bacon – I could have easily made him the Tofurkey of the Week with a name like Swaggy C… but then again, I rooted for a man named Whistle-Nut last year, so… I still will not refer to him by that name in my weekly rankings. Sadly – I will have to write up many rankings with him in them, maybe he’ll change my mind, but for now, he’s Chris. I love the confidence he brings to the house, and I think he will have no problems becoming friendly with the guys. I see him being very good in the physical comps and that will come back to haunt him later as he will be a Double Eviction casualty around F5-F6.

Faysal Shafaat – 2 strips of Bacon – Faysal is one of those guys that I am sure outside the house is a really fun dude. But inside the house, he will be a warrior. Not sure if he will be a hero or a villain – but 100% guarantee when the feeds come on, he will have a lady in his bed. Will he be one of those players that sacrifices his game for a girl?? If so – pre-jury boot. But if not – look for him to make Final 6. I think the latter.

Rachel Swindler – 2 strips of Bacon – Wait a second… Rachel from Vegas? Didn’t we already see this???? Oh yeah, that’s right – we did… the original Rachel stole half a million dollars from me!! Well, I think just like that Rachel, this Rachel will probably get into a showmance, win some comps, be hated by some (if not most) and will be the target until she finally gets evicted or wins it all. Remember when I said Faysel may throw his game away for a girl? This could be that girl. If so, Rachel gets very far. If not, Rachel is pre-jury boot.

Scottie Salton – 1 strip of Bacon – first off, sad but true fact… I have the same shirt he wore in his preseason interviews – so I like him for that alone. However – I also think he is someone that will be able to use his nerdiness & quirkiness to his advantage and as long as he makes it through week 1, will stick around for a while. Scottie will be very underestimated and will know to stay out of the line of fire. This will get him far, but it won’t be a sexy game – and sadly he will not win many fans out here. Unless he makes a huge move, which I think he will do. Sadly I also think the move will blow up in his face and he ends up an early juror.

Kaitlyn Herman – 1 strip of Bacon – now, in the intro I said I usually am unbiased when it comes to my rankings – but here is someone I am rooting for so I may give the benefit of a doubt to. She is pretty far out there, or… she is right and can feel energy & vibes. Similar to Scotty, she is very self-aware and that is huge in a social game. She is going to try and use her mind to win the game – and that is quite possible because she will know how to talk to people to get them to do what she wants, but they will think it’s what they want. Unfortunately, I think she just will not fit in with everyone and while it will help her get through a few weeks, she’ll get picked off mid jury.

Angie Lantry – 1 strip Tofu – OK, if I won’t call Chris the “S” word – I have to hold off on calling Angie the “R” word. But that could change. I would love to party with Angie – but not sure if she has the skillset to win the game. She will get carried along the game and be the classic “not gonna waste an HoH on her” until they have to. Jury guarantee, but I think her greatest asset will be her accidental comedy on the CBS show.

Kaycee Clark – 1 strip of Tofu – I am not totally sold on Kacee as a mastermind of the strategic game, but she will be a great physical competitor. She will also be one of the people that will not be able to hold her tongue when things get crazy in that house, and it will get crazy in that house. There are a lot of Alphas in the house so she may be able to not make waves for a few weeks – but somewhere around week 4 or 5 she will snap. She will win a Veto when she has to – but don’t think she will make it jury unless she wins a battle back.

Steve Arienta – 2 strips of Tofu – so so easy to give the Glenn meets Derrick comparison to Steve – but he is completely different than either one of them. I think he will have a much harder time blending in with the mostly younger crew. He will probably team up with the guys – and they will keep him around as a number, but he will be very expendable. Steve loves to talk even though as a detective he is taught to listen more. He will always be the guy to “one-up” during group conversations. Everyone will smile and laugh along, but, then complain about his stories later. He’ll think he is playing a good game, but most likely will get played. Thinking he’ll be either first juror or last pre-jury.

Haleigh Broucher – 2 strips of Tofu – every season we have the “hot blonde” – sometimes they funny like Brittany, sometimes they are comp beasts like Janelle, sometimes they are ……. like Aaryn… so where does Haleigh fall??? Probably in a showmance, and probably an overplayer, and probably pre-jury.

Bayleigh Dayton – 2 strips of Tofu – as hard as Bayleigh will try to not let her mouth get her in trouble, her mouth will get her in trouble. She will not be able to put up with the fake people and if she ends up on the wrong side of a vote early – I expect some major fireworks from her. She will give us some good Diary Rooms, but she will also be giving a farewell interview with Julie earlier than most.

Sam Bledsoe – 3 strips of Tofu – Despite her being a recruit – I really think she is someone that will not overplay like many recruits do. She is so friendly and will be a shoulder that people will cry on. Unfortunately, she will not use this to her advantage & will be an emotional player. She won’t want to make waves, and I am pretty sure she will be the first person to say “i’m doing what the house wants.” Luckily for her – there will be other players that will blow themselves up and she will float her way to mid jury.

JC Monduix – 4 strips of Tofu – even before “Minion-Gate” I knew there was something off about this guy. While I applaud that – since there is a lot of stuff off about me – that is not always a good thing in a social game like Big Brother. JC will definitely get on some of their nerves early. And dare I say – they won’t vote him out for a few weeks because they don’t want to “be that HoH” to put him up. But he will irritate them and will be a victim of a re-nom when a stronger physical player pulls themselves off the block. Pre-jury and will be just as irritating on Social Media hahaha!

Throughout the season, I will look back at my early assessments and either pat myself on the back, or admit how wrong I was, but for now, it’s all just speculation! That’s what makes the preseason part of Big Brother so much fun. But the best is yet to come.

Question of the week – in about 3 months from now, we will be wrapping up another season with a winner from one of these 16 people above – who do you think will take home the 500K & why? Leave your comments below!

Thank you to Matt & Big Brother Network for bringing me back for another season! I hope you enjoy this column every week as much as I love writing it. I will be published on Thursday mornings this year starting July 5th. Until then, from outside the Big Brother house, I’m Adam Poch – let’s have a GREAT SEASON!!

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