Aaryn Gries’s Family Hires PR Spin After Big Brother 15 Controversy

Aaryn Gries on Big Brother 15

While Aaryn Gries continues to deny her racist behavior inside the Big Brother 15 house her family outside of it is taking steps to “spin” her deplorable personality.

The LA Times reports Aaryn’s mother has hired a publicist to stymie the damage she continues to create on a regular basis. Aaryn doesn’t know it, but she has lost her contract with her Texas based modeling agency, another contract as a covergirl, and students at her school have pushed to have her ejected.

But when she exits the house, she will apparently get some help with “spin control” to deal with the potenial public fallout from her controversial comments.

Sources for the series said the mother of Gries, who lives in San Angelo, Texas, has already hired a publicist for the 22-year-old college student, making Gries perhaps the first contestant in “Big Brother” history to get representation while still living in the house.

Of course if you ask Aaryn, she’d probably tell you that’s “most obnoxious, annoying thing she’s ever heard” because she truly seems to believe she hasn’t done a thing.

I thought read elsewhere that Aaryn’s father refused to comment except to say she’d have to speak for herself, so there may be some division in the Gries household on how to handle Aaryn’s general failure in joining society.

Do you think there’s any hope of redemption for Aaryn after her well-documented and repeated behavior in Big Brother 15? Or should they consider a priest instead?

Source: LA Times via Big Brother Source


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  1. People can always change and she is a young lady. I hope she learns from this and I hope she uses the Psychology course work to deal with her demons…

    • If by 22 you dont know that, that behaviour is offensive and wrong then I doubt there is hope for her because quite frankly she must be too stupid to learn any different

      • Sky, she knows it wrong. She just didnt realize that the whole world isn’t like that narrow little texas world she lives in. When your self centered you think your the biggest thing in the circle.. she’s going to find out that she is the smallest! It will hurt.

      • As a Texas resident, I think your characterization of “texas world” is no less offensive. IMHO, each of us is accountable for our thoughts, words, and actions. Yes, I may be influenced by my environment; but my actions are my actions … and words.

      • Agreed dvdlagr. However, I have to tell you that most of us who live outside of Texas do consider it to be a backwards, conservative (insular) state.

      • And as most of us who have lived on the outside and inside, no that to be true in most areas of the state!!!!

      • Being from Texas,i think it is unfair to put us with her just because she is from Texas, i have lived in other states as well. IT IS EVERY WHERE. NOT just in Texas.I will speak for all the Texans i know and say we are embarrassed she is from Texas.Her views are not that of most Texans.

      • I agree it’s everywhere. However, is TX so overrepresented when it comes to backwards, bigots?

      • If being conservative makes one “backwards”, I guess that also applies to me as well.

      • “Conservative” in the social sense not in the political. This means being unwilling to accept diversity and allowing others to live their own lives.

      • She’s very immature and doesn’t realize how her words hurt. She will do a lot of growing up when she gets out into the real world.

      • When Aryan said to Candice in her best black girl voice “whatch gone do” (after she flipped Candice’s bed), she said and did that to hurt Candice…..and she knew that it would. Aryan is very aware of what she is doing.

    • I really do hope she sees how she acted and can turn herself around. She is such a beautiful young lady…..I would hate she would be so miserable in her life from this…and right now it don’t look good for her. I know she has been so evil in the BB house but lets hope she can see that….if she don’t then her life is screwed.

      • So she is attractive on the outside and all she has to do is just be nice and it’s all ok? Have we been watching the same show? She made a MORE beautiful young lady (a REAL lady not a broke down little bitch) CRY because of the color of her skin. This bullying little mess is gonna get what she deserves. And I can’t WAIT to watch!

      • Me too, I want the front seat! Plus all the rest of the racist…GM, Jeremy, Spencer, and Kaitlan!

      • They are all liars. People, BB is a game of lies. If you play an honest game, you will be the next person out the door. Not sure why you called him a coward and a racist, though.

      • Candice cried because she flipped her bed. And not that I think what aaryn says or does is right but she flipped the bed because she was pissed about her commenting that nobody better be sleeping in my bed. And it was also right after Nicks eviction and everyone lied to her. She didn’t flip her bed because she’s black.

      • So…that makes it OK to flip the bed? Seems you’re trying to spin this into making it Candice’s fault. Aaryn is so self-entitled that she feels she can do anything she wants to anybody she dislikes. This young woman must still have the silver spoon in her mouth, and now her mother is trying to do damage control with a PR person, rather than have her daughter apologize for her horrific actions.

      • Did I say anywhere in my post that it was okay? Did I say anywhere in my post that it was Candice’s fault. Nope. Read them again. I was just stating what happened on the live feeds. I want Aaryn gone just as much as everyone else but the house is filled with ignorant people that are all making racist comments and disgusting remarks. Not just her! But all America talks about is her and not the others. It’s like America is bullying Aaryn. Once again I strongly disagree with her actions just so you don’t come back and say I think what Aaryn is doing is right.

      • She has just been worse than the other, so she should go first. Then we will have to start complaining about the next one.

      • I think Spencer is way worse…too bad there isn’t a triple eviction tonight. lol

      • Lavendagirl, are you dense honey? She didn’t cry because her bed as flipped. Her bed was flipped, Candice wasn’t even in the room. Candice came in, saw it had been flipped, addressed it, got angry (rightfully) and Aryan went on her racist fucking tyrade about “bring out the black..girrrrl” and all her racist crap. She STILL didn’t cry until she was hauled away (Aryan can thank her lucky stars) and she and Howard started opening up about the racist bullshit happening in the house.

      • Not your honey…and watch the live feeds. She cried in the HOH bathroom and all she talked about was her bed getting flipped. And put your glasses on next time you watch because it was GM that said bring out the black girl. Next time before you comment get your facts straight.

      • Sharon. I find her to be ugly inside and out! However, I do think in this country she gets a pass because of the way she looks (blonde hair, etc) That’s been the ideal of beauty in the western world for sometime. However, the way a person looks has nothing to do with the inner core. It’s all superficial.

    • She is 22 not 12, she already is a racist, and she does not recognize that she has not said anything wrong! Never say never but she will deny all her actions by saying they called me Barbie, really and that is so bad!

      • With her thinking that she has not said anything wrong is why I believe this comes from being immature and not thinking before you speak. She even said last night she should invest in a muzzle.

      • I was immature when I was her age. I NEVER EVER would have said anything like this whether it be racially motivated or otherwise. And I’m no shrinking violet. She was raised in a racist home, she has been bred to be a white trash princess and she is the full culmination or what her daddy and momma wanted her to be. If she were 70 she’d still be a racist self entitled snatch.

      • So you know her parents and watched her being raised? So maybe you can speak to her when she gets out and let her know what we think of her actions. Not.

      • First, I would *LOVE* to speak to her and let her know how her actions affected others. Next, do you need to actually meet her parents to sleuth out the fact that she’s a white trash embarrassment to humanity? Let’s see, she has no clue that her actions and words are utterly shameful. To the extent that she spouts them on national tv, publicly, proudlt. NO CLUE when confronted. Does that not maybe hint to you that perhaps….it’s been okay for her to display this behavior…oh, I don’t know, SOMEWHERE in the past?

    • How can she change if she is not willing to acknowledge that she has a problem?

  2. I for one can not wait to see what this girl has to say for herself! How can anyone “spin” her words into something else. And wow, I guess she comes from money?! Who could afford to hire someone to fix this…….

  3. It is like locking the barn door after all the horses have bolted out! You cannot undo what she has already said! Aaryn was given every opportunity to redeem herself and even Amanda told her about her racists remarks but, she just brushes it aside! No remorse whatsoever from her! She is done. Paula Deen lost endorsements and business deals and she was not even as bad as Aaryn because she continues with her racist rants in the house. She only calmed down this week because she was on the nomination block. Also, a lot of blacks who know Paula Deen has come out to defend her and say she is not racist yet, she still lost the endorsements and business.
    Aaryn will get it worst when she gets out because she is not
    even sorry for the racist rants she has thrown so far!

    • That’s what parents should be doing ….. raising their kids not to be so racist and opinionated… hope they don’t claim to be good Christians because they didn’t instill good morals and character to their offspring aka Satan

      • You can raise your kids with good morals and values and teach them right from wrong but when they become an adult it’s their choice to choose the right or wrong path. You are no better then her if you’re judging her parents when you don’t even know them.

      • Well she just said her FATHER would call Andy a queer……..so I guess the apple didn’t fall far from that tree! And her parents are hiring someone to fix her mouth problem!? Maybe they should just give her some old fashion advice and keep her mouth shut on national TV, they could save alot of money…..we do know what Aaron states does come from her parents, she has said so……..no one is judging, just expressing opinions…. Denise made reference to Satan, not jews, queers, or Asians……just sayin. Get it right,Aaron is bad news…..

  4. I think its distasteful for BB to keep her and GM on the show.. Period.. they dont need the rating there is enough sleazy sex going on that would keep people watching.. and real game play. They both need ejected from game but for sure Aaryn

  5. I hear McDonalds is hiring; or perhaps she can apply at Walmart…otherwise I don’t see her going much farther than that….well unless mommy and daddy own a business and she can fall in line as the hier. However you look at it, her public appearances are done…no more sponsership or deals will be coming her way…welcome to the real world where even if you are pretty, times are changing…and being racist is no longer tolerated in America.

    • There are families that struggle everyday and because of the unemployment rate many people are Blessed to have a job at Walmart or McDonalds. I don’t think putting those people in the same category as Aaryn is fair….they may not want her to work with them….and I would not blame them…just a thought.

    • Mommy and Daddy have oodles of money. She has stated on live feeds that they own a really big ranch and other properties. So she will find some dumb ass racist guy and become his wife. Jeremy might be available.

  6. I’m sure when she gets out her advisers will have her meet with groups like the NAACP to apologize for what she said and “learn” from her mistakes. This is no different than other celebrities that have said things that got them in trouble.

    • the issue is that even if she does apologize, it will mean nothing…if she doesn’t realize what she has said…it’s a learned attitude and behavior…the apology will be done from sarcasm and not from the heart. there will be no truth or anything genuine behind it.

    • But she not a celebrity, she a nobody. Not everybody has the charisma of Paris Hilton or Kim K. I don’t see it in her.

      • I think you might be wrong about that Capt. There are tens of thousands of models in the USA right now, and she has already landed several big modelling contracts (2 of them now negated, but out of how many more?) Whether we like it or not, her looks will ALWAYS open doors for her no matter how disgusting and self-entitled her attitude might be. Let’s look at hollywood for example. Do you know how many obnoxious actors there are who could give a rats a** as to what you & I think of them or their lives? Or what about business execs who cash in on million dollar bonuses while millions of North Americans were fired due to downsizing – are you thinking they’ve lost any sleep? The reality is that Aaryn will do what the wealthy, famous & powerful people of the world do – she’ll find a way to surround herself with people that are fine with her behaviour (because they want a piece of her), and she’ll remove herself from interacting with people like you & I who would shake the girl’s head until something resembling a brain came out!

      • Money can’t buy everything and money isn’t going to help Aryan with this. I have read countless emails that compared Aryan to Paula Deen. Paula Deen has money and a lot of followers. Paula’s sponsors still dropped her from deals and I seriously doubt if Paula will ever be able to redeem herself.

      • Sadly history and societal patterns show that she’ll be just fine (in an isolated world of yes men and butt kissers), but fine none the less. Not the vengence people are hoping for, but there are times we will just have to let her live out her life in isolation and PR coverage.

  7. I think back to when I was 22 and I’m sure I said a lot of stupid things and I do believe people can change. Now the question is though is she wanting to change? If she is forced to change, that wouldn’t be her choice. She has to really want it if she is going to become the right person. As long as a person is breathing there is hope. I do think she needs to deal with her hatred she has towards other and I do hope that Julie is the one that gets to call her out on her bad behavior and hateful words. The sad thing is that she doesn’t even realize how horrible she is and the backlash she is going to receive once she walks through that door.

    • I totally agree with you. I in turn also said and did a lot of stupid things when I was that age. I didn’t start to grow up until I was widowed and pregnant at 25. Maybe when she gets out seeing all this will make her take a look at herself and grow up. I think everyone deserves a second chance if they are sorry for their actions. And look at Amanda and Spencer who are two of the older players in the house what about what they are saying? Spencer is disgusting and Amanda was saying on the feeds when McCrae told her she needs to watch with the racist comments and Amanda thinks it’s ok because she’s not mean when she says it. Wow!

  8. I hope she isn’t expelled from the house. Being evicted is always a bigger slap in the face. Plus I hope it is Julie Chen who sits her down in front of America and reveals to her that she has been fired….I would pay good money to see that interview.

    • I’m totally on your side of thinking on this one Joe! I can’t wait for Julie to get a hold of her. Julie’s husband is CBS! And from all the talk shows Julie Chen has been doing, Julie is hugely offended by Aaryn and I can’t wait for that interview! I hope it happens tonight!

  9. I think that her beliefs are so ingrained that helping her to shed this image will require therapy. I think that she needs some serious sensitivity training and that if I were her parents, I would want to yank her out of the house before it gets worse….if its possible for it to get worse. I cringe at her comments, but they are becoming so common that nothing she has said this week surprised me.

      • More likely that a legal team will limit what Julie can ask, comment on, and say to Aaryn so that she sounds completely normal… But let’s remember, most actors, politicians, and models have PR firms working for them doing the same thing, so we can pile on Aaryn, but the truth is her family is doing what is commonly done in the world of the wealthy, famous & infamous.

  10. So her mother hires a spin doctor….and not a therapist?? Denial must run in the family.

  11. i hope Julie Chen tells her live on tv that she got fired from her job. the look on her face will be funny as hell

  12. Yeah, I say she’s made her bed, now let her lay in it!!! Oh wait she already is… She’s an embarrasment
    to Texas and to the college she attended.. I don’t blame the students there for wanting her expelled

  13. With all the publicity surrounding her, Her publicist might get a call form Hugh Hefner and offer her a Playboy spread. She can make a lot of money out of this situation. She’s actually better for Hustler magazine, if you ask me.

    • The sad thing is that it certain sectors of the entertainment business she will make a lot of money. Look at all the so called evil reality stars that become famous overnight. Its sickening but thats how they do it with a PR firm spinning things for them making them more popular off of the narrow minded racist things she says. Hiring someone to make her look better for being an evil little girl. We are all proving that to be true, myself included. she is one of the biggest things talked about from big bother!!! Its sad but we are making her more famous.

      • That’s true. I realized Aaryn need major counceling or at least a diversity workshop. She does have a potential of making money, if she chooses to go that path.

    • I think it’s both. You could tell that David being evicted was probably the worst thing that’s happened in her sheltered life. A lot of these houseguests are self-centered, etc., that’s why they’re on the show. But this girl clearly thinks she is the center of the universe and she has NO concept of how she comes off to others. She needs some serious help.

      • That´s exactly what i think.
        Aaryn had everything she wanted on all her 22 years.
        She was a queen with everything she wanted and do anything she liked.
        On the house she was pushed back when she was moving ahead with her “queen” tracks. After that, she started bashing everyone. Not only racist but everyone that was not with her.

        She needs to be 1 week on some far away country without knowing anyone and with a limited fee just for sleep on a motel and some food.
        She would start to learn that having everything doesn´t mean that all the other ones must bow to her.

    • I’d love to see your Doctor of Psychiatry degree. If you can name the personality disorder you believe she has and the DSM V criteria to make the diagnosis without the help of Dr. Google, please feel free to share your great educated opinion. Otherwise, stop confusing stupidity, racism and ignorance with real mental illness.

  14. The ONLY reason Aaryan hasn’t been removed from the BB house is because she has added immeasurably to the ratings.

    • BB15 ratings have been steady from last season so nothing has changed really . It’s getting 1.9 to 2.1 in the 18-49 adult demo which is good for a CBS summer show.

      The show hit a series low on its first live show because it was on a holiday week but afterwards it returned to BB14 levels viewership-wise..

  15. Why doesn’t her mother do what a mother should. Help her to realize what she has done wrong. Apologize and take the necessary steps to start the process of change. It looks like the mother is in as much denial as the daughter…the father seems to be over it and let the grown child defend her remarks.. the apple never falls far from the mama tree!

  16. She’s the most selfish little cunt in BB history and deserves EVERY fucking thing that happens to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hey, hey, hey. No need for that kind of language. Aaryn is deplorable but there is no need for that kind of language.

      • This, from a Red Sox fan? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Don’t worry RedSx. Obviously a kid posing as a commentator, even his handle is over the top. Good for you for reminding everyone to keep things civil (even more impressive coming from a Red Sox fan – lol). Sorry couldn’t resist. ;)

  17. how can she change if she says she has done nothing wrong!!!??????? in her mind she has DONE NOTHING… really!!!!! you talk so much hate the girl needs to shut up and she needs to watch the season when she gets out and then talk about it.. Yeah you have talked bad about the people in the house who do not look like you and people calling you BARBIE not even close to what you have called people or what you have said!!!! Shame on you!

  18. spread the love, Jeremy is also just as bad with his racist comments. Aaryon shared (live feeds) that her dad joked around alot with her when she was young, and said that that explains why she is the way she is.,

  19. I have compassion for her. I believe that this is learned behavior which, if Aaryn WANTS to change can be changed. As long as she continues to have these “unacceptable” beliefs and not be accountable for them, I would not choose to have her in my life IN ANY WAY. PR or no PR!

  20. She’ll probably end up on front of Playboy as Playmate of the Month and make more money off it than she’d won on BB.

    • What I’ve been saying all along… I even predicted the PR consultant. Just wait. Oprah or Barbara will do a special one on one interview with the girl so she can give her properly rehearsed apology for the world to see. Then she’ll do guest speaking tours, modelling gigs, and yep possibly even Playboy. She’s going to be just fine because the truth is we’ve established societal patterns that allow us to keep falling for the same tricks…

      • You got that right. But I hope for her sake that she learn from this. Maybe some help from a professional can help her. She is one very screwed up young woman with a lot of years ahead of her. How can a young girl who is so pretty have such an ugly mouth. Can’t get my head around it at all.

      • Like it or not we are sadly a society that freely gives attention (positive and negative) to people like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, and now Aaryn Gries… I doubt she’ll get ”help” unless that too is a PR stunt. Her family rushed for PR & Legal Rep. before they went to a therapist –> that reveals something about what type of ”help” Aaryn will receive.

  21. Well this confirms my suspicion that Aaryn has led a spoiled life so far. A healthy parent would be caught between wanting to show support for their child and shaking their head wondering where they had gone wrong. Aaryn’s family’s solution is to ignore the problem like it doesn’t exist and throw money at it to try and cover it up. They’ve probably been doing that her entire life, which explains why Aaryn feels she hasn’t done anything wrong. Her parents are enablists.

      • Oompa loompa doompadee do
        I’ve got another puzzle for you.

        Who do you blame when your kid is a brat,
        Pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat?

        Blaming the kids is a lie and a shame!
        You know exactly who’s to blame…

        The mother and the father!

      • No hun, I’m looking at the behavior. If Aaryn were my child I’d ask for an interview with BB’s producers to air on the show. I’d apologize for my child’s remarks. Explain that this is not how I raised my child to be, and that it was obvious my job as parent wasn’t over because my child was no longer living at home. Remind everyone that Aaryn is human and has the capacity to change. I would face the problem, not run from it. Hiring a PR agent to spin my daughter’s remarks means they are trying to sweep the issue under the rug.

      • You have no idea what their intentions are. And just because it’s what you would do doesn’t mean they would do the same. Who are you to judge? Like I said before you can raise your kids with good morals and values and teach them right from wrong but it doesn’t always mean they will take the right path. By the way I’m not your hun.

      • The problem lies within Aaryn. Loving family, a priest, a therapist, a friend – these people can help. A PR cannot. It isn’t their job. You hire a PR only if you want to protect your image and how other people perceive you. This may help get more jobs to replace the one she lost but sidesteps the underlying problem. And I apologize for the “hun” was trying to be friendly.

      • I guess non of us have a right to judge others and how they raise their kids. And we don’t know how she was raised. I guess everyone as well as myself are just upset that they are paying someone big money to fix the problem. I for one hope that some parenting is done as well. It is going to take more than money to help that girl change her attitude.

      • Oh I agree…everyone is blaming/judging the parents when nobody knows what kind of parenting she had. That’s all I’m saying.

      • That is what someone without money would do, but I guess when you have lots of money to fix the problem you don’t have to take on the responsiblity yourself

    • I agree with you too. All along I have wondered about her parents She just looks like the spoiled little rich girl under that pretty face. But she has learned this racist atttitude somewhere. Apples don’t fall far from the tree. They are protecting her and yes every parent wants to protect their kids, but she has to pay and learn from this. If this was a kid who didn’t come from a family with money they would have to go out in the world and try to mend the damage they have done without a big bank account to help them.

      • I think she was spoiled, but that doesn’t necessarily mean being rich. I’m well off, but my kids don’t act like Aaryn. I can’t be with my children 24 hours a day, but I do know they have a wide circle of friends that include many ethnic groups and income levels.

      • What’s your point, are you related to Aryan? This racists had to have been bred this way!

      • There are spoiled little rich kids who are giving everything and anything and there are parents like yourself who raised your kids to be good people. Too bad all parents aren’t like you. But like you said your kids have a wide range of friends in differenct ethnic groups and income levels. That is because of your upbringing. Just thiking that Aaran is lacking that in her life.

  22. While I’m ok with her losing her contracts, it is utterly wrong for students to attempt to get her tossed out of college unless she is there on scholarship. It’s stupid in terms of free speech and if I were her I’d sue the college if she is kicked out because it is a violation of laws. It’s also stupid in terms of the fact that the way you get people to stop being racist is to educate them and expose people to different cultures as they would be in college so… yeah. Those college students calling for her to be ejected seem to need a better education themselves.

      • Which explains why most colleges are trash and people coming out of them aren’t properly educating people to begin with.

      • Free speech only make her comments “not illegal”. Schools (and any private institutions for that matter) can punish you for conduct detrimental to their good name.

    • I think she talked that she was finishing here degree on some big private college on the east coast.
      On those colleges there are some things that must be followed. The big one is “Keep the college name is the higher level that is possible”.
      So, basically, whatever happens inside the college and doesn´t get outside… never happened. If some student makes something that can be used against the college, they can use there services and codes not to accept her next year.

  23. People in this country are very forgiving, especially as it relates to racism.

    However, I feel the girl’s bigger issues is she takes not personal responsibility for her racists, anti-social behavior. When she was confronted by Amanda she stated that “she was not going to comment.” I expect that kind of behavior from a stupid child. She has some growing up to do. Losing business contacts and money has a way of doing that for people!

  24. An ugly person is just that she has the personality of a toad, of course her mother is going to hire someone to fix this, I am sure she can’t where do you think this girl learned all of this horrible behavior? If I was her mother I would find a hole and hid in it.

  25. If you watch the live feeds, you can tell that she has no remorse what so ever. She is someone who perpetually makes herself the victim. She didn’t even want to apologize to Elissa but thinks that Elissa is the one with the problem. She has never seen passed her own nose and she never will. When she gets out, she will blame editing for taking her comments out of context and then she will use the buzz word or the year, she is being “bullied” by the press and the fans and when that doesn’t work, she will say that everyone else said things too.

  26. I think if CBC did not want Aaryn there they would have voted her out ..even all the players that are complaining about her racist remarks about them , they don’t care they are keeping her in the house and voting Jeremy out …….What happens if she wins HOH she is not going anywhere soon Because ratings are up and ppl love this ..we are all watching ……………………

    • She will get booted out hopefully, as soon as next week. Jeremy is voted out first because he is a better competitor not because Aaryn is any better. If we had a triple eviction this week, nobody will complain if they evicted Aaryn, Spencer and Jeremy all at once! I for one am in favor of it! Then, there would be Kaitlyn and Gina Marie left to evict! It would have been good if it happened but, since it did not—-we have to evict the racists and bullies, one by one, week by week!


  27. AARYN DOES NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER ACTIONS.. She denies any wrong doing and always blames someone else for her actions. Even tho her racist and bigoted comments/actions have been pointed out to her she continues to slur and demean people in the house. It will not stop untill she is evicted . Then again Katalin who laughs and applauds Aaryns bigoted and racist behavior is no better than Aaryn. Aaryns mother should not be hiring a PR person she needs to hire a top notch attorney for the lawsuits that could be brought agaationinst her daughter. While I don’t believe the HG’s can sue CBS they can sue an individual for defamation and slander . And in hiring a PR person does that not suggest that the mother is condoning the behavior of her racist/bigoted daughter??? Makes one ask “‘what kind of person is her mother”? Aaryn is 22 yrs old and she has lost more in 3 weeks than some people lose in a lifetime (believe it or not). She did not just lose a couple of contracts and possibly school expulsion. I cannot feel sorry for Aaryn as she continues to blame others in the house for her actions and evidently her mother (so it seems) does as well. Very sad mother and daughter team.. very sad.

    • “What kind of person is her mother ?”, you asked. Well at least a mother that has access to a boatload of money.

      • So possibly having “money” makes Aaryns racist and bigoted actions okay?? No thanks.. I’ll stay poor and still have my credibility and self respect of which Aaryn has neither.

    • If everyone sued for defamation of character then the court system would be jammed packed. I have watched every season from the very beginning and have them on DVD and there is so much slander and racist and rude remarks from every season.

  28. Before reading about the publicist, I noticed that on last night’s show, they sure gave Aaryn alot of face time on tv (DR sessions) when she was better behaved. I wondered then if CBS was tipping the scales the other way because the feeding frenzy was getting out of control with the “racist” headlines (after bumping up the ratings)..maybe thinking was, what is CBS’ liability (not in your opinion or mine but in the eyes of the law) if, when the show is over, someone actually harms Aaryn (one might assume she is also a “straight shooter” as she describes herself, outside the house, as well)…if Aaryn sues CBS for “editing” her negatively and bringing on personal attacks on her (physically, digitally, etc). It struck me as odd that they kept showing her pretty face in the Diary Room talking about nothing particularly witty, dramatic, clever (as they tend to use those type comments on the broadcasts) but just a better behaved Aaryn (considering). I wondered if they were hedging for if/when their liability is questioned. Now it makes sense (family hiring spin doctors).

  29. First, I think she’s young and dumb
    second, She probably heard in growing up
    third, if she accepts what she did as wrong and shows remorse, she should be given another chance in society. Not her job, not BB, just in life, Shame on her family for teaching her to be this way.

  30. Aaryn needs to wake up.
    She is a spoiled brat.
    She needs to take some week, with very few money available and live a poor life. May be that way, she could start to understand that people are on the same level that she is… not below her.
    Aaryn problem needs a very hard control… not from a publicist but for a way to wake her up.
    Her family has a ranch… if her mother wants to start taking control over Aaryn thinkings, get her a week of hard labour, no fun and no big bedroom with 500 dresses, 600 shirts…. It would be a easier way for her to learn.
    Her family, probably, have employees that are latinos (very normal around Texas), Aaryn must answer to them on those terms (hope she didn´t learn it from her mother…) like she does on the house.
    Make Aaryn work with them and only let her get back what she had if she completes the things and work with them on equal level.
    Don´t know if she has a brother… because if the family let her raise with this rants… she will destroy the ranch easily when she marries some doped guy that doesn´t know how to do anything.

  31. Nasty Nasty Nasty , She obviously has never been taught any social graces or manners what so ever . She acts and talks like a spoiled little rich girl who need to learn there is a consequence for her actions ! She is completely Racist It’s disgusting and I don’t understand why Big Brother has not intervened , they are constantly telling the house guests not to talk about production . They should have called her into the Diary Room and blasted her and told her to STOP . Shame on you Big Brother also for condoning this !

    • I’ve called CBS and emailed them with other friends and family doing the same: ELIMINATE HER!!!

  32. Ahhhh….so this is the type of family she comes from huh. PR to spin her reasons for being so disgustingly racist. Not surprised, not even a little. Exactly where she gets her superior attitude from I see. FFS!!

  33. Is it merely a coincedence that Aaryn’s name is a anagram for Aryan? Maybe not.

  34. If Aaryn Nation sees no problem it’s because this is normal for her. She won’t leave this week but will soon enough.

    • I’ve gone as far as calling CBS and emailing them. My kids and grandkids used to watch it together. Now we won’t watch. She should be eliminated. I’m a white 63 yo female and it makes my blood boil to see my black daughter-in-law and my grandkids hear this or watch it. Eliminate her for her Aryan attitude and stop letting her be on the show spewing racism especially with all the George Zimmerman outrage going on! Not a time to watch some Aryan being so unapologetically racists!

  35. I am in NO way sticking up for Aaryn, but her college should not kick her out without first speaking with her. No one should be denied an education, and without one, how will she ever learn any better?

    I’m sure she will not be returning to school this fall session anywhere after all this, but education is the path to enlightenment for everyone. I doubt a PR agent will help much. She really just needs to lay low for a year and then quietly enroll in a private college.

    • Aryan is going to have a hard time once she leaves BB. Now that her college knows about her actions, I am almost positive that she is going to have a hard time trying to cope and stay in school.

  36. She’s a sociopath, Nothing will help. America isn’t stupid. We aren’t going to buy some PR firm’s lies and b.s. It’s money wasted.

    • I’d love to see your Doctor of Psychiatry degree. If you can name the DSM V criteria to make the diagnosis of a sociopath, without the help of Dr. Google, please feel free to share your great educated opinion. Otherwise, stop confusing stupidity, racism and ignorance with real mental illness.

  37. Aaryn, it is time to stop blaming everyone else for how you are perceived. Watch the feeds and you can see for yourself how everyone sees you. Don’t blame it on editing. You are a beautiful girl on the inside. Maybe counseling could help you become beautiful on the outside. Take this stumbling block and turn it into a stepping stone. The heck of it is, I like you, but your attitude has much to be desired. Jus’ sayin’

  38. Aaryn, it is time to stop blaming everyone else for how you are
    perceived. Watch the feeds and you can see for yourself how everyone
    sees you. Don’t blame it on editing. You are a beautiful girl on the outside. Maybe counseling could help you become beautiful on the inside.
    Take this stumbling block and turn it into a stepping stone. The heck
    of it is, I like you, but your attitude has much to be desired. Jus’

  39. I am still trying to figure out why people hate Elissa. She is nothing like Rachel not one bit. Rachel would have been all up in their faces and letting everyone know how the cow ate the cabbage. Elissa just hides until the rude remarks die down enough for her to un-hermit herself. As for Aaryn, I used to be a mouthy, rude, over spoken person that spoke before I thought, mostly if someone ticked me off. I woke up realizing how hurtful even ONE word could be and I would rather make people smile than feel bad. She just needs to realize we are ALL human no matter the color of our skin or our heritage.

  40. Denise Bruno-Pagnotta
    “Jeremy even remarked to them that they should stop with all the remarks because it wouldn’t look good to national television.”
    And yet just this afternoon Jeremy commented to Kaitlan that Amanda and McCrae “JEWED” them. ;(

  41. This is the first reality show, where I have actually witnessed the “Mean Girls From High School”, showing their true colors. How ugly they are, the three of them.

  42. So Arryn is going to be a Psycotherapist or a Psyco Therapist.
    Can you just imagine the response when a BB fan walks in for their first appointment and recognizes her!!! OMG!
    Share some possible responses…

  43. This is just a sad situation either way, a life lesson she had to learn in the public. Hopefully, she will learn and grow from this. A very hard lesson to learn in the public’s eye but a necessary one for her. Though it may not be viewed as one just yet, this is a blessing in the path of life. There will be crosses she will carry for this and they will be heavy. We have to keep in mind she is a product of her culture and her path thus far and realize this is a learning curve that was in a safe enviornment versus “on the streets.” That could have been very tragic. We have enough of that already. Hopefully she will review and realize her actions and words are hurtful and naive. Thankfully she had people around her that were strong and willing to take a higher road for a more positive benefit.

    • She’ll never learn. She may act sympathetic for her actions but she is so deep seeded with her racism. Aaryn will never learn. She’s an Aryan and that’s probably how her name came about. She’s no child. She old enough to know better and always defends her actions! She’s labeled for life and I’m glad. To think a 3rd year college psych major, God help her patients one day. If she even gets her degree. She will and should be ostracized for life. She may apologize and cry but that kind of hate never goes away. Good riddance to Aryan.

  44. She can come back from this but I think she is going to need to do a lot of damage control. First of all the first step for her is to admit that she was wrong and then she needs to show that she has learned from this. Once she does this I think she will be OK. Now I don’t have a lot of hope that she will truly admit she is wrong because it seems she truly believes she is in the right here.

    • Aaryn is a narcissist. She won’t understand, or care, that anything she has said or done is wrong. Wonder how many times she will hear “Whatchu gon do gurl, whatchu gon do,? Where’s yo class?” She may get the hell beat out of her if she is not careful. She may want to stay in hiding for awhile!

  45. I have been a Big Brother fan forever. I am ashamed, hurt and embarrassed for the contestants and BB fans. Big Brother is a game whereas racism is not! Game over!

  46. She doesn’t just need a priest I think she might need an exorcist to get the demon out of her……

  47. What an eyeopening experience for her when she leaves the house! She doesn’t believe anyone about her attitude inside the house…she will likely change her tune when she exits the house and sees the public reaction to her.

  48. Could you imagine if her PR person was anything other than “WHITE” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  49. Racism is everywhere and Aaryn certainly didn’t create it!! What bothers me .. in my sons middle school @ 15 yrs old, a black boy in 8th grade called my white son a cracker and a potato chip! He got detention 1 night! :O If my white son called him the n-word etc. he would have been called a racist, it would hate speech or whatever, a bigot etc! My son would have been kicked out of school for sometime!!! That’s a fact!! There is RACISM ON BOTH SIDES! MY OPINION Africian Americans are the most racist in todays society! Againt all races. However, people just turn their backs to it!

  50. Lea I stayed up and watched the last three episodes last night because I had totally missed when Judd got HOH….At least they have all three witches up. Everyone is talking about THE OUTRAGE FOR GM, HOW ABOUT KAITLIN?

  51. Candice is JUST as racist if not WORSE. where’s that bitches representation? Oh yeah I forgot its ok to be racist if ur black….

      • “How about ‘grab ur rebel flag all black ppl on the block'” is the latest ..have u not been watching this season that u need examples?

  52. what is much more sad than a 22 years old’s remarks are the reactions of ppl in their 30s, 40s bashing on her.
    she realized she crossed the line, expressed remorse and texans indeed sometimes have a challenging humor.

    i was quite insensible about gay slurs myself – i simply never considered that gay ppl might be listening. ppl pick up language and “____punch___ lines” from their surrounding.

    don’t be so hard on her – i felt she was genuinely sorry for any offense she might have caused – she just defended that she is not a racist!

    dropping an n-bomb doesn’t make you a real racist – it might be that you are just an ass or a fool or young & naive! if you insult someone as fat it doesn’t mean you hate fat ppl. you just take a shot at a vulnerable spot.
    that’s why mothers, countries, fathers, religions, gods, beliefs are insulted.

  53. Everyone has some racisism in them. Her comments are just being more publicized because she is southern. Being southern has nothing to do with being racist. In case you haven’t noticed more “American Americans” live in the south. And buy making fun her for her comments is also racist so you also need to think about what you say.

  54. Julie was just bullying her and should not have attacked her!!!! She never bullied anyone else for the comments they made now did she? Julie was completely wrong for that, now I’m thinking twice about watching anything that Julie is on.

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