Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: HoH Competition & Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother 19 at 8/7c on CBS the Houseguests pick up where we left them on Friday as they prepare to face off in “Tales From Decrypt,” the next HoH competition with its host Derrick Levasseur.

HGs face off in HoH comp on BB19

With the Temptation Competition twist over this comp could end up their only complete chance at safety. Then again, a new Temptation twist has arrived and that could mix up the House’s plans even more than they may have expected. We’ll find out more about that in tonight’s episode, but you can get ahead with our twist spoilers here.

Once we get through the HoH competition it’ll be time for nominations so get ready to see the house work on their next target for Big Brother.

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Big Brother episodes live on CBS All Access

Can’t wait to find out who won the Temptation and who was nominated? Check our spoilers board for all the latest results and updates for the season so far.

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  1. “Then again, a new Temptation twist has arrive”

    Julie recently announced the twists over. Expect the unexpected indeed!

  2. With this new twist/Temptation, I’m wondering what the fallout could be to “Save A Friend”? Wouldn’t it be a hoot if whoever the recipient is has to use his “friendship receipt” to SAVE the Giver if he/she were OTB? Now THAT’s a twist! 🌪🌪🌪 (Ya’ll know what I’m saying here!😃)

  3. Just a thought on the blackout of feeds. They have said to get footage for broadcast shows. There may be another reason. The broadcast viewer numbers are down, and by holding back more intetesting footage, it drives people to watch the broadcast to found out what they missed. As boring as this season has been people are just reading bbn and jokers to follow along.

    • I heard the numbers are way up there. Plenty of viewers. And if people hate it that much not to watch why would they waste their time reading updates. JMO.

      • I’m a true fan so I just go with the flow. Sometimes I’m disappointed and sometimes not. Do I think it’s all one sided this season? Yes. Do I wish people would go after Paul? Yes. But Alex and Jason are my 2 favorites and they’re still there. But now that Paul wants to flip on them I’m not happy. I’m hoping Alex wins the season. If Paul does get both of them out I’ll be upset but then I can just sit back, watch the show (stress free) and enjoy them attacking each other. My favorites have only won a handful of seasons.

      • I totally agree. I have watched BB since the start. I, like you, am a true fan. I,too, just go with the flow. There have been several seasons that I couldn’t stand the person that won but I have never missed one show. I still love BB. The good and the bad. Like you, I would like for Alex to win this year. If Paul wins all I can say is that I think Paul has played a good game. I don’t blame Paul for the HG’s following Paul. If they want to be stupid that is not Paul’s fault. I think Alex has been playing Paul to get further in the game. Alex will not take Paul to the final if she gets that far.

  4. Really think BB has blundered with the late “twists”,I enjoyed the temptations earlier in the year because they created some unforeseen drama,always good but this is different,to me this boils down to inference more than anything and by doing so BB could end up with a winner that truly does not deserve to be there on finale night..BB heavy hand this late in the game only serves to dilute the outcome and water down what should be the most interesting weeks of the BB summer,the fight to the finish line and by doing so BB has tarnished the F2 standing..

    • Agree, obvious that TPUTS doesn’t think this group can be interesting enough to maintain fan interest without trying to mix it up.At this point in the game, the players should have to rely on skill and strategy to make it to the end and not dumb luck to get an advantageous twist or not be burned by a disadvantageous one

      • This is so late in the game,unfair to the remaining house guests but also to the longtime viewers,CBS is playing a careless game with the late twists,shows little respect for anyone,not the best move by the honchos in charge.

      • But if your favorites are there then you love them. Not saying you in particular just in general. I like the twists. It keeps it interesting and not knowing what’s going to happen. Do I like the way they turn out? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. If it helps one of my favorites then yes. But if it doesn’t I still like having them in the game.

      • I totally agree. It is more interesting to not know what is going to happen next. If you did know the game would become very boring and I would stop watching.

      • why do you think this season sucks so bad? Comparing to all others I don’t find it a whole lot different- some seasons had a good dose of racist- others couples… idk, it seems every season these blogs fill up with ppl saying how bad the current season is.

      • Tend to agree with you,same complaints every year,overall have enjoyed BB 19 very much,granted the late twists are not my favorite things for sure,only been watching for the last 4 years but each year i just accept the show and house guests and go with the flow,such a waste of energy to be constantly swimming upstream.

  5. I’m interested in another endurance challenge. The weaklings like Christmas and Paul, won’t get far in this one. I think BB has decided to have the comps suitable for injured Christmas to play.

    • I agree. I think they’re making sure Christmas can play which I don’t think is fair. Since she can’t play in the next HOH just watch I’ll bet it’s endurance.

    • I miss the live DR on OTT, so was interested in Paul’s plans. Still think he is dumb to drag Raven till the end. What will she win comp wise to help Paul? And she is the only one of josh/Xmas and herself that could get lots of jury votes depending on how jury votes. Also love the slip up about meeting Raven at his concert before the show and her telling him she wanted to be in BB and was sick.

      • He wants to keep only floaters with him so he could win all of the comps and keep himself in the game.

    • They’re fixing them all so Christmas can play. Watch next HOH will be endurance because she can’t play as outgoing HOH.

      • We’ve been due for awhile. I’ll bet we would of had one if it wasn’t for Christmas. That slip and slide one they did for POV has always been an HOH comp. I’ll bet they switched it because of Christmas. Just my thoughts.

      • Except she was the HOH this week and couldn’t play in the Veto, despite being guaranteed a slot. This should have been the week for the slip n slide as an HOH comp.

  6. “I came here to play hard.”

    Which is why you’re handing the entire season to Paul and taking a backseat to all his decisions. All right. Cool.

  7. Yes, Christmas, let’s celebrate ‘your’ HOH… the one that Paul has to physically hand to you because you were too stupid to figure out the answer was Jess.

    • Christmas has surprised me more than any houseguest this season. Started off as arrogant. Turned out to be one of the more level headed players. Would be great if she would play her own game.

  8. oh…BB is going to play the kevin angle, so blah blah blah, kevin should go and blah blah blah, mark goes 9-0

    • Until later on this week, when they start playing the Jason angle (right up until he wins Veto).

    • Alex is dominant, so I can see why she annoys some fans, but watching them argue it’s like brother and sister. Did you see how happy Jason was when she finished her punishment? was cool. lol

  9. And that makes Cody’s plan worth it. All he needed was for someone to buy it, and then Jason blew himself up at the DE. LMAO!

  10. Why can’t people talk to who ever the hell they want? I can’t wait until Alex and Josh are on the block and in jeopardy of going to jury. Let’s see how they act then. Christmas too.

  11. I literally just watched my first two minutes of the season…who’s the Lou Ferrigno-talking goof with the bandana?

  12. Aw. Okay, I’ll give this to Jason. That’s one heck of a thing to learn while you’re in total isolation.

    Congrats, man!

  13. Oh, look, Paul admitting that he’s playing to puppet master. Try and deny it now, Paul fans.

  14. I just noticed that Jason’s extreme-tard says treme. I wonder why. Is he from New Orleans or something?

      • Just Kevin. He is not capable of doing anything, but I hate everyone else, especially, Paul, Alex and Christmas. Alex may not even suspect that Paul and Chris wanted Jason out, if she does and does nothing about it, I’ll keeping hating her.

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