Tonight On Big Brother 19: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Cody sits alone on Big Brother 19

Tonight on Big Brother 19 the last chance arrives for Cody Nickson to dodge the Backdoor route out of the game with this week’s Power of Veto competition. Don’t miss tonight’s show on CBS and streaming live on CBS All Access starting at 8/7c.

This week’s challenge brings back the classic prize swap comp complete with punishments and prizes. There have been a lot of silly costumes so you can check out our gallery here of all the losers’ outfits for the week.

Cody narrowly lost his surefire seat in the Veto competition so the draw for players will decide whether or not the Backdoor is all but a done deal. Once the comp is over we still have to get through the Veto Ceremony to decide the final noms for the week. That should all be revealed by the end of tonight’s episode.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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  1. Let me say a fact: Paul is a jerk, look at how he turned on Kevin and what he says…what an ahole

    • Kevin is a sneaky little tattletale who deserves to be turned on. He’s like that sniveling kid in elementary school who’d run and tell the teacher whenever someone did something he didn’t like.

      • Agreed but P starts to question if he even has kids and how he twisted the 25k situation. P was K ride from day 1 and he is just trying to play something so he can say he did stuff in the game to possibly win it but never went to others to talk trash about P, never

      • Hell, I questioned if he had kids or if that whole family scene in the first episode was fake. LOL. Never trusted anything about shady Kevin from the 1st episode.

      • That’ kevin’s game. He is not good at comps so spying and scheming is his thing. I am not as huge of a fan as I was 2 weeks ago, but I still want him to make it to the end. Paul is obviously doing the best job and Alex is trying by winning comps and aligning with the majority of the house, but her game play su**s. The only 3 people playing and doing it differently. Everyone else is kissing behind and floating by. Alex is joining that group soon.

      • So you have to be hypocritical and with no morals to be called a good BB player, I think is just his personality has not much to do with the game

    • Paul should be kissing Kevin’s a$$ bc if Kevin didn’t go for the $25K, Paul the ahole wouldn’t be playing in the game. This season of BB not fond of anyone’s game play. All the bullying that’s been going on since get go is unacceptable and face it’s not entertaining to watch.

      • There were a few others that went for the 25K. Kevin was just the fastest. It was basically a guarantee that Paul would return to the house. That amount of money would be tempting to most people. Kevin’s mistake was not in taking it but telling ANYONE he did so. I knew he told Paul. I didn’t know he told Josh. That really surprised me and makes me wonder if anyone else knows.

      • Kevin should have kept that little tidbit to himself and it would have died when Ramses was evicted.

      • I knew and Kevin should have known that Paul would hold on to that info until he found a convenient use for it. When Paul found out that Josh knew, cue the little light bulb turning on. He’s trying to blame Josh for divulging the info. I can’t figure out how he’s expecting to get away with that, though. Kevin is a snitch. No way Paul will be able to get Kevin out the door without Kevin first letting everyone know that Paul knew it from the get go. Alex and Jason might not appear to currently care about the fact that Kevin took the money but they will care if they find out Paul blatantly lied to them.

  2. CBS has to do something to make this season more interesting to make the hg’s play instead of following Paul’s lead, maybe a twist that brings another vet to challenge Paul or bringing somebody to shake things up. HGs this season are just hopeless.

    • My favorite part of Big Brother is how I might like somebody at the beginning of the season, but by the time it is done I like somebody else because of all the swings in power and how we see people battle back from adversity. This year, man just none of that.

    • It’s not Paul’s fault they follow him blindly. The two things about this game that are driving me crazy this year are.
      1. Josh continually saying he is tired of arguing and fighting but he constantly injects himself in to other people’s arguments. Which always gets turned in to the saga of the flip flopping Mark and Elena story.
      2. Paul getting blamed for every single thing that happens even if he was no where near when it went down. It is true that they run and tell him about it after the fact. I’m sure he will still get blamed for things when he is sitting in jury house.

      • “It’s not Paul’s fault they follow him blindly.”

        Yes! This is why I don’t understand why so many people think Paul deserves to win. He hasn’t had to DO anything. They all just follow him around like he’s their idol. What a bunch of sheep.

      • Paul does a lot. It takes a whole lot of energy to lie and manipulate 24/7 and then go back and do it again and again and again. I’m exhausted just typing this.

      • Don’t be fooled, Paul has been working it 24/7 in that house. He’s always 3 steps ahead, targeting and directing their attention to the next nominees/evictee.

      • Yep. He has not stopped playing ever! I think he dreams of new ways to manipulate his fellow HG! haha

      • Is it really working though when you don’t have to worry about being evicted? To be able to put things into peoples ears and then just sit back and watch as they do your bidding?

        Don’t get me wrong I think people over time have slowly started to realize what he’s doing, but they’re all too afraid to cross him for it to be a real concern. At least for the foreseeable future.

      • A good BB player never becomes complacent and that is what we are seeing in Paul. He is under no false impressions and knows at any moment the HG’s could turn on him and nominate him. It’s why he is making and continually cultivating his relationships with the HG’s. He knows all too well how easy the house could flip.

      • Then why is he always laughing about how dumb the rest of them are? He was basically handed followers and now all he has to do is make sure they stay in line.

        It’s much harder to start off being a brand new player. But some people are acting like Paul came in at the same level as everyone else…

      • Putting things into peoples ears? Not a coincidence, he started that in week one. Now they’re following his lead…and he’s still doing it to survive the game….this game is not easy., lol

      • Imo Paul has been playing this game non stop. I might not like some of the tactics he has used, but getting all those people to follow his lead takes a lot of work/manipulation. ;)

      • And this is why I disagree with those who say Paul has been playing a “great” game. He has not. He hasn’t had to work for one concession his lemmings have given him, and he goes into the DR and laughs at how ridiculous the rest of the HGs are playing.

      • You have to be kidding. Paul is playing at all hours of the day, even when he is sleeping. If you can’t see and appreciate it for what it’s worth, you aren’t a BB gamer.

      • “Even when he is sleeping” aaaand you’ve lost me. I absolutely can not appreciate what he’s done in this game, ’tis true. I didn’t think he deserved to win last year and I was disappointed to see him back this year.

        Currently looking forward to a much better cast next year. I’ve watched since season one and I wish they’d bring some elements back from the past when it was much more fun to watch. <3

      • They don’t get it. they would rather be Paul haters than admit that he is completely controlling the game. I don’t care who the cast is. He is doing things that will get him further in the game. “Helping” the other HGs to do things that will get them further in the game, all the while doing the things that also are getting him further. He is making himself a valuable ally to everyone so that they think they can’t get to the end without him. And, in some cases, they are right. Paul is using what the game is giving him to his complete advantage. Hate him if you like, but I don’t think that you can dispute it.

      • I fully admit to being a Paul hater. Never have liked him, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with what everyone else thinks. I don’t see him as a good player, but as someone who was handed the game from the beginning.

        It’s an opinion, not the law. ;)

      • I know. “Handed to him” or not, if he just sat back and did nothing would he be is the same position he is now? I think not. IMO

      • I just don’t see leading gullible people as work. He easily redirects them if they even start to question him. With how quickly he’s able to get them to do whatever needs doing, it just doesn’t look that hard.

        I personally feel like any vet could have come back this season and they’d be following them around as well. Because the only thing that matters is “JURY, whoooooo!”

        Edited to add: which isn’t Paul’s fault. He was clearly given malleable people to deal with. Paul says jump, they do it. When Jason said he’d be honored to lose to him? Like, what?! Did you come to win or to just hand Paul money? These people are nuts!

      • I agree with you to a certain extent…this cast is ridiculously malleable, but that does not negate the effort Paul has put forth in regards to forming bonds with everyone. It is that exact lack of effort that has landed Cody in the position he’s in now and what got Jessica evicted last week. Neither one of them put forth any effort to bond with their fellow HG…BB is a social game. If you don’t make allies you will be evicted.

      • Still, leading is doing something…lol…I agree with you that these are gullible people, but he still has to work to take in all of the information being spoon fed to him, know all of the angles, what to tell who, and when to tell them, etc…

        My opinion too is not law…lol… ;-) I can certainly appreciate yours.

      • I was actually a HUGE Paul fan last year! He & Vic as the Sitting Ducks…LOVED them!

        This season… I didn’t want a vet returning, but Paul coming back was alright b/c he was so fun last year, but he has turned into a little termagant! He micromanages everyone’s game and even tells them who they can and cannot talk to!! I’m not liking this paranoid, all work and no play version of Paul. I do agree, he’s playing the most serious BB game of everyone…but his tactics leave something to be desired as well. Wish he had Pablo back, maybe that’d help! ;)

      • Agreed!! It’s the same comment over and over, I hate Paul, blah blah, wonk wonk. How about analyzing the game/player and not just saying what you want to happen or what you think should happen. BB doesn’t work that way.

      • Anyone, as a fan of BB, should be able to do that. You may not like, or even hate, a player, but don’t say they are not playing a great game just because of your dislike of them.

      • I’m so tired of this comment about people following Paul’s lead. Of course they are following his head, he’s playing a stellar game, thus far. He promised certain people jury and guess what, he has delivered. He is also interested in the other HG’s, talks to them, listens to them, gives them advice etc… Unlike Cody who doesn’t give a F about anyone but himself and his scummy girlfriend. Of course people are going to be on Paul’s side. My question is, why wouldn’t they be on his side?

    • Yep. Now would be a good time to bring back Derrick or – forgive me for suggesting this – Vanessa.

    • they tried that with the battle back and the hex. this cast is a bunch of mindless sheep and paul is the sheep dog that is going to lead them right off the cliff one by one.

  3. Cody deserves to go. I lost all respect for him, after how he treated Megan. He was the bully first. So I’m sick of hearing about everyone bullying Cody. They’re bullying a bully. Boo-hoo. And on top of that, Cody gets rewarded by getting to live in a mansion for the rest of the summer, and being the tie-breaker vote in the jury.

    • that would be interesting if that happens. It would serve Paul right because he would not win. I would LOL big time. I wonder if it were Josh and Paul at the end who would he vote for?

    • Amen Tim. I immediately didn’t like Cody form the beginning. He thought he was God’s gift to the game. And when he won HOH he fit that role to a tee. He did what he wanted to do with a house full of people, almost half of which were in his alliance without one thought about those people. then when they turned on him for he called them disloyal??? WOW!!! And, now he gets to vacation in the jury house…great!!! And we get to hear from him occasionally for the rest of the season. And, he gets to question, and help decide, who wins the $500K when he had no clue how to play the game. They should have taken out Jessica the week she was OTB(even though she had the HH by then), then when/if Cody came back in, they should have tried to send him right back out and he wouldn’t even had made jury. I would have rather seen Jessica make jury over Cody.

    • After Cody choosing to sleep in the HN room, eat slop and take cold showers when he doesn’t have to, I picture him pitching a tent in the backyard of the Jury house and living out there by himself for the rest of the season

    • But (LOL), he doesn’t get to be in the mansion by himself for very long with the DE coming up tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll get to room with someone he hates (which is anyone but Jessica). My wish for his first companion: Josh.

  4. If Cody leaves they may as well end the season and give Paul the money, I have hated this season, too much bullying on all sides, Paul riding the bull and the rest just following in line. Cody and Paul have actually been the only 2 to try and play the game. I don’t watch anymore just come on here to read what is happening. Still just shaking my head at these houseguest.

    • Well……Cody is leaving and the season won’t be ending.

      • Aw Em, you’re being modest…you’re always ready for the sharp comeback! You’re not fooling us with the aw shucks let me get my bearings routine. hahaha

      • Just having a little fun. What’s BB if you can’t have some fun *mwah

      • Please. it gets hot here in So-Cal. If the earth stayed put our fire season would last way too long! hehe

      • It’s hot here too and I’m in Canada. What’s the temp there today? 84 today, lots of humidity here

      • It’s actually only 76 here, so the HG should be spending lots of time outdoors today. The SFV is at perfect temp today!

      • Better not. I’m waiting for Raven to actually fake her own death on camera for a few extra gofundme bucks!! lol!

      • IKR! You know I might actually send her a couple dollars if she’d just shut up for a day… Is that an option?? ;)

      • I’d send her a hundred bucks if she’d shut her yap about her diseases for just one freakin day, Em! ;)

      • I wonder if she has been called into DR yet. She’s been moaning for the last couple of days because BB hasn’t called her to do a DR. Even BB can’t stand to listen to her! LOL

      • I know hon. Either herself or her mother…I think Raven might regret her stint on BB honestly because I have heard a rumor that her gofundme account is under investigation because of that youtube video about her and the ways she spends those $$!!

      • I fault BB to some extent, it seems like they don’t do their homework. Think they were looking for the ‘noble girl suffering from terrible disease’ angle but didn’t select wisely. Surely they could have uncovered more background on her to think twice before putting her in the house

      • Honestly I wonder what kind of background checks BB prod does for any of these HG because I am still wondering about Josh. Yeah, he’s not as cray-cray as he was in the first three weeks, but still…all it would take is one mean comment to send the kid spinning again. smh…it makes me wonder if production chooses the nuts on purpose. ;)

      • Don’t laugh but at one point I wondered if BB had slipped some actors in there to play a ‘role’ cos these people can’t be for real. I questioned Cody, Raven, Kevin, Josh. Now I just figure they’re all just cray cray

      • I know right! The first night the way Cody gave Paul that dead eyed stare…I thought, is this guy a method actor or what?? And then we have baby meatball!! He’s such a nutjob half the time I wanna ask him “what’s in the box, man?” (anyone remember 7 w/Brad Pitt? lol!) And then we have little Ms. Lies-A-Lot! I have come to realize if Raven’s lips are moving, she’s a lyin! Kevin is Sir Sneaky and will flip on you in the drop of the hat…this HG cannot be trusted! haha! And then let’s not forget the tiny bearded Svengali of the group who sends his minions in to do his wet work! ;) Fear the beard people. hahahahahaha!

        And that my friend is my take on the HGs so far.

  5. Usually by now I’ve found a houseguest I like and root for. Season 6 will always be the high water mark for me – half the house was contemptible, half was not, both played hard. This season, pretty much everyone is contemptible in one way or another. Paul and Alex are jerks, Josh is an emotional train wreck, Raven is 31 flavours of yuck, Matt and Elena are non-entities, Cody just keeps finding new ways to screw himself, Christmas.. omg.. I’ve never seen anyone with such a low standing in the house behave like royalty. Kevin? Kind of like him but he has no chance and just seems greasy.

    So I’m down to Mr. Pepperoni Nipples (Mark) pretty much by default, when he’s not trying to beat Cody in the Psycho Carebear Stare department.

  6. It would be awesome if BB announced before eviction that the evictee will select the next HoH. Imagine the heads spinning if they should vote out Matt. It would teach that if you win the veto, you should use it on yourself.

  7. Did I hear right? Mark wants to win the Veto, leave the noms the same and keep Cody in the house? so Elena gets voted out? LOL

  8. Elena wears so much makeup and her fake lips are a turn off and she has shown zero personality to even be considered as ~famous~ after this season.

  9. But he’s helping her (Elena), he should throw Elena under the bus to the alliance, to Alex…I don’t get his strategy.

  10. Im proud of Cody that he is actually attempting to socialize even though he hates them and its uncomfortable for him. Good job buddy!

  11. In reality Matt should just veto himself. Tell Alex that Elena deserves to go home with her $5,000 anyway. Why put yourself at risk when you “have” Veto?

  12. Alex doesn’t have to nominate someone else. She tells Matt to veto himself and there is no nominee, Elena goes home.

  13. It would be perfect if Matt was evicted for doing that.
    I know dreaming…none of these people can think for themselves.

  14. Other than the fake DR sessions, there was nothing new or interesting about the show. They didn’t even show when Elena supposedly didn’t want to eat and Alex got annoyed. It looked as if she was stuffing her face, even using her fingers at the end.

  15. Why is everyone following Paul do they seriously think they are all going to win. Wake up people join an alliance with Cody…so aggravating

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