Tonight On ‘Big Brother 19’: HoH Competition & Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother 19 on CBS at 8/7c we’ll see the Houseguests face off in the first HoH endurance competition of the season with the return of The Wall. Then by the end of the night two more Houseguests will be sent to the Block.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 19

Things left off on Thursday with Cody out the door and the Houseguests lined up on their tiny platforms and water cannons aimed their way. We’ll watch it all play out, but if you had the Live Feeds then you already saw that!

Gallery: Endurance HoH Comp – Space Cadets

Then for the Den of Temptation, that won’t be revealed tonight because the official voting for the Halting Hex continues on until midday Wednesday. Be sure to cast your vote each day for that because it could have a big effect on the game.

By the end of the night we’ll see two more Houseguests on the Block and ready to compete for the Power of Veto, their chance at safety this week.

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Can’t wait to find out who won HoH and who was nominated? Check our spoilers board for all the latest results and updates for the season so far.

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  1. Lets all keep ourselves aware of any golf delays because I am personally not missing any of GOT and I know it likely doesn’t start right at 9 (I expect a Ballers commercial at least) but hopefully when they edited they already knew the big mystery is not who is nominates but if the veto is being used. Last time I checked no (I am of several minds about it, I know Paul wants it used to have a future argument against Jason but I can’t help but think that both Alex and Jason could get some loyalty from Jess since nothing will really be effected since Dom is pulling an Aubrey and Jess is being super friendly but putting even fake pressure on Mark seems to put a divide so that the closest more than twosome is Alex,Jason and Kevin).

    • I’m with you, nothing gets between me and my GoT! I’m setting my PVR to tape BB and I can always go back and watch the ending if necessary. Have to catch up on Jon and Tyrion and Daenyrs…. Talk about lying, betrayals and backstabbing, LOL

      • I am vaguely contemplating switching up my Sunday night to watch this after GOT just because it might let me come down to go to bed at a reasonable time that I am not sure the Strain can provide me. Not that I dwell on the Strain too much. Its just the nothing to watch at 8 thing of course getting ready for work for Monday and eating dinner probably is sufficient.

      • I’ve never watched The Strain but from the adverts it looks like absolutely horrifying viewing for a Sunday evening.

        Call me an old priss, but I miss the days of lo stress, light entertainment on Sunday evenings – stuff like ‘Murder, She Wrote’. Lol.

      • My mom loved Murder She Wrote.

      • I was actually still in uni back when I found it but enjoyed it as a fun, if low action, alternative to all the studying!

      • It actually suffers from being more boring than anything. Yeah, the vampires are gross there, though, more like you would hope they look. But you sometimes find yourself yelling at stupid character decisions.

      • The Strain is really good. I’ve been watching since season 1. This is the final season. Highly recommend…πŸ‘πŸ»

      • Can’t you DVR BB and watch it later? I’m in a time zone where they come on at the same time, that’s what I do. I also watch a livestream, which is an hour ahead of GOT, which works out perfectly. They have the links on Hamsterwatch.

      • I can though that is the golf worry that it might not begin until 8:30. I am contemplating it though just because, well, my brain can turn off.

      • OMG 😲 Seriously I have turned into a blonde big time this week! I knew that, although I thought someone was talking about golf so, I don’t know what I was thinking!
        The premieres tonight??

      • I think you will need to possibly set the DVR from 8-1030 to guarantee the whole Big Brother show. I am definitely going to do that…..if it is unnecessary not really a big deal but if I miss any, I would be a bit upset (even though I know everything…

      • Nothing comes between me and my BB, except my early birthday celebration. It’s the reason I’m late getting back here! LOL

      • From looking at this I want to say she took me to a barber instead of a beauty salon…we were quite poor back then and the barber was cheaper! LOL Seriously, though, I really have no idea and she’s not here to ask. My father wouldn’t have a clue, so it’s pointless to ask him! LOL

      • same! Although I don’t watch it until it’s over because I don’t want to watch commercials!!!
        I dislike commercials very very much, so I have the patience to wait :-)
        Plus, I’m never eager to watch the shows immediately because I read the spoilers but nothing comes between me and big brother either! Since I was a teenager watching season one, till now watching season 19 and watching the last five seasons of big brother Canada.

      • I haaaaaate commercials too. I set my DVR to record it and if I want to go back and review it later after live show, then I have that option too…I only watch it live when I want to post here. Commercials give me that time I need to do it before the show returns..LOL

      • oh yeah I guess that’s right. You can chat with everybody during the commercials and always pause it if you’re not ready/finished chatting LOL
        especially on Thursday nights

    • A girl is sooooooooo ready for Game Of Thrones!!!!

    • i am with you, Winter is coming!!!!! annnd Dragons!!!!! who can miss GOT!!! I will record BB for after GOT and attempt to contain my hype!

    • I agree, Jason should use it on Jessica! For the exact reasons you stated above, but also because I really don’t want Jessica to go home. Keeping her on the block could tempt people to send her home regardless of Dominique’s blowup last night. I think she has enough friends to try and win back some love ❀️ So, take down Jessica and put up Mark. Even if he ends up going home, it’s good for a lot of people’s games! But, I still think he would be safe!
      & I might be wrong!? But, didn’t Jason promise Jessica he would take her off the block if he won the veto?
      I know he told Alex even before the players were picked for the veto that if he was picked & won he would take Jessica off the block. So, Jason do it you said you were going to do. He needs to show some loyalty to someone!
      Aside from constantly telling Alex to put up Raven Lol πŸ˜‚
      He is relentless! Matt’s post the other night of Jason constantly telling Alex to put up Raven and Alex finally telling him to “shut up” and he still kept saying it, ” Jason has another idea…… Put up Raven!” OMG 😲 it was so so funny! I was crying laughing reading the entire post. It was one of the funniest ones I have ever read!

  2. If Dom wins DOT then boy oh boy. This would be one crazy week if Dom cancels the eviction and Cody comes back into the game

  3. I knew that Mark was a bit emotional at first, but wow! What a whining cry baby…😒😝😨

    I feel UNCOMFORTABLE going on the block! As if it’s comfortable for any HG. C’mon man…nut up!

      • When Mark and Josh are having a “personal” conversation, I nearly upchuck. Whine, whine….ugh

    • I think he’s being hesitant bc everyone is telling him the target is already on the block so he thinks they’re lying to him if they change noms when it’s completely unnecessary, can’t really blame him.

    • In his defense he was and is a big target! They were fine putting him on the block or using him as back door option! Also Paulex was fine using Xmas as a back door plan too!

  4. Ok, people, golf just finish. So CBS schedule is 25 minutes late. We’ll see if they dock that out the news.

  5. Whoever wrote this should include Den of Temptation (DOT) in the title. It could be a *MASSIVE* tilt in the game and I feel that the absence of it makes it less intriguing than if you put it in there. Just my two cents.

    • Maybe the know they are going to lose a good chunk of the audience at 9 p.m. 😏😝😏

  6. The only thing I am looking forward to is the DR sessions. What Alex has to say about her actual target and Jason and Paul’s annoying insisting on taking over her HOH.

  7. Alright!..Is this tonight’s thread? I don’t wanna miss Dom’s sermon tonight. o(*>Ο‰<*)o

  8. Is it me or do I always see Matthew wearing blue shirts in every single episode where he doesn’t go shirtless?

  9. I’m actually surprised that at Week 3, any alliances formed at this point still haven’t been baptized with a ridiculous name.

  10. I do see Alex’s point. Fast forward to today, I think we’re fairly certain that Jessica’s no longer a priority target by the majority.

  11. I love watching her play. She knows how to play Big Brother. Too bad there aren’t more players like her. This is why I love this game.

  12. Paul is doing what he’s supposed to do. Anticipating the coming week when he’s not safe any longer, and he’s working it tonight..again, he has a lot of camera time.

  13. The editing is off. On the feeds Paul wanted her to put up Ramses and she said no it was going to be Jessica and either Dom or Mark. They’re not showing it like that. They’re giving Paul all the credit.

  14. Elena is insane. Why would Alex save everyone form your side. The deal should have been for Elena and maybe Mark to be saved only.

  15. Exactly the reason why Mark should insist not to be the re-nom. Alex hate ‘showmances, Mark could get evicted, and she wouldn’t have any problem with Paul…It’s only Sunday.

  16. Alex says that Dom is sketch because she threw some of her own alliance under the blah, blah, blah, but what about Paul. So Alex is working with Paul and I don’t care for that. I am rooting for the one who gets rid of Paul. I cannot stand him.

    • They aren’t. She thinks that because she really wants Elena to be jealous of her! LOLOL

  17. Huh?
    Confused! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Shocking I know! LOL
    By the end of tonight we will see a new HOH or did I just read that wrong and it means Thursday night?
    Also, why have they not have the veto ceremony yet?

      • I seriously am a true blonde! πŸ™„ duhhhh πŸ™„
        I have been days behind reading all of Matt and Brandon’s posts/blogs/feed play by plays. Plus on top of that commenting to comments and posting my own super super long posts hee hee 😝 (As do you already know!) & I have finally caught up! So now I just have to go check my notifications that I haven’t checked all week oops πŸ™Š
        do you have a love, hate relationship with me? LMAO β€οΈπŸ’”β€οΈ
        My long replies/comments drive you crazy?! 😜

  18. Just curious, why no play by plays from today??
    I finally caught up! LOL
    For those of you who have been reading my confusion for the past few days πŸ™ƒ
    Time to go read my over 30 notifications LOL πŸ˜‚

  19. Does anyone know who’s in the **lead** for the “Den of Temptation Reward? AND
    Does anyone know how it’s going to ‘Play out’ when one of the 4 evicted HGs wins, & as Julie said on Thursday “In a BB first, the house desides if the winner comes back!” (Okay, that’s not exactly how she said it) LOL πŸ˜‚ Does it have to be unanimous? Or does a specific HGs get to choose after a comp? Or, majority rules?
    If even one HG says yes (Jessica) & the rest say no does that one yes allow the evicted HG back in?
    I like the “shock” of an evicted HGs just walking through the front door! So I’m not a fan if the entire house!? knowing someone is coming back! I like the “Surprise! Ya in your Face” entertainment! Agree??
    & !just a quick add! As for the 4 evicted HG’s competing, I TRULY hope they know even if they win, that there is a BIG chance they still might not get back in the game…..BEFORE they compete! If they don’t tell them then that’s just CRUEL!!!
    When one of them wins (& is super pumped!) but then doesn’t end up going back in the house! That’s just mean if they were not forewarned!
    Especially for Cameron!! Right? Poor kid is a super fan, smart and athletic but was only in the house for 12+ hours! If he was to win the battle back, and then told ” yeah, the HG’s voted & sorry dude, you’re not going back, you’re going home, sorry we left that part out!” OUCH!!! MEAN!!!

    β€’β€’Sorry, this wasn’t a “quick add!” Shocking, I know! Usually my comments are so short LMAO πŸ˜†

    • Freaking talk to type! I swear I need to get on Skype/FaceTime and just have these conversations with some of you! I just start talking and talking and share every last detail of what I’m thinking or questioning! I’m sorry!
      Clearly you just can cruise on past my posts (like I’m sure many/most of you do! Understandable!)
      I just can’t keep things short LOL believe it or not I even go back and edit it to try and shorten it! And it’s not until I actually post that I see just how long it is! I swear what I have to say is somewhat good to read and reply to LMAO πŸ˜‚
      I appreciate those who take the time to read my posts & reply back to me, I apologize to those of you that I drive crazy! And I understand many do not read my ridiculously long posts/comments/replies! And, another long post!! A reply to my super long/stupidly long comment! Apologizing for my stupidly long comments, and that also being stupidly long hee hee!
      I love you ALL 😍 XO ❀️ :-)

  20. In short..Sorta for me LOL 😘 XO
    πŸ΄πŸ’© Regarding the HG’s allowing the winner of the Battle Back, back into the house..(b/c as far as I know, we don’t know yet how it’s going to work?? OR do we??)
    Not one of the 4 evicted HGs (assuming its Dom or even Jessica) are ‘worth it’ for any of the current HG’s to want back in the house, aside from Jessica (Cody!) πŸ™„
    So everyone is going to say “no!” The ONLY way I could see the majority saying yes is if Cameron wins & they know it’s Cameron coming back. They might feel bad & (possible) majority vote yes.
    The only other scenario is if Mark gets the renom & he ends up leaving, then we know Dom, Elena & MAYBE a few others might want him back & take the risk if they don’t know which evictee it is

    Regardless of who it is, it’s still another number pushing them further away from the $500,000 minus all your US outrages taxes!


    The end! ❀️
    πŸ™ŠI type this out hours ago (talk to type) & I forgot to post it! πŸ™Š

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