Big Brother 19 Episode 9 Recap: Tears, Filler And Broken Deals

Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 19 was a little reminder why production likes to throw in an extra competition into each season to have something to show during the Sunday episodes. Yes, I’m talking about the Ramses/Kevin/Raven filler. Yikes.

Anyway, the show picks up during the endurance Head of Household competition. Big guy Josh is the first one out, of course. The wall comps always do the big guys in first. Mark is next to fall, followed by Raven, Ramses, and Kevin.

Matt is the next one off the wall and some of the players are starting to sweat since Jessica is still up there. But about 10 minutes later she’s down and since Dominique was only holding out until Jessica dropped, she follows her off the wall. Dominique says she knows she and her team are safe now. Or are they?

Jason, Alex and Elena are the last three standing and it doesn’t take long for them to start discussing deals. The three of them agree that none of them will end up on the block. Jason agrees first and drops. That leaves Elena and Alex. Elena asks Alex to swear to protect her and the people she wants protected. Alex agrees so Elena drops. Alex is the new Head of Household.

Paul is happy Alex won because during the past week, they’ve been low-key forming a bond and now that she has power, they can seal the deal (translation: Paul will be able to control her HOH). Meanwhile, Jessica, though misusing the term “floaters” starts to work on her plan to stay this week. And she starts with Jason. He realizes that Jessica has no one on her side and her going home this week is pointless. Jason and Jessica decide they need to figure out how to get someone from the other side up, preferably Dominique.

Kevin and Jason decide to give Alex their input. They both tell her that she can’t squander this HOH on Jessica. Alex is open to someone else going home, but she says Jessica has to be on the block even if the plan is to backdoor someone. She tells Jason that if she puts up Jessica, she can try to convince the others there’s a rat in the house so that the target moves to someone else. That way, they won’t go after her and Jason next.

But what’s more important is that Paul also thinks Jessica shouldn’t be the target this week. So suddenly, watch Alex be certain to target someone else. Paul drops Mark and Dominique’s names to Alex. Paul uses the things Cody said during Dominique’s talk show against Dom and Mark, so the seeds have been planted.

Elena, however, remembers Alex’s promise and tells her that she has a little list of people she wants protected: Herself, Mark, Matt, Raven, Dominique and Paul. WHAT? That’s the entire other side of the house. Alex tells Elena she’s OK with that list expect for Dominique and Mark. And Elena isn’t happy about that. Paul comes in and Elena leaves the room. Paul convinces Alex that there is something going on with Dominique and Mark.

And since there’s not an extra competition to show during Sunday episodes, we get a Kevin/Ramses montage, a really silly V-Toad costume shunning and a Raven’s illness montage. Oh and Christmas! I almost forgot she even existed. She returns from surgery and it’s time to get her head back in the surgery.

Christmas explains that she had 10 broken bones and that one of the bones was so messed up that she had to receive a donor bone. She also tells the others that she will not get full mobility back in her foot and that eventually arthritis will set in and then another surgery will be required. She breaks down as do most of the others. And Jason feels awful because he knows he’s responsible for her injury.

Dominique decides to talk to Alex ahead of nominations. She tells her that she senses something is up. Dominique thinks that Elena is jealous of herself and Mark and is probably throwing her name out there. All that did was sketch Alex out some more since Dom threw some of her own side under the bus.

At the nomination ceremony, Alex breaks her deal with Elena and nominates Dominique for eviction. She does go ahead and put Jessica up as well, just to keep some of the houseguests happy … for now.

Can’t wait to find out who won the Power of Veto? Check our our spoilers page for more.


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    • That injury isn’t fun, but she’ll still able to walk and take care of herself. I was happy that I still could in the same situation. I can’t run any more, but that’s ok! Glass is half full, not half empty.

      • Wish they’d stop with the repeat showing of the event and move on, if her staying in the game is not an issue to the hg’s or production why do we have to keep being reminded of it, I cover my ears now so I don’t hear the sound.

      • That lovely bone crunching sound? Like the famous kid on the rope swing over the lake, a nice loud snap? The silly part is how it happened with some horseplay and was preventable. Oops! Oh well.

  1. Josh was off the wall first, not Mark..although Mark fell off soon afterwards..those wall comps are not made for big guys. I really hate these special effects..if that’s what you want to call them! I felt like I was watching Star Trek waiting for Scotty to beam me up with the whole V-Toad costume changes! And when Cody was seen “talking” to corny! Stop with these, BB..they are so silly! If Paul and Alex can keep their alliance hidden, things should be interesting.

    • Paul and Alex…with her Kitty Kat ears should just go away….oh…and Josh too! They were all like a bunch of groupies running up to him when he arrived.

    • I liked the secret (if it is a secret) relationship between Alex and Paul..I did not see on feeds the conversation between the 2 concerning Dom & Mark … Did Not have a clue that they discussed it… If only more HGs could keep secrets like that…

    • Well I’m sure there are some challenges where she can compete in such as a trivia challenge they had in a double eviction night in BB 18

      • I agree she can do competitions like that. It just seems unfair to let her still be there and simply opt out of the ones she can’t participate in. But to be fair, I haven’t been a fan of hers since the beginning, so I wouldn’t miss her. Many other players to watch still.

      • Without knowing anything about him, I said Ramses was going to win before the season kicked off. He looks to be on a good path with not a big target on his back, not getting power early in the game like Cody, and the only other players that don’t like him right now are Paul and maybe Jessica.

        Also, Kevin is another sleeper who also doesn’t have a big target on his back.

        With everyone feeling sympathetic for Christmas, I think she’ll also slip under the radar for awhile.

        I don’t know about Josh though, he seems like he could be a good competitor despite having a not so strong social game.

        But at the end of the day, no matter how you play the game, all you really have to do is win every pov, get hoh in the final 3, and then hope the jury votes for you. But I wouldn’t be surprised if production comes in and tweeks/rigs something so that completing the feat won’t happen…

      • I agree, especially with your last paragraph which is spot on! I kind of miss the old days (I wonder what Chicken George is up to) where production seemed to care less about interfering with the game. I mean, sometimes the drama they can cause is fun. But I really want to see the players…play! Without any help.

    • I agree. There is no point in her being there if she is not going to fully play in the comps.

  2. Alex seems to be under Paul’s spell. I thought she was just working with him for now but that seems to be her end game.

    • It’s too early to tell the future of their relationship. I’ve never any alliance solidified. They seemed to be working together to get further in the game..but taking out Paul is very tempting for a sure win.

      • I know it’s too early to tell. The game can change at any point. But I thought she based on her DR her aim is to get rid of the other side first. I just feel like she’s going to get targeted before Paul so she won’t be able to take him out.

      • I know, she’s sticking out as a good competitor, I think she needs Paul, someone to protect her, and vice-versa. She also has crazy Jason.

    • Ever consider she’s playing us as well? She knows Paul is a fan favorite. Who has won the temptations so far? Paul first, then his sidekick Christmas. Maybe she’s angling for the next advantage. Besides she knows she needs him to get in with the other side and to take the target off of her. By no means do I think she’d want to be sitting at F2 with Paul.

      • Nobody wants to sit with Paul at F2. I think she’s getting more credit as a strategist than she deserves but I’ll buy that for now. At this point the target can be placed on her when Paul decides she needs to go. This is the Paul show not the Paul and Alex show.

  3. Solid recap, Branden, but you need to be careful with your proofreading. You skipped Josh in the comp and you kept calling Jessica “Alex” and you said Elena won HOH, despite having just dropped (you clearly meant Alex, but you wrote Elena). Just a bit of FYI and a minor criticism. Keep up the good work.

    • It’s pretty unclear, so it’s not surprising that people are confused.

      I would say one group is Paul, Maven, Alex, Christmas, Kevin, Elena, Josh, and Jason
      Another group would be Ramses, Alex, and Kevin,
      And the outsiders are probably Mark and Dom.

      • There really are just showmances if you can even call them that. Just mostly friends outsiders and loners! There is no real alliances! Maybe some final 2’s? Nothing official yet!

      • Well I think Alex, Christmas, and Paul are for sure in the same group that aren’t a showmance, final 2, outsider, or loner. Alex and Kevin are really the only two people playing both sides of the house (you can probably throw in Jessica at this point as well). It’s not as organized as last season, as the four groups in Day 1 were pretty much four alliances to start out with. But other than that, it’s pretty much what you said.

      • True, but I doubt he’d have much success if Jessica, Dom, or Ramses won HOH. He’d probably go up on the block if that was the case. Alex and Kevin are really the only sure fires in my opinion who could go the next week without getting nominated barring an unusual event happening such as


        the Dom and Paul argument

      • Alex and Paul have secret alliance found out this week. It probably started with Paul’s HOH! Paul is against show mances for the most part. He wants to eliminate the show mances now! He wants Mark gone Dom Matt and even was ok with Alex back dooring Xmas! Paul is only out for himself but will use others to improve his game! I feel bad for Xmas not just because of her injury but because of how Paul is betraying her behind her back. She told him some private secrets and he has told her none! The veto advantage America gave her and also about her injury before she eventually told the house when she learned more after her surgery. Paul was the one who told Kevin to throw hinky vote on Ramses and not Cody. He could have told Xmas this but left her in the dark! This has caused more paranoia that Paul wants being the only vet and not in a show mance! Xmas is really on her own now. Even Maven has lost sympathy game wise. It is more interesting this season and even better without alliances for the most part as everyone will turn on anyone and make for great entertainment and a great season! Just wait till after Battle Back and Jury this house will go crazy! Going to be one of the top seasons ever I think. Lots more unpredictability! Thanks Perry!

      • Well put. However, there are a few things that stand out. Firstly, Xmas has the RoR. So if there’s a plan to backdoor Paul, there’s really nothing Paul can do about it (unless if there was another DOT that granted safety which would be kinda rigged). Secondly, Xmas can still play some comps, and I wouldn’t be surprised the production made a mental comp in a pov if she ever goes on the block. Finally, it’s hard to predict a winner for BB19 because as you said, there aren’t any major alliances. I’m sticking with Ramses for now, but Paul or Jessica could sink his boat. :S

      • The ROR can only be used in Veto comp I thought? She can remove a veto player and replace them with herself or maybe someone else? Not sure exactly how her temptation works? Xmas is a back door option and so is Mark for Alex’s HOH! I think a girl will win like last year! If Cody returns it could get crazy interesting! Alex Jess Elena or Raven by sympathy right now for the girls! The guys is wide open lots of individuals! It has and will be fun season! 3 days of Battle Back coming up. I am interested who will be the 1st to go after Paul as he has covered his bases so well with most of the house he is a front runner even being the only vet. If Cody returns he will actually work with Paul as Cody has 3 big targets in mind. Mark Matt and obviously Josh! Can you explain more of Xmas ROR?

      • Yeah exactly. So later in the game, if people decide to backdoor Paul, Xmas can use the ROR if Paul gets chosen to play in the veto comp. You can only use ROR on someone who is one of the three randomly selected HGs to play the POV.

    • I asked the same question a couple of days ago. I was told by another poster: “Basically there are 2 sides to the house. The outsides: Alex, Jason, Ramses, Kevin. The other side: Christmas, Paul (He’s kinda the leader I guess), Dominique, and the showmances. Then there’s just Jessica and Josh.”
      But to be honest, I don’t think anyone – including the players – knows what the sides are. It all seems vague and fluid, depending on the players’ moods.

  4. I was distracted watching the HOH comp. One of Jessica’s eyelashes was coming off.

  5. I didn’t mind the fillers at all. They’re a nice break from the game-play talk, which after a while is just HGs repeating themselves regarding strategy. When I’ve heard it once, I don’t need to hear it a dozen more times in different rooms.

  6. I think it was Josh who fell first and Alex is the new HOH not Elena.
    I don’t think is Jason’s fault since Christmas is a big girl who made the decision to ride on him. He tripped, they both fell and she got hurt. I do feel bad for Raven’s illness, but enough about that already and Christmas saying that her foot won’t be completely healed made me cry. I think I saw Jason feeling guilty and I think crying so it made me cry.

  7. I am so sick of Paul. He is annoying and I wanted to vomit when he came into the house. Big Brother, please stop recycling people from earlier years or other shows…please! Can’t stand Alex or Josh too. I hope Cody comes back. I’d much rather have him in the game!!!

  8. I like the addition of Kevin in BB 19. I would really like to see more people over 40 in future seasons. It does kinda give them an unfair advantage though since the younger people are getting rid of each other. I’ve only watched Big Brother since BB 18, but seeing how Glenn’s exit was a tragedy, it’s good to see Kevin doing well in the BB House and defying age. He’ll probably make it to jury at the least.

  9. People continue to comment on the fact that Christmas cannot play all the comps and how unfair that is. But think about all the HGs through the years who COULD play all the comps, but never won a single one! And let’s not forget that Dr. Will never won anything, yet he was crowned the winner of his season. And no one seemed to mind that his game was all social!! Needless to say, I am weary of all the comments about how unfair it is. Since when was Big Brother EVER fair? Either Christmas will make it to the end despite her broken foot, or she will be voted out when her number is up, just like everybody else.

    • I agree that Big Brother is anything but fair. But I also don’t consider Christmas the same as someone who actually tried to win a competition and failed. Sitting on the sidelines seems worse than being a floater to me. But that’s just my opinion. I do feel bad that she’s hurt.

    • I think some people think it is unfair because she would not be able to compete in a physical veto comp to help one of her team members if her name was picked. I’m not sure, maybe her name isn’t in the mix for vetoes she can’t compete in. I agree that it would not be fair if her name is in there. This could potential stop another team member from being chosen to help pull a teammate off the block.

      • See now I think it would be unfair if her name wasn’t able to be drawn for a comp she can’t compete in.
        For the ones she is forced to sit out of it should just be considered a loss on her part, and her team shouldn’t get an extra chance at being picked for it

  10. I wanted Dom to come back over Cody, but she is so annoying. I can’t take her in the house anymore. Is she talking to her family members. Who else will be interested in listening to her talk nonsense. If she quickly forgave why not join the others.

    • the word hypocrite comes to mind…i can’t with her i am so glad i chose not to give her any votes for the halting hex curse…

  11. It’s funny how not one of them realizes the one they all need to get out of that house is Paul. Every season we see HOH after HOH allow others to dictate the game. Alex should be looking for a way to get Paul out of there instead of Jessica or Dominique. She needs to ask herself who she would rather play against in comps. If she somehow got Paul on the block he would be history.

    • He’s protected for one more eviction, but even mentions he would be the next target if some other turmoil can’t be created. Seems to me that these HGs must live some pretty sheltered lives if they can’t spot a sociopath like Paul. Things will get a lot more sticky when the HG count gets down to 10 or so.

    • Couldn’t agree more, I think their game would be so different if Paul wasn’t there, I feel like it’s season 18 all over again: Paul, Paul, and more Paul. His 3 week, obviously planned, protection is even more nauseating.

  12. Funny how this deal was made to protect Elena’s pals and then Elena rattles off a list of half the house. :oD Asking a bit much, don’t you think? I was amazed that Alex didn’t set some limits on that deal. She must had been hurting bad.

  13. I’m thinking Xmas laid it on kinda thick when she got back, trying to get some sympathy points.

  14. I thought the Kevin and Ramses stuff was funny. I also didn’t mind the Raven part. Christmas coming back was sad. I feel bad for her. I hope she rethinks having it fused, I have a big plate and lots of screws in my ankle. I got arthritis before I was even done with pt, but there are meds they can inject to help. Fusion is permanent and a last resort imo.

  15. Christmas’s fall didn’t look like it warranted that much damage. Wow. Thats like being cursed by a car! Smh. Poor Christmas

  16. CBS should make big brother 2hr episode, or at least 90min. The episode compared to how things actually unfolded is like a trailer. Lol

  17. I have a hard time believing that her entire foot exploded from that little fall. I suspect she had undiagnosed microfractures from her CrossFit career.

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