Tonight On Big Brother 18: Live Eviction Vote Week 3

Tonight on Big Brother 18 the Houseguests head back inside the Diary Room to cast their votes in the latest eviction of the season. Ready to find out who will be sent off next to join the Battle Back twist?

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother

We’ve had a wibbly wobbly week as these Houseguests tried to make up their minds over who should be the one to go. Would it be their former & somewhat current ally, or the HoH’s close ally? Hmm. So many choices…

Yes, it looks like we’ll get a good bit of drama in tonight’s show thanks to an overnight vote flip and that’s going to make for an awesome live eviction at 9/8c on CBS. Even better though should be the Live Feeds that’ll follow the quick HoH competition.

Overnight the HGs were given images to study and that likely means we’ll have a True/False competition with a new Head of Household revealed by the end of the show. Frank needs to win this to avoid danger and Da’Vonne just might too as the newbies appear to be turning against them both. Good times ahead!

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We’ll be back here live for the 9PM ET broadcast and will be sharing all the spoilers and results live as it happens so join us for that fun because this should be a good one.

Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out, and who is the new Head of Household. What do you want to see happen in each of those decisions?


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  1. It’s about time they started actually playing the game. If this Blind Side goes through then I would call it day one of the actual game. It’s going to be good if it happens.

  2. Why would they get rid of Bronte. This will cause Frank to win HOH and possibly the other 2 comps as well. If he tries to win, there is a big chance he will. James is good at comps if he wants to so I hope he tries to get it. I know he won’t put up Da’vonne or Natalie.

    • They’re all idiots and not thinking of Frank being a competition beast when he’s under pressure. Tiffany staying will basically send red flags and fireworks in the sky for Frank to step it up. Why on earth they think they need Tiffany, who’s won absolutely nothing, to get rid of Frank blows my mind.

      • Who cares if Frank THINKS he’s running the house?

        DaVonne, (much like Danielle Danato during her second season) allowed her ego to dictate her strategy. She very well may be able to get Frank evicted, but she will quickly follow him out the door.

        Da most certainly should not have to put up with Frank’s BS, and she did get it in check, but she should have realized that keeping Frank as an ally at this point in the season would be VERY beneficial to her game.

        Frank would be able to act as her “meat shield”. Without Frank, she is much higher on the chopping block AND she has proven to be very inept at competitions.

        Frank is playing WAY too hard (just like Da), but he is a competition beast. It may prove to be much more difficult to get him evicted than Da imagines.

        It’s also possible that Da is only going to get “one shot”. If she misses, she’s going home. Keeping Tiffany has a much large cost than benefit, especially for DaVonne’s game. There is no reason to have started to initiate this big of a move at this time in the game.

        Ultimately no matter which way this ends, (with or without Frank’s eviction) this will cost DaVonne her game.

      • Apparently it’s a memory challenge and according to the updates I’ve read, Frank hasn’t been exactly paying attention while Tiffany supposedly has a great memory or sth.
        If Frank pulls out the win – and he’s the only one on his team actually competing for the win, I assume, then he’ll most likely target Da’vonne and the others don’t really care about that.

      • I think if and I mean IF he wins HOH, he will just not jump the gun but think it out and wind up putting three of the former 8 pack on the block. The last one would mean he WOULD HAVE to win the RK as well.

      • Frank won the Road Kill memory challenge, so don’t discount his seemingly lack of attention…he’s constantly watching, listening and observing. He’s pretty darn good at memory games.

      • The HOH is something you have to study for its not something Frank can just wing at the last moment. He’s not preparing in advice because he doesn’t think he has to win. That just leaves POV and Roadkill Competitions that he can win.

    • I’m losing a bit of respect for James … he’s just putting more thought into Natalie than game.

      • This is how James plays the game. He did the same thing with Meg even though she never gave him any reasons to believe anything would happen between the two. James seems to be safe for now and he knows it, but once he realizes anyone is after him, then he’ll start playing harder.

    • They were going to vote to appease Frank to surprise evict him next time. Now they think he will be rattled at the unforseen vote, he will know he’s not in charge and have a temper meltdown and lose concentration for the HOH, plus he said he doesn’t want this one and hasn’t studied. Also, his team members Michelle and Paulie are throwing it so he can’t win or so they said. I have no idea how the team thing will work but it has so far.

      • I think his meltdown will be temporary because once he sees they went against him, he’ll focus on the comps.

      • It’ll be fun to watch, I can’t wait. They all keep saying he’ll be too frazzled to compete, that’s the motive behind this.

  3. I can’t stand Tiff but I really hope they stick with this vote flip ‘cuz it will turn the dynamic of the whole house on its HEAD!!! And depending on who wins HoH after Bronte is evicted, we could see some of the BEST BB DRAMA in YEARS!!! YES!!!

    • I don;t see that happening either. Every year someone always they need the drama in the house. It never happens.

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