Tonight On Big Brother 18: HoH Comp & Nominations

Get ready for Big Brother 18 tonight with the cliffhanger HoH results and the next to last round of nominations with only five Houseguests left in the race and another one set to be voted out in the follow on episode. The season is nearly over.

Victor watches the HoH comp - Source: CBS

We had just watched as Natalie Negrotti was voted out and sent to Jury and that means it was time to crown a new HoH with the return of the slip & slide endurance competition and it’ll all play out in tonight’s show.

Victor watched from the sidelines while Paul, James, Corey, and Nicole competed for control of the HoH room this week. The F4 alliance only needed to beat out James if they were going to stick to the plan, but would that really happen?

By the end of the night we’ll have the nominations revealed and be ready for Tuesday’s special Veto & Eviction episode (8/7c on CBS) with events taped the day before. That means our Feeds are likely down for Monday and Tuesday but back after the next show to get us ready for Wednesday’s live eviction show (8/7c). After that it’s the F3 competing for the end game with a three round final HoH battle royale. Big things ahead for these last few Houseguests.

If you can’t wait until tonight’s Big Brother show then check out our spoilers with the HoH results, who was put on the block, and even who won the Power of Veto last night. Big moves ahead for the Houseguests this week.

Join us back here at 8/7c and chat live with other fans throughout the show. Want even more Big Brother? Download our Big Brother App, join us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates.


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  1. I just can’t get myself to vote on whom to evict this week. I really hate to see either of them leave. I have already decided that all my votes are going for Vic to win AFP if he is voted out this week. Totally think he is deserving of it! He has made BB18 interesting and he hard fought his way this far.

    • Victor is my favorite guy and Nicole is my favorite girl. I really am going to hate to see Victor go. I wish James was leaving instead.

      • I feel the same way. I have wanted Corey to go to the end with Nic..but he just keeps doing and saying things that I don’t like concerning Nic. Vic has shown more respect for Nic and I think he truly cares about her. Wish she would save Vic today!! But I would be afraid Corey would retaliate and put Nic up? Uuugghh!

      • Nope, I liked her best from the beginning. I loved Day’s DR sessions thought she was hilarious. Her game play was terrible though. Never cared for Michelle or Natalie. Bridgette was ok. Bronte drove me insane. I don’t think Z had a clue. Tiffany was alright. She never had a chance though because of Vanessa.

      • ITA. That’s why James is one of my favorites. And I truly believe that he has genuine feelings for Natalie and wasn’t using her–like Corey and Paulie did.

    • Yes, I’m not voting for either to be evicted, things are going to be boring with Nicorey and James left. Feel sorry for Paul being left with the layabout triplets. Can’t believe that James has lucked into being in the F4 and he’s still obsessing about the AFP. Such a disappointing season overall. If Vic goes, then my only choice to win is Paul.

      • James probably doesn’t have friends in his real life and needs America’s approval to feel good about himself. He has been obsessed with what America thinks since he entered the house.

      • James is a very genuine person and generally this will draw people your way. Pretty sure he has many friends.

      • The whole thing is complicated.. You can’t really explain everything and convince anyone on a thread. so I expect to hear the same convo every f’ing year.

      • I know…I know. I was kidding. It is complicated. Something I finally figured out. Something I’m still trying to reconcile. I’m not going to stop watching. I don’t think it’s ‘rigged.’ I do think HG’s are nudged and given suggestions to maybe make things more interesting. I think there are preferential edits. It IS complicated. I get it. Whatever. It is what it is. As Forrest Gump would say, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

      • Editing can make you look like crap, they can make you look like a hero. and I agree with everything you said. If some people would do their homework, There’s a lot of good read about this subject matter. From 1950’s scandal “the quiz show” to the present. Understanding Productions economic side, Federal regulations..etc. etc.

      • Exactly—the Quiz Show scandal is a great example of how that kind of thing can never happen again. The movie only touched on it.

      • Because of that Congress passed laws (supposedly) prevent that from happening again…I specialized on ‘slip and fall’ the fake ones remember?. haha

      • That’s right! lol…how did that start?
        Hey, speaking of “Quiz Show,”–I love John Turturro. Did you happen to catch him in HBO’s “The Night Of”—OMG, he was phenomenal.

      • You have to. He and the other lead, Riz Ahmed are freaking amazing. It’s an 8 part series…so you have to put some time into it. But it’s worth it. It’s beautifully written and acted. It’s a murder mystery. It sucks you in. I watched the whole thing in one sitting. Anyway—check it out.
        I’m out for the night. Take care Mickey. Yup, yup. 3peat. Wikiliki. Drek.

      • You’re probably not interested on Jeff Ross roasting Boston Cops..then the Prisoners in Jail Roast..well, that’s what I watched last (comedy central)

      • Oh I missed it!! I’ll go watch it On Demand right now. I love that guy. Did you watch him when he went to the prison?

      • No..anyway, watch it. Very uncomfortable at times,in the beginning, but successful in the end. It’s political. You get to hear both sides.

      • I was watching Bill Maher interview him about the police roast, and he said it didn’t go well at first. I really want to see it though. I realized I asked you the question you had already answered…the Prisoners in Jail Roast…that’s what I was talking about. Anyway, I’ll go watch that now. My dad was a cop in the late 50’s, early 60’s. he was a prick. Not a good cop. My Mom made him quit the force.

  2. And here was the other half of Paul’s problem. The more times he dropped, the more butter ended up on his lane.

  3. Oo! Hello edit! They cut production having to help out Nicole when the comp broke down on her.

    Watch them do it for Paul, too.

    • Yeah, it’s always rough to watch when they’re this naive about the nature of the game. And Vic seems to be a good guy, too, which makes it even worse.

    • Yeah, it’s always rough to watch when they’re this naive about the nature of the game. And Vic seems to be a good guy, too, which makes it even worse.

      • That’s the thing with Vet players. They don’t have to be cued. They know how to work with the camera. It’s so natural for them.They know what Production wants to see. …I just hope there would be no more ‘returning players’

      • Their editing is getting more cheesier. lol..Doesn’t seemed to be effective. I guess for the feeders it’s laughable.

      • I’m not surprised. I bet you TV viewers love James..I mean..look at how wonderful he is. lol His TV edit is for AFP. lol

      • Excuse me while I go heave the contents of my stomach into the toilet. I wouldn’t vote for him for anything but ‘throwing most comps.’

      • LOL! I watched ‘Limitless Pill’ after the ‘Limitless’ trailer on YouTube…I’ve got to watch that movie. Yeah, editing did a great job with the high speed rates! Really good job.
        It makes me incredibly sad that Vicxtor has no chance in hell of making it past this week. He did such a great fricking job. I still laugh though, when I remember him telling Paul, “I have no idea how this game is played!” That was FUNNY.

  4. Vicxtor has one of the most heartfelt and contagious laughs I’ve ever heard.
    BTW, he can try and win my heart comp anytime.

  5. So happy to see this trio back together. Nat-Nat was grating, but Corey’s harmless, James is harmless, and I’m rooting for Nicole.

    And, okay, Vic is harmless, but he’s unbeatable. As for Paul… well, he’s got a good social game, but he’s not a good person.

  6. I love Vic, he’s putting the screws to Corey with Nicole. Vic isn’t dumb. He’s actually helping nicole with

  7. I love Vic, he’s putting the screws to Corey with Nicole. Vic isn’t dumb. He’s actually helping nicole with

  8. This is probably the best edit production has ever done! I love crazy tricks like this.

    Also, this is by far the cleanest this house has been all summer.

    • lol. Great move from his part, but his mama must’ve raised a B…. since it has been his behavior for most of the season. Not more than Paulie though.

      • Yeah Paulie certainly set a negative tone that a lot of the guys followed. Some have redeemed themselves (Victor), some not so much

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