Tonight On Big Brother 18: HoH Comp & Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother 18 the cliffhanger results from last week’s endurance competition will be revealed along with the outcome of the Jury Battle Back twist.

Big Brother 18 Jurors

After the house decided against the last minute flip and evicted Victor Arroyo he had a shot at getting back in the game but he’d have to fight through four more players to get there. Ready to find out what happened?

The full endurance comp played out on the Live Feeds so we got the chance to watch along on James’s favorite competition, one he has conquered all three times he’s faced it. Yeah, real original, Big Brother. Definitely time for a new mix of challenges.

Remember that whichever of the five Jurors lasts the longest is earning a spot back in the game with the other four heading right back to the Jury House. That’s something I’m guessing Paulie would love to avoid. Now it’s time to see how it all played out.

If you can’t wait until tonight’s Big Brother show then check out our spoilers with the HoH results, who was put on the block, and even who won the Power of Veto last night. Big moves ahead for the Houseguests this week.

Join us back here at 8/7c and chat live with other fans throughout the show. Want even more Big Brother? Download our Big Brother App, join us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates.


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  1. At first I was rooting for Bridgette to win. Bridgette didn’t deserve to get evicted the way she did. Very nasty. Especially since Ratcole played a part in it. But then I found out she is a feminist. So I’m glad Victor won. He deserved to win.

    • lol…Sooooo ur saying that because Bridgette was a feminist that Bridgette didn’t deserve to be able to play BB and that she should have been evicted cause shes a feminist and did not deserve a chance to play the jury comp to possibly return to the game/house because she a feminist. I would like to here ur views on lesbians and gays being allowed to play BB…Do u have a problem with Catholics Jews Baptist or Methodist (any religion) playing the game? Do u prefer Democrats or Republicans be allowed to play?? Just what is ur preference as to what a BB contestant should be??

      • L0L But being anti feminist isn’t being anti woman since many men are feminists too. And, last I checked lesbians are women and they are good people.

      • There’s always one bad apple in either sex! :-) It really all boils down to character than gender! :-)

      • Feminist is not the same as female. Mena re feminists too. Feminists, by definition, are evil, hateful sexist racist scumbags. not to mention delusional, dangerous, and anti freedom Nazis. Most people, including women, don’t see themselves as fmeinists (about 20% either gender). However, majority of people are all for equality.
        Also, your reply suggests a lot. You say feminists (whicha re both women and men) can label an entire gender scum because of one person. btw, That is the defintion of sexism and stereotyping and prejudice.
        I’m 100% for equal rights. If someone is for equal rights it means they are anti feminism. PERIOD.

      • You and ‘The’ have seriously issues when it comes to women. SERIOUS ISSUES. You need psychiatric intervention. I hope neither of you are married or have female children.

      • I have no issue with women. I have issues with feminists, which by the way, include men. So, by your logic, I’m also sexist against men.
        Feminism is nto about equality. Maybe 100- eyars ago it was but things change and modern feminism is no longer about equal rights it is about believing men are rapist monsters and women are weak and pathetic and need to be babied?
        I believe women are strong individuals who can take care of themselves and don’t need to be treated like fragile little kids. I know plenty of strong women and they don’t need to be protected by evil manspreading, satanic mansplaining, ‘toxic masculinity’ or so called ‘rape culture’.
        P.S. the worst kind of feminists are male feminists.
        I am an equalist. If you are for equality than that is what you should be too. :)

      • Feminist is label. And any self respecting woman would not identify themselves as such, needs to understand that it’s coming from a place of hatred towards men. If you choose to be angry at someone of a certain gender for what they said to another gender, but completely ignore the fact that women are far more likely to say awful things about other women, than men are. That’s hate.How can you ignore the fact that women say horrible things about other women, all the time, but be mad when one guy says something about women?

      • When referring to men that I may have issues with I simply use the term “dickhead”.. If the “label” fits…

  2. I can’t believe I ever liked Nicole in 16. She was so sweet then. But ever since she’s transformed to Ratcole, that sweetness is gone. If she loses, then coming back was a big mistake bc America has gone from loving her, to hating her.

  3. One of the reasons why BB loves to cast young people is because they are so gullible. It seems that this season they are constantly telling them to stop breaking the rules.
    Victor wants to shave and production is not allowing him to, but if it is not part of his contract he could do whatever he wants and they can’t kick him out or he could sue.

    • That’s strange that they won’t let Victor shave especially since they allowed Paulie to get his “friendship” haircut so that he looked just like Paul. Now that should have been banned as he looked hideous but then again we’re talking about Paulie who probably thought he looked good in those short shorts.

    • It’s just for continuity purposes. It’s not that he can’t shave forever, they just need to edit several days together. And they can’t do it if he has a beard in one scene, and clean shaven in the next. Once the week is over, he would be allowed to shave again.

      • Ok. I see you have inside info. That makes sense. I do hope he keeps a little bit. Maybe a goatee.

      • Corey is such a wimp. All he’s done all summer is lay on his back with Nichole by his side. Now there’s a pair of floaters if ever I saw any!!

    • Thanks for the info on my Louisiana Homeboy Victor and his unkempt beard. Glad to know that he wants to shave and BB is making him wear that unGODly mess on his face. He should do what he feels looks good on him and that helps his outside the house, future income.

  4. Paulie and those shorts…he looks so ridiculous! What guy wears shorts like that..I know my husband would not be caught dead in a pair of those! Guess he has to wear shorts that match his personality..”short man syndrome.” Jerk.

  5. So who pissed in most everyone’s coffee on this thread? Why all the bashing of feminism and being politically correct? Is it because some people want to make jokes, but will be called out on it now?

    • She was freeeeezing. Da couldn’t stand the cold water either. They lasted a mere 17 minutes. I wouldn’t have lasted 1 minute. I hate feeling cold.

  6. Does anyone know what that sparkly stuff is, that Paul uses on his beard? And more importantly, why?

  7. Just saw that it was true. The water toward James was not hitting him straight on him like the other. Everybody was talking about it on twitter Thursday night.

    • “They’re all gonna laugh at you!” from the movie Carrie keeps going through my head when he fell to grace.

  8. James is the biggest idiot in the world. why would he call out Natalie wanting Vic to stay. Nicole still won’t put them up.

  9. James quit lying you didn’t give her anything. You were ready to fall and that’s the only reason you made a deal.

  10. You don’t team up with the best players in the house BECAUSE you can’t beat them in the end.

    • But like she said it’s better then having them against her. Let P/V and N/J go after each other while she stays in the middle.

      • She’s playing for 4th place. If Victor or Paul would have been evicted, it would have been 5 against 1. I’d take those odds.

      • But Nat or James might get one of them out. It all depends on who wins the next HOH where this game goes.

      • And Nat and James are going to be mad she voted Michelle out and figure out their final 4 deal.

      • I don’t think so. Nicole is not going to blindside them. She is planning to tell James she wants Michelle out because Michelle is after her and she wants her gone.

      • Lol…I don’t want any of them to win. Can Derrick win even though he didn’t play this season? Lol. I’m just kidding.

  11. So Paul has been working Nic for a week? lol He’s also instrumental on flipping this game…Well, yeah, he’s obnoxious, but he’s doing a good job lol

  12. Remember GinaMarie from BB15, well, she tweeted that:
    “Just a warning to Natalie I think ur a cool Chic , but if you break my boy @AsianJamesBB17 heart , I’m gonna have to break your face.”

    What ?????

  13. Even when he volunteered to be a pawn, which I don’t like, is strategic. Everything he does is calculated.

      • The way Nicole explain it, make sense. For now evict Michelle and keep both F4 deal alive. But what if anybody finds out.

      • Regardless, I think Paul and Vic stay and they will run the house. Get rid of James, Nicole and Victor and keep Natalie as a final 3. One of them has to take a floater because together will cause one of them the game and it may be Paul.

      • Not Nat….please. I don’t think Paul will pout if Vic takes the win! He as much said so during one of his “cam” talks.

      • I do think Paul’s plan was to take either Michelle or Natalie to the end since they are both floaters. I know him and Michelle had their fight so only Nat is left. Nichole is not a good option to take.

      • That was my final three choice, but I think they will honor Nichole since she may save them this week.

      • I’m kind of hoping is Paul since I like Michelle, but then Victor will be left alone to fend for himself and he may get evicted again. I think Vic should make a deal with Michelle if he suspects Paul will be leaving. She needs a partner.

      • I’m praying Paul will go!! I think everyone has seen enough of him for a lifetime. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or met someone who’s so very impressed with himself and loves the sound of his own voice. He’s definitely his own biggest fan!! He’s the only contestant who’s ever demanded an explanation as to why he’s been nominated for eviction!! Maybe it’s because no one really likes your overbearing personality, Paul!!!!

      • What about Corey? You think Nic will let him go before James? James will beat Corey when he needs to.

      • I think James will have to get rid of Corey and that is probably his plan since he has this obsession with saving Nicole. I believe James wants to take Nicole to the end and get rid of anyone who is an obstacle. I hope they both go home before Natalie and Corey.

      • Depending on how good she can bs, she should be able to explain why she decided to evict Meech…she’s done it once to James on HoH comp.

      • This is no big deal, but she is a dimwit.
        I think Nicole should tell James that she really wants Michelle out because she’s after her and Corey is voting her out. She wants Nat and James to do the same. I think James can figure out that Vic will not vote Paul out either and it will be a tie if he doesn’t vote Nicole’s way.

      • I think she’s buying time. Where ever the pendulum swings in the coming weeks. She can swing back and forth…so getting Meech out could be a safe move for her game…we’ll see.

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