‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Nicole & Corey Reaffirm New Final Four Deal

All the power lies with Nicole and Corey this week on Big Brother. Now that we’re through both the Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions the duo can take nearly any direction they want to help shape the remainder of Big Brother 18, but is this new plan their best option?

Nicole and Corey form a F4 with Victor and Paul

Even before this latest round of the week’s challenges took off there was hard work being put in by Paul to better position his and Victor’s stance in the game with the house potentially dividing and now those efforts are paying off.

Leading up to the previous eviction Paul and Victor had worked to make it appear as though Paul would be teaming up with Nicole & Corey to up their chances of James and Natalie turning against Nicorey and possibly voting out Corey instead of Victor. Well that part of the plan didn’t work out but the seeds Paul planted with Nicole over not trusting James and company appear to have paid off.

When the HoH comp came down to Nicole and James with promises from each for total safety I thought this week was about to be a repeat of the last round as we pressed on to a F4 of the two showmances. Not so fast. Nicole was quick to decide with Corey that this was their chance to team with the stronger duo of Victor and Paul instead of targeting them like James and Natalie wanted. Nicole determined she wouldn’t target Paul but instead go after Michelle.

There were worries and concerns along the way as she wanted to wait for ACP’s reveal to see if that’d change their plans. Nope. Corey won it and received only a $5K leverage instead of a true game changer reward. Then there came the Veto competition, another chance for Nicole’s plans to be thwarted. Nope again. Nicole pulled off that win. All the power and prizes this week went to Nicole and Corey. They’re in control. So did those ambitious plans change for them?

Last night soon after the Veto comp had ended we saw Paul stressing that he hadn’t won and his game would be in the hands of Nicole. This week there are going to be four votes which means Nicole could be a tie-breaker and if things keep going in their current direction then she’ll have to do just that.

Victor is for sure voting to keep Paul while James and Natalie are currently planning to keep Michelle. Thanks to the new alliance between Victor & Paul and Nicole & Corey we’re still hearing from Corey that he’ll also be voting to keep Paul. That’d send the decision to Nicole who doesn’t want to have to tie-break but I think she’d rather do that than to name a renom which would have been Natalie if it came to it.

While Paul was stressing post-Veto we saw Victor checking in with Nicole and Corey. Nicole promised Victor they were still good for keeping their foursome together and she wanted to make sure they weren’t going to be betrayed. Victor pledged loyalty from both him and Paul then shortly after left the room. Flashback to 4:46 PM BBT 8/27 to watch what follows.

Nicole turned to Corey and noted they could get either of those guys out this week. “I’m just saying. Think about it,” Nicole tells Corey before adding “I don’t want to though.” Yes, even in private Nicole and Corey are still on board to work with the two guys.

Both Corey and Nicole agree that at the very least they need Michelle out. “If Meech is here then she’s putting us up,” says Nicole. Yes, if Michelle wins HoH she just might. If Paul went this week then Michelle, Natalie, and James just might think they could reel Victor back to their side and then they’ll all go after Nicole and Corey. Several different ways that could all turn out, but this one way is Nicole’s fear.

So instead their plan is to keep Victor and Paul together with the hopes that those two will target James and Natalie who would in turn be targeting the guys instead of Nicole and Corey. Not a bad plan at all and it’s working out very nicely for Nicole here.

She decided against nominating James like she originally planned and that let her hide the plans to turn on Natalie and James. Then when she won Veto it meant there’d be no more nominations this week if she chose to keep Paul and Michelle on the Block. Lastly when it comes down to a tie-breaker James and Natalie will want Nicole to evict Paul but with Michelle’s past comments about targeting Nicole she has a strong case to explain why she broke the vote against Michelle instead of Paul.

Looks like Nicole and Corey have taken over James and Natalie’s middle ground spot. At least for this week they have.

What do you think of the duo’s plan? Is it a good idea to be aligning with Victor and Paul and will it last beyond Thursday night? We’ll be down to just six HGs and only a few more eviction shows to go. Check out the eviction show schedule for the rest of Big Brother 18 to see how quickly this will all go down then share your thoughts below on what you want to see happen next.


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  1. Should James stay this week and at this point, I am not sure he will stay. A lot can happen between now and the VETO ceremony. Anyways, should he stay, Nicole may be in trouble is Paul and Victor play I am with the power this week and try to convince James to put up Nicole and Corey. It wouldn’t be much of a convincing since James is easily manipulated to do these things. Nicole needs to look out beyond this week is all I am saying.

    • Right WW, Nicole shouldn’t burn her bridges with James and Nat since they could end up being useful to her when needed.

    • Victor or Paul can’t stand James or Natalie ! They HAVE TO WIN BOTH THE HOH AND THE VETO NEXT WEEK OR ONE OF THEM IS GONE!

      • Even if they do Nichole will be safe because the Midget and Fake Tits are obsessed with taking out Paul and Victor

      • You do realize that Paul has floated to whoever has been in power each and every week. Excpet his own which he let Paulie run it for him.

      • Yes I realize that…..Isn’t that the idea? Get to the dance so that you CAN dance….I think he’s the smartest player in the game..just my opinion

  2. Me’h

    Nicorey had the #s to make final 4, and a better shot of actually winning the game going with James and Nicole, with the added security of having Michelle being a vote for their side because she was tied to James/Natalie before getting her out after getting Paul and Victor out.

    Anyone sitting next to Victor will not win, unless he does something completely horrendous like kicking a baby, or knocking over an old woman.He has too many wins, and battled back twice without becoming an instant target.

    #runonsentencesftw :)

    • Hell if he knocked over a old lady I would still vote him for the win just because he had the balls to knock her over. Doesn’t make him any better of a player but still.

      • For me to vote for Paul to win, he has to win a HoH and make a big move himself instead of having someone else do it for him. When he was HoH, he made Paulie’s move, when Vic was HoH he had him nom Paulie. I want to see him make a move and own it. He has played strong otherwise and for the most part I enjoy watching him. My preference stays with Vic though.

      • Without making his own moves, he is not that strong of a player. Even ones like him can lose a POV comp.

      • My preference is for Vic as well, however, Paul is playing a great game. I don’t think the fact that he hasn’t won a lot of comps changes that. Look at Dr. Will…His entire strategy was to *not* win comps, but he made other people nominate his targets for him through his spectacular social game.

      • Nicole does owe James a favor..but she owes Natalie nothing same as James owes Corey nothing…

      • Yep, she did not promise Nat safety just as James didn’t promise Corey safety either.

      • But James threw Corey a safety line last week and voted out Victor. He needs to understand this……….Never mind, this is Corey we are talking about, I doubt he understand anyything at all.

      • Don’t feel that Corey owes James anything, he didn’t vote to keep Corey he wanted Vic out. He’s jealous of Vic because he knows Gnat likes him.

      • If that is indeed the case then still he threw Corey a bone. He could have easily voted out Corey instead of Victor. He may be a tad bit jealous of him still Victor is a comp beast and that is what he was looking at. I guess this week if he votes to evict Paul, then he is jealous of him too.

      • Actually apparently now he is jealous that Gnat calls Paul Babe! that is how ridiculous he is. The reality is that James is jealous of Vic based on earlier conversations James has had with Gnat. And yes, Vic is good at comps which is another reason to get him out. My point was that Corey doesn’t owe James anything because the vote really was to oust Vic not save Corey.

      • All Paul has to do is tell Michele that Nat has been calling Corey babe and winking at him and the whole thing would just blow up. when it comes back around to Paul, he should then throw Michelle under the bus. Michelle goes home and the house is upset and Victor and Paul can cruise to HoH with the only one who can prove that Paul was lying already in the jury house.

      • Haha I know did you hear him asking her not to call Paul babe? Ridiculous. I agree James is jealous and intimidated by Vic that is why he wants him gone, it had nothing to do with Corey.

      • I doubt James is jealous of Paul! Vic and Paul are the 2 strongest players in the house and will win if not evicted! It is that simple! Corey and Vic I can see James being jealous of but Corey was never interested in Natalie! I think Nat knows this deep down. Corey was only interested In Nicole! Corey may be Bi but that is all speculation. Nicole is definitely his type. He had a GF back home for 9 years. I forget when they broke up but I hope NICOREY and JATALIE work outside of the house! I believe both are genuine showmances. However somebody would have to move! Natalie has said she will move to Texas to be close to James! She is the only one that actually calls him her real boyfriend on the after dark feeds! She also says she is so happy they met and wants to try outside of the house. She has said she loves when James massages her and touches her. She has called him her cute lovable Koala bear! She has real feelings for him. James has no reason to be jealous. He has Natalie. He just better not mess up when she moves to Texas for him!

      • I agree Natalie is out of his league but she said she does not usually date guys with six packs. I am neither blind nor stupid! Do you even watch the after dark feeds? Most people do not and have no clue what is really going on in that house! Nat and James may not end up together after show but that does not mean she does not care about him. She is probably moving to Texas to be with him afterwards. Like she said there are no gaurantee’s that they get married after the show but they both want to date each other after the show and see what happens which is fair! So Bill are you saying she will just blow him off completely after show? They would like to do The Amazing Race together too. I never thought she would like him more as a friend either but why would she say things like James is my real boyfriend and I am dating an Asian guy and I love when he touches and massages me etc! She has told everyone in that house her feelings for James is real and that she gets upset that everyone thinks she is fake! She has also told the viewers separately too. Don’t ever call me stupid BILL! That is crossing a line! I do not attack anyone here! How much of the show and after dark feeds do you watch? Watching the 3 shows each week only tells you obvious stuff. Without watching all or most of the after dark feeds you will be lost as things change by the hours minutes in that house. Even watching as much as I do I still do not know everything but I do know plenty. I like Jatalie and if it does not work out so be it. I do think they are best showmance in a long time!

      • You are right. I don’t watch as much as you do. You can’t really think that anything is ever going to happen between Midget Man and a girl like her though. You have to be blind to not see that she is just using him. Whatever though, you are obviously a huge Midget fan and thats great. It would be boring if we all thought alike. But a girl like Natalie ever hooking up with James the Midget is like thinking that ………better not say cause i don’t want to offend anyone….

      • Bill so many BB fans make quick decisions and do not know what is truly going on unless you watch atleast 50% bare minimum of the after dark feeds! Things can get confusing as friendships and alliances change and people are wondering what is going on because they only watch the 3 edited shows the way CBS PRODUCTION wants! Watching those 3 short shows only tells you like 5% if that on all the alliances betrayals funny stories grossmances etc Only watching most or all of the live feeds do you know what is really going on! The odds are against them but distance may not be a problem if she moves to Texas for Jmaes like she is planning! How many clips of these 2 have you seen? I agree it is SURPRISING but that does not make it fake like everyone was thinking in the BB house and lots of BB fans are mixed on them. For a long time I doubted their showmance but she has said so much in the after dark feeds in bed with James and there conversations are more real than lots of people I know. She has said to many specific things about their relationship that no matter what happens outside the house their are real feelings there besides friendship. They may just end up being friends in real life but will date outside of the house and see what happens? I never thought she would give him a shot but she really is! Also she has had boyfriends that were ugly before and her family and friends were surprised by this but James is probably the 3rd nice guy she has dated. So this is not a 1st time like most fans think. She would not be calling him her BF and talking about getting TAT on her butt with James face on it etc She loves his personality character and finds him cute like a Koala bear like she mentioned in the after dark feeds! Girls would not go this far talking to live feeders about their relationship by herself about James. She loves his massages and loves James touching her! The list goes on. I do not think it will work outside the house but I have hopes for them as I think they are sweet couple. The nicest couple in BB. We shall see about Nicorey outside the house too! If it works out you owe me 2 apologies! 1 for the STUPID comment and the other if they shock the world! Yes I am rooting for them as I am a huge fan of both! However James just made critical error just hours before HOH wall comp which he should have won and not thrown to NICOLE! For the 2nd time this year James opened his fat mouth and this time it may cost him and Nat the game! He said in front of everyone that Nat wanted Vic to stay when Vic and Corey was on the block and now Nicole has alliance with Vic and Paul and James has no clue Michelle is going to jury and that he and Nat are all alone now once M is voted out 3-2 with Nic as tiebreaker being HOH! Nicole decided to trust Vic and Paul and go with them instead of the original plan with Jatalie! Do you know all of this?

      • Well see! Do you even watch the after dark feeds??? Natalie has real feelings for James!!!

      • She was crushing on Vic first until he said something to her about her sweats dragging the floor and what she eats…then she freaked out and said he’d called her fat and a slob or something like that. It was a long time ago, but Vic and Corey were talking about it the other night.

      • So true! I haven’t heard him make any moves. When he won double eviction, he depending on Paulie to tell him what to do!

      • I will be so happy once James is evicted because then I don’t have to see him ever again. he absolutely disgusts me.

      • Agreed. James rarely keeps his word. That is why Frank was not that surprised when he found himself nominated by James after James had swore to keep Bridgett and Frank safe if Bridge dropped out of the HOH comp.

      • Outside of the house Nicole and James are friends.What kind of friend puts a knife in your back and twists it?

  3. If the noms stay the same and Dingus has to do a tie breaker she will show her hand to James and Natalie. Maybe This will be enough to jump start James to win the Next HoH and put up Nichole and Paul which leaves the option if one comes down to swap out Dingus for Doofas and send Paul out of the house. It all boils down to James actually winning the next HOH.

      • Corey needs to go next with that attitude. He didn’t have any problem during the DE winning comps so he could save Paulie I noticed. I hope Nicole wakes up and starts to see Corey can’t be trusted and ditches him (gamewise at least) for Victor.

      • It showed me that Corey had probably been throwing comps all season and that when necessary he might be able to win if he tried.

      • Hey, I remember that song, Fifth Dimension wasn’t it?
        I can dig it, you can dig it, we can dig it, …

      • I can’t even remember the name of the song but it was amazing how fast they could say ‘dig it’ without messing up :D

      • Exactly. The guy doesn’t have any problem burning animals alive and torturing them if he could, he thinks it’s funny. He’s also racist, he’s clueless about anything that’s going on around him and he refuses to do anything to play this game for real besides. Why would he deserve the prize money? Even second place makes no sense for this doofus.

      • OMG! Yes, was that not horrifying when he was talking about him and his buddies messing around and trying to set a goat on fire??!! It took him sooooo long to realize none of the other HG were smiling or laughing!! That totally disgusted me.

      • Alright I must have missed the part where he was being racist. Can you go back just a bit and learn me that part.

      • After the Michelle blindside I expect both James and Natalie will be motivated to win.

      • You would think and hope so but then again we are talking about the King of throwing comps here.

      • Wait a minute Willie, did you forget James has a child and needs the money more than probably anyone else in this year’s cast.?
        He has plenty of motivation to start winning stuff when the time is right. The question is will he be able to decide when the time is right.

      • Victor probably doesn’t know it yet but his family house in Louisiana is probably under water. I think he needs it more than anybody else.

      • There is a chance that his family’s house is under water but I would venture to say that it isn’t because if it was we would have already heard about it.

      • That would be horrible! I think the major flooding was in Baton Rouge not New Orleans though.

      • I’ve given Corey a break because of his ADD. But him telling Nicole he didn’t want to study the comp that kept them up all night then telling her yesterday he didn’t want to win HOH I’m done giving him a break. WTF is he there for? The only reason I want him to stay for now is I think he’d go before Nicole and I want Nicole in the F2.

      • But NIcole is relying on Victor and Paul to keep her and him safe instead of teaming up with the side that could possibly give her the win. I am sorry but that is not the smartest move she made. You align with those that not only give you the numbers but with those that can keep you safe and the ones you can beat or at least have a chance to beat. Her alliance with Victor and Paul shows me she isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. Not that Corey is any sharper mind you but I think just sharp enough to beat James and Natalie in F4.

      • It shows me that she is making the smartest move. Why would she align with James and Natalie that are working with Michelle that wants Nicole gone? That would be a real stupid move to align with 3 people that are working together. Especially since she can’t play for HOH all she would have is Corey because if she sends Paul out Victor will be against her. James even said today once Victor is gone Corey knows he will put up Nicole and Corey. They won’t put up Michelle. She is the only one playing a smart game.

      • Nicole could have made the deal (not that James would keep it) that Michelle will have to go in order for her to work with them. I said at the beginning of this season that everyone in the house is really stupid. They seem to forget that everyone in the house is wanting to vote them out just as you are wanting to vote everyone else out I get making deals and alliance’s but that only gets you so far.

      • Oh I totally agree. I just think the way James goes back on his word Nicole will be safer with P/V. But we will just have to wait and see if it was a smart move.

      • Plus after Michelle is gone Nicole has positioned herself in the middle. She can go to either side at that point.

      • I would definitely be fine with Nic in F2, but Corey is going to ruin her game if she doesn’t follow through with the plan she’s wanting to go with. I just don’t want Nat in the F2, no matter what. She’s very spiteful if given the chance and we’ve yet to see her true colors when push comes to shove. She’s too dependent on James to pull her through and gets mad when he doesn’t. I just don’t like her, mostly because she’s using James to benefit her game whatever that may be. Same as Corey being reliant on Nic to get him through now that Paulie is gone.

    • 4 votes this week. James and Natalie will vote to evict Victor unless Corey somehow Bribes one of them two to vote out Michelle. Possible I guess but also he can try to bribe Victor to vote out Paulie by making up a lie to say that Paul was the reason he was voted out both times. Come on people use your head and lie to further your game geesh.

      • I wish she would vot out Paul, wouldn’t that upset the house! But he couldn’t be mad because he wouldn’t have time to realize what happen!!LOL

      • That would be the smart move but he doesn’t want to give the 5000 to anybody but Nicole. After all, tallywacker attention needs to be paid for somehow.

  4. This is great for Victor and Paul; to me that’s all that matters. The other four are just a means to an end for them.

  5. If the primary goal is just for sure getting to the F4 then of course working with Paul and Victor makes sense. Paul and Victor have 11 wins between them, James and Natalie have 1 win each. Natalie’s was somewhat luck based finding discs in the dark and James was holding his hand up. So from their perspective the odds are in Paul and Victors favor to win this week and keep them safe to return the favor. Of course you can never know if people will stick to their word, but from everything Paul and Victor have said in private we know they intend to honor the final 4 deal.

  6. I’d like Paul to win the next HoH. He wouldn’t hesitate to nominate James. He would also have everyone behind him if he nominates Natalie, too.

    • That would make my season of BB a success . Send James home then next week send home ” I ‘m so cute that I will win AFP this time”—– that would be Natalie.

      • We can hope… I am just so sick of her whining. She was doing it again on BBAD last night whining to James about Z and how she was always accusing her of messing around with Paulie. Ugh! Someone stuff some cheese in her mouth to go with that whine!

      • Good grief , what will Nat find to complain and whine about next. She was flirting with Paulie and Zak didn’t like it – what did Nat expect to happen. It’s all her own fault that Zak was upset with her lol.

      • Agreed! I hope Vic wins HOH next week and nominates Jamesey & Gnat-nat! I will be so so so happy! :)

      • I want to see Natalie up on the block where she belongs. She’ll probably blame James for everything and insist he lets her stay in the BB house. Whether or not he’ll do that is questionable at this point.

      • Z should have been on the bachelor as she never should have been cast here! I am pissed that so many of the HG’s got cast over me! I did not try out but next season I will! Z was a terrible player. She has many serious psychological issues deep down. She was a mean catty petty extremely jealous person. I do not blame Paulie for saying some of the things he did about her. I would never want to be with super jealous woman either. Paulie did some things he never should have but Z brought plenty on herself and people are upset Paulie dumped her. He liked her but she was so jealous and emotional he could not take it anymore. So he decided to get rid of her as she would be bad for his game. The last week Z was in the house Nat purposely wanted Z upset as strategy to get Z evicted and it worked! She also tried helping her as she did not want her treated badly by Paulie either. Z called Nat a THOT! Anyone knows what this means? If Nat found out Z called her this like week 2-3 in the safari room she would be crushed! I think it means slut or whore! Nat was upset about the Paulie incident in the HN room! Paulie lied and said Nat asked him to stay but did not! Z did not own Paulie and she was jealous and had no right when she did not know where she stood with him. Nat even apologized to Z and even Z knew she did not have to apologize! Everyone complains in the house but the girls complain the worse and Paul too!

      • She is just so tramatized over the fact that she is no longer a double zero. She is a big ole size 3 now. The horror of it all! I can’t belive what a drama queen she is.

      • The only reason nicole is playing the game now is because she thought her worthless man was in danger of being evicted.

  7. While getting Michelle out this week makes sense, I do not think teaming up with Paul and Victor is a good move in the long-term for Nicole and Corey. They should evict Michelle and then attempt to team up with James/Natalie against Paul/Victor. However, after Nicole shows her cards on Thursday, this may be impossible.

    • Agree completely. This seems to be working out great, but if Nicole is forced to tiebreak then all bets are off.

      Corey made a comment a couple days ago about being smart to pair up with the stronger pair. What!?!?!? At final 10, sure. Now – no way. He is not thinking straight & doesn’t show any strategic mind.

      I actually think this is all for Paulie. He was so blindly loyal to him & James was a turncoat. Now his vengeance for James blinds him to what is best for his game to actually win.

    • Not if she tells James she wants Michelle gone now because all Michelle does is throw her UTB. And she knows Michelle is coming after her. Now if she blindsides James then it will be a different story.

    • It is a bad move, that’s why I want it to happen. I don’t want a cheater and a doofus to win this game.

  8. At this point in the game this season, these alliances between the duos are a week to week thing at best, each pair will have to do what’s best for them each week depending on who is HoH, who is nom’d etc. To think that James is going to be more loyal than Vic/Paul is ridiculous. He’s already shown he can’t be trusted two seasons in a row so why should Nic trust him more than anyone else? IMO whoever can adapt best in the next few weeks to changing circumstances, has a good chance of making it to F2. I’d be surprised if any duo makes it intact to the end.

    • I think we can thank Day for the duos lasting so long this season.
      When she made no secret that she was coming after them the duos had the numbers to take out Day and her minions.

      • Yes they showed that she is probably one of the most clueless Big Brother players I have seen yet.

        She’s too emotional to play this game. Her feelings always cloud her thinking and her judgement.

      • So many ways to describe the complete disaster Day was this season: vindictive, spiteful, hateful, and the list goes on. I suppose some people find her entertaining somehow. She’s awful at BB and should Never return.

      • Her DR sessions were pretty funny. That is about it . Why she felt the need to blow up the games of people who had her back is beyond me. It was way too early in the game for that.

      • Her mean and spiteful behavior was devoid of reason. I didn’t enjoy watching her glee as she lied about others and ruined their game.

    • I would like to see Paul & Vic in the F2, however, I won’t be too upset as long as Vic is one of the F2. I think he deserves the win. He’s played the game with more class than most would have considering how often he was stabbed in the back!!

    • Victor and Paul has the edge because they are beasts in HOH and VETO and they have only Corey, James and Natalie this next HOH! Nicole cannot even play for HOH. For maximum damage and to further their game, they might put both Nicole and James on the block to split the two showmances and their votes. If one gets off, that showmance will evict the other showmance as they will have no votes! Then, they just have to beat the survivor left of both alliances who will be against each other! Easy win for Victor and Paul. It is almost over but, the shouting!

  9. What’s funny is that when I saw the headline my first reaction was which final four did Nicole and Corey affirmed.

  10. Corey can’t stand Natalie and for once, has an opinion and wants her gone. He has also transferred his bro-mance glances to Victor ( though there’s no one like Paulie for him) and has little use for James. Nicole has never cared for Natalie at all. Corey finds Nicole’s attachment to James distasteful. I think that he sees James somewhat as a stubby, unsexy oaf and can’t relate to him. It is psychologically more pleasant for this couple to side with the very adaptable Paul and Victor for now.

    • Corey is also a known racist and in the very early days was making all kinds of racist references about James. I imagine production told him to knock it off but that doesn’t change the way he thinks.

  11. I believe Paul and Victor are playing Nicole and Cory like they did Natalie and James last week. But James still didn’t quite trust Paul yet. This was a good move I believe if Victor or Paul get Hoh Then they will put up James and Cory because from now on they want the Hoh to make final decision on who to keep. They will keep Natalie because she is a weak competor.

    • Watching the feeds the other day Victor and Paul were talking privately that they want a F4 with Corey and Nicole. So since this conversation was just between the two of them I think they’re serious and not playing them. They’ve both said they will put up James and Natalie so one of them goes.

      • I think they totally intend to keep their word. Victor has been pretty loyal. He turned on Paulie, but he had his reasons, Paulie evicted him first. Plus Vic really wants to nominate James and Natalie, so that’s added incentive to stick to the F4 deal he’s made with Nicole and Corey.

  12. no safety! Paul and Vic can not be trusted, they are snakes.. look what they were trying to do last week… make believe they aren’t talking to each other and mad at each other… they are full of it

    • Actually, they were playing a game called Big Brother. Would you rather they be playing tiddlywinks?

    • That was a strategy and had it worked it would have been pretty brilliant! It didn’t save Vic b/c James is intimidated by Vic and wanted him gone, but it did set Vic and Paul up for this week, so it was a good game move imo.

  13. Yesterday NICOLE was pissed about Victor and Paul always hanging around in the HOH room Today she is bitching cause Victor is talking to James Natalie and Michelle Its not a big house u gotta be civil if not Andsocial.. Did Victor flip cause Corey and Nicole talked with Natalie for a couple of hours??? Stupid stuff gets in that girls head..

    • It is called paranoia and you better have it if you play Big Brother or Survivor. The moment you think you are 100% absolutely safe is the time you get blindsided! With $500,000 on the line, you would be stupid to trust anyone! The others also, want that $500,000 especially that Natalie and James are now also, playing to win in addition to Victor and Paul. The only person you can trust is yourself and in this case of Nicole, she can only trust Corey!

  14. This is actually a great move from Nicole…. Gives both her and Corey an excellent shot at the final 4, as both sides will still think they are working with NiCorey.

    I don’t see any scenario where NiCorey are initial nominees next week, nor do I see a scenario where either is evicted the following week. (assuming they stay in the same place).

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