Tonight On Big Brother 17: HoH Comp & Nominations

Tonight on CBS starting at 8/7c the Big Brother 17 the Houseguests will face off in the conclusion of the Double Eviction round when a new Head of Household is crowned and two nominees are sent to the Block.

Update: CBS says tonight’s Big Brother ET episode delayed 30 mins due to golf.

John McGuire and Steve Moses plan their DE moves
John McGuire and Steve Moses plan their DE moves – Source: CBS

From what we’ve heard on the Live Feeds, the late night Head of Household competition offered a new challenge for the HGs so we can’t wait to see what happens there. Can’t wait? Check the HoH spoilers here. Once that’s out of the way it’s time for some nominations.

CBS released a few quick sneak peek glimpses of tonight’s Emoji themed HoH comp:

click images to see full-size views

It’s been a busy weekend as Houseguests have come out of the woodwork thanks to the Double Eviction shake up that left the Goblins alliance (James, Meg, and the departed Jackie) scratching their heads over what just happened and why Vanessa is still there.

As for Vanessa, her time may be running out in the house thanks to Becky exposing the game of her failed target from last week. Expect an interesting color-coded conversation as Becky exposes “Vanessa the Chameleon.” Will the new Head of Household be ready to take on this big target with this week’s noms? It’s almost time to find out.

Can’t wait for all the spoilers? We’ve got the results for nominations and the Power of Veto competition! It’s been a big weekend of excitement and drama already so there is going to be a lot to catch up on in the next two episodes.

Join us back here at 8/7c for the Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Feeds.


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  1. I feel like skipping this entire week until Thursday. Tired of why why why why and why Vanessa, and the Judases whatever eww romance.
    Urggghhh …

  2. Gotta say this before I leave. One of the cruelest things someone could do to me if I were a HN would be to bring cinnamon rolls in the house as BB just did. Who can smell them and not eat one? Pure torture! OMGosh, now I want a Cinnabon.

      • Cinnabons are the best. But they’re like a million calories. That’s why I hardly ever get them.

      • No Cinnabon franchise where you live? It is a good thing that the closest one to me is about 25 miles away and not so convenient.

      • Yep I felt like James after I wrote it … somehow Ricky Martin’s Shake Your Bon-Bon stuck in head hahahaha

    • I hate to see JMac tortured in this manner!
      Can Steve and JMac resist temptation??
      For me there’s nothing better in the world than cinnamon rolls.

      • I went to the airport to get my husband yesterday after posting that. You have no idea how hard it was to resist the temptation of driving 15 miles out of my way to the nearest Cinnabon store. I usually treat myself to one on my birthday and during the Christmas season, extra icing. The smell of warm cinnamon is so alluring.

      • I’m just thankful that there isn’t a Cinnabon store close to me because those things are addictive.
        I hate to see JMac or Becky go this week since it more or less guarantees the F4 will be the former SS alliance. Hopefully Shelli will return from jury and join with the Goblins to take out the remaining SS members. If they don’t evict Vanessa soon she will win the game I’m afraid and that gal is starting to worry me for a lot of reasons.

      • Foxfire, do you think Steve is mostly acting? I’ve seen times where he seemed to be different, more toward a normal socially well-adjusted individual. He may have be fooled, but I believe most of Steve is an act.

      • I just read one of your recent comments about Steve saying “isn’t that cute” that JMac thinks they have a final 2. Even after JMac has gone out of his way to be friendly to the little twerp as well as keeping Steve informed Steve has no compunction about stabbing him in the back.
        Even though this ticks me off I suppose there’s no way Steve can beat JMac in the finale.
        I don’t know what to think of Steve honestly. Sometimes I think he has that disorder Ian was suffering from or maybe a little autistic but he does seem to be able to think very logically in almost all situations.
        When he said he was putting on an act about all the crying was he just trying to save face or was he really acting? I haven’t figured this kid out yet I’m afraid.

      • I’m really confused about him also, Foxfire. I have decided to go out on a limb and declare him to be mostly acting and using this persona to manipulate everyone. I’ll probably be wrong in the end.

      • We know that Steve is extremely intelligent and he seems to be sly and devious as well. I do think his nerdy persona is not an act even though he seems to be exaggerating that aspect of his personality at times. I’m confused as to whether or not Steve is with Vanessa from what I’ve read here today since it seems he wants to keep Vanessa around awhile. I’ll just be glad when both Steve and Van are evicted because they’re both so unpredictable and could win BB since they both seem to be production’s favorites. I don’t know how much longer they can keep editing the paranoid Vanessa out of the network show either.
        I’m still rooting for a JMac win and I wish JMac would figure out how devious Steve really is.

  3. This big brother sucks, what happened to all the exciting twist we were supposed to see? So far all I’ve seen was the bs twin twist, n they still didn’t follow the rules on that one, sorry to say but bbcan3 was waaasasyyyy better then this. So dissapointed I’m you big brother, please give Johnny m
    ac a vitro twist I’m sick of seeinge.

    • The twin twist wasn’t even a success – they didn’t look identical and the HG’s figured them out quickly.

      • And they’re still in the game smh it almost seems like this is all scripted, let’s hope things turn for the other side this week .

      • I thought the twins wold get evicted if any house guess found out they were twins smh I guess bb lied to us cause this must be scripted

  4. I would love to see Liz go up to Vanessa and tell her this. “You are going on the block but only as a pawn. The real target is Becky. Even if they vote against you, you still have three votes for you and I will be the tie breaker and Becky goes home”.

    But it never will be but it is nice to dream about it. Plus it would secure her some votes in jury as well. That is the one thing that these house guest’s are failing to see this year. The votes from Jury.

    • Play it so that Jackie and Shelli will never vote forVanessa. She’s one vote in Jury. They have to make Vanessa go ape crap on Liz. Scare her so she will fear Vanessa taking her next week.

      • It is hard to say how the jury votes will go this year. Whoever takes Vanessa out will have scored several votes from those in jury except maybe for Vanessa’a LOL.

  5. I’m hoping something will happen today in the BB house so that Liz will reconsider using the Veto on Vanessa. Maybe JMac can get V. riled up again.

  6. I think the jokes on us. The show seems to be wanting Vanessa to win and so therefore we are tortured with yet another week of Vanessa. How production and casting must be laughing…I hope J Mac stays or it’s not going to matter to me after that. I’ll just quit watching.

  7. If you are planning to record BB tonight and you live on the east coast, be mindful that the PGA Championship is now being aired on CBS and will likely run late, so you may want to adjust your DVR.

  8. I hope James wins HOH next week and nominates the Aus twins,wins the POV and backdoors either Austin or Vanessa.

  9. Steve is hilarious: “About 50% acting.”
    Vanessa was talking to him like he was a 5-yr old.
    The twins completely bought it.

      • Never be a real person (I’d hate). I don’t roll like that. It’s a game. They’re real people in real life.
        Just passionate about the villain who foiled my plan. :). Aughhhh!!!!

      • I didn’t think it was a ‘character’ but after tonight’s (Sun) show I’d say it is and is part of his demented strategy.

        Either that or he’s smarter about ‘women’ then I thought, did you see how the twins were comforting him and then V also… all hugs, rubbing his back; maybe Austin or James should try that.

      • I don’t think there’s any guy in the House that could school guys about women since Clay left and I tend to think he’s a “kiss & don’t tell” kind of guy. Now Austin may think he could school others but I wouldn’t listen to a guy who puts a ‘hickey’ on the back of a girl neck.

      • I think he was acting, because he was crying and then minutes later, it’s like he wasn’t crying at all. Those tears were dramatically fake.

    • Yeah, I didn’t know what you ‘Live Feed’ people were talking about with the ‘50% acting’ statement… Steve did say that about himself and he really recovered nicely… he acted like he was a ‘NORMAL’ person as m.c. for the HOH comp.

      • Meg only lost by a minute to Steve? Gosh, I didn’t notice… that has to be as close as she’s come to winning anything.

        Wait, she ALMOST won Clay away from Shelli when she was drunk on wine that one time… rubbing up against him, he was smiling I think he was getting weak.

  10. What CBS needs to do is increase the AFP prize to $100,000. Then maybe people would stop being so unlikeable

    • WHAT… Julie said she’s not taking a $50k cut for that… $50k is too much to begin with, that would be according to her, not me!!!

  11. Has this thing started yet? Can someone let me know if it’s an ep worth watching or an ep that is skippable. It’s not on until 10 here and I don’t feel like waiting around.

  12. Ha ha…Liz is proving to be the stronger twin in competitions.
    But I’m still hoping that Julia outlasts her. I think Julia’s more sensible and more caring than Liz.

  13. Yep, you should Becky.
    Can’t stand you!
    You backdoored my favorite player and she STILL managed to get through that eviction!

  14. All those blondes and the two boys with glasses…it’s a hilarious group.
    That dance they just did…I never want to see again.

  15. Ewwww Austin! I wish he would wear a shirt more. Hahahah! Liz was not happy with that butt slap.

  16. Austin’s Angels….his face when those blondes were posing. He was like “What did I just get myself into? All these women!”

  17. Yeah, Austin. And the twins were in on it too. But you’re not going to turn against Liz are you?

  18. omg! Judas, I can’t believe he’s still there..He’s a good study for the first “early modern humans”. lol..Cro-Magnon

    • Until you know the whole story you shouldn’t judge.
      You do know that Vanessa is a lesbian? That might’ve been one reason why…

      • when you get married, you stay married. in sickness or in heath. you dont leave when he is on his deathbed.

      • That’s your opinion though. You don’t know what was going on in their lives for her to make that HUGE decision. I’m sure she was still there for him when he was sick.

      • Not everyone follows the rules of marriage. (I’m not saying I do. I’ve never been married.) And who are you to be talking about that anyway with a screen name like Yo?
        Anyway, do you even know the whole story? Seems to me as if you don’t.

        I want to call you an idiot so bad…so I will…IDIOT.
        I’ll be immature just for a moment.

      • Not everyone follows the rules of marriage. (I’m not saying I do. I’ve never been married.) And who are you to be talking about that anyway with a screen name like Yo?
        Anyway, do you even know the whole story? Seems to me as if you don’t.

        I want to call you an idiot so bad…so I will…IDIOT.
        I’ll be immature just for a moment.

      • I think you’re right Jasmine and someone said she didn’t go to his funeral but I read that a lot of his poker friends spoke at his memorial service and she did too.

        So if she didn’t go maybe they meant the burial and who knows maybe she was too distraught or maybe she did go. Like you said “until you know the whole story don’t judge”.

    • You know the story is he didn’t tell anyone he had cancer then he told V the day of his surgery before she was to leave town to teach in a poker seminar. She dumped the trip so she could be with him… I tend to think there’s more to the story than ‘she left him’… he was 20 yrs older & he’s dying of cancer, maybe he made her leave. I doubt we’d ever find out the true story or all the story… what I know may not even be true.

      • The same show you are. Obviously, we interpret things differently. Vanessa is paranoid, but most times she still speaks calmly.
        Vanessa’s my girl!

      • She is definitely a bully. She uses fear and intimidation. She seldom speaks calmly and is certainly not someone to be admired.

      • I admire her. And I’m not going to stop. Even if she doesn’t win, she still played a good game.

      • “I want to be a follower,” in Julia’s words.

        No, I’m the girl Vanessa dumped (….)

        Seriously, though. I just love Vanessa’s gameplay and her personality. Sue me.

      • I’m just an avid fan of hers. What, I can’t take up for her or something? Some of the moves she’s made in this game were good moves. I also enjoy her personality when she’s not talking about game-play.

      • Yep you can cheer on anyone you desire. It was just a question since every comment is about defending Vanessa.

      • I don’t think it was just a question on your part. You were throwing shade, thinking how someone could possibly defend Vanessa’ actions as much as I do.
        …or you could just say I’m being paranoid like Vanessa. Her actions are indirectly rubbing off on me.
        Let me in the game, Big Brother! lol

      • What if someone ‘cries, whines and interrogates’ you, will you change your mind? It’s your right to have the opinion she played a good game… heck she still might win… gosh, I feel sorry that you admire her though.

        I’d hate to live my life as a paranoid like Vanessa.

      • There we are “Vanessa’s my girl”… okay Jasmine you need to take those rose-colored glasses off when V starts with anyone she isn’t aligned with or who she thinks is targeting her.

      • I agree with you. Vanessa doesn’t feel that she was bullying anybody, though. And seriously, if that’s what people call bullying…

      • It’s bullying – she won’t give up until she pressures you into agreeing with her or telling her what she wants to hear.

      • Remember JMac’s theory… whoever Vanessa blows up against and has an argument with is the next one gone.

      • I don’t see it as bullying. She’s in the same position as them all. She can get sent home at any moment.

        I give props to her for playing the game

    • You don’t have to yell to be a bully. Vanessa is a bully, when she doesn’t get what she wants, she sets out to damage you. She is a manipulator.

      • Of course she’s a manipulator. But she’s playing the game which is more than you can say for most of the ones that are still there.

      • She was trying to get him to change they way he feels… bullying him into changing his feelings… that didn’t work so she change her target to him.

      • And that’s somehow wrong of her. Again, this is Big Brother. Vanessa is playing the game. This is what you’re supposed to do… and it’s definitely more preferable than floating by.

      • I think people have different definitions of bullying. Intimidation is one thing. Bullying is another.

      • Not to me. There’s someone I work with at work. I feel she is very intimidating. But I don’t think she’s a bully. There is a difference.

      • I don’t care what the dictionary says.
        The dictionary doesn’t have an opinion either. Humans do.
        Applying it to my situation, I don’t feel intimidation is bullying. So, you’re saying that I’m being bullied at work, when I don’t think I am?

        I will leave it at that…but probably not. Sometimes I just can’t let things go.

      • In all seriousness, if you are intimidated at work, I am sorry. Talk to HR or get a lawyer. Be sure you document everything. Nobody should feel intimidated at work. Best of luck.

      • OMG, I’m just trying to make a point. Why can’t you let me make my point? Lol. Darn you!
        All jokes aside, I don’t feel strongly enough about all that. Again, it’s only intimidation because of her position compared to mine. She is a manager. I’m just a mere crew member.

        Philly Cat, you are legit…

    • noun
      a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.
      synonyms: persecutor, oppressor, tyrant, tormentor, intimidator;

      Definition on bullying, unless you don’t believe in Websters Dictionary.

    • Even when she doesn’t yell, she INTERROGATES them and when they’re not agreeing or answering her questions she does ‘bully’ them for answers.

    • Vanessa’s a game player. This is Big Brother, you know.
      I guess you would play the game like Meg.

  19. I kinda feel bad for Jmac…I know she’s playing..but I still wanna go to the studio and slap her.

  20. Why did CBS do the James/Steve fluff piece. Maybe because it wasn’t fluff

    Steve – in the last DR – wasn’t weird anymore. And the comment about his rope-a-dope when confessing to Meg/Becky opened my eyes. Others have suggested it maybe he has been acting all this time – but no evidence has come out until this and the 50% comment.

    I didn’t believe it before, but MAYBE the real Steve – let’s call him Steven – has been in hiding and in cahoots with production all this time hiding it. He played Stevie – the weird, shy kid. But Steven made his first appearance in that DR.

    And why show the Steve-James piece, because it opens a clue that Steve is going to move towards James, and maybe take van and himself to flip to James and Meg and start the attack on Austwins.

    Just speculation – but the clues add up to it and it helps explain the DE eviction a lot better.

    • It ain’t boring! Lol
      I was looking forward to hearing all the info both Becky and Jmac shared with Austwins and hearing Austwins mull it over. But you may be on to something.

    • OK, sounds like I’m going to have to watch this episode tomorrow. I have no idea what you are talking about in this post, but I am intrigued!

    • Steve or should I say Steven seem like a ‘NORMAL’ person hosted the HOH comp… guess he cried out all those tears, yeah right!!!

  21. It’s pretty pathetic when these threads are ten times more interesting than the actual shows. Love all you guys – your insight and humor is priceless.

  22. Best line tonight… When JMAC does up to HOH room and low and behold there is Vanessa, JMAC’s comment … it’s fishy!!!!

      • I think JMac & Becky have Vanessa figured out as the ‘snake’ she is.

        Liz is like “guess I’ll put up JMac and Meg then if I re-nom I’ll put up Becky” and Austin says “why not just put up JMac & Becky to start with?”. Vanessa smiles ear to ear.

        This was after Vanessa was up in HOH saying I’ve got some bad stuff on JMac.

  23. So “Freaks and Geeks” is done..and they’re re-branding it to Scampers Squad?..Is that right? then they have a mice dance, where they go in circle like a mice lol..This definitely a miss!

  24. Yes! How about another round of disagreements? What do you say? Eh?
    Just Kidding. I’m beating a dead horse. I do respect your opinions, though, for sure.

  25. Ok. One more thought. Hail Mary but may be all we got. What if:
    James gets Vanessa alone in cabana room/whatever for about 20 minute chat. Very benign, inane crap, all smiles etc.
    this is close to time Becky makes food so Austwins are in kitchen when Vanessa emerges.
    James quietly motions for Jmac to follow him to cabana room, letting twins catch him out the corner of their eyes. Jmac quietly goes, looking sheepish.
    Few minutes later Becky looks over twins heads that a way and obviously but slyly joins them in the cabana room.
    Twins perk up and one follows to spy out of curiosity. She hears James holding court telling them that Vanessa had him penned up in there while ago trying to get him to make a deal that she’ll keep him safe til next week if he’ll not only keep her safe but also help her take out Liz next week because she’s the Glue Holding Austin and Julia together and poor Vanessa has no one. She’s alone blah blah.
    Say it like the thought disgusts him, followed by he don’t roll like that and state: Vanessa has to go. Jmac and Becky chime in like a chorus uttering their disgust at Vanessa turning on the twins and yeah, she’s gotta go.
    They can they want to warn the twins but they know will just twist it and make them believe that “WE” are the ones. “I don’t know what to do guys….”
    End with “I just wish Vanessa would go THIS week. You know Steve would go with Austwins and then the rest of us can battle it out. They’d have 4 and we’d have 3.5 with Meg. Lol. That’s ok cuz Steve would be the easiest to take out if we win HoH next week. If we don’t, oh well. At least it’ll be an honest competition. Ya know?
    Along those lines so twin gets scared, tells other Austwins and maybe BDs Vanessa?

    • Ugh….no…just the thought of it…NO! Vanessa CAN’T get evicted. SHE IS THE GAME! The game will have left with her if she gets evicted.
      Look at it this way for the people who can’t stand her….you’re all talking about Vanessa….who will you talk about so much if she’s gone?

      • Lol Oh Jasmine.
        she’s a villain character. Of course we have to talk about her. Lol. Some see James as a villain….some the twins.some Jmac. It’s Just game talk. :)
        PS I actually picked Vanessa to win week 1 with my friends. We do that every season after the first show.
        I Iike pulling for underdogs. I pulled for Donnie last year though I tip my hat to Derrick. No biggie.

      • I do not believe that the HGs are afraid of Vanessa. I believe it’s because they have never been exposed to someone like her.

      • Someone like her? What the hell do you mean ‘someone like her’ like she’s an alien from outer space or something…

      • First of all before you go to the gutter, I am referring to her skill at manipulating people, not her choice in who she loves, or anything else about her. Get an f ‘ n grip why don’t you
        Bark up someone else s tree.

      • Hold up! My mind never once went to the gutter when I read your comment. I wasn’t talking about her being gay and I know you weren’t referring to her being gay.
        That’s not what I meant at all!
        Your choice of wording when you said ‘someone like her’ made it seem as if she was somehow different from the other house-guests (NOT because she is a lesbian).) That’s ridiculous.

      • Also, how did you gather that what I posted was referring to her being gay? It wasn’t. Honestly, that never even crossed my mind until I read your post and my eyes were popping out of my head because you assumed that that’s what I meant. I’m so confused.
        That is why I asked you what did you mean by someone like her.

      • Okay, apology accepted. But I did mean and she is different from all the other HGs. I said this earlier. It seems and sounded as if you took that stance, by “what the hell do you mean?” “What do you mean” would have sufficed, semantics I guess.

        No harm done

      • Yeah, I should’ve left that word out. I usually don’t curse in my comments because I don’t curse in real life. I just used that word to emphasize my confusion.

      • We can talk about how glad we are Vanessa’s gone.

        Look how relaxed everyone is… b/c Vanessa’s gone.
        Look how everyone is laughing & joking… b/c Vanessa’s gone.
        Lets make popcorn & play charades… b/c Vanessa’s gone.
        Let have FUN… b/c Vanessa’s gone.

        Where did all the paranoia go? Out the house w/Vanessa.

        If Vanessa’s that good make the show all about the Jury House and how Vanessa worked her magic to get back in the House.

        W/O Vanessa the game with gone on. I tend to think she’s the only person that wanted or maybe needed a secret alliance with everyone in the house or she wasn’t going to be satisfied.

      • ME TOO… just won’t have EXTREME paranoia and EXTREME drama, it’s got to have a little paranoia & little to medium drama & smart strategy to be interesting.

        Here it is Monday… JMac & Becky up on the Block, Liz has won Veto so Vanessa’s Alliance is in control, V’s arch enemies are nominated and SHE’S STILL NOT HAPPY plus she’s super-paranoid & whiny… I don’t know about anyone else but I think she’s giving LESBIANS a bad name and this comes on the heels of Audrey giving TRANSGENDERS a bad name and after ALL THE HARD WORK Caitlyn’s done, I know Kendall/Kylie are so proud of their mom, I mean dad… WHATEVER!!! he said .

    • Great scheme, but who would think this strategy? James? lol A lot of acting here….I think you should apply next year..

      • Desperadoes like me. Lol.
        Key is to plant seed with twins indirectly so they don’t question your motives.
        And have the time with Vanessa she can’t deny. She’ll say “No we just talked about James being adopted, Beckys train story and hunting and stuff like that. No game talk!” Twins are suspicious so they won’t buy it. Vanessa loses her mind telling the truth
        And they’ll feel more secure with her out.
        Plant seed that Shelli likely returning cuz it’s usually physical comp to re enter. If Vanessa there she will try to work her.
        And Jackie left in Jury House will guarantee Vanessa doesn’t contaminate the Jury. Besides everyone now knows better. So twins don’t worry about that.
        More just setting/baiting trap with JJBM knowing their roles.
        James is warning Becky and Jmac that Vanessa may make them same deal since any can win HoH next week. :)
        Told ya: it’s a Hail Mary lol

      • But really take out an Liz/Austwin next week if it works, not Steve. Lol
        Steve can be 4th juror if they’re lucky. Deals with him are pointless. And he’d target Becky to have a F2 with Jmac to himself.

    • You could read the *spoilers* on this site… ***CLOSE YOUR EYES IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW*** it was JMac and Becky.

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