Tonight On Big Brother 17: HoH Comp & Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother 17 the fallout from Thursday’s Double Eviction airs after the Houseguests watched Meg Maley and James Huling head off to Jury and a new Head of Household needed to be crowned.

Big Brother 17 HoH competition in Episode 33
Big Brother 17 HoH competition in Episode 33 – Source: CBS/YouTube

The HGs competed in a late night baseball themed competition with puzzles featuring former HGs photos where one of the five eligible players would win and take charge of picking new nominations. Liz was left waiting and watching from the sidelines as the outgoing HoH.

There will be plenty of drama in tonight’s episode as this week’s targets learned of their fate early and the tears flowed like cheap wine from the CVS around the corner from the Big Brother house. If things got that worked up before nominations, just imagine how emotional things became after the ceremony!

Can’t wait for all the spoilers? We’ve got the results for the HoH comp, nominations, and the Power of Veto competition! It’s been a busy few days of high strung emotions so there is going to be a lot to catch up on in the next two episodes.

Check out these sneak peek pics of tonight’s competition including a shot of Houseguests struggling with Jason’s photo, something that we heard more about later on the Live Feeds as one of them really botched that round.

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Join us back here at 8/7c for the Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Feeds.

Big Brother 17 Episode 33 preview:


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  1. OMG FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO STEVE!!! The “Austwins” make me literally sick I am so happy one of them is finally leaving! After Meg and not Julia I literally didn’t care anymore because I felt I was watching a bunch of FOOLS!! But this is certainly redemption, it took a while though DAMN!

    • Have to agree with that, I would not have picked Steve or JMac as my favorites or to win but that’s what we’re left with. Actually JMac grew on me & I liked him especially when he was infatuated w/Becky.

      But you are correct a lot of us have been looking for the day the Austwins would be at each other throats and get a taste of their own medicine. The irony of it was the twins talking about Steve is next, then he wins HoH… whoooops-ah.

      • Can I just say that J Mac I know is a very smart guy but is he trying not to get hoh or what? I would have thought he would be knocking these comps out .what is up ?

  2. I never wanted Julia in the BB house and thought it was one of the most idiotic decisions that I have ever seen in BB history and will be remembered as such. Too late for a do-over, but that one move had a huge negative affect on this entire season of BB. I’m hoping Liz goes. At least that will assure us that there will be no more slurpy, sucky, ooey, gooey, humpy, bumpy, hands down pants posts that have been a major part of reading Joker’s Updates.

    • Yes, at the time the Sixth Sense was excited about letting the other twin in I thought do they know how Big Brother works. Apparently not, while they’re at it why not let in a Swarm of Locusts or something that would pick their bones clean. LOL! #StupidHGs

    • That was Vanessa’s idea. It was stupid.

      I wonder how the game logistics would have changed if Liz was evicted before the 5th week. I wonder if two people would have come back in the house or if they would have dropped the second DE.

      • The whole concept being accepted and supported by any HGs is baffling. It also surprised me that there were several posters who wanted it to happen.
        That’s just another one of those things like the James/Shelli thing that we will never know the answer to. Obviously each one would have significant impact on the end results. But one thing is for sure. We wouldn’t have had to read about or watched all of the Austiz lovey dovey sessions.

    • One more HoH by an ally and he could be there or be good in the PoV comp… were him & JMac get F2, I would be happy concerning who’s left in the game… gosh, I can look back & see players I’d like better in the game, Becky for one. At this point even Shelli. LOL

      • I’ve always been a fan of Steve, but as many people who know me, know how I’ve felt about JMac throughout the game. His voice drove me nuts! But after his DE eviction speech (on the block with Steve) I absolutely fell in love with him. So Steve and JMac are definitely my pick for final two. Both are smart guys, so I’d love to see how that would work out.

      • G-Man I totally agree. I wish Becky was still in the house.I really do not want to see Van to win.I read that she got in trouble trying to bribe other house guest money in order just to win the Big Brother Title,Plus she was bragging in her interview how much she is worth and to me that makes me sad to see someone like James go home knowing he needed it for the right reasons.I truly think when she got caught trying to bribe she should have been told to leave.

      • @cricket I agree with u and BB should be a shame to have let her stay because of rating she was the only one at the time making the show but I wonder if they can be sued for that they was supposed to evict her

    • He’s a fan of the game, and I think he knows this is the time you have to win Comps. JMac is over due for a win. I hope those two go far in the game.

  3. If anybody care Howard Overby from BB15 got married yesterday. Pics on twitter:

    twitter dot com/BBAllSummer/status/640350726103932928/photo/1

  4. I would love to see J Mac wim HOH..Since I have never seen him in any kind of real power..I would love to see him win this next hoh and put up Vanessa and Austin or Liz which ever is still there..I’m rooting g for J Mac all the way..I like Steve but he did win HOH one other time and I wasn’t happy with his choices..Come on J Mac it’s now or never.

    • Does he not want the power b/c I know at one time he said if I get hoh VAN is gone . I have to say this has been one of the dumbest most unaware bunch I have ever seen.So many people have had a chance to get Van out but everyone just keeps believing her BS ,so why is she being believed and not Audrey.Also Austin is really being made out to look like an idiot trusting Van . they r all so stupid

      • What a bunch of dumba#$%&.She is already a rich b@#$%.Was even caught trying to bribe other house guest in the house which again I think she should have been asked to leave .Other houseguest that really need the money r being shorted like James .I think it just sucks

      • I feel you, Cricket…unfortunately, as we’ve seen season after season, it’s not always the one who needs the money most that wins. Hopefully, Steve or JMac will break the tradition. Both of them are swamped in student loan debt—so hopefully one of them will get the cash.

      • Cricket, I must really be out of the loop…I heard that Van had been making money deals with the other HG’s, but I thought it was rumor. Was she really caught doing that?! Because I thought that was an offense that absolutely gets you kicked out. ???

      • Yes it did happened and right after it happen she was called to the diary room and was told not to do it again BS she should be gone for that.

      • That is what I read on one of the other sights and it must be true b/c there were other people talking about it and saying like us Why wasn’t she kicked out?

  5. I have been wondering (like most of you) what would happen when they got near the end and HAD no choice but to turn on each other and well it would go. Now we know for sure. Liz on the block (with a very good chance of leaving), couldn’t have happened to a better person. All this time, she and Julia have done nothing but made fun of and ridiculed all the other players in this game so I hope they get a does of their own medicine. All this time, they thought Now is not the time to get rid of Vanessa and look at them now.

    • Oh my gosh!!! Thank you for bringing that up .On BBAD just last nite they were calling Steve ugly names and they have been that way every time things aren’t in there favor.They were all sitting around last night talking about other seasons and one of the twins was talking about one of the girls on another season coming out of the house with the title mean girl,Well Hello Guess What ??????

  6. I think we can all agree that this group of HG’s haven’t been the brightest, and Van (much as I don’t like her) has played a great manipulative game. Used all of her powers to control what happened—whether she was HoH or not—but I think Steve and JMac are finally rising up against her, and are no longer willing to be her puppets. It’s not her time to go–YET. I think (and hope) that Steve and JMac (the two who’ve been most willing to do her bidding IMO) take command and time for THEM to start dictating what happens. That was a pretty long and convoluted way of saying Steve and JMac are finally up to the challenge. Sorry! I’m tired…

  7. NOUUUUUH! At least we had a short reprieve from Austiz but, alas, it is over. For sure, Liz needs to go to put an end to the torture of reading the posts from the bedroom antics of these two. It’s about to blow!!!

  8. Just watched some of BBAD and Austin/Judas won veto and it sounds like him and the twins had it out .I don’t get the live feeds so does anyone no what happened

    • Judas entered the building and began to brag about winning and how he didn’t like anyone in the house, etc, etc. You’ll see this all this coming Wednesday. It was truly epic how Liz reacted to his performance, which led to her cutting him off rather than congratulating him on his win! Someone can’t take a joke…oh well. Hope she is the one that is evicted now on Thursday! :-)

  9. What was so funny to me was the other nite on bbad van Austin were talking about what they were planning on doing with the experience they learned and Vanessa said she was maybe going to right a book on different strategic moves, I said to a friend of mine that would be a very short book. You cry ,brown nose ,cry,make everything about u & cry cry cry .If u noticed every time she thought she was being targeted she cried and complained how the blood was on her hands etc.

    • Derrick said she would need to WIN BB before she can write a book on strategy, otherwise it’ll be a waste of her time! LOLOL

    • She’s been good at manipulation…strategy? Not so much. I still think that there was some kind of ‘stupid gas’ pumped into the house, to which V was immune. Whatever the case, I’ll be first in line to buy her book. (And I’m really Kristen Wiig)

      • Every year, we say how stupid the house guests are…except for the one master manipulator. Last year we couldn’t believe they were letting Derrick mastermind every move; this year it’s Vanessa. It’s a lot easier out here to see all of what’s going on in the house.

      • Derrick was genius! He was a master at the art of manipulation! His game was more of a game of chess…whereas Van’s manipulation, while effective, was not brilliant. And on the whole, I think last year’s HG’s were a little more bright. She manipulated through fear rather than intellect (IMO). But,’s easy to sit outside of the house and see who’s playing the best game. I can’t count how many times I’ve yelled at the TV, “What’s wrong with you people??!! Can’t you see she’s doing?!” :)

  10. IMHO whoever relentlessly plays the ‘game’ to the best of their abilities should be the winner. Current resources should not be a factor in voting.

  11. Vanessa has played the best game this season. She should win! Whether or not that happens is unfortunately in the hands of the jury; Vanessa doesn’t have the best track record with most of them. Ultimately, they should keep in mind, though, that they should crown the winner who played the best game. Overwhelmingly and without a doubt, that person is Vanessa (whether they love her or hate her).
    The only other player who came close to Vanessa was Shelli, but she’s gone now.

      • One good move by Steve is not deserving of a win. Vanessa has made numerous moves and manipulated numerous house-guests despite the fact that they were onto her for weeks. By that token, Vanessa deserves the win.

      • I’m talking about if that didn’t happen, if Vanessa wasn’t sent home.
        Also, I think Liz would be the most deserving actually. She has won more comps than Steve. She also was part of two power duos in the house, but hasn’t been targeted until now. That’s weeks of her and Julia not being in danger, and a few weeks less of her and Austin not being in danger.

  12. Allright this is the show thread for tonight. Good news is 60 minutes started on time, so BB should be also.

  13. I just find it so funny that people on this board refer to me as a troll simply because I like house-guests that they don’t like and that I make it known.

  14. During Steve’s conversation with Austin about putting him and Liz up, Austin says, Have you run this by Vanessa?

  15. You know when the HOH says “one of my duties as head of household is to nominate two HGs for eviction”, what the hell are their other responsibilities?

  16. What? Good for you Steve! Judarse is such an arse. The boy will soon become a man! Ick! I bet all the others that were entitled to their emotions when on the block is laughing at Liz.

  17. Well we all know Austin wins POV and is safe sad to say so hopefully the next best thing happens and Liz goes. Don’t think Steve will put Vanessa up. V

  18. This show hopefully will be a learning experience for Austin, Liz, and Julia. It already has for Steve (that be Vanessa, mean, bully, manipulating adult…). Liz and Julia learning the world does not revolve around them, that they really are not that hot, looks take you but so far. Austin will learn his when the game is over. Nope, you are not a star, not AFP….

  19. Well, I’ll end the evening wishing you all peace and love—and to remind everyone that Steve is an eeevil geeenius, and will win this thing. Go, my nerdy Cornell boy, go!

  20. Jmac was really smug in Steve’s HoH room.

    And talking smack @ the girls. Yes, I don’t like the twins but still brutal.

    And Jmac threw the comp to Steve who, in my opinion was cheating by not using the “board” to assemble the puzzles.

    • Not sure if I would call it cheating, just a better way for him to work the board. DOn’t recall anything in the rules read by Liz prohibiting his method.

      • I agree. The rules were to assemble the puzzle on the “board” then buzz in. If they had tried to buzz in with the puzzle assembled on the ground – then he should not have won. But he chose to use the ground as a step to putting it in the board. It cost him time to make the transfer – and luckily it did not cost him.

        But in no way is it cheating.

  21. Steve or Vanessa have this game. Both are worthy winners. Any other outcome would be met with TBR’s raspberries and a pouty face (like Liz’s tonight).

  22. I hope Johnny wins HOH to keep Steve safe and get Vanessa out next week. If not, I will be very pissed off.

  23. John did not disappoint tonite ~ his wit kept me laughing and then smiling long after he stopped talking about the HOH result, etc.

  24. Vanessa and the twins continue to get good edits from CBS. I think they want America to believe they are not really rotten people who the fans dislike.

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