Big Brother 17: Vanessa Prepares Twins To Choose Their Fate

The Nolan twins may have hit the final leg of their run on Big Brother 17, but while other Houseguests have had their eviction decisions handed to them Vanessa wants to change that up.

Julia and Liz Nolan together on Big Brother 17
Julia and Liz Nolan together on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

With the Veto competition over the reality of their situation set in as Vanessa worked quickly to make her move and control the week’s outcome all the while presenting it as a choice for the twins to make.

Sitting down with the twins Vanessa starts to debate which of them would be the better player to stay as if this is somehow up to them despite nominees having no vote and Vanessa only holding one of the three decision making seats this week. Flashback to 6:05 PM BBT 9/5 to listen to their talk.

Vanessa explains which competitions Julia handles better with things like cardio endurance while Liz is more dominant in things like puzzles and embarrassing her mother on the Live Feeds. Okay, I made the second one up. From there Vanessa tells them that Julia has a better chance at getting to the end since she’s weaker but even if she gets there she couldn’t win more than $50K. On the other side, Liz is more likely to win $500K, but will have to brute force her way to the end.

Later Vanessa talks with the remaining guys and explains how the twins have asked to decide who stays and who goes this week. Flashback to 8:00 PM BBT. Vanessa tells the HGs she doesn’t care who stays and just wants everyone to be happy. How the guys don’t laugh in her face is beyond me. Obviously Vanessa has a preference. She’s been the only one actively campaigning about it, but the weird thing is she’s campaigning in both directions.

Talking with Austin (8:40 PM BBT) Vanessa worked him through the reasons of why it’d be better to evict Julia before switching gears and making the same case for Liz. It isn’t easy to keep track of who Vanessa really wants to stay. If she wants a strong ally who now seems at odds with Austin then you’ve got Liz. If Vanessa would rather have an easy win later and a number when needed then that’s Julia. I’m sure she’ll make her choice very clear before too long and that’s who we’ll see stay on Thursday.

As for what the twins want, you can listen in on several more conversations they had throughout the night including their dinner talk at 9:45 PM BBT. Both are crying as Liz tells Julia this will be her time to shine after they started out the game both pretending to be Liz. Liz continues to feel Julia should be the one to stay this week since her staying would continue to make her and Austin a suspected F2 target and too dangerous for their shared chances. Both offer the other the chance to stay if she wants to be the one to continue on. Neither will say they want to stay.

We’ll be sure to hear more from Vanessa who later promised the twins she’d give them unbiased help on making the choice that isn’t theirs to make. Flashback to 10:59 PM BBT. Vanessa says with a straight face that she’s afraid to share her opinion anymore after the drama it caused at the Veto. (Vanessa told Julia to target Austin in the knock out challenge and Austin didn’t take too kindly to that.) Vanessa wishes she felt strongly one way or the other but will think it over and tell them in 24 hours or so. Well that should be interesting.

As for whether or not the twins would be the final noms, yes, Steve told John that was his renom plan. Julia will go up on the Block after Austin saves himself and then we’ll hear more about the eviction plans from there.

Who do you think Vanessa will choose to keep and then convince the other two votes to go along with? Share your thoughts.



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  1. It would be awesome if everyone let the twins decide and act as if they’ll go along with it, but then do the opposite of what they want.
    How hilarious would that be?

    • What and defy Van? How dare they do that! hahaha A shame Steve wasn’t invited to the convo, but I think he knew something was up and told the cams of his suspicions that he believes Van is acting shady! hahaha

      • OMGosh, Joni, we were typing at the same time. Yeah defy Van, are you nuts, not you Joni, them. See what I said (below) the convo would be with Van once the twins decide.

      • Oh my gosh, I thought you were replying to Lucky8 and lost your good sense for a moment b/c you wanted Van out so much. Lucky8 did say “I know it’s not smart” so I can understand that thinking.

      • I would be so happy if Steve pulled a “flip” and put Vanessa up instead – – I know it’s not smart, but it would surely surprise Vanessa and make her sad again – which is what I want!

      • Yeah, but #TeamVanessa won’t like that. I still think busting up Austwins takes priority with Van next in line, smarter move game-wise especially b/c keeping Julia would probably please Van so much she might take an hour off thinking game and LOSE TOTAL CONTROL of the game. LOL.

      • Steve could decide to toss Van up as the renom too. He has to know that Van has split loyalties over there with Austin and the twins. He also knows that Austin wants to keep Liz, and Van probably does too–which doesn’t help him all that much. He also knows that Van cannot be trusted under any circumstances. It really is damned if you do and damned if you don’t, but he could potentially toss Van up as the replacement nom. Not terribly likely, but if he fully knew what was going on with her, he might

      • In my opinion, now that Steve has started this, he needs to follow through. Assuming he renoms Julia, one of the twins will be gone, leaving the other twin and Austin in the house. But if he noms Vanessa, then he may still have to deal with both twins and Austin upset with him. And even if Liz then went home, Vanessa would be furious too. The cleanest way to do this is to get one of the twins walking out that door.

      • I hope Steve was just kidding when he said he’d like to see Julia gone before why put Liz and Austin up (with only the hopes that Austin might come down) if that’s the case. You can’t count on any blindsides anymore to transpire. So I do hope that it’s Liz that leaves…not only will it split the twins up by doing so, but also a showmance too!

      • You’re probably right. There is value in showing Van the door too, of course–but this is likely the best–and definitely the cleanest from his point of view–way to go

    • Love it!!! Great idea.

      Vanessa says “I want everyone to be happy” means as long as I get what I want. Believe she’s got a 50-50 chance that the twins would choose what she wants… problem is it won’t be and here’s that convo.

      V: “Ok, who’s staying”; J: “Liz”; V: “Wrong choice and here’s why…” so Alison you are so correct but you need to do the opposite of who Vanessa picks to stay. LOL.

      The more I think about it Liz would be the twins choice to stay and that ain’t happening, most everyone wants Julia in their F2, being the 1/2M is the motivation not keeping the twins from winning anything. I think the only vote for Liz staying will be Austin.

      • She’s so predictable… I can tell you this IF she’s happy I’d be worried if I was playing against her.

        Seeing her paranoia even w/o a reason is assuring she doesn’t have things going the way she think it’s best for her.

    • You know they probably will evict Liz b/c a few of them have their crazy eyes set on going F2 w/Julia but either way at least the Austwins are busted and hopefully Austin follows his beloved out the door, at least the live-feed peeps won’t have to see the bedroom antics of those 2 again.

      • I don’t know who I want gone more after a twin is evicted Austin or Vanessa. My ideal evictions would be Liz, Vanessa, Austin, Julia with Steve and JMac final 2.

      • To see Vanessa get as close as possible w/o winning would be great but got to say I like you’re order other than that. Might be nice to see the House w/o Vanessa scurrying around from HG to HG.

  2. I really want Liz to go..I am so over the make out sessions. If she stays, she will team up with Austin..I don’t think Julia will..she would go with Vanessa.

    • Hey, maybe Julia will jump in bed with Austin next. LOL. Hope not, don’t think so. Was surprised to read where some think Austin was with Jackie also or at least trying, gosh that’s an ugly picture (anyone w/Austin would be) that’s like Sasquatch with The Joker’s Sister.

  3. The twins are insufferable! And so is everyone else if they actually agree to let the twins decide … or rather, follow Vanessa’s orders and let her decide.

    • Hey, the HGs made their bed with the twins let them sleep in it.

      That let them decide is Vanessa’s ploy, her way to maybe get a vote from Jury from one or both. If the twins don’t decide Julia to stay, Vanessa will have to bite her tongue to not say “Wrong choice and here’s why….” and if they don’t see Vanessa point she can offer them $10K to go with her choice.

  4. Wasn’t it mentioned earlier that the twins said if one was evicted the other would self-evict? What a dream come true that would be!!

  5. It’s kind of amazing that the twins still feel they are entitled to make their own choices and decisions in the house, when they have no more say than any other two players (well, other than Vanessa, that is). They want to stay together and both go … OK. I just wish they’d act like adults playing a game instead of the spoiled immature brats they obviously are.

    • I kind of agree, this choice to decide though is Vanessa’s and believe me it has Van fingerprints all over it to get what Vanessa wants.

      If anyone feels in entitled it’s Vanessa (just reread & you said that too), look how she reacts when things don’t go her way but I agree the twins definitely act entitled also.

      • It would be funny if Vanessa wants Liz gone and thinks the votes will go her way and instead JMac makes a deal with Austin and Liz and votes out Julia along with Austin. The look on Vanessa’s face….priceless!

      • It the bitter with the sweet though b/c we know Liz is more dangerous in the game… if Van wants Julia let her have her, just vote Van out in the next eviction then use Julia for yourself.

        Gosh, Van is getting to me, she’s infected me… I’m worried, paranoia setting in about a possible Rewind or Pandora’s Box or something happening… can you see the twins jumping with joy were it to spoil one of them leaving?

      • Sad thing is, Vanessa IS smarter than everybody else in the game…
        No matter who wins at this point, Vanessa was playing the game the best (at points she was the only one playing the game).
        And I still don’t like her..

  6. Oh gosh, I threw away my vomit basket yesterday, damnit, I should have known it’s too good to be true.

  7. I give it until Tuesday before someone brings up the rps strategy from the John v. Steve week as a legitimate option. I just suspect Vanessa wants there to be a deciding vote whether that is her or not and not have it be unanimous. It might focus the target for next week.

  8. This is pretty funny. I think deep down this is some stupid attempt for VAN to use during her final 2 speech.. of all the things she will claim to have done in the game.. Which ever twin goes home, she can say it was because of her doing?… lol. Hope VAN leaves soon. Not because she is such a “Great” player. (I dont think she is) But because the other house guests are so weak .

  9. When did it become Vanessa’s decision?? Is she 100% positive Steve is putting up Julia…she better watch out, it could be HER!!! If it is the twins OTB come Thursday, JM & Vanessa are crazy if they do not vote out Liz!! IMHO

  10. I like that when she mentioned this to Steve and John, that Steve said that he was not prepared to make any decisions now, that he wanted to watch what happens over the next two days. She looked surprised but knew enough to let it go with them for now. Hopefully, Steve will not let her steamroll her decision about the twins, maybe he knows its time to make his own moves?

    • And after Steve made that comment to her it wasn’t long after that she told the twins we need to target Steve he is too strong. Yep she doesn’t think she can control him anymore so he’s gotta go.

  11. Well I read on jokers that yes. Austin and Liz have made up and the makeout sessions have resumed. .so look for her to want to stay now and of course Austin will be wanting her to stay as well…i don’t think it really matters who stays or who goes since it is Vanessa’s game they are all playing anyway. Back to being glad I don’t have the feeds to watch Liz Bean and austins make out sessions

    • They both woke up at the same time, went straight to the kitchen instead of the bathroom to shower and began to prepare breakfast without washing their hands, face or other human bits they used canoodling. Austin was wearing the same clothes he’s worn the past few days because he’s yet to get any laundry done…and seeing Liz all over him just about made me want to puke.

      • I know joni, this makes me ill. I saw Liz running her hands through her hair, then come out and roll cookies without even washing her hand s She’s soooooooo gross.

        Then to hear the twins talk about Austin. Liz saying he’s not a good kisser. I wanted to gag!

  12. Steve should blindside Vanessa and, instead of Julia tell Vanessa to “pop a squat” in that empty seat. See how Vanessa works her way out of that one at the last minute

    • yes and then next week it would be Jmac vs the austwins since steve cant compete for hoh, no matter what drama they go through this week the austwins HAVE to be chipped away at or they will steam roll to the final 3.

  13. The hypocrisy of Vanessa is amazing, she should teach a class on it.
    ‘How to rant ’empty talk’ but make it sound convincing”; she is good, devilishly so.

    I remember she criticized James when he was HOH, excusing him of trying to persuade others how to vote as if that is wrong, when that is what she has been doing all season

  14. Sigh! Once again, Vanessa continues to play BB while the others slumber. Here is WHY Van is doing this.

    1. The only other renomination remotely possible by Steve is… Vanessa! She is trying to make Julia’s renom a foregone conclusion in the house to keep herself safe.

    2. As the only person who both the twins trust with game talk, she appears to be giving helpful advice to the twins to maximize chances for their success in the game, which gains her good friend status and votes when both are eventually sent to jury.

    3. Makes the girls feel empowered to determine their own fate- also good for Vanessa’s game even if the vote does not go the twins’ way.

    This whole thing is purely a game move by Vanessa, and the only one in the house who can pull it off..

  15. It’s nice of Queen Vanessa to allow the twins the cha n ce of deciding who leaves. So thoughtful of her. Sure would make for good tv if the dimwit grew a pair and the renomination was Queen Vanessa herself.

    • I agree. Don’t understand how they tolerate her incessant game talk and flip flopping. Why doesn’t someone call her out. She looked a little spooked last night when they were sitting by the pool talking about bullies in past seasons and someone raised the question if there had been any bullies this season. An interesting lull in the conversation, camera panned to Vanessa who looked a little worried. Couldn’t tell if anyone was looking at her. Then Julia, who doesn’t seem to ever make any intelligent comments said none. Really?

      • It would great if someone called her out. Oh please, do! I want them all to realize she has f2 deals with them all, and see how she reacts to them confronting her. Try to get out of that.
        Someone go near the backyard and yell it out! haha

  16. Vanessa is assuming that Steve will nominate Julia. What’s her plan after the sperm donor takes himself off the block and puts Vanessa up?

  17. In the Big Brother house you can be anything you want to be. It’s strange that so many hgs choose to be stupid.

    • the issue isn’t really smarts as it is other flaws, Steve is a very bright guy who knows the game but lacks the social skills and self confidence to do what has to be done instead of playing it safe and getting himself one week further at a time. John isn’t dumb but he’s so out of the loop because of his laid back personality that I image he’s probably the hero of his own story and thinks Vanessa is this cooky wild card that no one works with and he can just bring to the end as a pawn.

  18. Austin & Liz’s canoodling will distract them from executing the one move they could make to save all of them.
    1. Sit with Steve and tell him he is most vulnerable as outgoing HOH.
    2. Nominate Vanessa, and in return the three promise a JMac, pawn nomination if any 3 of the four win HOH.
    3. If any four of the five win POV, promise to not use POV.

    This guarantees Steve a F4 spot and a shot at HOH, unless JMac blows up the plan.

    It would be much better than what Steve has now with JMac and Vanessa.

    • Might work if by Steve being vulnerable you mean Austin and a Twin going after him.

      I think Steve & JMac would be best off to think any deal w/Van is bogus for them UNLESS she wins HoH or JMac does. But Steve’s problem obviously is Austin and a Twin could seek revenge on him so Steve’s task is to convince them Van needs to be everyone’s target at this point.

      If just one of them Austin/Julia/Steve/JMac would spill the beans that they have an F2 deal with V then they all might admit they do and her goose is cooked unless she wins HoH or PoV.

  19. Liz: “Your fingers smell like garlic my favorite.”

    After fish fingering? Yep, guess I am going to lose another pound.

    • LOL… I’m starting to think those two are meant for each other unlike what I thought from the start of this shomance.

      Come on you women out there, maybe Liz is onto something, you think? OMGosh, to even say that sarcastically is hard.

  20. This is by far the worst big brother I’ve ever seen. Vanessa should have been put out by big brother for offering money. Everyone in that house has allowed vanessa to tell them what to do….seriously are you playing for yourself or playing to make sure vanessa wins??? That girl wold never get my vote. As for the twins suck it up that you are on the block heck you put or had a hand in putting many people on the block. It’s called playing the durn game. If Steve and Johnny mac get taken out of the game and don’t go to the end I am done watching. Shame on big brother for allowing vanessa to stay in the game and shame on the twins as they and vanessa are nothing but hypocrites.

    • I agree, tell #TeamVanessa. Actually the masses don’t know of Vanessa’s offering money. Plus I’m sure all the HG’s have signed contracts stating such about not paying or splitting winnings, meaning BB can sue & retrieve that money, both the giver & receiver would know that. Yes, I know someone’s going to say but how would BB know, to which I will not reply or answer b/c I don’t know and I don’t care. LOL

      And definitely agree about what you said of the twins.

    • Find your reaction to Vanessa puzzling to say the least,if loose talk was a reason for eviction this show would have ended after the first week and remember Vanessa is not running for Miss America but to win 500,000 anyway she can,that is what defines this show.

      • What is so puzzling about it. Yes this game is dirty but she has over and over again offered people money as a way to the end. She needs to go back to the casino. You must have nothing else better to do than to come on here and make smart comments to something that is my opinion in the first place. Never said she was running for miss America… I thinks it’s big brother I’ve been watching all this time..??…Anyway back to real life.

  21. Vanessa will want to keep Julia, Liz needs to go anyway to break up the showmance. Julia would vote to evict Austin in the next HOH if he doesn’t win. Leaving Steve, John, Nd Vanessa in F3.

    • I’ve had this weird feeling that Vanessa is attracted to Julia. Have not been able to shake it off. She’s even invited the twins to her Vegas pad.

      You all know that she can be very persuasive. Lol

  22. Has to be Julia,she has no feelings for Austin except maybe disgust and would work more loyally with Vanessa,Austin would throw his own mother to the wolves in order to get to the final two.

    • I can see Austin as the Big Bad Wolf & his mom as Little Red Riding Hood. LOL. I can also hear Austin explaining to his mom, “Mom, I’ve got to make a living, don’t you know?”.

  23. Hey V is an artist pro poker player rated 2nd in the world for female pros and winner of millions
    All are putty in her hands surprise if she doesn’t win this

    • So why does CBS cast a millionaire? Isnt this the same Lib network, with Lib Chen and her big-wig hubby, that is so leftist? I thought they railed against 2 percenters?! (Perhaps her lesbian status trumps her 2-percenter status, in these Libs minds) Funny…and they sure picked an obnoxious millionaire to hand that check over to, too. Maybe she’ll pull up in her Lamborghini that she shows off on the internet to pick up that 500K.

      • BB has cast other people of means. While I think there should be a more diverse cast, I don’t think there’s anything wrong, per se, about a rich person winning. Would I LIKE to see a needier person win? Absolutely! But, I don’t see where politics and/or sexual preference comes in to play here.

      • JMac isn’t receiving this kind of treatment, and dentists make $200K+ per year. Dr. Will is a millionaire w/out BB. This thread sounds like a Bernie Sanders 2016 forum!

      • Not a celeb though…like Annie Dukes poker player on Apprentice. I can bet you JMAC doesn’t have a Lambo and 4.5 mil. Not talking about future earnings or future celebrity status…talking about now. Why must I like a millionaire winning THIS type of show?

      • Vanessa is a lesbian for one and chances are that she is a liberal herself. Hollywood is 99% liberal. And rich liberals only hate poor liberals and conservatives. Much like Michael Moore who completely has everyone fooled about capitalism and rails about it but, is a multi-millionaire thanks to liberals buying his books, dvds and watching his movies. They think he is poor but, lives in a humongous mansion.
        And to be fair, this is not the first time a millionaire was in the cast. In Survivor, Tarzan who looked like a poor slob and the women did not care for turns out was a plastic surgeon and multi-millionaire. The hated Russell Hantz was not poor too. He had investments in oil and I believe he was worth atleast, a couple of million.

  24. WORST CAST EVER! And I’ve seen every single season. I’m appalled by the moronic activity here. I know some people think that season 15 or 16 was bad, but no. This is the WORST SEASON period.

    • Amen!!!!!! I’ve seen every season also. And this is sooo ridiculous i seriously do not watch it unless i see something good on here. I told my daughter im gonna write the producers and ask them what is going on.this season is an absolute let down.

  25. Big Brother Canada is way better, even if Season 3 was so full of twists that nobody could be strategic because of wrenches thrown in each week. BBUS better get with it or I’m done. For real. I’ve been such a hardcore fan for so long and watch various Big Brothers around the world and US is getting worse each year.

    • In fact, all 3 season of BBCan beat this one. But I disagree about BB15. B15 was the worse and also BB9 was worse than this season.

      • I have the hardest time remembering past seasons. Which ones were those? What made them so awful?

      • BB15 was the year of all those sexist and racist comments. Won by the awful Andy.
        BB9 was the season that ran in the spring. It was put together in a hurry because of the writers strike. Kind of pre-arrange blind date.

      • I’ve never seen BB Canada—can’t get it, but BB!% was the absolute worst season. I think of it as the ‘Terrible…Awful.’

      • If you want to watch BBCan 3, I can arrange that. Write to me: captain555 at hotmail dot com

      • I concur that there have been terrible seasons with remarks made on the show that should have been kept in the brains of those who thought it. But it just seems like everyone wants to hand Vanessa the game and nobody is really PLAYING it. I’m actually mad that my BF and I picked Vanessa as one of our three winners and shes still there. I swear if I saw her in public, I would ask her why she’s such a whiner and crier. If she pulled that crap at the poker table, she would be laughed out of the building. She’s not the only reason I hate this season but she’s definitely a part of it. I’m sick of this season but I’m gonna finish it out because I love the GAME itself. Good thing I have Celebrity BBUK to watch as well. I love other countries that air this show. Not Africa tho. That was bad. lol Australia, Canada and UK are awesome.

  26. Not a big fan of the twins but they have been somewhat of a lively presence this summer,Liz is the better player between the two but Julia is more level headed and that cannot be discounted in these final weeks..would be a grave danger to leave Liz in the game because emotionally she is on the level of Meg and that makes her a unsteady partner in the waning week of this show. Liz is so scatterbrain and unstable she could forgive Austin over a glass of ice tea and that is very the reason she needs to go.

  27. People can badmouth Vanessa all they want but the truth be told no matter who you are rooting for this season would have been rather dull without her drama..Zack provided some last year but Vanessa took it to a whole new level this

    • I’m sure whoever would’ve been cast in her place would be interesting enough, at least for me. And almost certainly less infuriating…

    • Its always good to have a villain, and she really is a self-righteous jerk, bar none. But I don’t care for putting millionaires in these type of shows. USUALLY, celebs like her play in shows of all types, but they HAVE to give money to charity. Like Celeb Apprentice. Here, CBS is just lining the pockets of a Lamborghini driving millionaire. Nice job.

  28. Vanessa, talks about reading the Bible, which is good, she should start with Romans 1, then obey it, for she does bear debatable fruits

    Or is Vanessa using it as a prop a ‘virtue by association’, so that her Lies are apt to be more believable by these Numskulls, she has been playing all season.

      • It also shows she would do that in the real world to beat you out of the money, in the context of the game you may give them leeway but it really is showing you what’s inside of them. Can’t say it’s ‘survival’ in the sense of “Naked and Afraid”, that’s survival, it just means you continue in the game which is your ultimate purpose. Can you live with the way you “survive”, I guess keep saying it’s a game and answer the question would I do that behavior with the opportunity to earn that much money or more in real life? You’re the one that has to live with that answer.

      • It is in fact a game but the money is real. Many view the ‘real’ world as a game but the money is real.

        BB has a way of exposing who we can be, for money no matter where we are

      • LOL, no we’re friends or she’s plays a better game than Vanessa, who she so highly believes in. I’vr actually gotten some insight from Tina on Vanessa that helps restore my faith in the kindness in the human race. LOL.

        Plus we all need to remember these HGs knew they were putting themselves up to be stabbed in the back, lied to and played a fool when they signed up. Doesn’t mean I have to like Vanessa’s tactics or her method b/c I don’t but there are some parts of her game I admire… they’re all playing for the money so some just like Russell Hantz on Survival believe anything goes… I don’t but the good thing is MOST the time those type don’t win. Just don’t let Russell have a gun… hell, I think that one season he was back and tried to BUY the title at the finale show, told the winner they could keep the prize money and he’d give them like 1M for just the title of Lone Survivor.

      • Hahaha haha. Good then. It’s one thing to know what you’re up against and another to be thrown in with a wolf. Somebody close the barnyard up, Paleeeze.

    • In her case it was more of a way to play the victim and be holier-than-thou to everyone. It’s hard to look guilty if you put on a sad face, sulk, and read the Bible.
      I already hated her but that was the last straw. Makes me ill.

      • I got suspicious when she always announce that she was going to read her bible.

        I thought just read it, why tell everybody

      • She should read the whole chapter at least, so that those verses are not accused of being out of context with a different meaning

  29. I do not hate anyone on this show,might dislike some but never hate..always when watching try not to judge too harshly any one person..Vanessa is a polarizing presence for sure but that does not make her a demon,flawed yes..but that can be said about all humans.

    • You’re right about her being imperfect like the rest of us. And “polarizing” is probably the nicest way to describe her.

      But I do hate her. For now. By the time next season comes around I’ll have forgotten her and all these other idiots.

    • Celebs (millionaires) should give their money to charity, like what happens on Celebrity Apprentice and every other show that features celebs. Actually, a female #1 poker player WAS on Celebrity Apprentice, and lost to Joan Rivers. ALL the money went to charity there. Not for Vanessa to buy her second Lamborghini.

      • BB is not “The Star of Hope Mission” but a show that revolves around winning 500,000 anyway you possibly can,

      • Stupid reply. There have been many, many, many shows that features celebrity millionaires over the years, where there is money involved. I can’t name one (and if you can find just ONE, congrats) that the millionaire celebrities kept the prize money. If you hate religions that help kids, like it sounds like you do, then give it to Global Warming, you Lib Fruit-Loop Dingus.

      • Who said it wasn’t how BB is set up? Of course it is, that is what they are doing, and why I wrote my comment in the first place. I said, I (me, myself) don’t care for games that reward millionaire, Lamborghini-driving celebrities. Survivor has had a few famous athletes, so I’ll make a point FOR you — but I think it’s stupid (that’s, CBS too, by the way). But atleast their Celebs were recognizable, and they all go voted out because of it.

      • *Handing Jimbo a stick, so he can keep beating that dead horse.*
        Quite frankly, it takes ignorance to try to totally shut down another poster here. Just because you disagree, does not make Hep “stupid”, but it sure shows your true colors. You can’t debate, so you call names. (How very Donald Trump of you!)

      • Plus, There was an AWFUL lot of points there, too, if you bothered to READ it. Lots and lots. You sound like Bernie Sanders?

      • I read your “points” each of the MULTIPLE times you repeated yourself.
        I guess you’re a Karl Rove fan, too. Since you seem to believe that by repeating something over & over, that makes it true.

      • I repeated them, and you STILL said there was no debate points. So, good thing I repeated them. Maybe needed to a few more times for you, though.

      • Oh. My. God. No, Jimbo, I don’t read! That’s why I’m unable to type and respond to you! Have a good night, my friend. I’m out of this repetitive convo.

      • It was not the point you’re trying to make (ad nauseam) that I disagreed with, it was your treatment of a fellow poster.

      • This what you wrote: “You can’t debate, so you call names” That implies there were no debate points.

      • Huh? This is Big Brother…not Celebrity Big Brother…not Political Big Brother…Not Sexual Orientation Big Brother. Plain old lie, manipulate, betray your way to $500,000.00 Big Brother. It would be AWESOME if a player gave some money to help prevent Climate Change, though, because IT IS real.

      • I said give it to Global Warming, if they wanted. And CBS CAN reward Vanessa (and other millionaires) with her second Lamborghini if they want to. I said that, too. So your point is? I said I didn’t like it. You want me to like it, Sharona? Is that Important to you?

      • Climate Change and Global Warming are the same thing. And, NO! I don’t give a hoot if you like it or not Your comment is of no importance to me whatsoever. Just responding…just like you are. :)

      • And who said that Climate Change and Global warming are not interchangeable words? Again, Copy and Paste where I said that. Dare ya to try!

      • Totally agree,BB is a mindless fun show to watch and that is the reason for enduring 17 years,not a evil plot on civilization but just plain old simple fun and the last time i checked fun is still allowed in everyday life.

      • It would be her money to do with it what she wants but I agree, all or a large portion going to a charity would be a nice move.

        Saw that Apprentice season, Rivers hated that poker player, Annie Duke and Joan did not hold back on her criticism of her & her poker friends/types, it got ugly. Duke was pretty ruthless and showed us the ruthless person she is, whether you’re playing for a charity or not… hateful backstabbing only labels you as being that type of person.

      • Just want to point out each person on the Apprentice still get a paid fee for being on the show and the longer they stay the bigger the fee.

      • That would have a bearing on the regular joes playing Apprentice but not the Celebrities Apprentice Shows, they’re goal is to raise funds for their charities.

      • Never has been disclosed,so not sure the exact amount,suspect something similar that actors get based on the union scale for guesting on shows like The Tonight Show,a very basic fee.

      • Atleast Duke’s charity profited from her ruthlessness. If dying people with AIDS, or whatever, get helped…be ruthless, I don’t care. BUT, in fact, I don’t care about ruthlessness — JUST OWN UP TO IT, and don’t be a hypocrite about it. Vanessa is self-righteous about it, and THAT I don’t care for. Lying?! Who cares! That’s the game. But then don’t CRY that you don’t like liars then, Vanessa.

      • I can see that and that’s my point… if you’re ruthless for you own self to become even richer that’s greed but if you play ruthless to benefit others that’s a different animal. I tended to think Rivers went too far with her hatred and that may not have been the case but Duke’s ruthlessness put Joan’s daughter out so it was personal. Duke’s played pretty hard but she was playing for her charity not to add to her own pile of money, I didn’t have a problem with her to tell the truth.

  30. Steve might end up getting to the end and probably get an undeserved win just like Ian. I hate people like Steve. Absolute useless player, but praised like he is a God. Having other people do all the work for you doesn’t make you good. In Season 14 it was Dan and Boogie for Ian, this season it’s Vanessa and Austwins. Sick and tired of this nonsense. GET RID OF STEVE.

    • I don’t think I’ve seen anyone praise him “like a god”. I’ve been saying he had some guts this week to finally go at the Austwins head on, but that’s not even approaching god-like.

      • I was just happy to see him have some balls, for once.
        And, I liked Ian. I was much happier to see “someone like him” win, than that ass-hole Andy the Rat.

      • He didn’t really have too much of a choice. Look how many people are in the house?? Vanessa did all the work

    • Oh God don’t say that — you are about to be attacked!!!! Many people LOVE on here that she has a mansion! They get mad, and wish she had a second mansion! Youre in for it now, Yo!

  31. Would they please just vote Liz out and get it over with it already ! My god these people are fickler than a 5 year boy ! SMDH

    • Gosh, seems like you always learn something you didn’t know before but realize it’s exactly what BB wants you to learn to lead you down the path. And seeing facial reactions & body language is more enlightening, think like Van and pick up the tells… what was it Van said to James, something like I can’t talk to you when you wear sunglasses. LOL. Well, before when she told him “I can read you and you’re lying to me” that creeped/crept him out, he should have worn a mask & sunglasses. LOL

      • I think she wanted to creep him out.she knows what she’s doing. He acted alitte scared after she told him that. He was telling meg about it .

    • It’ll be worth tuning in just to watch the twins spazz out! I’m West Coast, so have about 10 minutes to go.

  32. Looks like Vanessa gonna have the obvious control of the game the next week, if she win the next HoH comp she could decide if she wanna reach the F3 with Steve & John or with Liz/Julia or Austin.

      • I agree. I actually think that is a reasonable reason for steve/hmac to try and keep liz. It limits Vans options. I expect van to push for a liz eviction for this reason.

  33. Vanessa has the swing vote to send whoever she likes to the jury house. The smart choice is to send Liz to the jury house, making it Johnny Mac, Vanessa vs Austin, Julia for the next HOH. Like the HOH this week, this one is a crucial HOH and will determine pretty much who goes or who stays. A Vanessa or Johnny Mac HOH this coming week will enable them to target Austin for eviction. Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac will also, have the votes to evict Austin.

  34. I believe with all my heart, that Steve is playing Vanessa the way she’s played everyone else this entire season. He knows what going on. He’s been hiding behind his goofy-talk-to-nobody-but-the-camera character, but he’s he real deal. He’s going to show Van the poker player HE is. He’s a genius…an eeevil geenius. Muhwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    • Nah, I don’t think so.

      And why do people say steve grew some balls and did what had to be done. It would have been gutsy to do IF he had other options at this stage of the game, which he really didn’t.

      • I wish Steve would say which twin he wants evicted and why. I’d like to know what he is thinking. He often tells people that he doesn’t want to talk game with them. He answers questions with questions when he is “game talking” a lot of time. I agree with you about Steve and said awhile back that I think he is playing HGs and the cameras.

      • Yeah, it’d be nice to know what and why, but I don’t think we’re going to get that from him. Which is actually fine by me. I kinda like the mystery thing he’s got going on. And yeah…I think I stole the thing about Steve from YOU! I thought I’d heard it before. ;)

      • Not at all, Sharona. I’m sure that we aren’t the only ones though, who think Steve is playing a character that he practiced for. I did say in a previous post that it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he bought a camera, similar to the ones in the BB house, so he could record himself rehearsing his role. He plays to the cameras and I think he purposefully misleads viewers. He’s very mischievous.

    • If that were to happen, I would dance nekkid in the living room, BUT I don’t see it happening. :(

    • At this point he is the only person left that we can hope is smart enough to take out Vanevil and the Twinions right?

  35. Vanessa has no shame, she’s preparing the twins for their fate. The twins don’t question why Vanessa won’t go up on the block. This is big brother, you just don’t lay down and die. The twins need to repudiate everything coming out Vanessa’s mouth instead of taking every word as the gospel truth. I’m happy Austin won, it threw the twins and Vanessa for a dramatic tailspin and were acting like feral women. Unreal! I’m hoping they get evicted next, Vanessa and whichever twin stays.


    • Vanessa is hedging her bets .. Jury Management with the Twins … Though, I do believe she is closer to Vanessa than Liz from a game point of view ??

      • Right, Julia is closer to Vanessa bc Liz spends all her time with Austin. You know sings the” vote for me jury lullaby” to the twins to secure their votes. The twins remind me of the stepford wives, so obedient to Vanessa.

  36. While watching the tail end of BAD this morning, it was kinda sad listening to Liz and Julia crying to one another, about a 2 week+ separation between them .. It is a game, people… No one is actually dying here !!

    Also, Vanessa was her classic self talking to Steve and someone else .. John, I believe?? .. About playing a new game now rather than pushy as she has been and keeping her ideas and opinions to herself, as it has gotten her in trouble this season …. Then, but no sooner after saying that .. She Asks Steve what / who his target really is for a possu Liz / Julia eviction?

    He kinda says, to just let the week play out and let the chips fall .. While Vanessa starts to put the pressure on him with .. “Why … ” etc and that He/They should call a House Meeting and allow them to decide their own fate, etc?

    • Renom is usually on Monday afternoon..

      Wondering if Steve is just amusing Vanessa about Julia as a Renomis, before blindsiding her on Monday’s POV Ceremony?? :)

      • I have thought about that, but at that point Steve and JMAC will not have the numbers to break up the Austwins. At that point the 3some will take out Steve and Jmac. I don’t care for Vanessa but I dislike the Austwins more.

      • I dunno .. A Steve and Twins Alliance would be kinda cute .. As I thought that Austwins had separated due to irreconcilable differences ??

  37. I don’t think I can stand looking at Austins beard with that thing in it anymore. Is that white thing stuck in it? Every time he’s on screen that’s all I can see! Its driving me batsh*t crazy!
    I know this doesn’t add to the subject but had to get that off my chest!

  38. Can someone please remind these remaining houseguests that if Vanessa does not get out, it will not matter who goes up against her in the final 2. They will lose. The jury will realize that it’s only a game and Vanessa outsmarted and conned them in one way or another. She played the best game in terms of social play and competition wise. Who ever gets her out should get the $500,000. It will be the biggest move of the game.

    • I agree, Isaiah. I don’t think NOW will be the time to get her out—I think the twins need to be broken up first. Van really has taken charge of this game—especially after Audrey got the boot. Some one should have taken her out a LOOOONG time ago, but since no one had the guts to do it, well, it is what it is. I’m hoping that whoever wins HoH this week will somehow get her out of the house! Seriously, if she does win, I’m gonna give up on the game! No…I’ll be back next year—but that’s how strongly I feel about her. I can’t believe that no one in the house can see what she’s been doing; although I think Steve may be on to her now…although it’s a little too late. I have to give her props for her manipulation, but man—she does NOT deserve to win. Thanks for listening. I hope you have a good night. I mean that sincerely. :)

    • Normally, I would agree with you. However, considering how cold Vanessa was with her moves, her lack of ability to make any real connections with anyone and what will probably be a very bitter jury stacked with a bunch of people who don’t really understand BB, it seems unlikely she can get to five votes unless she’s sitting beside Julia.

      • The only problem with taking Vanessa out now, and I’m sure JohnnyMac and Steve have thought of this, if Vanessa goes out now, she’ll just poison the jury house against them winning

  39. The most hilarious moment of the season was the ignoramus on tonight’s should, not knowing Sigmund and psych 101. Austins reactions were priceless.

    • OMG, what about Julia ‘ s take on all the gremlins in the jury house? It just goes to show you that the good guys finish first! (Really) Hmmmmm, let me think about this.

      Next, when Vanessa stated there were two and a half weeks left, Liz states so there’s hope at the end of the tunnel! Where’s the light???

      • Lol. Gotta be honest…thier knuckle headedness has somewhat endeared me to thier existance. They’re not boring. Dumbness is fun. Thinking Freud is Zigmond and Roy from Mandalay bay is Awesome!!! in fact may be a record breaker.

      • I was too undone when I heard that. I was also shocked. What college or university did they attend?

        ROTFLMAO AND Busting my sides open.

      • Yes those twins are m0r0ns! Sigfread and Roy’s shows were at the Mirage…..Not Mandalay Bay! I live and grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and I also have worked at the Mandalay Bay! I know you didn’t say it but the person you responded to did! Just wanted to get everything straight! Thanks! :)

      • Ummm…..I live and grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and I also have worked at Mandalay Bay….and Sigfread and Roy Never had THEIR shows there at Mand alas Bay…….
        …..Their shows were at the Mirage! Maybe you got confused because both Casinos start with an “M!”

      • Ha ha….no biggy… was funny! I understood! ;) But it was so funny that the twins are totally stupid…..that was hilarious….those 2 twins are dumb as h*11!

  40. VAnessa is simple trying to keep herself in good with both twins so she is not a target of whoever stays and Austin. Its working too. Austin and the twins will all work with Vanessa. I hope JMac realizes what’s going and and puts an end to it by winning HoH and evicting Vanessa, but I am afraid he does not have the votes if he puts her up.

    Maybe this is why JMac wants Julia out this week. If he puts up Liz and Vanessa next week, Austin will vote to save Liz and even if Steve votes to save Vanessa, it will be a tie and JMac will break the tie.

    Alas, I fear this will not happen and JMac will put up Liz and Austin again.

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