Tonight On Big Brother 17: Endurance HoH Comp & Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother 17 we’ll watch the remaining Houseguests face off against the returning four Jurors in a chance to get back in the game and take on all the power this week.

Big Brother 17 endurance HoH comp on tonight's show
Big Brother 17 endurance HoH comp on tonight’s show – Source: CBS

In what might be the most pitiful endurance competition, even if it wasn’t the shortest, the whole “epic” battle lasted roughly three minutes past the end of the show as the competitors were tossed down from their swings like pills in a mid-day DR visit. There’s still hope for this week though.

Yes, things ended very quickly, find out who won HoH here, and even though plenty of fans were likely disappointed the results aren’t the very worst thanks to the return of a popular HG previously cast out from the game. Now we’ll have to see if the second time playing is the charm.

Things have moved well past Thursday’s HoH comp as well with nominations on Friday and Saturday’s Veto that promises more chaos ahead after a few weeks of big talk with little action. We’re just over three weeks from the season finale so it’s about to get even more crazy in there!

Can’t wait for all the spoilers? We’ve got the results for nominations and the Power of Veto competition! It’s been a big weekend of excitement and drama already so there is going to be a lot to catch up on in the next two episodes.

Join us back here at 8/7c for the Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Feeds.


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      • I’m from the Philippines. Up until recently, I was able to view BB’s Youtube channel but it has since been geoblocked on my side of the pond with the last video made available being that of James winning HOH the second time.

        I’m afraid the same thing might happen to TAR and Survivor’s channels very soon.

      • I meant James from the Philippines. Me too on BB & Survivor, since the beginnings of both. Didn’t dawn on me until DIL (she’s hooked too) said ‘hard to believe BB has been on 17 years’. I’m like ‘WHAT?’ She say ‘BB17’, oh crap!!!

        Well, I’m busy doing other thing, ya know… it’s been years since I’ve done BBNetwork. The last 6 or 7 years I’ve watched BB only on commercial t.v., never did the LiveFeed, once had BBAD one season, it bored me.

        Afraid to ask… TAR?

      • Crap I should have figured that one, thanks though for letting me know. I actually use to watch it, back when & before Jeff/Jordan competed on it. Lost interest in it, seems it was on Sundays and there was already too much going on.

        Then the 2 Indian sisters were on Survivor & my sis said you’ll love these 2 from TAR competing on our favorite show… she was wrong, I did not like either one.

      • Actually, the “twinnies” as they called themselves, were 10 times more obnoxious on TAR than they were on Survivor. You would have REALLY hated them on TAR! Ha ha.

      • The one that lasted longest on Survivor made me barf, sorry but true. I do recall the ‘twinnies’ thing, ‘weiners’ would be more appropriate in my opin.

      • And yes… no, not really!!!

        Computer internet lingo… A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet.

      • G-Man just gave you the definition. What it allow you to do is connect to a group of server that are located all around the world. By doing that it allow you to hide where you really are. On the internet, everybody know where you are by your IP address.
        So you are sitting in the US and you want to watch BBCAN on Global TV Website, but you can’t because they only allow viewer in Canada. So by using a VPN service, you can choose to connect to a server in Toronto and when you try to access the Global TV website, you will look like you are located in Toronto. Hence you can watch BBCAN.

      • Say it ain’t so James. I love reading your comments on the TAR recaps. I truly hope you can find a way to get the episodes. Good Luck!

    • If it’s any consolation, the 20 second video only hypes up a returning juror and the HoH comp. It gives no information.

  1. Looking forward to seeing how Vanessa didn’t cheat, but every body else was disqualified except her and Jmac. Also looking forward to seeing how favorable the edits are when they all start talking trash up in the HOH room about James and Meg.

    • I was disappointed that Van won, especially after seeing the pics of both her and JMac sitting on their disks. However, from everything I read the general consensus is that those 3 kept their feet on the disk, while others did not. We don’t know what was explained to the HGs. We only know that the viewers were told “the only rule is the last HG standing.”

  2. Vanessa is setting herself up for 4th place. Does she really think that any of the Austwins will take her to the F3?

    • You got it!!! She’s throwing in the towel for winning if she doesn’t re-nom an Austwin, best choice is Lizzzz-uh for obvious reasons.

    • I guess she’s hoping one of her minions will take one of the three out and she will slide in to take their place.

  3. I can’t believe Vanessa would waste a HOH on useless Meg. She should have backdoored James if her goal was to split the two up.

  4. Alright, so this “Tonight on Big Brother” thread should be the show thread. Anybody check if 60 minutes started on time ?

      • Where is LG?..she know’s

        Hey last week, a car beside me playing that song. Awesome!..thought about you. lol

      • Cool! I think about you too Cyril, without even hearing any songs! So, LG and Captain: Who is David? And while I’m at it, who’s Emma? ;)

      • You still don’t know who David is ? I thought it was mention so many time here, that everybody would know.

      • It’s a running joke between Cyril and LavendarGirl who make fun of David the surfer dude from BB15. If I remember well, the joke started on Survivor Fandom.

      • Cuddles! How are you?! I’ve been thinking about (and praying for) you ever since the last time we ‘spoke’…I’ve missed you! If you ever want to talk, let me know, OK? I miss you, dear!

      • I’d be more than happy to give you my email address—but there are a couple of people on our site who are bound and determined to make my life a living hell. VILE, NASTY things have been said to me—thankfully Matthew finally deleted them…but I don’t feel safe anymore. We can always go waaaay back to some of our earliest posts and talk there. It’s up to you. I just want you to feel comfortable, and for me to keep from getting another target on my back. Someone actually said that to me—“Just like this game, Sharona, you’ve got a target on your back.” He said that to me because he’d made an inappropriate remark about mental illness. Well, I’m an advocate for the mentally ill—that’s what I do. He didn’t like that I told him he shouldn’t be saying what he did, and ever since then, he and some mean girl have been after me.
        Anyway, let me know if you feel comfortable going way back in time and talk. Darn it! I’d LOVE to be able to give you my email address, or my ‘snail mail’ address! Anyway, I really do pray for you every day. I care. You’ve been such a good friend!

      • From what I’ve seen lately (your posts), it looks like you’ve regained your self esteem. Sometimes you have to take deep breaths and blow it out slowly ~ calms me every time. I back off when it comes to any form of confrontation, always have. Being a good little Catholic girl, I don’t appreciate off-color comments from posters ~ to me they serve no purpose. As a card carrying lifetime lesbian, it makes me angry when LGBTQ folks are misunderstood and considered unequal. I avoid posters who make disparaging comments that I don’t agree with (and have no tolerance for) ~ they’re not worth my time. I have other fish to fry ~ and I’m dealing with it. Perhaps some day we’ll be able to “talk” more personally. I sure do miss the AOL lesbian chatrooms. Thanx for your prayers and concern ~ I value your friendship . <>

      • Oh, my dear Cuddles—I hope I’ve never been offensive to you! I can say some pretty raunchy things. I don’t understand the amount of racist, bigoted comments we’ve had this year. I cannot abide bigots. Your advice about taking deep breaths is a fabulous relaxation technique. Like I said, I’m an advocate for the mentally ill, so I have a bag of relaxation techniques…sometimes it’s hard to use them in the heat of the moment! It’s been difficult this year with all the arguing and name calling…I’m a peace maker by nature. In fact, I just tried to make amends with one of the folks who has been less than kind to me. I cannot stand confrontation! It makes me feel just terrible.
        Are there any chat rooms you can go to? I have so many gay friends…it kills me to see how they have to struggle to be treated like a ‘normal’ person. I’ll never understand the hatred…I guess it’s ignorance but I don’t get it and never will. And I’ve never been on the receiving end of that hatred, so I can’t even imagine the pain. I have RA and Lupus, and am waiting for the results of a biopsy…it may be stomach cancer. I have NO IDEA how you’re dealing right now…I’m trying to stay positive, and I really think it’s just a complication of the RA. Oh, my…I’ve written a novel! Take care my dear, dear friend. I wish I could meet you in person. I just want to give you a HUG!!! Touch is such an important part of our lives. Since my mom passed, I don’t get hugs anymore, and I’m a touchy-feely-huggy kind of person! I’m sending hugs and love to you! Try to stay positive! Easy to say…I know. Just remember–I care. :)

      • Dear Sharona, you haven’t been offensive/raunchy to me but I’ve seen that ‘side’ of you when playing with others on BBN. If anything, I’m thinking more and more that we’re very similar. By saying you’re an advocate mean that you’re a mental health counselor? I’m all for relaxation techniques if you’d like to share, I’m ready. Tonight I think I saw “J” trying to reel you into her trap, but you kept calm (at least with what you were typing) and you were surrounded by some really great supportive posters. AOL chatrooms have been closed for years now. Give me an idea of your email ID so I don’t spam you. I’m Cuddlesbian ~ you know what the dot com is. Not being accepted for who I am is extremely painful, especially coming from one I gave birth to. So many others have struggled all their lives to be loved, accepted and most of all, treated equally. There’s much too much ignorance in this world! When you have to deal, you do. AND YOU WILL DEAL with the results of your biopsy. I also have arthritis as well as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and now cancer. But I’M DEALING. AND YOU WILL TOO! Perhaps, one day, we will meet in person ~ I look forward to that day dear sweet friend. You were very fortunate getting hugs from you mom. I wasn’t as fortunate. I was ‘adopted’ around the age of 8 by a loving family ~ the end result is that I’m emotionally open, very touchy-feely with my close friends, and love to give and receive hugs. AND you stay positive!! Be a good girl and try to stay out of trouble ~ ( I only say that to people I feel close to and really care for). BTW, I’m in NH, where are you? <<>>

      • I’m in Michigan. Grew up here, HATED it! In 1985, I was offered a job in a theatre in NC. I stayed there for about 20 years working as an actress. I would take the occasional job in other states as well, but NC is where I lived. In 2000, I went through an incredibly painful, heartbreaking divorce, so I came home to my mom.
        So right after your name and before the dot, is it yahoo, hotmail, gmail…? I’m shahkerr at yahoo dot com…would love to hear from you…so email me and we’ll keep talking—if you want to…I do!
        I’m not a counselor, but I advocate for better treatment of the mentally ill. I’ve had some experience with the system, and was sickened by what was going on, SO I’m now an advocate. :) I try to make a difference and I think I do! Please email me, so I can tell you more. I’ve been up all night—lots of pain—so I’m going to try and sleep. That’s why I’m going to keep this short. Please email me. OK? :)
        You keep out of trouble too, young lady! Talk to you soon. Hugs right back atcha! :) :) :)

      • p.s. I woke up and realized I gave you the wrong address…so if your read this before 10:14 a.m., it was wrong! I’ve since edited it.! Whew! That was a close one!

      • So so sorry for your pain Sharona! Is it random or does it come mostly at night when you want to sleep? I haven’t e-m’d you so no worries about giving me the incorrect address. I didn’t give you my .com because I told you about playing in the AOL chatrooms ~ hope you now have the picture. When are you supposed to get the results of the biopsy? Now that you told me you were an actress, I remember you telling me (a long time ago) when we were sharing our ancestry. If you told me your actress name would I recognize it?? My God daughter lives in NC and I almost moved to Asheville NC several years ago ~ beautiful country! Hope you’re feeling much much better today ~ please e-m me. <<>>

      • She’s the only one allowed to do ANYTHING…the only one to think for themselves; to make decisions; to eat and sleep whenever she wants…need I go on? Oh yeah, and the only one allowed to do her Adderall.

    • Cyril, I’m writing this waaaay back in time, and I hope you get it. I just read a comment you recently made to tinalee….you know which one I’m talking about…the loooong one. I laughed the whole way through it!! My sides are killing me! You are hysterically funny and have made me laugh so many times this year. I wanted to give you a thumbs up—but didn’t want to get into THAT conversation. I’ve supported tinalee, but, holy-moly…she can go on, can’t she? I wish Karen could see that post. She’d die! Anyway—just wanted to tell you that I appreciated that laugh this morning…I REALLY needed to laugh. Thanks again Cyril, for your humor and kindness toward me. See you next year. :)

  5. Oh Vanessa what do you think is going to happen when you make it to final 5 with a set of twins and one’s lover?

      • She’s always smiling and happy even when her knees are killing her. She has a good fun attitude.Get her a very loud alarm and put her to work, though. Nah, you’d spoil her.

      • No snakes for a couple of weeks. Just a few deer, a skunk that I had to shot my BB gun at to get it to leave my property, 9 turkeys with one beautiful white one, and one coyote. Many beautiful roses and azaleas and my burning bushes are turning the most gorgeous colors.Thanks for asking, Cyril.:)

      • I’m good, Sharona. I hope you are having a easier time of it.:) I’ll be posting a lot less, though. My husband just had rotator cuff surgery and will need help with almost everything for a few weeks and my Dad was put in hospice. Very busy time. BB has to be put on the back burner, but I’ll try to keep updated, although I am behind at present. Take care, gorgeous lady.

      • Aw, sweetie, I wish I could help! When I put my Mom in hospice, I was able to stay there day and night (it was a hospice home—like a hotel, really! It was beautiful). I’d been with her 24/7 for months before that at her house. I can’t imagine having to take care of a hubby AND worry about a parent too. I live alone and had a broken collarbone AND torn rotator cuff. I don’t know how the heck I managed. But after both healed, I went straight to taking care of my Mom.
        I’m surprised BB is even part of your BUSY life right now…although it can be a distraction.
        Well my dear, lovely friend—don’t forget to take care of YOU. OK? You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I enjoy you so very much, K. I’ll see you when I see you! And remember…Frankie. Oxygen Network. Ejaculating glitter.
        XOXO, Sharon
        p.s. if you ever need to vent, go to one of my old comments and post something. I’ll be sure to get it. I can even give you my email address if you want it. I understand if you’d rather not…I want you to be comfortable. Just let me know, and I’ll be here. :)

  6. Did I seriously just hear Vanessa say that a tight couple like that is something you have to break up in the BB house.

  7. Kinda like James/Meg relationship. They’re probably gonna be best friends outside the house.

  8. I wonder if Vanessa thinks the audience is as stupid as those people she’s in the house with. She rarely owns up to anything.

    • I think she should be penalized for offering cash awards to hgs by renoming someone other than Julia, like say Austin, if for nothing more than to give him a taste for what it’s like to be on the block, something he’s evaded all season! :-)

    • Wouldn’t have mattered. James can’t hold his own against that woman. Plus she would have used Shelli’s words against him.

      • I wanna give her the benefit of the doubt that she always want to have “reasons” for everything…we didn’t see it.

    • He had his sunglasses on. He said something that I never did really understand, but Vanessa was deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeply insulted by it. She even cried. He was apologizing continually. Needless to say, he lost that battle, due to “breach of trust”.

      • I saw the whole thing last night. It was painful to watch James losing the argument. He came unprepared. I want him to win the next HoH.

  9. Vanes. Should be disqualified from BB for offering cash awards, she shouldn’t be HOH to begin with, so tired of of producers antics!!!

  10. I’m seriously trying not to gag here! From Jokers: “Austin wants to do something special with Liz tonight because it’s their 1 week anniversary since he asked her to be his GF.”

  11. Austin is very close to. Rude awakening when he realizes in doesn’t like him and has been using him….he is disgusting

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