Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 4 Eviction & Next HoH

Julie Chen returns tonight on CBS for an all-new Big Brother 16 live eviction show starting at 9PM ET/PT when Brittany and Donny will await their fellow Houseguests’ votes to determine which of them leaves the game and new Heads of Household will be crowned!

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises
Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises – Source: CBS

Brittany hasn’t given up in the house as she’s campaigned for votes, but the other HGs also know that Donny was put up as a renom to insure her departure. According to my vote counts, we could be looking at a solid landslide.

Unfortunately for Brittany, HGs have been reluctant to tell her the truth as we often see happen. Of course, Zach seems to be enjoying his lies of promised safety a little bit more than the rest of them. Could set things up for one bitter eviction as several of the Houseguest expect it to be.

Join us tonight at 9PM ET to chat with other fans as we enjoy the latest Big Brother eviction.

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  1. Come on house guests, start playing the game! Only Derrick seems to playing! Are you kidding me? Has no one heard about using disinformation and lies to take down that strong alliance Bomb Squad, now Detonators?
    The floaters should be doing exactly that! Drive a wedge between the Bomb Squad members because that is what they know! Pit them against each other so that, they take each other out! That would keep the floaters

    • Novel idea. Zach would be an easy target (at this point in the game) since the alliance already thinks he’s high maintenance. And with his wild card nature, they MIGHT be able to hasten his eviction with some well placed grenades. …Especially now that the non-alliance has been fairly neutralized (in the eyes of the alliance). Btwn Zach & Caleb the alliance may feel like they have the numbers and security to go ahead and sacrifice one (probably Caleb but depending on how insidious the disinformation is on Zach) which would also serve to project the image they arent working together AND put Zach on notice.Of course, I’d hope it has the opposite effect and sets Zach off. Lol. Whomever is left, Donny can helm a Team America type mission with “The NonAlliance” to rattle their cage against another Alliance member(s) enough so to make them the #1 target. That would keep Donny & Them in the house longer, give them more time to win HoH AFTER the Alliance’s vote count goes down more (to force them to eat one of their own) – or last until the Dual HoH twist is over. Otherwise, Donny has to hope (if he won an HoH) that he gets to draw first on nominations so HE can stack the deck.

      • Zach would be a good target as well as Frankie! Everyone knows that Frankie has been tattle taling like Christine. That is common knowledge and you do not have to stretch the fact that he could be sabotaging his own alliance members? You can even point to the fact that Zach and Frankie are so close maybe, they are in an alliance? Of course, they are but, the others do not know that! What better way to target the alliance?

      • Oh, Christine would be a good target, too, once they cut loose Nicole (if Donny can last that long). It’d be believable that she might try subterfuge against the guy posse…maybe with physical competitor Hayden.
        (Or Nicole…if Hayden takes a bullet first.)
        I thought about Frankie initially but I think that right now, he’s the anti-Zach in that he’s one of the cooler heads prevailing and a solid alliance vote. So for that reason, I don’t see Derrick putting Frankie in the crosshairs right now. If Donny could get Cody stirred up about Frankie, Frankie might hiss at Cody but he’d have to be VERY careful in trying to take out Cody because Christine LOVES him and Derrick is his boy. Frankie does need to think about that NOW, for Frankie’s game. He has to get Derrick to first evict Christine (Cody’s #2 fan) before gunning for Cody/Derrick. He’d have to have someone put Cody up against Derrick on the block. Frankie’s money mindset would probably see him backdooring Derrick, pleading his case that they can’t win against him in F2 and he can’t risk beating Derrick in the final comps by himself to avoid taking him to F2.
        Derrick should be comfortable right now, against anyone in F2.

    • Jacosta has no clue how to play this game, Nicole, being a superfan, has been a major disappointment so far, Hayden is too worried about getting Nicole into bed, Britt is going home, Victoria is too worried about what she looks like and also has no clue, Donny just needs someone to work with and he would be okay. Derrick is running the house and has been almost since day one. I think BB needs to hire a new casting director.

      • All it will take is for two non alliance people to win HOH. And as we all know they have plenty of HOH comps that are a crap shoot. I would love to see Donny and Jocasta win because those two would not listen to anyone and do what they wanted. Donny would for sure put up Caleb and for the other it probably would be Christine. He also said if one came down Frankie would go up. Now I really want Jocasta gone. She hasn’t done anything but she can go after this week. The only other non alliance is Victoria and she’ll do whatever Derrick says. Nicole is kind of working with the alliance.

      • I can’t figure out why Jacosta is there..the other night when she was “saving” Cody in the HOH room..I guess she is there for religion classes.

  2. Do you think tonight will be endurance? I know the houseguests have been on lock down for a while, and there was some discussion about the possibility.

    • If it is endurance, the smaller and lighter players have a chance to win HOH! Now, the question is assuming the floaters win HOH, do they have the sense to target the alliance guys, Zach, Cody, Derrick and Frankie? They better wise up. As the weeks go on, the floaters will be picked off one by one and by the time they decide they want to take on the alliance—-it will be too little, too late!

      • Donny is the only one of the bunch that would have the sense to target that alliance. He would probably put up Christine and Frankie.

      • He should put up Frankie and Derrick. Christine might not be tightly strung in that alliance. She still has one with Nicole and Hayden doesn’t she? If Jocasta or Victoria wins the other HOH, put up Cody and Zach on the other side! That is the best they can do!

  3. IMHO I think Caleb needs professional help. Does CBS not see the danger here? If they allow this scary, stalking, possessive behavior to continue, it will continue to get worse. If they allow him to propose to Amber on the air, no telling what might happen.

  4. Dissension within the alliance is what I want to happen. Targeting Zack who is a loose cannon could cause problems for the other members. Who knows what will happen if they target Frankie or Caleb. Maybe they can all team up…I see fireworks happening soon.

    • Agree. May not be the smooth sailing to F5 they think/say.
      Frankie better be thinking about end game. He’s smart enough to know at this point, no one wins against bloodless Derrick in F2. And I’m sure he knows that Zach will be a logical first target in the alliance, leaving Derrick/Cody/Christine and himself. Derrick and Christine are Cody’s #1 & 2 fans so he will be hard to evict first. He can’t risk having to beat Derrick/whomever in F3 comp to elim Derrick. Frankie has a good shot at winning if he can send Derrick to Jury. He may need to get someone else to put up Cody against Derrick on the block to break them up, for good reason. That way, one less vote and Christine probably saves Cody out of love and logic. At least it fractures the core.

      • I for one would like to see Derrick win and Frankie go home soon. Frankie is playing Andy the snake’s game, which is a nasty way to win. Derrick is smart, cool headed, and a really decent guy. Frankie is a hopeless narcissist who is absolutely obsessed with himself and his image. He is handsy with everyone, has no sense of boundaries or couth.

      • I don’t necessarily want Frankie to win myself. I was just speaking more to the point that I think he is smart enough to be thinking “end game” – because he is there to win – and the resulting fireworks I hope to see when that happens. Unless someone takes him out, Derrick is a shoe-in, at this point.

      • Well said about Frankless- the one who plays to the camera all the time- . So glad when he leaves.

  5. I hope the give the winner of fitness challenge coup d’état so both can be safe! Love them both! That would really turn the tables it says rewards and punishments so hopefully a twist to save them tonight

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