The Best And Worst Moments Of ‘Big Brother 18’ Week 8

It was a pretty crazy week in the Big Brother 18 house and by crazy I mean Paulie. OK, so it was all strategy, but he had a lot of people thinking he was actually cracking up.

Paulie gets teary on Big Brother 18

Regardless, we’ve got plenty of Ewws and Ahhs to get through this week so let’s get to it.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 18

Ahh. Victor wins HOH. This guy has had quite the showing since he was evicted. And now that he’s realized what’s going on with Paulie, another Victor HOH win was actually something to celebrate since the game really needed shaking up.

Eww. Paulie tries to control Victor’s HOH. What’s new, right? Even after Paulie said he wasn’t going to make any more suggestions he does just that. He wants Victor to put up two girls and plans to reveal to the girls at the nomination ceremony that there’s a guys’ alliance. And yes, there’s even a plan to pound their chests.


Ahh. Victor blindsides Corey and Paulie. Finally, a true Big Brother blindside. Paulie and Corey were shocked that Victor turned on them, but Victor said he owes no one anything in the house and reminds everyone he was evicted by them 9-1.

Eww. Paulie is a spoiled sport. Paulie can give it out, but he can’t take it basically. Even before veto, Paulie started talking about leaving the game if he’s going home this week. Sure some of this was strategy, but it was a bit annoying. And it really kicked into high gear after the veto competition and he picked up a punishment.

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  1. I would buy the idea that his break down and freak out was just strategy if we didn’t see him breaking down and freaking out in the DR, where he doesn’t need to keep up the facade. He’s full of sh!t.

  2. When you get bindsided, cry like a little wuss, and then backpedal and say it was all strategy? LOL TERRIBLE STRATEGY THEN, BRO.

  3. I just realized, if they vote out Victor – he could come back AGAIN. (and be the most likely to beat Paulie)

    • If he could get evicted Twice and return twice, then he should win, if for no other reason than sheer perseverance.

      • Good to see you, Rick. If Paulie comes back, I won’t go so far as to say the show is rigged (LOL), BUT, will they PLEASE stop with the “Expect The Unexpected” crapola? I mean, that phrase in itself is an oxymoron, anyway. Particularly when it pertains to the last few seasons of my beloved show.

  4. Can we just discuss this for a minute… Every single evicted houseguest so far will get a chance to compete in one of the Battle Back competitions… EXCEPT FOR FRANK. Why is it that the people evicted first, second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh get a second chance, but not the one evicted sixth? What?!?!

    • Never thought about it but you’re right, he really got screwed…and he’s also one of the (only) ones I’d have actually liked to see return to the game this season.

    • That does suck. I hope production realizes this and tries to get Frank back in. I doubt it though. The season was already planned out with the RT ticket and Frank had a 1 in 12 chance just like the other’s that are in jury. It doesn’t make it better though.

    • Wow… awesome point. And considering how good Frank is at comps, he would have had a great chance of getting back in the house.

  5. You’re right, it feels like production is just making sh** up as they go along, from scheduling comps, to buy backs, to favorable edits that only an expensive PR firm could buy. – The consolation in this is that even with all that help, Polly still managed to be one of the douchiest players I have ever seen on ANY show, and not in a good or ‘fun to watch’ way.

      • Julie actually made me cringe, too, since she just let him skate through, no tough questions, no follow up on his obvious lie about “all strategy” and since when does such a classy lady let some a-hole scoop her up like she’s his plaything and not even slightly confront him about it and then give him a nice handshake … and she knows where he’s been.

      • Bless his heart, he had such an emotionally taxing week. Since he didn’t get a sympathy vote, she threw a little his way.

      • By the way, off the subject but thank goodness for a diversion this weekend – Nascar’s back on and your #19 ran 8th in final practice at Bristol where he won in April by beating my guy by some part of a second or so. Gordon, driving the #88 ran about 12th.

      • DE is improving from what I hear. He’ll be back soon. Dang good driver, for sure. JJ and CE have always been my guys. I haven’t had a chance to check the practice results. Thanks!

      • Jr might be back next week … might, but I’m hoping. It’s not as exciting without someone to really root for … kinda like BB this year.

      • Obviously Grodner is protecting her precious Paulie.
        She probably got him alone in the DR and locked the door.

      • I think she was taken off guard with the hug thing. She sort of laughed nervously. The questions though, she should have nailed him, but I’m sure those are the questions that were given to her…written by someone at BB/CBS.

      • You may be right about the questions…but when other guests have been offensive in the past, she’s called them out. I guess it depends on the type of ‘offensive’ it takes. Maybe misogyny doesn’t bother her.

      • IDK, she’s not your run of the mill MC … I surely don’t know for sure or even an educated guess, but I am thinking she could have slightly more control than wussing out completely.

    • I agree. i watch the feeds and read this blog and my boyfriend does not, and he was all about paulie and feeling sorry for him. Also saying how cool paulie is. I was like- NO WAY!! Paulie is so full of sh*t!!!

      • Yeah, shame on production for letting him look like a golden boy to everyone who doesn’t keep up w/ the live feeds..

  6. Nicole just pulled all of the loose hairs from her mane and threw them on the floor. I understand the BR is nasty, but come on, that is uncalled for and makes me seriously wonder about her nursing habits. She did brush her teeth for all of three seconds.

    • LOL… she kills me with her hair..constant pulling and tugging and re-doing.. seriously, it looks like a darn rats nest half the time.

    • And the amount of sleep she ‘requires’ makes me question her ability, too. Most nursing shifts are 12 on three or four days straight. Is she sleep walking while taking care of patients?

      • After being a nurse for many years, and watching her on BB two seasons, there is no way in heck that I would feel comfortable with her as my nurse. And making a statement that she would never write a fellow nurse up, that is one scary thing to say and very unprofessional.

      • She is unprofessional, at least administratively. Her words, not mine…she had her mom deliver her resignation to be on BB this time. Now I know that nurses are in high demand and can almost get a job anywhere, but come on….grow up.

      • What?! She had her Mom do it?! How old is this child? OK…no more passes for her. I’ve been giving her the benefit of the doubt far too long. To hear that makes me REALLY pisses me off.

      • *SIGH* Welcome to the nurses who will be taking care of all of us soon. (i know some very, very good ones..but I’ve met way too many like her. No sense of professionalism)

    • Ugh. What has happened to our (your-lol!) Nicole? Has she always been this gross? If she had been taking care of my Mom, I’d have requested someone else. Maybe she’s different in her workplace…but you’d be surprised at some of the things I saw nurses do right before they flushed Mom’s IV or gave her an enema. I wish they had let ME do it for her. Didn’t even use sanitizer half the time. I’d have to insist upon it. I actually asked one particular nurse, who had the habit of sucking on her fingers, to WASH her hands.

  7. Branden, my Branden. How can you actually believe that Paulie’s bat-s*** crazy act was ‘strategy?’ Oh, how I love you and your commentaries—and I did love this one too, except for that first sentence. You did such a great job; but, Man–I know you can’t really be snowed by his act…can you?
    Regardless, I appreciate your candor and honesty…especially when you said what so many of us ALSO thought, “There have been a couple of moments this week that I actually felt ashamed that I love this show.”
    That meant so much to me…and I know it did to thousands of others, who follow these sites and get the feeds—only to have seen the lily white edit Paulie got. So once again, I thank you. On behalf of those of us who also felt ashamed to love this show, Thank You.

  8. Yeah, this was definitely a crazy week, and it’s only gonna get crazier.

    I’m also disappointed about the lack of a live HOH, even on the feeds. Come on, BB and CBS, get it together! Why are you blocking us so much this year???

    EDIT: Oh, and a big Ahh! moment for me? Paulie starting his eviction speech as if he were Geoffrey Chaucer from Knights Tale! Love, love, LOVE that movie!

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