The Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 18 Week 7

It was quite the dramatic week in the Big Brother 18 house, and even though a lot of fans didn’t get what they wanted during the double eviction, there were a lot of Ewws and Ahhs this week.


I’ll try not to mention Paulie in every entry, but you’ll probably be seeing his name a lot in the worst moments. Let’s get to it.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 18 Week 7

Eww. Another HOH blocked from the live episode. I just really hate when we don’t get those exciting in-the-moment live HOH wins. I hope we don’t get this kind of HOH all season just so they have something to show on Sunday episodes.

Ahh. The HOH at least airs on the Live Feeds. The good news this past week was that we got to see the HOH play out on the Live Feeds, unlike the previous week. If we can see it all play out on the live show, then the Live Feeds is the next best thing. Thank you, CBS.


Eww. Victor wins HOH. I don’t dislike Victor, and I’ve got a lot of respect for him winning his way back into the game, but a Victor HOH at this point in the week was a Paulie HOH and I’m really over that.

Ahh. Natalie hangs in there. Victor might have won HOH, but Natalie sure tried and she cut herself a deal that Victor honored.

Eww. The Guys form the Executives alliance. Double eww. Come on, can we have a season without a bonehead bro alliance?

Ahh. Michelle and Bridgette start comparing notes. It took long enough, but Michelle and Bridgette finally squashed their beef and started to realize that Paulie is the one pulling all the shots this season.

Eww. Paulie wins Veto. Since Paulie won the veto, nominations stayed the same. We all know when the veto isn’t used there’s a big void of drama in the Big Brother  house.


Eww. James wins the care package. I don’t understand why America is still supporting this guy. I mean are they that into his pranks? Do they not realize this guy never plays the game and when he does he sucks all the fun out of everything by warning people they’re going home.

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    • It’s a derogatory comment they may have created because it sounds like another word in Spanish. I don’t think it’s a real word, but either way, you wouldn’t want to be a “d-hay.”

      • I know what it means lol I heard the definition on the feeds…lol..and no u would not want to be the d-hay that Paulie and Corey are …

      • Go to the bottom of your screen where you watch the feeds…there is a very small square box..has alot of little on that…then look over to the right and the months and a clock will pop up..make sure you go to the right month..because June will come up first..just click on the right arrow to August and the day you want…then go down to the clock and click up or down to the time you want and then to just the right of that you will see Camera 1-4..clcik on a camera and hit “watch.” Hope that helps!

      • I saw someone explain it yesterday. I’m not sure if they are correct, but they said it means d*ckhe*d. I suppose that is something we’re not suppose to say. I don’t see that it’s any different than just saying he is a dick.

  1. Yes, a lot of us don’t like Paulie… And so I ask: Why has he been in the featured photos of the recent posts? -_- Annoying.

    • For about 2 seconds, I thought the guy was a little bit attractive but when I see him now I see a big pile of turds. A person’s behavior, mentality, and personality really can make them ugly on the outside.

      • Same! Remember early in the season I commented that I thought he was hot. Well, I can testify that someone’s attitude a huge part of what makes or breaks their attractiveness level. I get irritated and grossed out even LOOKING at that neanderthal. (Anyone remember the neanderthal pronunciation argument that Rachel and Brendon got in on their season? ?)

      • I agree, if he would just sit there, shut his mouth & look pretty! Oh wait, is that a feminist comment?

      • I have a textbook from an anthropology class that I took, and the spelling in the book is Neandertal. When I type it keeps trying to correct it to Neanderthal.

      • Here is my problem with or should I say when I first started to dislike him. How he treated Tiffany for being Vanessa’s Sister. Yes, I get all the Crying and other crap Vanessa did but Tiffany wasn’t Vanessa. He tried to come across as someone better than Cody, whether or not Cody and him are one in the same, at least Cody had Derrick to keep him reigned in.It was like he condemmed Tiffany for being a sibling but thought he was above the law for being a sibling.

    • Yes! Oh it was so painful watching her talk to Julie. She is so pathetic it’s sad. And it’s even worse when Paulie said on live feeds last night that the did in fact “boned” (his word) several times. Ugh I wanted to vomit. I’m embarrassed for her. That’s just…. ugh no words.

  2. I had enough of the Big Paulie show. The production is crap that doesn’t understand the viewer’s frustrations. They allow Paulie to emotionally abuse women in the house. CBS better show the real Paulie or the Big Brother Network community will treat this as BB15 all over again. Corey is an idiot that is easily influenced by Paulie and his “girlfriend” Nicole which happens to be a snake. I can’t believe I’m saying this but the rhouse should have kept Jozea over Paulie in week 1. Jozea had one point made in his speech at the house meeting which is Nicole is a snake. She may be favorite two years ago but now she is an annoying disliked houseguest that is just boy hungry. Go on the Bachelorette. And this cast is the worst we ever seen. We have a crying baby, an idiot coach, an abusive dictator, a prankster that is warning everyone who be leaving the house, a guy that gives the worst speeches of all time, and they guy that has a beard but no brain. The only houseguest to support is Natalie and maybe Michelle. Even I called her a crybaby, she is gunning for Paulie and that’s all I care about. Since Natalie can’t get a care package, vote for Michelle so she can’t leave. If Paulie wins the care package, that means the CBS had rigged the voting system, And how come they never release the exact number of votes each houseguest received. I do have some twist ideas. For the cast, if they are disliked which they are except for Natalie, do what Australia does, replace them. And to get rid of Paulie, someone on his side of the house wins HOH besides him, put the girls up, keep the noms the same, and when come eviction night, Julie announces that the public will be voting who leaves and the people who is really up for eviction is everyone except for the HOH and POV winner that should not be Paulie and the HOH noms would be safe also. Not a bad twist since it will get Paulie out. If fails, we try again.

    • I agree with just about everything you said. As much as I’d LOVE to be part of Paulie’s eviction, I don’t think we should have anything to do with that. And believe me, that is a HARD statement for me to make. That guy should be GONE. I have made my view of him well known, so again, for me to say we shouldn’t interfere, that’s huge. Also, I can’t get behind the fact that the show is rigged. Other than that, I really, really like your post! Cheers!

    • What happened with the Big Brother Network community during BB15? Did it have to do with Aaryn’s comments?

    • Wow are you still watching? Oh and go to all the BB websites and you’ll get a taste of just how much Natalie and Michelle are disliked. Sorry I don’t like mean girls.

  3. Once again Branden, THANK YOU! Just…Thank you!!! So glad you called that douche bag out—even though CBS isn’t giving America the real picture—at least YOU are. I thank you.

  4. I don’t agree with the AHHH natalie part. I get that Paulie is a d-bag, but when she accused him of sexual harassment, it really crossed the line. She did just grab his butt the day before. And like he said, if she can’t take him being goofy and flirtatious, then she shouldn’t be either. I think it comes down to a major crush she HAD on him, and him passing her over for Z.

    • I think it was a strategy. She knows James is in an alliance with Paulie and she wants him to go against Paulie.

  5. I think they will show how horrible Paulie is during the Sunday episode. They HAVE to. I will be surprised if they don’t.

    Eww. James wins the care package. I don’t understand
    why America is still supporting this guy. I mean are they that into his
    pranks? Do they not realize this guy never plays the game and when he
    does he sucks all the fun out of everything by warning people they’re
    going home.

    ^^ I agree with this so much. Why do people like James? The viewers hate it when people “don’t play their own game”, that is what James is doing. He WAS doing what Paulie wanted for 6 weeks and is now basically doing what others are doing. James has no game, he is a waste of a veteran spot that should have went to someone else. The other 3 vets, at least brought something to the table. What does James bring? Cluelessness, playing for AFP, being a sheep. I really wish he never came back.

    • And of course James spoiled a little of our fun last night when he pulled Corey aside before the live show and told him that Z was going home…then Corey told Paulie. I don’t get the admiration for this guy either…he is a terrible player, in my opinion.

    • They for sure will! Julie even said they would show they rest of what happened on Sunday. I think Sunday will be completely dedicated to Paulie. Of course we never know what part they’ll show but none of it was nice coming from his end.

      And yes! I’m still so dumbfounded why he’s a favorite. I’ve heard some people say it’s because he’s a stand up guy and good person….. SO!! There’s always HG’s we think are good people but that doesn’t mean they should get favorite player or hg. I just don’t get it.

    • Yep his pranks are getting old. And I think the special Friday episode will air what we all saw on the feeds. Remember Julie said there was too much to show in an hour. So I kind of have a feeling that’s what the episode will show.

  6. I really hope Paulie is booted out this week.

    Hey, @gtprods:disqus will you be asking him why he said the things he said and calling him out on it when you interview him come his eviction?

  7. James is a big jokester, which he proved in his season. Not really strategic or a player and seems to be there to find women. Why they brought him back I have no idea. I agree with all you said. I hate the bro thing. I hate that the women don’t stand up for themselves and that CBS keeps putting these same kinds of people in BB year after year.

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