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Nicole, Hayden, Donny, & Aaryn Unite To Support ‘Walkers 5K’ Charity Event [PHOTOS]

| November 10, 2014 at 2:00 PM EDT

Former Big Brother Houseguests gathered this week for another charity event and continued the growing tradition we’ve been seeing of HGs putting their name & fame to good causes.

Big Brother Houseguests Nicole, Donny, and Hayden

Big Brother Houseguests Nicole, Donny, and Hayden – Source: Instagram

This time around we saw Nicole Franzel, Donny Thompson, Hayden Voss, and BB15′s Aaryn Gries travel to Richmond, VA for the “Walkers 5K” over the weekend. The event benefited Toby’s Dream Foundation and RIR Cares. Attendees were out for a run, jog, walk 5K with two goals: get to the end and survive the zombies!

Haycole, Donny, and Aaryn all appear to have emerged safely on the other side where they were joined by a Hantz brother, but not the one tossed out for throwing pork rinds at Janelle. (You do NOT throw pork rinds at Janelle! No.) Yep, there’s ol’ Russell Hantz getting cozy with Nicole and making friends with the HGs.

We might not have been able to make it out to the event, but luckily they were sharing a lot of great photos from this weekend. I’m liking Donny’s strategy of wearing camo to blend in and avoid zombie-infested trails. That’s his secret agent / surgeon mind fast at work there! Take a look below:

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Image source: Twitter & Instagram

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Big Brother Houseguests Dress Up – Halloween 2014

| November 3, 2014 at 10:30 AM EDT

The Big Brother Houseguests were out having fun this weekend and celebrating Halloween with their friends and some fun looking costumes. We’ve gathered up their shared photos below.

Amber Bortzotra & Brittany Martinez party for Halloween

Amber Bortzotra & Brittany Martinez party for Halloween

Several of the past seasons’ HGs got together in pairs, including Zankie, Jeff & Jordan, Brittany & Amber, but it doesn’t look like there was a group party for Big Brother this year. My favorite theme coming out of these pics might be of the HGs who dressed up like other HGs. Judd went for a McCrae look while McCrae went as Hayden with his friend as Nicole. Meanwhile Haycole went as some good looking nerds. Check out the rest of the cast’s photos and see who you think had the best costume.

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Source: Instagram & Twitter


Big Brother Cast Returns For Another ‘Bold & Beautiful’ [PICS]

| October 31, 2014 at 2:40 PM EDT

It was Day 2 for the Big Brother cast on CBS’s “Bold & Beautiful” today as their Halloween party at the fictional Bikini Bar continued and the HGs were actually showcased with dialogue!

Big Brother Houseguests on Bold & Beautiful

Big Brother Houseguests on Bold & Beautiful – Source: CBS

Zach was HHoH (Head Honcho of Halloween) and got to toss in a “but first” along the way as he awarded Haycole second place in the Halloween contests. Cody was quick to point out he knew how that felt. Heh.

Donny was back too with a lot of costume changes today including surgeon, secret agent, and a professor. Caleb and Devin each had a few lines as they competed in the day’s events. Of course we got to see Caleb go Beast Mode with some Judy Chops for good measure, but he’s probably just happy he got to stand near Amber for another scene.

We’ve got a bunch of screengrabs from today’s episode featuring the Big Brother Houseguests on ‘The Bold & The Beautiful.’ Check them out below and let us know if you think any of them might have a future in showbiz!

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Big Brother 16 HGs Make ‘Bold & Beautiful’ Debut [PICS]

| October 30, 2014 at 2:40 PM EDT

The Big Brother 16 cast made its scripted television debut today with eight Houseguests from this season plus a handful of past year’s familiar faces on CBS’s “Bold & Beautiful.” We snapped some pics from their fun and have gathered them here along with details of their scenes.

Big Brother cast on Bold & Beautiful

Big Brother cast on Bold & Beautiful – Source: CBS

There were lots of joke references to Big Brother topics like Donny Thompson’s scene where he mentions “the jury is still out” and having some houseguests visiting him. You could tell Donny was feeling nervous, but I don’t blame him! He handled his office scene well and really got the most screen time of any of the HGs, so good for him on that.

Once the storyline took us to the Bikini Bar we found a lot more Houseguests having fun. Jeff & Jordan were at the bar celebrating their engagement, which took place in Jordan’s big brother’s back yard, she says. Brendan is bartending while Elissa, Rachel, and Amber Borzotra are serving drinks.

Enjoying in the fun of the Halloween themed party we saw Zach Rance playing some corn hole, Caleb Reynolds & Cody Calafiore carving a pumpkin, and Devin Shepherd was showing off his muscles touting around a keg (don’t get the BB Kegger comp this season). We got to see Nicole and Hayden together along with Zach reprising his “ya Froot Loop Dingus” line to Nicole after she bumps in to him.

See all of our pics of the Big Brother cast from Thursday’s episode in the gallery below.

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The Big Brother cast will be back on Friday’s show for more scenes and we’ll be looking forward to seeing what they pull off. Did you see today’s show? What did you think of their acting debut?

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CBS All-Access Offers Every Big Brother Season Plus Live Feeds

| October 28, 2014 at 9:00 PM EDT

Get ready to watch Big Brother in a whole different way. CBS has just debuted their new “CBS All Access” service which offers every Big Brother episode, simulcast of live shows, and access to the Big Brother 17 Live Feed service. Yep, Feeds are free next season if you already have All Access.

CBS All Access

CBS All Access service now online & includes Big Brother – Source: CBS

They’re calling it “All Access” and it’s going to open up some new ways for you to take in not only Big Brother but the a lot of the rest of CBS’s line-up starting right now. The idea behind this is to offer a way to watch for those cord-cutter TV fans and even those thinking of making the switch.

You’ll be able to watch CBS shows live as they air if you’re in one of fourteen markets, I’d expect that number to expand, and there will be next-day episode availability through All Access and free on their site as regular. Past seasons of various TV series will also be available including every episode of Big Brother. Yes, all sixteen seasons are up there and ready to be watched right now on All Access.

As for the Big Brother Live Feed subscriptions, they’re about to get cheaper. Instead of $10 a month you’ll get a no-extra charge subscription to BBLF with the All Access service for $6 a month. Yes, fan sites like ours will still get a referral credit so please consider signing up through your favorite site (hopefully ours) when the time comes.

Try CBS All Access. 1 week free!

CBS All Access. Try it free & get EVERY episode of Big Brother.

If you want to get in there and try it now they’re offering a free 30-day trial but that offer ends mid-November. You can sign-up for the CBS All Access trial here. Not a bad way to fill your off-season with some past Big Brother years! Grab the free trial right now & see what’s on.


Zach Rance Hosting Charity Benefit October 25, 2014 – Update: More Photos – Update 2: Weekend Results

| October 28, 2014 at 3:45 PM EDT

Big Brother HG Zach Rance is extending his fan favorite status to help raise funds for a local charity event this weekend in Florida where fans can attend for a photo and autographed pink hat.

Zach Rance hosts charity event

Zach Rance hosts charity event – Source: BH Video Productions

From 9:30AM until 12PM this Saturday, October 25th, Zach Rance fans can find him at the Palm Beach Gardens Soccer Fields (link to Google Maps) where he’s turning out to support a local charity. The charity, Housel Family AML Fund, is raising funds for Samantha and Ashley Housel, twin four-year old girls battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

This will be Zach’s second event to support the charity which has already raised over $30,000 in the the past week as they aim to reach $100,000. Supporters can get a photo with Zach plus an autographed pink for a donation to the cause. All of the money donated is going directly to the fund.

Visit their GoFundMe page & their Facebook page for more details & a way to donate (we did!) and check out these photos of Zach at last week’s event with Samantha while Ashley is in ICU.

Update 2: Sounds like the event this weekend was a big success. Zach Rance’s friend Brett Hammond tells us they raised another $2,000 for the charity fund which brings them up over $37,000 in less than three weeks. That’s pretty awesome and a great thing to see from Zach and the folks running that.

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If you haven’t yet contributed, but would like to you can visit their GoFundMe page which sends all the donations right to the cause.

Update: More photos added from Saturday’s event. Click images to see full-size views.

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Image source: @HammondBrett1


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