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Big Brother 14 Episode 20: Week 7 Nomination Show Tonight

| August 26, 2012 at 2:00 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Big Brother 14 returns tonight on CBS (8/7c) with the conclusion of Thursday’s double eviction episode and the new HoH’s nominations. After Ashley and Boogie were evicted on Thursday the action continued with another HoH competition later that night (HoH spoilers). Of course the results weren’t terribly surprising but definitely insured we’d have plenty of drama and conflict for the week to come.

Before the HGs could get to the nominations another twist hit the house: Pandora’s Box. They were left scrambling to compete and beat each other out for a special power that could shake up the house and disrupt the nominations later that night.

Tonight CBS will catch you up on the events up to the nominations, but the Big Brother 14 game has already moved on well past that. Yesterday the HGs competed in the Veto competition and there was even some drama surrounding that. We’ve got those Big Brother spoilers for you when you’re ready.

The real BB game continues to be on the Live Feeds with plenty more drama than CBS can fit in to three hour-long episodes. Want to see what it’s like to watch the in-house cameras, listen in on the HGs private conversations, and see who is doing what? Then get your free trial of the Live Feeds and see what you’ve been missing.


Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 7 Saturday Highlights

| August 26, 2012 at 10:21 AM EDT

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

The pressure was on in the Big Brother 14 house this Saturday. The Quack Pack had a narrow window of opportunity to keep all of them safe, but there couldn’t be any missteps. Eventually the Veto competition came and went with some interesting results with even one HG being disqualified.

Read on to find out who is making new deals and who is in danger of eviction.

You can rewatch all of these events with Big Brother Live Feed Flashback

Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 25, 2012:

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results

| August 25, 2012 at 9:44 PM EDT

Power of VetoThe Big Brother 14 action presses on this afternoon with the Power of Veto competition and the stakes couldn’t be higher. The nominations are in and the board is set, but thanks to yesterday’s Pandora’s Box event there could be some big changes hitting the game.

This week’s HoH has suddenly realized what could happen come Thursday if one of two people wins the Veto. The best laid plans could be completely thrown out the window. Then again, HGs continue to spread the word that production is pressed hard to control the players’ actions so who knows.

I hope you’ve joined us on Facebook and Twitter and grabbed our apps for mini-updates through the day so you don’t miss all the fun.

Read on to find out who won the Veto and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Competition Results:

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Big Brother 14: Mike Boogie Malin Eviction Interview

| August 25, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 Mike Boogie Malin evicted

Mike Boogie, winner of Big Brother 7: All-Stars, was evicted this Thursday on Big Brother 14. He came as a Coach, was dragged in to the game by his fellow Coaches, and was ultimately sent packing at the hands of his own player. Now that’s Big Brother!

I’ll admit I wasn’t a past fan of Boogie, but he definitely brought something to the game this season. It wasn’t always positive, but he never held back and that helped make it more enjoyable for many of us. Everyone season needs a “love to hate” kind of HG.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Boogie on the phone to discuss Ian’s betrayal, his last words to Frank, who he wants to see in the Final 2, and more. Read on to find out what Mike Boogie had to say.

Big Brother Network (BBN): Why did you hold Frank back when he wanted to target Dan earlier in the season?

Mike Boogie Malin: I really truly believed in my heart of hearts that Dan thought we could be a real powerful force together. My idea was to try and make it a threesome [w/ Frank]. Obviously he had Danielle and other people. At the end of the day, Dan just didn’t want Frank around and I was unwilling to bend on that concept. I trusted Dan and I play no fear, no regrets, but obviously there were points in the game where I could have made different decisions. We could have voted out Danielle and Dan when I was still a coach and we didn’t do it. We could have backdoor’d Dan when Frank was HoH. I don’t even know if Dan would have been voted out now that I know they were altogether. Who knows if it even would have worked. Obviously if you don’t win there are always moments you’re going to look back on.

BBN: Your parting words to Frank were, “Ian can’t be trusted.” Knowing what you know now, would you still advise Frank against working with him?

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Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 7 Friday Highlights

| August 25, 2012 at 10:00 AM EDT

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

What a day in the Big Brother 14 house. We had the fallout from the double eviction episode, Pandora’s Box returned, and nominations were revealed. There wasn’t as much drama from the nominations like we had last week but the real action is sure to follow. Pandora’s Box left a surprising power in the game and the pressure is on its winner to make the right decision.

Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Curious how to watch these events? Read our Guide: Big Brother Live Feed Flashback

Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 24, 2012:

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations

| August 24, 2012 at 9:40 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 nominations

This week’s nominations have arrived on Big Brother 14 and there are no surprises. The new HoH had a target and a plan to make it happen. Step one is nomination. Step three is profit! I kid. Step two is Veto and three is eviction. It might not be that simple.

Earlier today Pandora’s Box hit the house and has opened a new window of opportunity for the Quack Pack. The stars will have to align, but there is a glimmer of hope for them.

Now that the nomination ceremony results are in we know who is on the block and what to expect this week. Read on to find out who is on the chopping block.

Big Brother 14 Week 7 Nominations:

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