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Big Brother 14: Week 5 Live Eviction and HoH Results

| August 16, 2012 at 8:55 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 - Wil and Joe face eviction

Tonight on Big Brother 14 we’ll see the results of the next live eviction and what we expect is an endurance HoH competition after the sneak peek CBS sent out earlier.

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results as it’s revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds ready to go (Not signed up yet? Use the Free Trial!) because when the broadcast show is over the Live Feed will return and that’ll be the only place you can watch the endurance battle play out.

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Big Brother 14 Week 5 Live Eviction voting:

  • Ashley: evict Joe
  • Boogie: evict Wil
  • Danielle: evict Wil
  • Jenn: evict Joe
  • Dan: evict Wil
  • Britney: evict Wil
  • Shane: evict Wil
  • That’s it. Wil has been evicted.

  • Ian: evict Wil

By a vote of 6-2, Wil has been evicted from Big Brother 14.

Wil Heuser evicted from Big Brother 14

Big Brother 14 Week 6 HoH Competition – ‘Swamped’:

  • The HGs will race across a track and try to be the first to fill their water bowl. The first to get their cork out of the bowl wins HoH.
  • HGs also have the temptation to fill “safety” or “$10K” buckets to win that instead.
  • We’ve got live updates on the comp here

Watch the rest of this HoH competition only on the Live Feeds!

Once the eviction show is over the Live Feeds turn back on and we’ll either have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house or the endurance competition will rage on! Make sure you’re ready to watch the house react to who is in power. The nominations will be revealed on Friday night with the Veto competition on Saturday, so stay close by!


Big Brother 14 Episode 16: Week 5 Live Eviction Show Tonight – Update

| August 16, 2012 at 1:36 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Important Update – It looks like the HGs will have an endurance race competition tonight. CBS tweeted the image below which looks like past “fill up your bowl” challenges. If so, then you’ll only be able to watch it all play out on the Live Feeds so get your Free Trial now and be ready to watch!

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Big Brother 14 - Episode 16 HoH competition

It’s eviction day on Big Brother 14! Tonight we’ll get another live episode on CBS as the HGs gather for another round of voting before host Julie Chen reveals the results. Of course we already have a pretty good idea of who is going to be leaving, but nothing is official until Julie says so. You can still cast your eviction prediction vote.

To help boost up the interest in tonight’s show, past HG Jeff Schroeder will be returning to the set. We don’t know how he’ll be involved, but since it’s a live show I hope it’s not a pre-recorded segment. Maybe he’ll host tonight’s HoH competition or there’s always the chance that Jeff will step inside the house for a brief stay.

Speaking of the HoH competition, the HGs have been on lockdown since yesterday, there was no skill given to practice, and last week was a Q&A type comp. I doubt we’d have another endurance competition this soon after the last one. Sure enough, looks like an endurance for tonight. Hopefully it at least means we’ll get an exciting battle.

The real action in the house will just be getting started tonight. We’ll be able to watch on the Live Feeds as the new HoH will begin to plot the next nominations for Friday’s announcement. Then we’ll get the Veto competition on Saturday and the ceremony on Monday. These are the most exciting days to watch the Big Brother Live Feed so sign-up now for your 3-day free trial and see what everyone is else watching!

We’ll see you back here tonight at 9/8c for the live Big Brother results!


Big Brother 14: Week 5 Eviction Predictions

| August 16, 2012 at 11:17 AM EDT

Tonight on Big Brother 14 another HouseGuest will be evicted when the remaining eight HGs cast votes and host Julie Chen reveals the results. We already have a very good idea of what’s going to happen based on what we’re watching on the Live Feeds.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

Tomorrow we’ll be interviewing tonight’s evicted Big Brother 14 HG so feel free to share any questions you might have and we just might pose it to them.

Big Brother 14 Week 5 Eviction Predictions – Joe or Wil :

Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Big Brother Access Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Big Brother Junkies Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Big Brother Live Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Zap2It Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14
Big Brother's Spoilers Wil Heuser - Big Brother 14

All of these Big Brother sites agree: Wil is going to be evicted. What do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!


Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 5 Wednesday Highlights

| August 16, 2012 at 9:05 AM EDT

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Do you remember yesterday when I apologized for weak Big Brother 14 Live Feeds highlights? Well, today is worse. I couldn’t be happier there’s an eviction tonight and some new HoH will have to nominate two new people this week because this week has got to end before we all start banging our heads. I’m crossing my fingers the HGs are right and there will be another eviction by Sunday. Now that will make for some interesting Live Feeds. But I’m not holding my breath. Read on to find out what happened.

You can rewatch all of these events with Big Brother Live Feed Flashback

Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 15, 2012:

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Big Brother 14 Episode 15 Recap: Zingbot Returns

| August 15, 2012 at 9:55 PM EDT


Wednesday night’s Big Brother 14 had a little extra zing to it. Yes, the Zingbot made a comeback and he has upped his game. But before we get to the zings, we’ll start this little recap in chronological order.

The show picked up where Sunday’s left off, with the nominations of Wil and Joe. We see Dan wiping the sweat from his forehead in relief that he wasn’t nominated. But he knows he’s not out of the woods yet. He’s still nervous about something happening if Frank wins the Veto.

Boogie is happy Frank was a good boy and did as he was told by nominating Wil and Joe. And Boogie continues his push for Wil to be the one to go. Frank let’s Joe know, in an indirect way, that Wil is actually the target this week. Meanwhile, Boogie is telling Wil the same thing, but just as a way for Boogie to get his rocks off by tricking him into thinking he’s safe. He even says in a diary room moment that he loves doing that to people. Lucky for Wil, he’s not buying anything Boogie is selling.

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Big Brother 14: Frank And Ashley Date Night Heats Up

| August 15, 2012 at 1:35 PM EDT

Frank and Ashley kiss - Big Brother 14

Big Brother 14 has danced around some wishful thinking showmances with Ian & Ashley’s date then the Shane & Danielle nomance, but nothing had really taken off. That may be changing as of late last night when Frank and Ashley came together for a little date night of their own that ended with lots of kisses, laughs, and smiles.

Earlier in the day Ashley proposed an ice cream date to Frank who happily accepted her self-invitation to come up to his HoH room and dine on his reward items. Of course there was a little tension in the house for Ian as he saw some competition from his fellow houseguest for Ashley’s attention, but she shoos that idea away.

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