Jeff & Jordan fly out to Australia

When I first heard Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd were traveling to Australia I figured this was another CBS adventure they were off enjoying. Turns out the Big Brother fan favorite couple was heading down under for pleasure but it wasn’t even on their dime!

Jeff and Jordan scored a pair of tickets to Australia earlier this year when The Ellen Show pulled an Oprah-style giveaway and handed every audience member a ticket on Qantas to the land of Vegemite. Here’s a pic of JeJo in the crowd. The couple had one year to trade in their tickets for a seat and this weekend they did just that. Lucky pair!

Jeff joked on Twitter, “put another shrimp on the barbie” as he prepared for their trip while Jordan announced on Twitter this Sunday:

Our first signs of safe arrival came earlier today when Jeff tweeted pictures of the couple at Sydney’s famous Opera House plus another shot of them at the Taronga zoo where they posed with a sleepy koala. Looks like they’re having fun!

Update: We’ve got more pics. Looks like they’re enjoying the Australian beaches!

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We’re sure there will be lots more pictures to come from JeJo so we’ll keep a watch and share them as they travel through Australia!


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