This year the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds will be available only on CBS’s new online video service: All Access. So what does this mean for your Feeds and how can you watch inside the house?

Big Brother Live Feeds on CBS All Access

Big Brother Live Feeds on All Access – Source: CBS

There have been some changes with how to get signed up and who can watch, but at its core the Big Brother Live Feeds are exactly as they were last season. Here are the quick steps to get ready to watch.

First up is how to get signed up to watch. Last year it was a direct purchase of just the Feeds, but that’s changed. This year the Big Brother Feeds have been bundled with CBS’s All Access so to get connected with your Feeds you’ll need an “All Access” subscription first. Sign-up here.

Try 1 Week Free of All Access

Try 1 Week Free! Only $5.99 per month thereafter. Sign-up now.

Good news on that is the price has gone down. All Access costs only $5.99/month. There are no “Season Pass” or 3-month sign-ups available. When you’re done watching you will need to cancel.

Once you’re signed up you would login at just as you did last year. All Access is transparent to users only interested in watching their Feeds, but there is more available for those who want the free bonuses. You can watch every episode of every Big Brother season. It’s all there in the All Access archives along with lots of other shows (Survivor, Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, etc.).

Subscribers with a Roku device can access the Feeds this summer using the CBS All Access app from Roku. Chromecast also works with All Access, but doesn’t support the Feeds feature.

The downer is the Feeds are not available in Canada due to legal restrictions, but CBS has said they hope to make it available soon. The issue appears to be the bundling of Feeds with All Access and its video archive library which wasn’t part of the equation last year.

It’s that easy. 1) Sign-up for All Access. 2) Login & watch. 3) Grumble over that new, annoying Houseguest then join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates with daily coverage.


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