The Big Brother 16 Have-Nots are still busily not enjoying their “Wurst BLT” food this week, but it’s time for the next Have-Not food selection with a new poll.

Have-Not Food vote - Big Brother 16 Week 2

Have-Not Food vote – Big Brother 16 Week 2 – Source: CBS

This week the Have-Not food picks are between “Offal Burritos” and “Baddy Melt.” Hmm, so let’s see what we’ve got here. Offal? I had to look that up, apparently for good reason as it’s no typical food. “The entrails and internal organs of an animal used as food. Refuse or waste material. Decomposing animal flesh.” Good grief. Why would they do that?

Baddy Melt is more unknown. A patty melt is hamburger with cheese. No way they’re getting off with something even close to that. So it’s a “bad” version of that I suppose.

Neither sound good, but I’d gamble on the unknown of a “Baddy” over the known of entrails and decomposing animal flesh. What the heck?

You can vote right now until 4PM PT (7PM ET), but only online as part of your Live Feeds account. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Grab your Free Trial, vote for the Have-Not food, and then use Flashback to watch yesterday’s insanity! It was easily the most chaotic and awesome day of the season yet.


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