Diary Room: Big Brother 16 Week 2 Power Rankings By Adam Poch

Well, this has turned into an exciting week in the Big Brother house huh? Friends are now enemies, enemies are now friends, deals have been broken, alliances have shattered and Jocasta is still there, somewhere, from what I heard. Lets see who is eating bacon, and who is eating tofu!

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

Amber – 1 strip of Tofu. Yes she won HoH – but had no control over the other HoH – and even said she just wanted to see her pics. She basically let Devin call all the shots. While this “strategy” has not put a target on her, or blood on her hands – people fight for the title and she was willing to give it up.

Brittany – 2 strips of Tofu. She was nominated for the 2nd week in a row but this time messed up early in the BotB competition forcing her to wear Beer Goggles for the rest of the challenge. She did figure out Paola was trying to throw the comp & had a “brilliant” idea to refuse Devin wanting to use the VETO on her – but that was all smoke and mirrors and luckily Devin has a crush on her & she came off the block. We will see if she holds up her end of the bargain next week, as she will no doubt win the next HoH.

Caleb – 3 strips of Bacon. After last week’s roller coaster many of us thought Caleb would still be on a power trip, be he came back down to earth and was actually the voice of reason with Devin. Even after they got into a fight where Devin “blew up” the Bomb Squad – he was able to make amends & is sitting in a good spot right now. His crush on Amber has not gotten in the way of his game.

Christine – 5 strips of Bacon. She is doing a great job laying low – but taking in everything that is going on around her. Most people have no clue how observant she is – and bringing Hayden into her sub-alliance with Nicole was a great move as they will need some muscle moving forward. I’ll throw an extra strip of bacon her way for the prank she pulled on Cody, hiding outside the Storage Room and scaring him when he came out.

Cody – 1 strip of Tofu. He could have gotten 2 or 3 strips of bacon had he won HoH this week, but gotta knock him down for flailing the last second when reaching for the buzzer. He did use his non-power to his advantage as he formed his own sub-alliance with Derrick and Zach, recognizing The Bomb Squad’s imminent explosion.

Derrick – 4 strips of Bacon. He is a fan of the show, he knows his history, gives websites shoutouts, has been able to keep his job as a cop a secret for this long, while using his skill set to get people to give him information, but does not come off cocky or arrogant. I think this is why he was voted as part of Team America. He always says he will go along with the house, but he is also secretly influencing them. If he is able to keep this up, he may be in for a bigger paycheck than $5K per task. Only thing preventing him from getting that 5th strip of Bacon – he volunteered to be a Have Not!!!

Devin – 3 strips of Tofu. Last week’s Tofurkey of the Week – he has improved slightly by winning HoH & Veto. His erratic behavior has infuriated the other HG’s but they are all scared of him since he is such a loose cannon, and who knows what he will do next. While these qualities may be successful on Big Brother – the fact that he thinks everything he does is perfect, yet when other’s do the same thing he has one of his meltdowns. Promising Paola that he would use the Veto on her, then waking her up and chasing her down in the shower before the Veto meeting to tell her not to be mad that he changed his mind is a perfect example of how insane he is playing. Yes – he is the star of the show right now, but long term, his methods will only help him get back to his daughter (did you know he has a daughter??) a lot faster than he wants to – and with less $$ and sanity.

Donny – 2 strips of Tofu. We see it all the time on Big Brother – the Week 1 target does not go home, and then slides under the radar. Everyone loves him, but no one wants to work with him (well, Derrick & Frankie sorta have to). He is too nice to go after people and form his own alliance. While he is a fan favorite inside & outside of the house, does he have what it takes to win the game? Probably not. Hopefully the Team America tasks will help him get more involved in the game.

Frankie – 3 strips of Bacon. He is still playing the best social game in the house – and even though Zach “put him on blast” at or after the Veto meeting, everyone still considers him their friend and tells him everything. When will it all come crashing down?

Hayden – 3 strips of Tofu. He could have walked with his eyes closed, backwards, on his hands to win the HoH – but got too fancy and blew it. I was so excited when he was on the verge of winning, because who knows how he would have shook up the house. Instead he gets put on the block. Albeit he was nominated to win the BotB with Nicole. Everyone views him as a physical threat and he will need to win to save himself at some point. Nicole & Christine can only keep him safe for so long.

Jocasta & Victoria – 5 strips of Tofu combined, They are not on anyone’s radar, they are not rallying up troops to go to war for them, or being recruited to help anyone. Although I can see them both becoming very popular come Thursday morning as Zach & Paola will be scrambling for votes.

Nicole – 1 strip of bacon. She was nominated with Hayden, but did not let it get to her. She stayed focused and helped win the BotB. I also have to give her a pair of Adult Diapers so when she laughs so hard she pees herself – she will not get her clothes dirty.

That leaves us with our co-Tofurkey’s of the Week – Paola & Zach.

Paola has been in the house for 19 days and at least 15 of those days she has been on the block. She has done nothing to get herself off, and worst of all trusting Devin to use the Veto on her. Only good thing about this is hopefully we will get another good speech from her on Thursday

Zach on the other hand was sitting pretty in the middle of the dominant alliance in the house. Had a great friendship / showmance with the most popular player in the house, and he has a slop meltdown for the ages, telling the HoH he wants to go home. You cannot un-say that and now no matter how much backtracking he does, looks like he may end up getting his wish.

For anyone that was worried Big Brother 16 would be bad with all the new twists, I think we can all say this season has helped us forget all the nonsense surrounding BB15.

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  1. Can’t start a fight with you again this week. Especially agree with your
    assessment of Derrick. He really look like he has a very good understanding of this game. He is doing pretty much all the right move so far.

    • Derrick the potential of winning this entire entire game. Currently, he’s my favorite to win it all just based on his sound game play. It does look like who ever remains their cool the longest in this house will end up being the winner.

      • I love Derrick. When I watch him talk game with a HG, I am picturing him in the police station interrogating a suspect! He’s good.

      • I wouldn’t be mad at him if he did. But I just don’t see him sitting in the F2 chair at this point. ALOT will happen before we get there. I think I’m not seeing (yet) who will be able to go with him and help take him to the end. The house is in shambles now but this, too, shall pass. When the smoke clears, the reset button is pushed. That is the time for him NOT to be at the very bottom of the next alliance and we will see T.A. running tasks.
        But to his credit, I don’t think we’ve seen all of Derrick’s levels. I think he has potential to define himself as a leader but it will be like water on the rock.

      • I think him & Cody could be a great duo. Plus he is insisting that him, Donny, and Frankie secretly work together (Team America). As long as he keeps his cool – he will go far.

  2. As far as Frankie is concerned, his game is slowly unraveling itself as some of the HG’s are already seeing through his lies. His vote on Thursday will determine whether his loyalty lies to Devin and Caleb or to the other original BS members.

      • This is the vote that for sure will divide the house. That will make the HoH winners even more interesting. If you get one from each side – then the BotB will be WAR!

      • Frankie won’t try to win that HoH unless he needs it to survive – not this next week. If PowPow goes this week, get ready for your closeup, Jocasta/Victoria. BoB means throwing up weak people to lose..and to backdoor a beast.

      • Would be funny if Caleb puts up Frankie & tells him he trusts him to throw the comp so he can use the POV on him and forcefeed the Rebels to choose btwn 2 of their own. “Put up or shut up, Frankie” – “Take one for the team, Frankie” – “Trust us, Frankie” sez the Kings. Incentive for Frankie to swear loyalty to whomever may compete for POV. But if it’s Frankie & Brittany up, the Rebels may placate him that no need to use POV and risk Cody/Hayden going up in Frankie’s place. “Don’t worry, Frankie” – “You’re 100% safe with us, Frankie” – “We got the votes, Frankie” – “Trust us, Frankie” sez the Rebels. Waa-waaa.

  3. I dont agree at all with Adam.

    He was just a floater when he was in the House.

    why dont you get somebody that was played the game to talk?

    Britanny was the best player this week

    • I have no idea who this Adam Poch is…I watched every season…beginning to end….what season was it?

    • I don’t agree with Adam either. How can he rank players when he was one of the worst players ever! Floated from power to power. Couldn’t win a comp to save his life until there were hardly any players left to compete against. And then says Frankie is playing one of the best social games. Adam don’t you watch the feeds? Half of the house talks about not trusting Frankie and watch what you say to Frankie. Doesn’t sound like he’s playing so great to me.

  4. Frankie had a good first week. But he seems to be losing his mojo in the second one. He’s going down like the Titanic. He might recover if he finds a well liked house guest to be his life raft. My guess is Christine is about the only one that can keep him afloat. Hope he stays true to the supposed alliance he has with her.

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