Big Brother 16: Week 2 – Counting The Votes

Following Monday’s explosive Veto Ceremony we now have the final nominees for Big Brother 16 in Week 2. One of the two nominated players will be going home and after closely following the Feeds I’m ready to share where I believe the votes stand.

Derrick counts the votes on Big Brother 16
Derrick counts the votes on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

We’re just two days away from the next Big Brother eviction vote and this could be a much closer round of votes than we saw last week with the unanimous elimination of Joey Van Pelt. The gamble is bigger this week though as the current Head of Household, Devin Shepherd, has made a move that ends the Bomb Squad alliance as we know it and sets the target inside their ranks.

At this week’s Veto Ceremony Devin removed Brittany Martinez from the block and replaced her with Zach Rance as the renom. Devin’s original deal with Paola Shea to be saved if she threw the Battle of the Block was abandoned. In one fell swoop Devin betrayed his standing agreement with Paola and his entire alliance by targeting Zach.

The house immediately broke in to a panic and lines were drawn anew with the Bomb Squad dividing in to secret branches designed to appear as remaining members, but actively working against its more vocal members: Devin and Caleb Reynolds.

Zach wasted no time rallying support to stay in the house. He openly and vocally requested votes from many of the HGs who quickly agreed in return. But wait just a moment, those kinds of “oh sure I’ll vote for you to stay” are hardly reliable, so let’s dig deeper.

There will be twelve votes this week which gives Devin the opportunity to become the deciding vote in case of a tie. Zach does not want that to be the case as he would lose that vote and be evicted. As such, Zach needs seven solid votes to remain in the house this week. I believe he has them.

Last night I did a quick break down of the votes as they stood at that moment and here’s who I have in Zach’s column of support: Brittany, Cody, Christine, Derrick, Donny, Hayden, and Nicole. Why not Frankie? He spent the better part of yesterday campaigning for Zach’s eviction after the meeting ended. Zach out’d Frankie’s duplicity and Frankie is done with him. Even if we see them reteam I don’t believe either will fully trust the other.

Amber and Jocasta both promised Zach their support immediately after the meeting yesterday, but I don’t believe either of them will live up to it. Once Amber found out Zach out’d the Bomb Squad to Hayden she told Frankie she’d take back her vote. I expect her to vote with Caleb who has also had his ear bent by Frankie. Nicole agrees that Jocasta won’t ultimately support Zach, but she encouraged Zach to pursue it for appearances.

This morning Zach and Cody ran through the vote scenarios and came up with the very same list I shared last night and described above. They want to take it from 7-5 up to 10-2 by getting Frankie, Jocasta, and Victoria to come over to their side of the vote.

I do think that once Frankie sees he won’t get Zach out this week he’ll be inclined to shift his vote so he’s with the majority. Victoria is a toss up as told Derrick this morning that she now knows what Zach said about her (nasty, childish comments) and how he threw frisbees at her (as instructed to by Big Brother), which she also did. Derrick pointed out that she could either vote to keep someone who called her names (Zach) or someone known to throw comps who she could be paired with in another nomination and have to rely on in the Battle of the Block (Paola).

Amber’s vote is currently abandoned as they think she’ll vote in unison with Caleb who is unlikely to go against Devin. It’s worth noting that yesterday Caleb said he’d never trust Devin again after Devin went against the alliance. Zach and company hope Amber votes against him so she can see she was in the shrinking minority, panic, and rush to their side.

This will not be a calm or quiet week. Zach, Devin, and Paola will make sure of that. But if things hold then I strongly believe Zach will have the votes he needs and will “stay to slay the monster.” Now what do you think will happen in this week’s eviction? Cast your vote in our poll below and then share your thoughts!


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  1. Ok so here’s my question. Haven’t seen an answer anywhere yet.
    Did Julie say that whoever won the BOB would be safe for the rest of the week or can they also be renommed after the POV? I keep hearing the winners of the BOB say they are safe for the week but I didn’t hear Julie say that was the case. Anyone know??

      • I’d love to see where you saw this…why would BoB winners be safe when the HOH isn’t even safe?

    • Yes, they’re safe for the rest of the week. Only the dethroned HOH is eligible to be a replacement, along with the rest of the house.

      • Where did you see this? Not trying to be a douche just want to know where this is officially stated because I don’t think it’s true.

      • Actually, found it on another bb site. from the site: “HAYDEN & NICOLE won the competition. Which means they are no longer nominated and Amber is no longer Head of Household. Hayden & Nicole are safe from being nominated as a replacement should the power of veto be used, however as Amber is no longer HOH she is could be nominated as a replacement nominee.”

    • Wouldn’t it be cool though if the HOH with the losing team could be nominated? Imagine the havoc that would create! LOL

    • I don’t think BoB winners are safe. Matt should be able to confirm this but no one’s said anywhere that BoB winners couldn’t be renom’d during the veto ceremony. I think this is strictly conjecture.

      • They are safe. Julie said so when explaining the rules to the houseguests.

  2. “Derrick pointed out that she could either vote to keep someone who
    called her names (Zach) or someone known to throw comps who she could be paired with in another nomination and have to rely on in the Battle of
    the Block (Paola).”
    This guy’s gameplay. Classic con – making the other person believe that what he wants is what she wants.

    • Victoria is exactly the kind of female that irritates me. Her “princess act” makes me want to vomit. Honey, you are pretty, but you ARE NOT ALL THAT!

      • Yeah I wouldn’t go so far as to say ”pretty” but she’s not ugly. I think her princess persona does make her unattractive though – whereas somebody like Nicole seems gorgeous because she is meek, humble, and unaware of how good looking she is.

      • I heard that Matt. Also in the beginning of the show when the house guest were introducing themselves, didn’t Victoria state that she was the prettiest girl in the house like what’s her name from season 15, and like what’s her name from season 15, not one guy hit on her, not one guy has shown any interest in her, or wanted a showmance with her. Dejavu.

      • Yup, but then again that’s why they cast these characters – because they’re so over the top. :)

  3. “Zach’s column of support: Brittany, Cody, Christine, Derrick, Donny, Hayden, and Nicole” Why so sure of Donny, he seems closish to Paulo

    • Donny wants Zach to stay. He was talking to Derrick about it on the feeds. In fact Frankie was trying to talk him out of it.

    • TA as of yesterday had decided that they would vote as a block…now this could very well change as each of the three seems to have completely different goals (Frankie wants Zach out, Derrick wants him to stay, and Donny wants whatever the other two tell him to want). In any event, I don’t think it’s quite a sure thing just yet.

    • Yeah I don’t really understand this view of Zach as some kind of mythical dragon slayer who is necessary to defeat Devin. The things people are saying about Zach in the feed chat rooms is ridiculous (“he’s an American hero”, “Zach’s the best player in the house” etc). All he’s done is sleep. Not sure what I’m missing with him.

  4. I don’t think the primary reason for the Zach/Frankie split is because Zach outed the Bomb Squad. I think it is Frankie’s fear that Zach will out THEIR final 2 alliance, weakening Frankie in the eyes of Devin and Caleb.
    Still can’t stand Devin…. can’t wait for his over-inflated ego and biceps to be out the door!

    • I think Frankie is digging his own BB grave. He is playing Andy’s game by running from group to group and then tattling to whoever he thinks is the power. Hopefully, this will catch up with him & he will fall. I was disgusted with Andy’s win last year, and will have a sheet fit if it happens again …. LOL

      • Kim I agree I could not stand that Andy won last year because all he did was go back and rat on everyone I can’t believe everyone fell for , it no one saw it ! I can’t stand Frankie there was something about him from the beginning now he has proved that feeling

  5. Just thinking if PowPow goes home this week…
    And the next 2 HoHs are “Rebels” – say Cody and Hayden…
    And Cody put up Devin and Jocasta…
    And Hayden put up Caleb and Victoria…
    What a battle of the block! If POV gets used, Amber goes up.
    Unfortunately in this scenario, Devin & Caleb wouldn’t be renoms.
    And if Caleb was evicted, Frankie would fall in line and leave Devin on the side of the road. He can do mathematical equations, too. Ha!
    And I think the HGs would be giving Frankie the side eye going forward, too.

    • Without Devin this season could get boring, Devin’s crazinest is making the feeds interesting and entertaining.

      • I’m not onto something, we both know that Devin’s hot messery is the only source of entertainment this season.

      • No, when I said “yeah, you’re on to something”, that means you’re saying something I agree with.

  6. I think Donny, Victoria and Frankie are the swing votes. I don’t think that Donny is a vote locked in for Zach since he is closer to Paola. I still think Zach could potentially get evicted with a 6-6 tie breaker by Devin.

    • I kinda think Donny will stick with TA (namely, Derrick) on this one and build rapport. Mainly to block Devin from getting his way. I don’t THINK Donny’s that naive.

      • I agree, he is observant and aware – which is different than saying he’s not a strategist. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s had some form of counseling training or something in the field of observation & analysis.

      • And what did Donny tell Pow? My point being that houseguests say different things to different people. If Donny is not doing this, then he’s not much of “strategist” anyway.

      • My point is Donny has told Derrick and Frankie he is voting to keep Zach. He’s in the 3 person alliance with them and I don’t think he’s going to lie to Derrick. Yes they say different things but if you watch the feeds you know who they’re talking the truth to and who they’re not. Donny told Derrick he was lying to Paola. That’s why I said Zach has Donny’s vote.

  7. Hayden imitating a phone call to Jacosta early this morning outside. “When’s the game start? Jacosta, we’re 19 days in, you missed it!”

    • I don’t have a handle on Hayden yet, but I like him. He is a wacky free spirit, but he’s not stupid, and he has a good chance in competitions.

  8. Frankie was throwing Zach under the bus and the semi and the tractor long before Zach blew up the BS. He’s a rat and I hope someone puts him up.

  9. Go Zach! I really, really want him to stay. I LOVE a player who isn’t a sheep to the self proclaimed big dogs. I feel a wee tiny bit bad for Pao, but she brought in on herself by throwing that comp. STUPID!!! I can’t wait to see Devin and Caleb “get got”. And, Frankie… what the crap is up with him? Does HE even know what he’s going to do? He’s all over the place. Just like D & C, he’s digging his own grave.

    • Having some spunk is the reason I like Brittany. When Devin nominated her, she gave it right back to him. Not having seen their little discussion upstairs yet, I am going to hold judgment.. BUT, if this becomes a “showmance” …………. yuck!

      • Yuck is right I have not seen the “talk ” either but I am hoping this friendliness is a scam to get him backdoored

  10. Frankie thinks he’s playing like Ratdog Andy. But Ratdog stayed in the background. He left something in every room so he had a valid excuse to come into the room. Frankie is all flash so everyone knows where he goes when he leaves a room…they track his movements.

    • Frankie’s practically exposed at this point. It will take a fool to let themselves be played by someone playing a not-so covert version of Andy’s gameplay.

  11. Decided to watch some of the opening interviews with the houseguests once again. After watching Pau Pau’s I’m once again hoping she gets booted out of the house.

    ”My personality is far too big for this household… I think I’ll be a major threat during physical comps… Oh I was DEFINITELY recruited for the show because they wanted me…. etc, etc, etc” Combine that with the statement she made in her diary session that she is generally selfish and doesn’t consider others? Bye Pau Pau. I really hope there are some valuable life lessons ahead to help you grow and become more self aware. You clearly have the potential to be a better person and I wish you the best.

    • I would like to be a fly on the wall to see the reaction or luck of when some of this houseguests watch themselves on tv and see how bad they come across

      • And therein lies the most INSANE part of the Reality Show experience… Hundreads and hundreads of people have been on these shows for the past 15yrs now and people have seen with their own eyes how the producers reserve the right to edit and present people however they want to but people STILL want to be on the show hoping that they will be the one person who comes across looking intelligent, or nice, or sweet, or… but do they? Nope of course not – it’s very very rare that somebody gets the ”good guy edit”. The truth of humanity is that each of us will do just about anything for 15min of fame. ;)

  12. Am I the only person who noticed that Devin’s foot hit the ground before he hit the button during HOH competition? Cody did as well, but no one called foul on Devin. Rerun your tapes and take another look. Let me know if I am wrong

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