This is the final week for your Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Early Bird discount. When the Big Brother premiere arrives next Thursday the sale will have ended and you’ll be paying more for your summer of must-have, uncensored, in-house cameras.

Big Brother Live Feed - Early Bird Discount

There’s a lot to watch this preseason for Big Brother 14 events on SuperPass including the Rumor Control live events and the past season’s Flashback archive which has every minute from every day. If you missed this week’s Rumor Control then you can pull it up from their archives and watch it again to see what might be coming our way.

As an extra bonus this summer you’ll be able to watch your Live Feeds on your mobile device at no extra charge. Where ever you go so will your Big Brother Feeds.

Don’t forget you’ll also be able to download $30 worth of mp3’s as a freebie with your 3-month SuperPass account. If you’re already buying a lot of music then that practically makes your Feeds free with the Early Bird rate.

Thanks to everyone for signing up for your Live Feeds through our links. Those referral credits are what makes this site possible and we greatly appreciate your support!


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