We’re almost two weeks from the Big Brother 14 premiere on July 12, 2012 which means we’re that much closer to the Live Feed Early Bird discount expiring.

Each season SuperPass runs a preseason discount that cuts 25% off the 3-month pass which covers your entire Big Brother season. On premiere day the sale price expires and you’ll have to pay full price for what you can get now on sale.

If you’re new to Big Brother or the Live Feeds then it’s worth reading our Live Feed FAQ. The Feeds provide you in-house camera access so you can see what happens as it happens without the television show editing often used to hide the real game and HG personalities. You’ll catch the fights breaking out, the secret alliances forming, and even the romantic moments that are anything but private. Without the Feeds you’ll get an abridged, manipulated perspective of the game that just isn’t the same.

Big Brother Live Feed - Early Bird Discount

Don’t forget that you’ll be able to watch Big Brother 14 Feeds on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) at no extra cost. Just point your browser to the feeds and go!

Are you ready for the full Big Brother experience? Sign-up now to save and watch all the preseason SuperPass shows that you can’t see anywhere else than on the Live Feeds!


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