Another week in the books for these houseguests and for most of them, it was a pretty easy week. Although some were allowed to set it to “cruise control” for the a few days, others took advantage of the situation and improved their position in the house.

If you would have asked me a few weeks ago, I would have told you that Jason Roy would most likely be evicted shortly after his partner-in-crime, Da’Vonne Rogers, exited the house. It appeared that he really didn’t have any solid allies outside of Da’Vonne and was therefore labeled as “expendable” to most of the remaining houseguests.

Well here we are two weeks later and Jason now appears to not only have a group of people who are willing to protect him, but also other houseguests wanting to work with him. We saw prime examples of both these situations just this week. We had James Huling and Meg Maley vowing to take him off the block if they won POV and Vanessa Rousso actually saving him with the veto in an attempt to build a report.

Additionally, Shelli Poole has started to divulge information to him and just a few hours prior to me writing this article, Austin told him about the twins, including Julia’s name! Quite the turnaround if you ask me.

That being said, Jason is still a vocal, outgoing person and someone who will always be in danger of going home if he’s on the block but props to him for adjusting his approach and building new relationships. Looks like that loyalty vote he threw to Da’Vonne might have struck a cord with some people…

For my second “weekly warrior”, we still have John McGuire hanging on to the spot, but barely. John is playing a good game but he has a few variables working against him. First of all, everybody in the house likes him. Nice when you’re at work or in school but not in the Big Brother house (If they don’t think they can beat you, they won’t take you to the end). Second, he has already won a few competitions and always seems to do well even in the ones he doesn’t win.


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