Big Brother 17: Austin Reveals Julia To Jason & It Backfires

Overnight Austin Matelson put in to action a new plan but in just a few short hours everything had backfired and could make him the next big target on Big Brother 17.

Jason, Meg, & Shelli excited over latest Big Brother gossip
Jason, Meg, & Shelli excited over latest Big Brother gossip – Source: CBS All Access

Talking with Jason, Austin revealed that yes, Liz definitely had a twin in the game and her name is Julia, but Austin sure would like things better if he could have Liz to himself without that pesky twin along for the ride. Things start to go downhill from there for him.

Flashback on your Feeds to 10:45PM BBT 7/22 Cams 1/2 as Austin fills Jason in on the details. Austin acts hesitant to tell Jason too much information then just starts spilling all the beans. He’s sharing the details from the perspective of his romance with Liz and how he didn’t know there were two of them until someone explained it to him.

Austin suggests it’d be better to let both twins enter the house but after that he wouldn’t be opposed to someone getting Julia out so he could go to the Jury house with just Liz. Now I don’t know whether or not this is a real plan or just a ploy to lower HGs’ guards against the twins entering, but does it sound like a good idea to you?

Jump ahead to 1:50 AM BBT 7/23 Cams 1/2. Jason has previously updated Meg and so they’re now telling Shelli because none of these fools can keep a damn thing to themselves for strategic purposes. Good grief.

Shelli acts shocked to hear about the twins as they start to unravel Austin’s plan. They think he wants the HGs to target Julia if they’re going to target one of the twins and by doing so he’s also protecting himself by shifting the target.

A few mins later, 1:55AM BBT, Vanessa arrives and the retells start over. They explore the story of Austin’s back home girlfriend, but each time they mention the word “girlfriend” we get Fish. Seems someone back home pulled her release form. They’ve got plenty more to discuss though.


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  1. I posted this in another thread, but it really belongs on this one…

    Austin, you idiot! You’re supposedly as big of a superfan as Steve and
    John, yet you play like you’ve never seen the game before! During your
    preseason interview you said that you were immune to showmances, because
    you have a g/f. You’ve done nothing but chase a showmance and get rid
    of the males that you think are a threat to your getting a girl. I
    sincerely hope that either you or the twins go next week, preferably

    • Saw it on the other thread and I agree, but you have to admit they all can’t keep their mouths shut.

    • Yeah, he doesn’t seem to care about anything outside self-promotion and maybe a romance to boost that. Maybe he doesn’t think he has a real chance at winning & will settle for this as his prize.

      • Good luck with that, Austin. Liz definitely won’t be going home with you.

    • Didn’t he say that he just wants to go to jury with her…I guess it’s not about the money or winning?

    • He wants both liz and girlfriend from home. I really don’t think liz is into him. Just flirting to stay in game, is my opinion anyway. James on the other hand wants a girlfriend in house. Seems to want Meg, but she doesn’t want him. I don’t believe he has all the woman he claims he has at home. Just guy talk

    • I bet by now after she watched the show, his girlfriend is ex girlfriend . I don’t blame her 1 bit.

  2. So Austin a “superfan” tells x,y,z about d,e1,e2 (himself and the twins) and how he thinks having both in the house helps him to get further and possible showmance (nevermind gf on outside) even though he is in an alliance with a,b,c. Now surprise, everyone knows of the twin twist and Austin’s long term plans and want him stopped, yet don’t think of the twin twist hurting them later on?
    Do none of these people have filters on them or know how to keep stuff to themselves, or the very least in their own alliance, at least until the info is MOST beneficial to their own games?
    Am I the only one who gets frustrated by these so-called “superfans” whom seem to not know how to play a game?

    • I was thinking about this and how Jason runs & spreads this info (remembering what he did after Day told him about the twins).

      I wonder if it’s because he’s such a super fan that he’s just trained to spread BB stories & gossip like he was out in the real world. Maybe he can’t flip the switch and cut himself off now that he’s in there.

      • No I am not a fan of Jason. I don’t like his dry humor. How he perches himself up on the couch outside like he is king and the others are his pawns. Maybe that’s why he tattles, so the next hoh has another target besides him.

      • I don’t want him in jury, I can’t stand his voice. Send his gabby ass back home to his store job where he can gab the hours away with the towns people. And PLEASE get Austin out of there before jury, I think the twins will turn on him now. I also wonder if Shellie & Clay think they are inittowinit as a couple.

      • I posted on previous thread that 500k is secondary to these players
        Shelli and Clay- looking to be discovered.
        Austin- looking for a love connection
        Twins – playing to week 5 no strategy after that.
        Jason – came on the show to get out of his mom ‘s basement.
        Steve- he thinks he ‘s soving a math problem minus the social game
        Meg- on vacation
        Becky – to worried about saving her reputation than playing the game
        John- cowboy turned prairie dog (sniffing behind Meg to much).
        Vanessa – forgot the rules of poker and overplayed her hand.
        Jackie -? might win it.

      • Sorry – james cowboy turned prairie dog
        John- decided he wanted to play as kermit the frog and be a puppet

      • I don’t like his comments on what he calls the girls he hangs with at home last night on after dark. He called his woman friends those B…hs ., Several times. Bet he will get ear full when he gets out.

      • Didn’t he say in his pre-season interview with you that his biggest asset and weakness is his mouth? I’m interested to see how smart he would be in controlling his urges to yap and just do it for strategy’s sake.

      • 1-900-waaaaaa. regardless of a twin or a returning jury member, every week in the house must be considered as a potential eviction week, so the number of folks to evict will be the same, twin or no twin. just my observation. but then again, i am dyslexic, polish and blonde.

  3. The more I see, the more I’m convinced that Austin is a complete idiot… or maybe it’s Judas.

  4. I liked Austin at first, but this thing with Liz is getting out of hand. I wouldn’t mind Jason winning HOH next week and evicting Austin with the Backdoor.

  5. I’m just not sure if Jason just likes to spread gossip or if he actually has a plan. If he doesn’t know or suspect the 6th sense alliance of existing, then he just likes to spread the word. If he suspects they do exist, this was a smart move to tell Shelli, because if would create a rift between the alliance, or at the very least put a pretty big target on Austin’s back. Sometimes you just need to keep one target in front of you, and I think that’s what Jason is doing.

  6. I hope things settle down for Austin. I like that alliance including Austin and Liz. Liz says she is a flirt, so is some of this showmance 50% on her?

    • Oh no… just like interracial crime is ALWAYS the fault of the one with less evident melanin, a woman is NEVER at fault.

    • Austin has a bit of a “Beast Mode Cowboy” aspect to him. I’m wondering if she saw last season, then she might be afraid to decline his advances.

  7. The whole judas thing is weird. Him not taking a hint, which many is given, that the twins aren’t just that into him. He should be going this week. They wasting a week to get out Audrey when there are more people who should be targeted. This cast is not that smart and doesn’t have the wits as past houseguest.

  8. Ok Judas is Austin’s wrestling persona so get over that…also if Liz hadnt egged him on so much it wouldnt have got this bad, she said herself shes using the flirting to get her farther in the game, to me that makes Austin a victim her

  9. This house is a mess– everyone is so short-term focused that they’re overlooking the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.. By now these HGs should realize that secrets are being spread like wildfire, so it’s beyond me why Austin would confide such a big play with someone outside his alliance, that he has no real connection with, this early on– I agree that his vision is blurred by Liz, but it’s a shame to watch such bad game play

    • Jackie and John are the only ones not spreading secrets. Also, Becky and Steve, to a lessor degree.

      • I think it’s partially because people don’t share secrets with Jackie and John not that they are doing a great job keeping secrets– after all, when Austin tried talking to Jackie about going on as a pawn she ran up and told Shelli… and I think John is just too loud to whisper with anyone to share secrets

  10. I’m extremely confused. Austin admits Liz has a twin, now everyone wants Austin out because he doesn’t want to share sisters?

    First, I agree, I really wish just one secret could remain that way in that house. Second, I really wish Jason, James and Meg would stop assuming they are in some sort of alliance with Shelli and Clay by telling them everything. You’re not. Once Audrey is gone, you’re their next three targets.

    Last, where is their common sense? FORGET about dumb Austin and his dumb plan. There are TWINS in the house. Get rid of them you idiots!

    • But the Chelli strategy is… help the twins stay in then you got 2 votes that owe you.

    • Its not that he refuses to share, he wants Julia out so he can have Liz to himself in jury. And lol. I know, it seems so obvious, don’t let both twins in, but no they focus on Austin. sighs.

    • Please – already – stop them from both entering. And even if James/Jason/Meg “think” (bear with me) that Shelli/Clay are their buds, Vanessa always comes around and gets filled in, too. How can they truly feel “safe” when what they tell Shelli/Clay gets automatically repeated to Vanessa? Aye yi yi

  11. Austin is so clueless. Does he not see Liz is just playing him? And you can’t be much of a super fan if you don’t know that you never run your mouth to someone that’s not in your alliance. I hope it’s endurance tonight and Jason and John win. Austin needs to go.

  12. Jason! I’m seriously trying to root for you but your loose lips could really get you in trouble. Imagine if Austin were to win HOH, you’re going to be a target again because Chelli and Vanessa are going to tell Austin about what you said about him, (let’s face it they’re not going to stop their alliance with him if he’s in power) and once again you out your game at risk. Learn to STFU sometimes.

    • Well said Rose….STFU…if you want to go further…he’s better off playing a Steve game…then what’s he’s doing now…suicidal.

  13. Um creepy and weird. Liz is going to keep her twin sister safe as much as she can and any guy who would try to come between that is totally clueless. What a way to start a possible relationship, try and evict her sister, I mean super romantic and everything. Just so he can have Liz to himself? Wait, who says he has Liz at all? If you have a secret to tell, don’t go to Jason people.

  14. Steve also told Julia that Liz is in a showmance with Austin and she was surprised! She said “what!! he has a girlfriend!” and that she didn’t want to sleep near him anymore. I find it weird Liz didn’t even tell Julia. You’d think that would be important to say during a switch!!

      • They’re playing as one so this is the one specific time she should, ahaha! I cannot wait for Julia to enter the game, become HOH and be the reason Austin goes home.

  15. Would be a hoot if Liz and Jason won HOH this coming week .. and, Liz ? stays as the HOH, and after the POV .. Julia gets switched out with Liz and renoms Austin as a backdoor target .. Ha !!! :)

    And, when he confronts her, she responds with a typical Amanda response .. Nobody Gets Between Her and Her Sista !!! Ha !!! :) :P

  16. Austin… there going to send home both twins next week if Jason or anyone from his group wins HOH.

  17. If Jason isn’t manipulating Shelli/Clay by sharing this Austin bomb with them….WHY NOT? Why ISN’T he manipulating them??? You think every time they give you information, it’s because they’re nice like that? Come on now. I’m pulling for you, Jason. Let’s work this buddy!

  18. Austin you dumb dumb ! Jason is like the last person you should tell that secret ! i swear there all so gabby mouthed ! No more secrets. Just blunt honesty !

  19. Jason is a riot, not the brightest bulb but funny… and most ppl from Massachusetts put off the arrogance he does as one person said in the thread that’s why they didn’t like him.. I could never sit and have a conversation with James he’s just to dry!

  20. This is another caleb/amber all over again but this time Liz knows how to play her cards right to get what she wants from that fool Austin

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