Danielle Lickey – Big Brother Over The Top Eviction Interview

Danielle Lickey’s game came to an end this week on Big Brother Over The Top after a near season long run of competition strength and outspoken reactions made her a top target. Now on the outside of the game we had the chance to talk with Danielle about her experience and perspective on BBOTT.

Danielle Lickey on BBOTT

Speaking with Danielle today we discussed her evolving position in the LNJ, that fake F5 alliance, how she overcame her social challenges, who was her dream F3, and more. Read on for what she had to say.

Big Brother Network (BBN): After Shane left, who do you feel was your #1 ally and did it change during the season?

Danielle Lickey: I don’t honestly think I had a number one for a really long time. I always said I was as loyal to the three other people in my alliance equally. It wasn’t until the end that Jason really started being my #1, the person that I wanted to look out for. I felt like he was looking out for me. We both had mutual respect for each other. We were people who really, truly love this game, who watch it every season, who have a respect and love for this game. I think we bonded over that because I don’t think that’s the case for the two other people in our alliance or the other people in the house.

So, for awhile I didn’t have one, but towards the end it was Jason.

BBN: Was there a strategy in your fake F5 alliance you and Jason made with the other side or were you just trying to mess with them?

Danielle: It was definitely just something to be funny. They took it pretty serious, which I don’t blame them, because I definitely got their hopes up. Yeah, we should have thought that through more and not been so petty.

BBN: Any second thoughts on evicting Whitney instead of Justin?

Danielle: I had this gut feeling with Whitney. She was part of our alliance, but she came in so late I didn’t really know where her loyalties were. I figured if Justin left that’s her biggest connection to our alliance and I had a feeling she would target me first out of anyone from our alliance and I was correct. I don’t regret sending her home and keeping Justin. I think I would have ended up on the Block regardless whether I sent home Justin or Whitney. I don’t think it would have changed too much.

BBN: What do you feel was your biggest challenge this season and how did you overcome it?

Danielle: My biggest challenge was definitely my social game. It takes a special person to appreciate me. I knew that coming in to Big Brother that was going to be my weakness. I overcame that by aligning myself with people who had strong social games. People like Justin, Kryssie, and Jason because I knew that I had a lot to offer when it came to competitions and to strategizing, but I knew where my weakness was and to offset that I joined an alliance who were very strong socially.

BBN: As a Big Brother fan, what ended up being your favorite experience from going in there and having the chance to do it yourself?

Danielle: Probably strategizing and making big game moves was definitely my favorite part. When it came to my alliance, me and Jason were doing the most of the strategizing. Just bouncing ideas off someone, the possibilities to weaponize things that were put out there to hurt us. I think that was probably the most exciting part. My week of winning HoH and Jason’s week of winning Co-HoH, I think those were my two favorite weeks as far as strategizing and stuff. That was my favorite part of the game and I loved every second of it.

BBN: Had you stayed in the game, who would have been your dream F3 for your own best chance at winning BBOTT?

Danielle: My ideal F3, if I were pulling for me to win, I probably would have taken Kryssie and Morgan. I definitely feel like I had a better game than both of those girls. But, personally, it might not have been a very good game move, but probably a Cody move, I probably would have taken Jason and Kryssie for F3.

BBN: Thank you, Danielle.

Danielle played a standout game with a lot of strong aspects in the season, but those same strengths along with some of the deficiencies as she discussed ultimately made her a top target and ended her run on Big Brother Over The Top. We’ll see Danielle again in less than two weeks for the Big Brother Over The Top finale on December 1, 2016.


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  1. So on the one hand, I find “Jason vs. Shelby” as the main power struggle more satisfying than “Danielle vs. Alex” but on the other hand, watching Danielle and Alex both come up with these intricate schemes against each other and then watching them see through those schemes and make the right moves was the best part of the early season. Danielle definitely deserves some respect as a BB power player, and it would be fun to see her come back for All Stars.

    • Totally agree Pelican..She’s one of the main character of this season. Memorable player….and yes I know she’s a B. lol

      • Haha exactly Cyril! Like Rachel Riley, everyone hated her during her season then she came back the next and came back as a comp beast. I mean yes Dani said some pretty horrible and petty things during her time in the house in which she is probably regretting she did now, but I gotta admit her strategizing and game play was outstanding aside from all of her negative comments. After Shane left she really stepped up her game and I also hope to see her in an AS season. Would make for great TV bringing back all of the best of seasons past.

  2. I’m sure danI gave the interview in her dumb baby voice. Still can’t stand her and her inability to see how vicious and mean the fake deal was doesn’t surprise me. She thought it was all in good fun. Wonder if she would feel the same if the tables were turned. Awww, hell no. She would have raised holy hell. Good riddance. The house is a much better place without you. Too bad Scott Scott didn’t get you out, I know I would have enjoyed the season much more.

      • I didn’t see the interview Matt, I was just reading it, and I know it was a good interview. Good questions, and her answers were great.

      • Apparently the hatred of her is going to continue even out of the house.

        Good interview as always. Thank you!

      • I didn’t mean to make it sound like it wasn’t a good interview. Just making some observations based on her behavior in the BB House. Thank you for all the hard work you do.

      • Oh I didn’t take it as a negative on the interview above. I was just saying the interview she gave (her attitude, responses, etc.) were good. Some interviews are difficult with a bitter, upset evictee but this wasn’t the case with Danielle.

      • But she still kept it mostly about herself. I was a better player, I made big moves (still trying to figure out which one of those were big), I made our alliance strong, etc., etc. But okay, the interview was more upbeat than some I’ve heard. Just wondering how she really felt, though, when she wasn’t under the microscope of an e-mail interview or in front of Julie. We may never know. We just know how she felt in the house when things didn’t go her way. :-)

  3. Not a fan of her petty attitude but I have to admit her game got slightly better after Shane left. However making that fake deal with the girls bit her on the ass and now Jason might pay the consequences.

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