‘Big Brother OTT’ Live Feeds Week 8: Thursday Highlights

The Big Brother Over the Top game is definitely winding down as the final five were literally together every waking minute of the day on Thursday. We got very little game talk or strategizing, so read on to find out what the HGs had for dinner.

Morgan enjoys a bubble bath on BBOTT

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother OTT Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, November 17, 2016:

10:10 AM BBT – HGs have their wake up call and the lights have come on.

11:00 AM BBT – Justin is cooking up breakfast for everyone. He brings food to LNJ and they lounge in Tokyo chatting about dreams.

11:25 AM BBT – Kryssie expects Shelby will follow Jason out if he’s the one to go this week.

12:00 PM BBT – HGs lounging outside for a lockdown. Slow day.

12:30 PM BBT – The day gets even slower as the HGs are all napping outside.

1:30 PM BBT – HGs have been back inside and Morgan went upstairs to take a bubble bath. She soon starts camtalking. Morgan jokes about losing her mind but how she hopes viewers are pleased with how she’s been competing. She says she thinks everyone wants to take her to the end for an easy win, but she thinks her game is better than that.

4:00 PM BBT – Julie arrives to chat with the HGs via the monitor. She reveals to them the finale is in two weeks. Hooray!

4:34 PM BBT – HGs sill hanging out in the living room talking about what’s going on outside. They hear a lot of noises and speculating if it’s for the Care Package or a luxury competition or something.

5:10 PM BBT – The HGs have moved to the kitchen together. There’s not much breaking off in smaller groups today.

6:40 PM BBT – Now they’re all in the bathroom hanging out.

7:01 PM BBT – Daily recap starts.

7:26 PM BBT – Jason and Kryssie have found some of Michelle’s hair extensions and are trying to detangle them.

8:48 PM BBT – HGs are all in the kitchen getting ready for dinner.

9:10 PM BBT – Justin is making more aluminum foil people.

9:15 PM BBT – It’s dinner time. Everyone is eating flautas for dinner.

10:25 PM BBT – Jason is frustrated that Shelby and Morgan aren’t interested in discussing any game with him. He says they’re treating him like he’s already evicted. Jason points out he would spend Thanksgiving in a hotel room if evicted next Wednesday.

11:00 PM BBT – LNJ hanging out in the Tokyo room and chatting while Jason toys with the cameras.

11:55 PM BBT – Jason is venting about Shelby and Morgan and not wanting them to win.

12:20 AM BBT – Shelby and Morgan turn off the lights upstairs. Downstairs Jason is encouraging Kryssie and Justin that there’s still a way with the Veto comp that they can help the one of them not on the Block.

12:50 AM BBT – Jason tells Kryssie about raising money for the Reality Rally charity.

1:30 AM BBT – LNJ hanging around in Tokyo talking about the season and exciting memories.

2:30 AM BBT – LNJ is still at it. Justin says he knows he’s plan b in case Jason isn’t eligible. Kryssie cuts off the lights and they keep chatting away.

3:45 AM BBT – Chatting has finally died down and the LNJ is all off to sleep for the night.

We’re still a quarter of the season left to go with two more weeks but things are crawling these next few days until we hit Monday’s Veto comp and we’ll have action again on the Feeds. Well, there’s still going to be Justin’s ACP challenge and we’ll have to see how that works out, which could end up exciting to watch.

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  1. 10:25 PM BBT – Jason is frustrated that Shelby and Morgan aren’t interested in discussing any game with him. He says they’re treating him like he’s already evicted. Jason points out he would spend Thanksgiving in a hotel room if evicted next Wednesday.

  2. “10:25 PM BBT – Jason is frustrated that Shelby and Morgan aren’t interested in discussing any game with him. He says they’re treating him like he’s already evicted.”

    Well maybe if you weren’t such an ass to them they would’ve been more open, have ya thought of that Jason?

    • Yeah, had he not made that *fake* alliance with them the girls would not be so angry at him. I said it, right after I saw that conversation take place, that stunt would come back to bite him in the a$$ and it has–full force. And he deserves it, that was an incredibly stupid move by Jason, and on the coattails of a great strategic move when he convinced Shelby to put up Whitney, rather than Alex. The fake alliance served no purpose and, imo, it took a steep toll on Jason’s game… but, you know what really bugs me? Justin bugs me. Justin was not only totally in on that plan too, he really egged it on. He was like “oh yeah, please… you have to do it.” And yet, Justin has acted as if he never had anything to do with it. He’s totally making F2 deals with Morgan and kissing Shelby’s a$$…and all this, after all the terrible things he has said about both girls this season…

      Ugh! I used to really like him. Now, it makes me sick he’s probably going to be in F3 without winning one comp…besides the *extra* veto awarded to him through the ACP during Scott’s HOH; Alex actually won that comp. Justin does not deserve to even still be in this house and that just bugs me.

    • Dis he win the challenge already to get his CP? Once he does they will start kissing his behind again, unless he loses of course.

      • No, the challenge hasn’t even been announced yet.

        Some of the feedsters on CBS chat rooms think he’s getting a veto out of this CP as well!! I am really worried about this.

  3. Theoretically if Morgan puts up Kryssie and Jason, then Justin wins veto (unlikely) and pulls Jason off (also unlikely) they could have Shelby up and with Justin/Jason voting then Shelby would go home.

    Seems really unlikely but it’s not necessarily all over for Jason.

    • Depending on how this care package works, it might not be all that unlikely. If the CP ends up meaning Justin can’t be nominated, then Shelby goes up and out if Justin, Kryssie, or Jason wins veto.

      • I wonder not count on Justin to take Jason off the block. I know he has wavered both sides but he does know that he cannot win with Jason. He said in his convo with Jason on Wednesday night that I want to ride with you even though it means I would be second place. If he thinks about that he may just change his mind.

      • Justin would have a better chance against Shelby as opposed to Jason. I don’t think anyone can beat Jason at the end, unfortunately. That is why he needs to be the next to be evicted.

      • You are correct. I think Justin rather lose against one of his alliance members than Shelby. He’ll probably lose either way. Unless Kryssie is there with him, but I think it will be 3 people this season.

      • Yes, they’ve announced it’ll be 3 people this season. So if Jason and Shelby are the last two evicted, we’re going to have a dud of a winner.

    • That’s what I’m afraid of. I want Shelby in the F3. I think she’s played a great game. And I love her sense of humor.

      • Shelby deserves to win this thing LG! She has played the BEST game out of everyone imo. F3 should be Shelby, Jason and Morgan. Those three (and even if you don’t like Jason’s personality) have survived being HUGE targets all season. They have formed the most successful alliances of the season. They have all won crucial comps (on their own merit) and have been awarded crucial ACPs when they absolutely needed them. IMO…those three are the most worthy to be in F3,,,,with Shelby winning it. Jason as 2nd and Morgan 3rd. JS…that would be my vote.

      • I agree with that F3. The only thing I don’t think is fair is Jason has a large fan base and with America voting I don’t think Shelby has a chance against him. And I think she’s played a way better game then him.

      • IDK LG… you know what? I used to be a HUGE Jason fan, and now look at me?? I am rooting for Shelby to take it all. I am pretty sure I’m not the only one! :)

  4. Shelby deserves this season of BBOTT! She has played the BEST game out of all HG… but Justin & Kryssie do not deserve to be sitting next to her! UGH! Kryssie has won only one comp and has quit on a couple; her claim to fame is her burping skills!
    Justin has done absolutely nothing but cook, sing and talk trash! He has not *actually* won anything at all due to his own skills.

    F3 should be Shelby, Jason and Morgan. Those three have survived being targeted week after week and have won crucial comps as well as crucial ACPs. Justin was handed an extra veto after Alex won the comp and he is being handed a CP b/c Danielle was evicted…

    • Morgan has also done nothing in this game. She has been following people around from the beginning. First Monte, then her sister and now Shelby. If it weren’t for Shelby and Alex she would have been gone a long time ago. Justin has played a great social game and even though he only won one comp, he wasn’t that bad. Jason started playing a better game towards the end with Danielle’s assistance.
      Morgan and Kryssie are complete floaters that have been lucky by getting America’s package and having people save them.
      I haven’t liked Shelby from the beginning, but she has been playing a great game and would deserve to win. I don’t want her to though.

      • I would have agreed with you before this last HOH comp Samsara… but Morgan won this comp fair and square on her own merit. She has also won a POV on her own, furthermore, she was awarded that crucial ACP. The *only* comp Justin “won?” was the *EXTRA veto awarded (during Scott’s HOH) b/c of the CP that week. In actuality, Alex came in first that comp; if not for the ACP Justin would have been second…which means nothing in a POV comp. He has never actually *won* a comp on his own merit and skill. That was the point I was making. Jason definitely deserves to be in F3 before Justin, as does Shelby, and after this last HOH comp, I have to add Morgan to that list as well.

        JMO, but these three have consistently been targeted (especially Jason) and have survived. Justin…not so much. He has coasted by this season b/c (in his own words) he sucks at comps! Plus, he has consistently talked trash about Shelby and Morgan, but is now so far up their behinds it’s disgusting…yet he called Danielle out for being fake! Really? How fake is hating on someone for weeks and then “all of a sudden” being their bestie? Cooking for them and doing fake rides in his ride with them?? C’mon…not even Dani was *that* fake!

      • I just see Morgan as a floater. winning a comp does not make you a good player, they also had to strategize and make sure that both sides did not put you up on the block. Morgan strategy was following what others in her group were doing and Shelby helping her at the end. Justin at least played the game, but each side has their fans regardless of how they played. I’m not a Morgan fan, but wanted her winning when Danielle had to get evicted and now Kryssie. She will go for Jason, but hopefully he’ll win veto.

      • Morgan has been strategizing right along with Shelby, especially since Alex left. It was actually she who devised the plan to nominate Danielle and barter Justin’s vote by promising him safety and the final care package. She and Shelby have been a bona fide team with both recruiting votes, planning game moves, and now, winning comps. Morgan stopped floating after Alex was evicted. She just had no luck at comps until last HOH.

    • If you want Shelby to win (I want her to win as well) then Jason can’t be in the final 3, he will win.

      • Jason has dropped in the polls, but It is possible that he could still win. At the beginning that was a sure thing, but now Shelby has gained many fans and she could beat him.

      • I do hope that is true because I truly believe Shelby has earned it, for many different reasons. I’m not convinced the Jason army has dwindled based on twitter and chat rooms. Sitll lot’s of love for the little weasel.

      • Yeah Jason has dropped. Shelby does deserve it. She’s the biggest sleeper comp beast ever! lol! But jason deserves to be there too… Justin does not.

      • IDK about that. I see Shelby as being ahead… BG, I was a total Jason fan at the beginning of BBOTT. Shelby has won my vote, so I am sure I’m not the only one. However, I truly believe Jason deserves to be there more than Justin…or Kryssie!!

      • While I do believe Jason has done more than Kryssie or Justin, do I think he deserves to be there, NO WAY. I base my opinion on what has come out of Jason’s mouth. That alone puts him out of the running for me.

      • I am watching feeds right now and I just can’t stand Jason, he told Shelby he was going after her on social media when he left and talking about her wide vagina. What a putz. Then he told Krissy america hates Shelby and her herpes, has he looked in the mirror lately.

      • He is so offensive it continually boggles my mind and how people can condone and support his behavior is beyond me.

  5. If Jason ends up winning, I’ll look at it more as the other 12 houseguests losing. Letting the only returning player make it to the end in a game decided by who has the most fans is just plain idiotic. Monte had the right idea.

  6. Okay in the BBOTT chat rooms right now…they are all speculating that Justin ACP will give him the veto as well! Has ANYONE heard of this?? Matt?? Is this a possibility!?

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