Celebrity Big Brother: The Best And Worst Moments Of Rounds 1 And 2

Celebrity Big Brother HGs prepare for the HoH comp

We’ve seen a lot of gaming and a lot of drama in the first almost week of Celebrity Big Brother. It’s kind of hard to believe it’s only been on since last Wednesday, actually, since we’ve had two Heads of Households, two vetoes, two live evictions, a trip to the hospital and some national headlines.

That all has to mean there’s plenty to talk about in the first installment of the Best and Worst Moments of Celebrity Big Brother. Sine this is Big Brother in hyperdrive, we’re focusing on the first two rounds (since we can’t really call them proper BB weeks).

First up, let’s take a look at the best moments from premiere week and the past couple of days.

The Best

Women’s alliance forms. We finally got that all-female alliance everyone has always wanted. All it took was a couple of celebrity super fans like Omarosa and Shannon Elizabeth! What could possibly go wrong (see the first entry under The Worst)?

Celebs are here to play. In recent Big Brother seasons, we’ve seen a bunch of recruits who are more interested in getting Instagram followers and a spot as a waiter on The Bold & The Beautiful than actually playing the game. So it has been very refreshing to see these eager celebrities gaming right out of the gate. We have heard a few conversations about getting on The Amazing Race, but we’ve had nothing like we have from BB16-BB19.

No Showmances. Hallelujah! Finally, a season with zero showmance potential. I’m so happy most of these HGs are older and married or coupled. I’m so glad we don’t have to worry about stupid monikers like “Jody” or “Maven.” And I’m so glad we don’t have to hear disgusting Live Feeds stories about used condoms being discarded in bedroom drawers. And I’m really glad we won’t be seeing someone throwing away their shot over someone they’ve known for a couple of weeks.

Brandi’s DRs. Every season needs a diary room queen. I would say or king, but let’s face it, the guys are never that good at DRs. They’re only good at DR shouting. So Brandi is definitely joining the ranks of Britney Haynes and Da’Vonne Rogers as DR queens. She is a natural, as are most of these celebs really, who doesn’t need lines fed to her and she tells it like it is. My favorite moment so far was when she showed us she was wearing Omarosa’s shoes while talking smack about her.

The blindside. Even though we didn’t get the second blindside on Monday night, the first one was pretty fun. Especially since it Omarosa who had no idea the vote flipped and Chuck was going home. She didn’t react like classic Omarosa, but it sure had her heated enough to make her feelings known in subdued ways.

There’s no “later.” I LOVE that there’s none of this “Oh we can get ____ out later.” Because there is no later. This game is going fast and these HGs know that if they get a chance to get a target out, they have to take it.

All that booze. I’m pretty sure it’s in Brandi’s contract that she has to have a steady flow of booze. At any rate, I’m glad the celebs seemingly have all the wine and beer they want. This is quite the step up from the regular season (since BB9, anyway). So it’s fun to watch them (ok Brandi) get buzzed and play Big Brother.

Metta’s antics. I’m not sure why he signed up or if he even knows what’s going on, but I’m having a lot of fun watching Metta World Peace live in the Big Brother house. I am kind of afraid of him winning HOH because I don’t know if he’d even know what to do, but there’s a part of me that really wants that to happen just to see how it goes.

The Worst

Women’s alliance falls apart. We knew it was too good to be true. As usual, the women’s alliance didn’t make it past the first eviction. For some reason Shannon decided to flip the house and keep James. I’m still not sure why that happened. I have thought about it a couple of times and it has never made sense to me.

James stays. As I just mentioned, Shannon got paranoid and started talking about flipping the vote and others joined in. And James staying made the list of the worst moments for a couple of reasons. One being that he’s my least favorite houseguest this season. And the other reason is that it was a dumb move on their parts. I think James is a much bigger threat than Chuck and could actually win the game.

Shannon freaks out; overplays. Sigh. Once again we see a strong female superfan overplay and burn out fast. A lot of fans had a lot of hope for Shannon, but after winning the first HOH and veto competitions and melting down a couple of times AND turning on members of her alliance, it’s safe to say she’s Enemy Number One.

Omarosa. I admit I was excited when I heard Omarosa was joining the season. I thought she was going to bring all of the Outrageous Omarosa we all know to the game. And so far, we’ve not seen that. We’ve only had a few moments where she has spoken her mind. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still intense and no nonsense. But this is like Diet Omarosa. All we’ve seen from her has been some steamrolling of Shannon, a fake cough, and some White House talk that I’m pretty sure is just her pitch for an upcoming book about her time as a Trump White House aide. Here’s to hoping the classic Omarosa can still come out.

Keshia goes home. I thought Keshia could’ve gone far in the game. She was playing a very fierce game and really seemed like she wanted to win. But apparently she’s not producing enough breast milk to send to her daughter so she asked to be evicted Monday night. So not only did we lose a strong player, we lost the chance to see a shocking blindside again. Had Keshia or Omarosa come off the block after the veto, the plan was to put Shannon up and vote her out. Of course that really wasn’t a great move for Ross, but it would have been a crazy moment in the season. I don’t mind Shannon, but I don’t really see her winning now, so I would have been OK with that drama going down instead of Keshia kind of bowing out. And let me stress that I understand why Keshia wanted to leave. She’s a mother first and I respect that.

It’s refreshing to see a shorter “The Worst” list than “The Best” list. That means I’m enjoying the season. And if I’m enjoying the season, then that is a pretty good sign it doesn’t suck. I’m generally pretty hard on Big Brother seasons, so if I’m being entertained, then something right is happening.

What do you think of Celebrity Big Brother? What have been the best and worst moments for you so far?






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