After Shane headed home from the Big Brother Over the Top house, the Late Night Jamboree came into power for the first time this season when Kryssie won Head of Household.


Fans decided to name Jason, Neeley and Scott as Have-nots, proving that the people voting have mostly shifted from Jamboree fans to Plastics/Ball Smasher fans. Kryssie decided she couldn’t depend on America to nominate Scott, so she decided to put him on the block next to a pawn, Morgan.

“America” named Neeley as the third nominee, giving the P/BS side of the house some hope for the week. When Morgan won the Power of Veto, that gave them even more hope. Whitney basically volunteered to go up as the replacement nominee when Morgan removed herself from the block, to try and keep any blood off her hands. Kryssie obliged, so the final nominees were Scott, Neeley and Whitney.

Both sides pretended to agree to vote out Scott, but the girls have noticed “America” voting in their favor and decided to risk keeping Scott. That paid off for them when America’s Vote was for Neeley and she was evicted from the BBOTT house. Tensions flared following the eviction as the HGs headed into the Week 5 HOH competition.

Check out the week’s rundown in our collectible graphic format below.

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