‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 5?

It’s time to crown a new Head of Household this week for Big Brother Over The Top as the Houseguests are ready to get back at it after Neeley’s surprise (for some of them, at least) eviction from BBOTT while Scott stayed to clap another day.

Big Brother HoH comp

Since everything with BBOTT is on the Feeds that means that this HoH comp and every single one this season will be right there for us to watch as they happen in full. If you miss the event then you can Flashback and catch it all over. The comp kicks off at 9PM BBT on the Feeds and we’re live recapping it as it happens so read on for the results.

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HoH Comp Results – Week 5 – “One Strike You’re Out!”:

  • 8:47 PM BBT – Jason & Scott yelling at each other. Danielle starts yelling at Scott.
  • 8:48 PM BBT – Feeds cut for HoH comp prep
  • 9:00 PM BBT – Feeds back. HGs have to study 10 images for the comp.
  • 9:12 PM BBT – Images removed from Memwall. BB announces it’s time to play.
  • 9:15 PM BBT – HG comp is set up for Q&A.
  • 9:18 PM BBT – Comp is now ready to start. It’s T/F.
  • Round 1: True – Scott, Shelby, & Alex are out
  • Round 2: True – Morgan is out
  • Round 3: True – all wrong, all safe
  • Round 4: False – Justin & Jason out
  • Round 5: True – both got it right
  • Round 6: False – Whitney is out. Danielle wins!

Danielle Lickey is the new HoH. Congrats to Danielle & LNJ!

Who did you want to win this week? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

Viewer voting for the Care Package is on Thursday, Have-Nots voting is Friday, and America’s Nominee voting starts Sunday. Busy schedule so stick with us.

Nominations are coming up on Saturday and Sunday so get ready for those spoilers soon then Power of Veto comp will be held on Monday and the Ceremony on Tuesday. Once the week gets rolling on Saturday it’ll go fast until the next eviction on Wednesday! Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.



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  1. Okay so we need to decide on Krissie or Jason for America’s nomination. Vote the care package to Whitney which is elimate 3 votes and the girls should be safe again. I know I’m voting for Krissie, Justin for have nots. Don’t know who I’m voting for the 3rd.

    • Why are you you out for the LNJ they are already down a number it’s time one of the plastics go home

    • Kryssie has already had the ACP, so she is no longer eligible.
      The ACP should go to Jason this week to insure that one of the mean people on the other side of the house gets the boot, for a change. Otherwise, what’s the point in watching this show where it seems like production is doing everything it can to favor the PBS side of the house.

      • I never said I wanted Krissie to have the care package. I want her nominated. I want Whitney or Morgan to get the care package. I want that other disgusting group to go home one by one.

      • We actually see it the same way for this week at least. I still like Alex and the other girls on that side. Would like to see them bring in another person or two.

      • Do you not watch the feeds? Enough said. The final straw was when Jason and Krissie were calling Shelby a whore and saying she blows all of production saying they’re going to burn her house down and cum all over Scotts face and slice his throat. Calling all the girls cu#ts. And that’s just one conversation. If you like that behavior then go for it. But those aren’t the kind of people I associate myself with. And as far as Shelby yes I do like her. She can be annoying sometimes but she’s quirky and funny. One million percent better then those other disgusting people.

    • I want to see America nominate one of the mean girls in PBS, or preferably that total little turd, Scott, if Danielle doesn’t end up nominating him.

      • Sorry the mean, nasty, disgusting, vulgar ones are Jason, Krissie and Danielle. So one of those two that are eligible will get my vote. Scott is just awkward and he can go in a few weeks.

      • I’m good with Shelby. That way Whitney and Morgan are available for the next two. I’m going to watch all the bb sites and see who most people want before I vote. The voting starts tomorrow.

  2. I am not voting Jason for AN just yet. I still feel he is a good person and is overplaying. Actually agree on giving Whitney the the care package. That way maybe we can get out Kryssie.

      • I really don’t think he is a bad person. Big Brother is a game where they can play to the camera. That is my opinion.

      • Rewatch the feeds after America Nominated Neely then tell me how he’s not a bad person.

      • So you like all his filthy talk? Sorry that kind of disgusting behavior makes me sick. Calling a woman a whore, slut, cunt and on and on and on is disgusting. And if you don’t see it like that then that’s you’re right.

  3. I’m thinking of giving Justin the care package the girls don’t do anything they are very boring and why would we give Whitney care package she’s annoying

      • I totally agree Morgan for americas nomination and someone from LNJ for the care package, I want to level the playing field

      • I don’t reward disgusting filthy behavior sorry. My vote is AN Krissie and either Whitney, Shelby or Morgan care package.

      • Justin wouldn’t want this ACP because it would blow up his game of staying uncommitted and in the middle. Jason should get this ACP to shake things up and save one of the better remaining care packages for Justin.

      • I’d much rather see Alex nominated. I hope to see Scott, Alex, and Shelby on the block together….and if one comes down, I’d like to see Morgan take that spot…then watch them scramble and cut each other’s throats to stay in the game….I can hardly wait to see them betraying each other. It’s only a matter of time !

      • Let’s give Justin the care package then we can decide if we want Morgan or Alex on the block because one of them needs to go and any of them will be fine Alex is a stronger competitor but I really hope Justin wins the care package because some people on here is for the plastics but I’m thinking strategy not just the ones I’m rooting for but I just think Justin needs the care package this week he’s a really great guy and funny he’s not boring on the live feeds which I love

      • Either sister works for me. I’m sick of their fake ness and pandering to the camera. Alex and Scott have previously said they don’t care what America thinks but yet they beg to us all the time. Ugh!

    • Because the girls are the only ones playing the game. What has Krissie or Jason done? Oh yeah they sit on the couch outside and talk nasty. Act disgusting and expect America to play the game for them. Krissie quit in the middle of the veto comp. That witch needs to go. And how is Whitney annoying? She’s been nothing but nice to everyone and she’s a smart player.

      • You do realize the irony in the fact that you’re obsessively calling other people names on the internet, right?

      • Who? I’m talking about the houseguests like everyone else is. Just don’t you worry about what I’m calling them. Worry about the game.

  4. Because the other side of the house already have a advantage they are up a number so we can even it out by taking one of the girls out this week

    • The sisters have to be broken up. They have an unfair advantage because they get to play with someone they trust completely so there’s no paranoia with them. The other housepets have their alliance members, but they also have trust issues with them.

  5. This outcome couldn’t have been any worse! Someone from the LNJ winning is one thing, but of all of them Danielle?! Man that dramagirl needs to go and take her catscans with her! Badaboom! Realest guy in da room! How you doin.

  6. My votes for the week…

    Morgan (or Shelby or Whitney, whichever we decide on) for ACP.

    Kryssie and Justin as HNs (Kryssie for obvious reasons, Justin because he hasn’t had it yet – and by virtue of that, I’ll probably make Whit my third vote).

    Kryssie for America’s Nominee and Eviction Vote (again, for obvious reasons).

      • Geez, we’re getting as bad on here as in the house. Hopefully we can give opinions without insults. That was not directed to you – it was to the posters in general.

      • When has Shelby said anything intelligent, or anything that wasn’t vile? Calling Krissie’s boyfriend FAT ASS, Oh my bad, you probably had your Shelby blinders on…

      • That doesn’t even compare to all of Krissie and Jason’s disgusting, filthy, vulgar comments. You must be a Jason fan.

      • I’m a fan of fairness, Shelby has said vile and vulgar comments towards everyone, except Justin. Clearly you are a Shelby “SUPER FAN” because Shelby hasn’t done anything wrong in you’re eyes…

      • Sorry I’m an Alex fan. And what has Shelby said that compares to Jason and Krissie calling her a whore, slut, cunt, prostitute? What has Shelby said that compares to them talking about slicing Scotts throat, cum in his mouth, burn down Shelbys house? I could go on and on but their filthy remarks make me sick. There’s a big difference in trash talking and talking filth. If you don’t see it then that speaks volumes.

      • Agree to disagree, Shelby is no saint, neither is the rest of the Barbie Dolls. LNJ aren’t saints either, but America continues to give the Barbie Dolls immunity? 2 wrongs are never right…right?

      • Shelby is bae. Krissie is just plain old mean. We all have our own faves & opinions, however~

    • Agree with everything you said. Kryssie, Justin, and Whitney as HNs because they haven’t been yet. Morgan or Whitney for ACP, or maybe Shelby as a distant third. Want Jason out if not Kryssie. Sorely disappointed that Danielle can’t be voted for HN or be evicted.

      • Your rooting for the plastics to win what do you like about the plastics because in my eyes they are very boring to watch unless just because they are pretty girls your rooting for them

      • But you don’t think we could take kryssie or Danielle out next week because the plastics is already up a number and the sisters should be taken out this week trust me kryssie is not strong competitor and Danielle won’t be able to win hoh next week

      • This is a late reply, but I want to take out Kryssie this week, Danielle or possibly Jason as an alternative, next week. Just don’t agree with you on the LNJ. The bs aren’t perfect of course, but I am rooting for them over the LNJ.

      • Not Whitney for the CP. She is trying to play both sides of the house or at least remain neutral. The 3 vote thing will be hard for her It will make Shelby or Morgan happier and it will be easier for them to use.

      • I agree with Kryssie, Justin, & Whitney for have nots. I think Shelby is the safest bet for ACP (Whitney could flip, Morgan can get a better one later). America’s Nominee should be Kryssie, she’s very hypocritical and plays the victim while the ball smashers play the game and stay out of the drama. Eviction vote is Kryssie too.

      • I like all of that. Definitely voting Krissie for nomination. Also those 3 sound good for have nots. And I think a lot of people are saying Shelby for ACP.

      • I’m torn here. I’d love to see Shelby with the Care Package (mostly to watch Jason bust a blood vessel when he gets that news), but she wants to be seen as hated by the other HG’s. We might inadvertently blow up her game strategy.

  7. I am sickened by this so called “Americas Vote”, we all heard the cheering from the production for Whitney against Danielle. I never wanted to believe this game was rigged and now we can all see, why don’t they just hand the money to Alex and get it over with. I knew America was hypocritical but this takes the cake, if it is America I don’t know what your watching because its not for politeness. If you kept Scott for bullying I hope karma bites you all in the ass!! Sick sick people!

    • I couldn’t agree more. For the players to hear the obvious cheering from production for Whitney is disgusting. They should be fired! Favoritism is very obvious with the production team from the cameras to the orders they give. That’s why I’m voting with the LNJ because they truly are the underdogs since they are fighting the plastics and production. Shame on you CBS!

      • I agree the plastics needs to be broken up or Scott but some people is rooting for the plastics but when watching the feeds the plastics is very boring and I feel like Justin needs this care package then Whitney next week then Jason after that if we get the plastics out this week then we can get kryssie out next week because she’s weaker then anyone else so we can easily get her out next week

      • I had my suspicion Big Brother was RIGGED, unfortunately Big Brother is also Racist. I’ve seen more diversity on the TALK…

  8. Let’s make a decision

    Plz lets do Morgan has Americas nominee and Justin has care package because I want it to be fair and next week we can give Whitney care package because why would we keep the sisters any farther then this week because if we take them any farther then it will be harder to take one of them out later so we can get kryssie out next week because it’s not like she will win hoh most likely is endurance comp

      • Thanks if any of your friends vote then let them know also because some people want Whitney to win which she hasn’t done anything this whole game and this care package is a very big care package next week is not as big of a package then this week that’s why Whitney can take it because she’s not interesting to watch on the live feeds if we take out LNJ then why would I pay 6.99 a month to watch when the live feeds will be so boring

      • God we are in a minority. I have had to stop watching because “America” is voting for the Plastics. It ain’t gonna happen, “America” sucks, (thank god I am not American) they clearly like boring people. Trumpettes will be voting Khryssie AN and Shelby CP.
        A Pagonging for the Plastics.

  9. Let’s make a decision then some wants Jason with the care package and some wants Justin so let’s make a final decision because I want to make sure one of the plastics don’t get it so who ever wants LNJ to have the care package we need to vote the same way either one of them will be fine with me

  10. Last season production rigged the game for Nicole to win. Now we are seeing their inteference again!! This is shocking and polarizing.

    • The “rigging” rumor has all ready been debunked. Go check out BB Gossip on Twitter.

      But Jason just isn’t shutting up. He’s about to get called to the DR, I know it.

      • Big Brother is RIGGED, and last night proves what we all have suspected! CBS production staff, clapping for Whitney? I herd the clapping, CBS should be Ashamed, serious double standards!!

      • Read the comment, then go on Twitter and listen to the audio Big Brother Gossip provides.

        Thank you, and have a nice day.

  11. I can’t stand the lnj! The care package must go to Morgan or Shelby! Danielle, Krissie and Jason make sick!

    • He thinks he’s privileged. Just like Danielle sleeping during the day and doesn’t get up when Production calls her out.

    • They will never penalize anyone, BB runs a slack house. They need to be like the other BB’s like BBAus, you do not disobey the rules and the HG’s are promptly given a good talking to in the DR and a penalty to go with it. I’ve only seen one person get a penalty in all these years and that was Jen, there might of been others but don’t recall.

      • They actually used to penalize them a lot. Penalty nominations, Penalty votes, that kind of stuff.

      • Audrey from BB17 was penalized for breaking HN rules so she earned an extra eviction vote against her.

      • Thanks. I knew I wouldn’t be able to remember all of them. But they are far and few between and don’t make a difference in the way HG’s continue to behave.

  12. Jason and Kryssie are working on Whitney.

    Oh can you feel the love in the air

  13. I thinking giving Morgan the care package is the smartest choice since Daniell will likely put whoever gets it on the block to insure they won’t use it on another person. Would you rather have Morgan or Shelby fight for the veto against Daniell?

    • Shelby is the choice. It will really get under the LNJ crew if she receives and that is what I want to see, them squirm, even though they think they are in power they won’t be.

    • You can use it on the block or not on the block. It eliminates three votes which would be any of the LNJ that are voting. If the majority is going Shelby I am too and save a package for Morgan down the road. I don’t want to throw a vote away and Jason end up getting it, he still has fans at least Mama DAy lol.

  14. Shelby is my choice for CP. Whitney is too wishy washy right now. Morgan would be better with one of the others. Twitter is going Shelby for the girls. She is leading on Jokers right now.

    • That’s fine, but we all have to make sure our votes are united so that we can guarantee a Ball Smasher gets it.

      • Yes and Shelby has the fan base to make sure the girls have the control. Need to get word out but from everywhere I have checked they want Shelby to get it

    • Yup and I’m nomming her to go OTB and as a HN! Mostly because she quit the veto comp without finishing due to preparation for her hand transplant and did nothing but complain about it. HA If she hadn’t have done that, I’d have voted for Justin to go OTB for just cruising through without thinking he needs to be more aware of the game than he has been. But it’s all love bebe!

  15. Once LNJ is being petty and catty. I think Jason is letting the fame get into his head. He needs to face reality and not play entitled rich boy.

    • What’s funny about that is he is playing like he’s an entitled rich boy which he isn’t at all…never wants to make the effort to get out of his mother’s basement and quit working at the grocery store. He had the opportunity to do so after his reign on BB. Nothing came from that as he tells it.

    • I absolutely agree, I was watching the last couple nights and I couldn’t believe the high horse Jason was riding lecturing Scott on what he says and bullying, when I witnessed the words and nastiness come out of Jason’s mouth the whole LNJ are nasty in the things they say and do. Did I read somewhere that Jason spit in a bathtub that Alex had to clean.

      I wanted to cheer last night when Krissy confronted Alex to try and back her into a corner with Alex only to respond that while she doesn’t agree with everything Scott says or does, she does believe that overall he was bullied the most and that this is a game and she is playing it.

      Kudos Alex you have now become one of my favorites.

  16. Well I guess since twitter is going Shelby we all must vote Shelby to make sure that a balls masher gets it. Spread the word!!!

  17. Here is what will make good TV: vote Jason for ACP, and put Scott as American’s Nominee. Why? Because I want to see the girls and Scott sweat again another week or two. I honestly don’t want to watch a show in which the girls side of the house keeps winning and having power. I need drama. I mean think of it this way. When you watch Tom and Jerry, do you not want to see at least one episode where Tom actually wins in the end?

    Now as for Jason, I have a beef with him. WHY THE HELL does he hates Shelby SO much? I’ll vote for him as AN next week, but not this week. It’ll be punishment for his blind hatred toward Shelby. I mean does he know his place? She’s a future lawyer and he’s still a grocery bagger. Tone down the hate, boo! She’s better than you.

    • the first two weeks they had no power, their side may of had HOH but people from their side went home.

    • For a time, the Misfits have won POV thrice in a row and have more than one occasion help take down two of the Plastics out, overriding two HOH reigns as a result.

  18. I went to flashback to see what all the bullying was about. Here is what I have to say:
    Danielle has talked about hitting people, etc on multiple occassions.
    Scott was heard yesterday telling the girls that he wanted to make Dani’s week a living hell.
    This is what her huge blow up was about. A COMMENT THAT WAS OVERHEARD. Can you imagine if Shelby were to react the same way to the discussion where they want to hit and murder her?
    This is an overreaction of a manipulative immature girl and she gets the other misfits all up in arms for nothing. That is what makes the group divided. There was no reason to go on and on yesterday about how the Shelby and Morgan washed their dishes in front of those girls. What if they had reacted the same way you did about the comments?
    Kryssie was at least contemplating what Alex said to her about the misfits bullying Scott. She may have a wake-up call and turn some of her nastiness around. I am not sure I want to vote her out this week but Jason has not done any reflection on what has happened and how he may have played a part in it. It is not okay to call people whores, sluts and cunts. To me Jason has to be the one that goes.

  19. I guess America has decided to hand the game to the Barbie Dolls,aka the plastics. Cindy Dobbs, seriously, you have blinders on. Big Brother needs to be fair, stop stacking the deck, 10 white people, 3 people of color.

    How about adding Native Americans, Hispanic, Asian to the Big Brother house? Shelby, Alex, Morgan are showing their true character, Scott is a horrible person, yet America condemns LNJ for their behavior? So Danielle wins HOH, and people on this blog want to give Shelby the care package?

    It seems America has no problem with Scott, purposely targeting Danielle, and he told the Barbie Dolls about his plans and they signed off on it. People are playing favorites, instead of playing the game. I hope Big Brother takes America out of the equation going forward, because clearly there’s a double standard, in Big Brother, and America.

    • I agree with you and if kryssie get nominated then I hope LNJ wins veto to take Kryssie off the block and one of the plastics will go home then it backfired on America people just going for the pretty girls and Scott’s annoying like the live feeds would be boring if the LNJ left the game but people don’t think about that

    • I couldn’t have said it any better. The key terms is definitely “double standard.” The lily white–ball smashing plastics are doing the same thing as the other side, talking crap about their opponents. But of course, in good old white America fashion they are angels and the diverse group, they are devils. People of color don’t stand a chance in this game neither America. I honestly feel like a higher power had a lot to do with 3 plastics failing to win hoh at the same time, serving a justice that’s truly rarely seen. I personally do not condome the things that either side say, however this is a game. Seriously, how did America turn on Neely so fast? What did she do that was on bad? Whatever the case, if her skin wasn’t melanated her actions would be overlooked–double standards.

      • I totally disagree. She made a big deal about how the girls were celebrating in the bathroom after a comp and how disrespectful that was. This is something that has been done by multiple people throughout BB history. People celebrate. They actually were not celebrating at the time but she thought they were. She went on long rants about it. Then Kryssie wins and she is twerking away with Jason. That double standard is what America voted her out for. This is the actions of a sore loser just like Shane not able to handle a speech by Scott during his eviction.
        If you not that in Shane’s eviction interview, he was upset that the girsl would not contribute to their talk about sexcapades on day one in the jaccuzi. Last night Dani brought it up again in her rant on bullying. What the misfits take offense to is that the girls have class enough to not discuss sexual activity on the internet. Why should they be trashed for that?

      • Well, you and America feel the way you feel and I feel the way I feel–double standards. America was looking for a reason not to like her, any reason. They couldn’t wait to have a reason to scrutinize her with a fine tooth comb per usual for people of color. I really think it would be great if you could step away from your rose colored glasses and pop the majority bubble that you’re floating around in and judge with equality. The girls sit around and talk crap about their opponents, they talk about sex, and they celebrate when they win as well. So what if she was twerking? Does that make her a bad person?

  20. Well after watching hoh I will be voting lnj for cp and a bs for 3rd nom. They had chance to be in power and even had numbers and lost. So now the bs can lose a player and maybe next week they will step up there game.

  21. People who are fans for the PBS, it seems like reddit has come to a consensis to vote for Shelby for America’s Care Package! Don’t split the vote!

  22. You think Shelby is really nice I hope LNJ WINS THE VETO so I can laugh in everyone face because then Americas nominee will come off the block and one of the plastics will go home and how do you think Shelby is nice she makes comments about she wants to sit on the normal side and they talk about LNJ and when LNJ gets evicted their won’t be any live feeds because they always go bed early and they don’t really talk at all and it won’t be interesting I hope they take away Americas nominee real soon and eviction vote

  23. And don’t you want to even out the plain field because the plastics is already up a number

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