‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Preseason Details & Everything You Need To Know

We’re just days away from the start of Big Brother Over The Top next Wednesday (Sept. 28th) and the BBOTT cast reveal is coming even sooner than that so let’s do a quick rundown of what we know so far about the series and what’s just around the corner for the new season of Big Brother.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Over The Top

Over The Top is the an online-only variation of Big Brother US and will be set in the same house, following the same basic structure of HoH, noms, Vetoes, & evictions, but there will be several major differences separating the BBOTT version from what we watch on TV each summer. Speaking of which, don’t worry, Big Brother 19 will return to CBS TV in the summer of 2017!

How To Watch BBOTT:

Since Big Brother OTT is on All Access that does mean it’s a paid subscription exclusive for those viewers and it is US-only. The cost is $5.99/month after the Free Trial ends and you can cancel anytime in your account settings if you decide you’re done watching. This is the same cost and method we use each summer to watch Big Brother Feeds so for those who are already familiar with that this will be nothing new. For TV-only fans venturing in to new territory I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Feeds have always provided the best insight to the real Big Brother game and if you’ve never tried them before then I expect you will have a lot of fun with this. And don’t worry if you’re concerned you’ll have to huddle around your computer to watch BBOTT. You won’t have to do that. It’s actually very easy to get All Access on your regular TV and watch it just like you do with Netflix streaming or Hulu shows. Check out our guide to how to watch All Access & Feeds on various devices.


The BBOTT cast will be revealed on Monday at 10AM PT (1PM ET) and will feature 12 all-new Houseguests. Yes, we will have the cast list ready for you here on our site so be sure to come back and visit us on Monday for the cast announcement. CBS will also have video interview footage for them and that’ll be on the open cbs.com website instead of behind the All Access login so everyone can meet the cast for free if you’re waiting to decide on signing up with the Free Trial.

Along with the twelve new players in the game we’ll get one Veteran player, either Jason Roy or Jozea Flores. Voting is now open for that (go here to vote at cbs.com) and runs through Tuesday. You’ll have 20 votes each day so keep supporting your pick though I expect Jason to crush Jozea on this one. The official results will be announced on Wednesday likely with the first live show.

BBOTT Schedule:

Speaking of shows, since this is all online there won’t be any CBS broadcast episodes but there will be shows online along with the Live Feeds. Feeds will run around the clock and there are no scheduled blackouts for things like the comps and ceremonies. We’ll see that all online as it happens. CBS has already released the weekly events schedule for BBOTT so we can turn on our Feeds at the right time and watch it happen. Or if you miss things you can rewind and watch using Flashback.

BBOTT Extras:

Along with what we’re used to seeing from Big Brother there will be new extras like Live Feed Diary Room sessions. Twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:30PM ET we’ll get to see HGs go in the DR which should be great for avoiding those awful segments like Corey trying to read his lines and acting as though he has a pulse at the same time. With no regular shows we won’t get DR sessions otherwise. Really I wish there were more scheduled DR events like this though but maybe they’ll add some if it gets a good response from fans.

A new way of doing nominations will be introduced for Over The Top. Starting on Saturday nights (10PM ET) there will be a “Safety Ceremony” which will reveal at least part of the group who won’t be eligible for nomination. Maybe that’s something we’ll vote on each week to protect a fan favorite. CBS hasn’t said more on that yet. Then on Sunday nights (10PM ET) we’ll have the “Final weekly Safety Ceremony and Nomination Reveal” event. So one way or the other by the end of those two days we’ll know who is up for eviction that week before the Veto comp on Mondays (4PM ET) and PoV Ceremony on Tuesdays (4PM ET).

It’s going to be really strange to have an HoH crowned on Wednesday nights then no nominations decided for three more days. I hope that’s good for more time of stressing for a wider group of Houseguests so I’m interested to see how that goes for the flow of the game.

Another interesting twist on the season is that fans will vote for the winner of BBOTT. Now I’ve seen some different wording on that which could mean we’re either one vote toward deciding the winner or we alone are deciding the winner. If it’s the latter then there’d be no need for a Jury or a post-eviction Jury House. I wouldn’t be surprised by that if they just let the HGs back in to the wild when their game is done. That’ll be interesting to get their involvement on Twitter for the rest of the season.

BBOTT House:

Yes, they’re using the same house and since there are only a few days between the end of Big Brother 18 and the premiere of BBOTT we should not expect any major changes to the house design. CBS told us in a conference call that there may be some changes but the overall theme will be the same.

Expect the Departures board, Tokyo bedroom, etc. to be the same. Maybe even the Have-Nots too because that punishment aspect of the game is definitely back though there will be no fan voting on punishment foods for at least the first few weeks.

Update: Miss Cleo on Twitter is reporting there will be changes to the Have-Not room, Tokyo bedroom, and possibly more so maybe they’re getting a few overhaul efforts done in a few short days.

BBOTT Premiere Week Events:

There’s not much time between the end of BB18 and the start of BBOTT so get ready for things to come at us quickly next week. On Monday we’ll get the 12 HG cast reveal at 1PM ET (10AM PT), Tuesday voting will end for Jason vs Jozea, Wednesday is the premiere & reveal of 13th HG, Thursday is the first HoH competition live on your Feeds (4PM ET), then we should hit our regular routine.

Okay, I think that’s everything we know so far. Cast on Monday, premiere on Wednesday, and then 10 weeks of Big Brother to follow with all the usual coverage you’ve come to expect here on the site. You can also download our free Big Brother App, join us on Facebook and Twitter, and get our Email Updates for the total package and a Big Brother overload!


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