‘Big Brother 18’ Sitting Ducks & Da’Vonne Head To ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’

“Your boy” Paul Abrahamian may have made it to the Big Brother 18 Final 2 before getting burned by the Jury but he “never cared.” Now the Big Brother runner-up is on his way to The Bold & The Beautiful but he isn’t going there without his fellow Sitting Duck, this season’s Favorite Houseguest, Victor Arroyo. And don’t miss Da’Vonne Rogers as she joins the duo as well for the event.

Paul, DaVonne, and Victor on Bold and Beautiful - Photo credit: JPI Studios

Each recent season of Big Brother has seen a few of its more popular characters given the opportunity to shine again on the small screen with a trip over to B&B, a fellow CBS program, and this year the lucky few appear to be Paul and Victor.

CBS has announced the episode will air on October 25, 2016 so set your DVRs now and be sure to catch their special appearance along with these extra details:

BB meets B&B once again as THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL welcomes Houseguests from the just-wrapped season of BIG BROTHER 18. Da’Vonne (veteran), Paul (runner-up), and Victor (America’s favorite) will guest star in an episode to air Tuesday, Oct. 25. They’re sharing scenes with Bill (Don Diamont) and Wyatt (Darin Brooks), but their exact roles are being kept under wraps. It’s safe to say there was a lot of FRIENDSHIP on set!

Spotted originally by by SoapOperaDigest.com, Paul shared a few moments on Snapchat featuring a script close-up which naturally included “friendship” in the mix and another image of Paul and Victor together in costume. Paul was dressed in a suit & Victor with camo pants with the caption “Secret agent pt 2?!?!”:

On Snapchat [Friday] morning, Abrahamian was on the way to set with Arroyo, and posted a photo of the script which showed he will share scenes with Don Diamont (Bill) and Darin Brooks (Wyatt).

While we’ve only heard about Paul, Victor, and Da’Vonne so far getting an appearance on B&B it’s possible that we could see more cast members make an appearance down the road as well.

Congrats to Paul, Victor, & Da’Vonne on the appearance on B&B!

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(Photo credit: JPI Studios)


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  1. I think it is very telling that The Sitting Ducks were the first choice to appear on the show. They were the most popular of all the otherwise tedious cast this season. The were the ones who kept us entertained this summer. The question is now when will Baldwin and Pablo appear on the show? Baldwin definitely needs the gig seeing as how he never got his money from James.

      • He was in the final two so he was ineligible for AFP. When I say Paul and Victor were very popular, I based my opinion on the comments, tweets and other posts I have seen throughout the season.

      • I agree with you. My question is why is Da’vonne going on there??? I thought we were done listening to her and her nonsense??

      • “We” who?. Da’Vonne is golden, entertaining and by far the best cast member to watch. IMO once Da, Z, Bridge, Paulie and Victor left, BBAD wasn’t worth watching, so I stopped. BB fans wanted to see what was going in the jury house more than the BBHouse, fact.

      • She’s only entertaining because she’s drama. Even worse, she’s drama and acts like she’s not. Paulie was disgusting but he shockingly had every right to remind her that she’s not being a good role model for her daughter. She’s a freaking adult! Act like it and be the bigger person you claim to be instead of getting in people’s faces and then claiming they got in yours! Get out of here with that nonsense! No one has time for that.

  2. Paul and Victor..awesome! Da’Vonne..YUCK! She flipped her vote and gave the money to Nicole. Why did she say she needed Paul to stay in that house? Paul probably thought he had her vote 1000%! I don’t want to see Da’Vonne come near the BB house ever again! I have had enough of her BS. She ruined Frank and Tiffany’s games right when the game was getting started…lies and deception…most coming straight out of Day’s mouth.

    • Da’Vonn wasnt going to give half a million dollars to a millionair period. Why Paulie voted for Nicole is a mystery to me.

      • GO VIC getting a tiny part on Bold & Beautiful. I hope it takes him somewhere in the business. If Vic is reading this, You look good on camera hope it turns into something!

      • Because they were working together from day 3. And she had his back where Paul stabbed him in his back. That’s why he voted for her.

      • Nicole is good friends with Paulie and his whole family..since she played with Cody in season 16…they already knew each other before coming into the house. Cody probably would have kicked Paulies’ ass if he didn’t vote for Nicole. Then after Cody kicked his ass..I would have kicked his ass for his horrible behavior all season.

  3. Not too excited about Paul and Da’Vonne, but I’m happy to hear they asked Victor to do it. I remember him talking about wanting to be an actor. This is definitely another foot in the door for him, having all ready 2 connections.

  4. Here’s the benefit of it from someone who actually lives in Hollywood: me.

    Once they get a speaking part in a show that is fictional they can get their Screen Actors Guild or SAG card. It lets them join the union which allows them to apply for and get work much more easily in town.

    In Hollywood, if you’re not union then it is extremely hard to get work. It’s also very difficult to join the union. It’s a catch-22. Even a bit-part, as long as they’re speaking, if they even say one line or one word, would be enough to qualify them to be able to get a SAG card. So it’s actually a big deal for them.

  5. The above FB comments are typical America for ya. Paul was disgusting and disrespectful everyday on the show to both men and women but yet he gets praises, Vic was not a bad kid but his bossy and know it all attitude rubbed me the wrong way. Da’Vonne’s don’t take any bull shyt persona always gets labeled as a bad girl attitude but I’m sure if her skin tone were much lighter she would be seen as some little sweetheart who’s only standing up for herself. ;/. This one way bull crap needs to stop. Strong independent women come in all shades, shapes and sizes and let’s not forget, so do bytches! Looking forward to seeing Da’Vonne on The Bold & The Beautiful were she belongs!

    • Oh the race card again? yawn. No I liked Paul and I liked her. She made me laugh but after a while I did not like how dominant she became and how she was the one who screwed the 8 over bt I still like her but she played bad.. Paul I liked for a long time but I did not like how he behaved when put on the block by Natalie. So stop calling people racists because they do not love the one you love. Indeed a fool.

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